[pnpgm] Loot Questions and Voting

Chris and Karen Wells ckwells at comcast.net
Wed Oct 6 06:30:16 CEST 2004

Loot Questions:

What exactly is a pike?  Is it just basically a heavy spear?
What do the fur cloaks look like?  Are they like a fine fur coat a rich civilized person would wear or are they more rustic (i.e. would a barbarian want to wear one?)
I noticed several items (bridle, spurs) were "elven".  Are these better than non-elven items?

Loot Decisions:

Ben'Dar would feel sorta bad about taking a full share of the group loot, since he has only been with the party for a very short time.  If the group offers him some of the proceeds, he will take it, but he will not ask for any.

There are a few items that Ben'Dar would be interested in though:

Leather Horse Barding
Magical Pikes (if they are similar enough to the fighting spear he favors)
Tools - Leather Making (he wants to learn tanning)
Fur Cloak (whichever one is more appropriate for a barbarian to wear, if either are)
Bridle (whichever one seems more sturdy - elven or normal)
Spurs (same as bridle)
Battle Horn

Ship.....Merchant Ship
Layover......Later Today (Let's load up the loot and get moving.  Our escape path is clear, let's not linger here!)
Healing.......N/A (but Ben'Dar will certainly offer to help anyone who is injured - though he's not a trained healer (unless you're a horse) and has no healing magic)
Sink Ships.......Option 2 - just outside the entrance (but Ben'Dar worries about burning the ships outside the cave - that much smoke will be a clear signal to our enemies that something is wrong and will encourage pursuit that much quicker....better to leave unannounced.)
Magical Creatures......No opinion - let the wizards and scholars decide.  :-)
Sea Voyage.....North (Ben'Dar would rather fight pirates than Clima's navy and he would rather have a shorter voyage since he is not used to sea travel.)
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