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         Game Update #12 sequence (file #71)

         Admin: None.

            From Rocky: [Re: Actions]
                 Rocky speaks up "Only thing I 
have for trade is a couple good 

            GM: Ack.

            From Varo: [Re: Actions]
                 [OOC: I vote for 6th edition 
rules re: healing kit’s magic. I was kinda in 
hopes the ointments in it would have healing or 
anti-infective properties, anyway. Even ancient 
poultices from our history were & are effective, 
due to medicine men & womens' studies of herbs. I 
also think easier healing would be good for everyone.]

                 Varo had already owned 50’ of 
rope before she did her last-minute supply run 
before the group had set out on this adventure. 
Since her new Adventurer’s Pack included 
another 30 meters of rope (probably about 92-4'), 
she decides to trade the original 50’ rope to 
the hunters. She considers asking as a fair price 
a few of their pelts and furs (if they offer), 
although she’s happy to accept the large rabbit 
for the group, if that’s all the hunters are 
willing to trade & no one in her group has anything else to trade.

                 After all, the hunters lost 
their shelter & even 50’ of rope will do no 
more than aid them to tie up a frame of branches 
& boughs for a shelter, or help make a tepee 
structure by tying the tops of large saplings 
together at the top. Their time to get home will 
not be comfortable & they may need their furs to 
keep themselves warm. She offers a silent prayer 
of thanks to Ernalda,the Earth Queen, that none 
of the hunters were hurt by the bear as she makes 
the decided-upon trade. [final offer to be made 
by the GM, which might just be the rabbit – anything else is a bonus]
            GM: Ack. Thanks for vote.  Yeah RQ2 
was so early in rpg terms that a lot of details 
like healing was not determined.  :) You can find 
a secluded spot to wash nude and I'm sure the 
guys would not interfere.  Its clear the leader 
has his eye on you so best not to mess with that.

            From Juno: [Re: Actions[
                  Ooc: [Happy Festive December a 
long Xmas morning post stocking gift to all LOL. 
Thanks for all your posts this winter season. My 
view On Healing: Using rq 6 healing rules may 
open up more role playing? Since everyone being 
I. This campaign being magical healers by the 
gods it may be more rpg to heal with out spells a 
more natraul feat? And agree with Varo as 
well.  No use making up rules but hybrid thought 
is there a healing skill so failure uses the rq2 
basic healing rule and success uses rq6 advanced healing rules?

                 When the two men ask for help 
Juno stares intently at both looking for 
suspicious activity and then says “one moment let me check�.
            GM: Ack. Thanks for vote seems your 
for rq6 healing if not let me know. Yeah the 
basic first aid rq2 implies its for bleeding and 
would cleaning very civil war era basic stuff but 
rq6 used star wars bacta tank tech. :) So figured 
I'd ask the group.  Good post  I love the role 
playing than just 1 liners.  Good stuff you and 
Varo are doing. I deleted the if/thens from above 
cause I had trouble with cut/paste.  But I kept 
it for below the final results.

         [New Stuff]

         [Wildday, Death week, Storm Season, 
1625, Dragon Pass, Genertela, Glorantha]
       [Time: Afternoon – North of Demark]
         [Time: 9:22 pm]

         [Once at new stream and torches used to clean by...]

            Varo brings her horse to warn if any 
danger nearby as she is more secluded.

            Closer to her personal feelings as 
the lone female in this group of men, she is now 
extremely glad her new Adventurer’s Pack included 
a clean set of peasant clothing. She will remove 
her boots & leather armor beside the stream, then 
retreat behind a large bush & change into the 
cloth or woolen peasant clothes, even though it's 
men's clothing (which she chose for its 
practicality), after which she will proceed to 
clean her gear & her original traders clothing as 
recommended by their guide, pulling out her soap 
bar & preparing to scrub, sending a general smile 
toward her fellow group members & politely turns 
away from them as they all commence to scrub 
their gear. She admits to herself she is a little 
tempted to peek; they would feel the same, after 
all. She quietly chuckles to herself as she 
settles along the stream with all her gear that 
needs cleaning, within easy sight of the others, 
but separate from them. She first checks that all 
her water containers are filled with fresh, clean 
water, and that her mare has drunk recently.

            Juno fills his water for himself and 
his horses before cleaning his clothes in the 
river as instructed. He mutters a silent prayer 
to his god that he is grateful we are alive after 
such a bizarre episode including exploding 
animals and bloody naked people cleaning clothes 
at stream. He wonders as he is cleaning his 
clothes looking down do the gods laugh at us especially the luck gods.

         [Godsdday, Death week, Storm Season, 
1625, Dragon Pass, Genertela, Glorantha]

         [Time: 1:12 pm]

            Rocky speaks up "Only thing I have 
for trade is a couple good pelts. Might help ta 
keep ya warm, but not much good fer keepin ya dry".

            Varo digs in her bags for the 
rope.  Being a merchant she is happy to trade 
though hunters are not her typical 
customers.  She finds the rope and pulls it out to show them and presents it.

            The hunters dismount with hands out to show signs of no violence.

            The first hunter inspects the rope, “strong yes!  We'll take this.”

            Second hunter turns to Rocky, “we are 
pelt heavy sorry.  Tell you what.” He digs in his 
pouch.  He pulls a item out.  “We found this on a 
river bank.  Its some kind of metal that looks to 
be fools gold but is silver in color.  Our 
village has little use of it.  We'll include this to you.”

            When the two men ask for help Juno 
stares intently at both looking for suspicious 
activity and then says, "one moment let me check."

            He walks over to his horse and acts 
like he is looking at his supplies but fire takes 
off his spear leans it against the horse pets 
horse to calm it secretly tires to cast detect 
enemies (1) if possible secretly as he can from behind his horse.

            Juno detects no enemy or hidden 
folks.  Jaren and Marusk had already scanned the 
forest but had not spotted anyone else as well.

            He thinks to himself, 'He had heard 
of exploding runes they mention a bear and we 
just almost got killed by an exploding bear his 
years in militia he seen men do nefarious things. 
Why he is cautious could be unrelated but then again....'?

            Still holding his spear and thinking 
to himself that he really needs his stuff so he 
says, "I don't have any thing of use that I can 
spare I am traveling light. Unless you want to 
make a makeshift shelter using those precious 
pelts and some rope Varo has and my crap clothes.

He looks and gives a nod to Varo and thus a 
proverbial prop to her higher power.

            Juno asks, "Do you have blankets. Can 
you light your fire? We are here to help you."

            Juno says, "?From our hearts comes 
love from our heads simple ideas for you. We give 
these gifts as advice with love and kindness. May 
our higher power bless us all."

            First hunter turns to Juno, “we need 
blankets or at least one.  Our camping gear is 
fine though thanks.  Your kindness warms my heart.”

            Jaren steps away and grabs a blanket 
from his horse he uses for his own horse.  “Its 
for the horse but you are free to take it.”

            “Thank you sir.” Second hunter says.

            Marusk also digs in his bag and pulls 
out a large green cloth.  Then presents it to the 
hunters.  “This is a hunters tarp.” The hunters 
nod as they know of such.  “It is enough material 
to hang from a 7-8 foot limb and use as a make 
shift tent.  It will give you the shelter you need.”

            The first hunter smiles, “do you need this yourself?”

            “No.  I have a smaller tarp I can 
use.  Plus my own tent.'  Marusk hands it to the tarp to the hunter.

            The First hunter grabs the rabbit and 
hands it to Marusk.  The metal is given to 
Rocky.  The second hunter also brings out some 
tanned pelts that were made in the form of a arm 
band – two of them gray colored – and hands them 
to Varo. They are stylish and some may like to buy them.

            Second hunter mounts up.  The First 
hunter digs in his own pouch and brings a item to 
Juno.  “May your god guide you to your 
destination safely.  We found this.” A small 
piece of green colored jade that is trapezoid 
shape about 2 inches in length and 2 wide.  “We 
would have no use for this as well.  But maybe it 
can be made for your use.”  He implies it as a 
possible religious token or such but doesn't say it directly.

            The hunter mounts.  Varen, “safe travel.”

            The hunters smile and nod, “same to you.”

            The rabbit is enough to feed the entire group that night.

            That night at camp the wounds are naturally healed.

            Two full days pass without event of 
anything important.  Party has gone about 95 miles north of Demark by now.


         [Waterday, Fertility week, Storm Season, 1625, Genertela, Glorantha]
         [Time: 4:36 am]

            A new week in the Season – Fertility 
and its the Water Day in the Orlanth calender.

            Rocky is on outer perimeter watch as 
Varo is on patrol near the main camp.

            The sound of the night's insects and 
snoring is broken up by a whimper. Mournath has 
no tent and sleeps on a  simple bedroll near the 
fire pit.  Suddenly he is awaken by something 
near his leg.  Rocky is now about 60 feet to the 
west in the deep woods.  Varo is about 15 feet 
north of Mournath to the slight north east.

            Mournath feels something move around 
his leg.  He bends up his head and down without 
sitting up.  He sees a small black snake moving 
up his left pants leg moving toward his most 
private region as its already moved past the knee.

            Varo is not looking for snakes as a 
general rule cause most threats are large like a 
wolf not a moving stick.  But she notices 
Mournath bends to look at his leg.  He lifted the 
blanket but she only sees blanket not the 
leg.  Varo wonders if he is having one of “those” 
dreams and figures maybe best to move along and 
let him be.  Juno spell worked but detected no 
enemy.  Gilbert you'd have weapon sat hand nearby can grab.

         GM: Actions? Comments?

             Next Update...Thursday..

         GM: All are healed.  All are healed 
magically Pow wise.  Only Rocky and Varo are 
weapon/armored up.  Mournath may be wearing 
leathers to warm up but probably not his leg 
armor.  It is up to him to decide what to 
do.  Thursday will be a busy day so depending on 
how Mournath reacts will resolve this fast or slow and move on.

                 Healing Votes : RQ6 – Varo, Juno

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