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[OOC: I vote for 6th edition rules re: healing kit’s magic. I was kinda in hopes the ointments in it would have healing or anti-infective properties, anyway. Even ancient poultices from our history were & are effective, due to medicine men & womens' studies of herbs. I also think easier healing would be good for everyone.]

Varo had already owned 50’ of rope before she did her last-minute supply run before the group had set out on this adventure. Since her new Adventurer’s Pack included another 30 meters of rope (probably about 92-4'), she decides to trade the original 50’ rope to the hunters. She considers asking as a fair price a few of their pelts and furs (if they offer), although she’s happy to accept the large rabbit for the group, if that’s all the hunters are willing to trade & no one in her group has anything else to trade.

After all, the hunters lost their shelter & even 50’ of rope will do no more than aid them to tie up a frame of branches & boughs for a shelter, or help make a tepee structure by tying the tops of large saplings together at the top. Their time to get home will not be comfortable & they may need their furs to keep themselves warm. She offers a silent prayer of thanks to Ernalda,the Earth Queen, that none of the hunters were hurt by the bear as she makes the decided-upon trade. [final offer to be made by the GM, which might just be the rabbit – anything else is a bonus]

Closer to her personal feelings as the lone female in this group of men, she is now extremely glad her new Adventurer’s Pack included a clean set of peasant clothing. She will remove her boots & leather armor beside the stream, then retreat behind a large bush & change into the cloth or woolen peasant clothes, even though it’s men’s clothing (which she chose for its practicality), after which she will proceed to clean her gear & her original traders clothing as recommended by their guide, pulling out her soap bar & preparing to scrub, sending a general smile toward her fellow group members & politely turns away from them as they all commence to scrub their gear. She admits to herself she is a little tempted to peek; they would feel the same, after all. She quietly chuckles to herself as she settles along the stream with all her gear that needs cleaning, within easy sight of the others, but separate from them. She first checks that all her water containers are filled with fresh, clean water, and that her mare has drunk recently.

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