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> Juno nods as he listens to varo.
> He says, “I to much rather travel faster and lightly and avoid conflict. I
> don’t see how our choice of gods to follow conflicts.”
> “My father a wise man said to me when I was young and he seen my First use
> of my powers.   “
> “ if you don’t know where you’re going any road will take you there. “
> Do you know then continues to say  “Any one who loves horses the way you
> do and treats horses in the manner that you were showing yourself to treat
> these beautiful beast I can only hold it I respect so as a fellow horse
> rider I hold you in high respect so the two of us should never have any
> conflict and given the opportunity in a case when we retreat just remember
> we can always circle back around and meet up later and help the crew.”
> “I think these gentlemen if we are to be the great people that we are to
> become that we are destined to be to be the priest of our Gods Then these
> men deserve a decent burial and whatever we have time for and tools to do I
> am more than willing to give them a decent burial.”
> “But time and wounds and energy that we may need for the road  head.  We
> should try to be as efficient and thoughtful to not waste to much time and
> energy. As person of high faith and you as a person  of high faith we must
> anything ensure the dgingont of all life even of those  who were willing to
> kill us. “
> “So let  us do what we can to ensure a proper ending of life but server
> the greater good use of energy that is part of our journey ahead.”
> “Let me know what you want to do and I will server you and your  needs. We
> are both on  roads but the same destination to server a higher power.”
> Laughing out loud my teachers say I think to much.”
> Juno bows and awaits any rebuttal.”
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>> [the following will occur after the decision made by Tarek about the new
>> stranger come upon them & any resolution needed.]
>> Varo listens to Juno after she’s made her own suggestion about burial &
>> silently seeks communion with Ernalda, the Earth Queen, for a full minute
>> or two to feel a return to Balance and understanding. She then follows Juno
>> to the horse pickets and checks her mare for readiness for the night’s
>> rest, then starts giving her a sturdy brushing, to the beast’s obvious
>> pleasure.
>> During this, Varo speaks to Juno without looking at him “I wish to
>> apologize if I said anything that has offended you in any way. I am used to
>> traveling on my own, although with traveling parties for safety. I don’t
>> often have odd or dangerous things to deal with in a party as small as ours
>> is. We here all come from different countries & our faith in our gods is a
>> good thing, & I hope I have not offended yours. I am willing to simply hide
>> the bodies in brush as you suggested, as long as there are no predators
>> that might come upon them in the night or before we move on in the morning.
>> My god, Ernalda, believes in the return of the dead to the living earth, to
>> bring forth a Balance toward Life for those now dead. It’s my duty to help
>> with that. Would you like some help in moving and -or - burying these men?”
>> She looks toward Juno for a response.
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