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         Game Update #8 sequence (file #55)

         Admin: None.

            From Rocky: [Re: Actions]
                 Rocky suggests "Them thet ken 
use the stuff grab em, otherwise the 

            GM: Ack.

            From Mournath: [Re: Actions]
                 A tall man steps from the 
forest, hands held far away from the 

            GM: Ack.

            From Varo: [Re: Actions]
                 Varo agreed with Rocky about how 
to treat the robbers goods,  

            GM: Ack.

            From Juno: [Re: Actions]
                 Juno mutters a prayer out loud 
to the fallen, "You now pass from 

                 If nothing is stolen the he 
welcomes this news visitor to the Pre makeship camp.

                 If we do sleep here he would 
like to go meditate and rejuvenate his power as high as he can before bed.

                 Ooc: [What is power regain rate per night?]
            GM: Ack.  Minor correction.  No 
road.  This is pure forest.  The road was only a 
few feet out of gate from town.  Nothing was 
stolen, especially as you just stopped here no 
time for that.  Pow Regens 0.25x POW every 6 
hours.  So if your POW is 24 you regen 24x0.25=6 every 6 hours.

            From Gerald: [Re: test]
                 Test 1,2,3--
            GM: Ack. Got your repost of first 
post a copy but not put on my site or here since 
same as first post.  If you need to test use the 
Archives.  Sent you the link and its also in 
every public post  in the headers.  IF it shows 
there your post went out. Looks like a dupe test 
post so not displayed here or my site.  Same with 
a 3rd repeat of your first post.  Were you 
looking at Archives by chance? Saw your discord 
DM but not clear.  If seeing Archives you may 
need to go back to main page as those 5 posts 
were December so you mightn’t been seeing the Nov page? :)

            From Varo: [Re: Actions]
                 [the following will occur after 
the decision made by Tarek about the new stranger 
come upon them & any resolution needed.]

                 Varo listens to Juno after she's 
made her own suggestion about 

            GM: Ack.

         [New Stuff]

         [Clayday, Death week, Storm Season, 
1625, Dragon Pass, Genertela, Glorantha]
       [Time: Evening]

            Rocky suggests "Them thet ken use the 
stuff grab em, otherwise the rest shud be put on 
a horse en sold later. We kin split the money gained."

            Tarek shrugs and nods as he doesn't care on the loot.

            A tall man steps from the forest, 
hands held far away from the weapons on his hip. 
Braided long hair hangs from a helmeted head with 
a deeply tanned face mostly covered with a salt-and-pepper beard and mustache.
"Peace, friends. At least I hope we will be able 
to greet each other as such. Indeed, I did follow 
you from the last town but not for ill 
intentions. I thought it more than likely, that 
your benefactor's call for paid aid would attract 
highwaymen and thugs that would rather rob him 
than work for him. I took it upon myself to 
follow at a distance to see if my suspicions were 
true. Forgive the wariness of a soldier that's 
seen too much of the evils of man, but I do wish 
to join your endeavor if you'll have me."

            Mournath is talking slow, low, and as 
nonthreatening as possible. He keeps his hands 
far away from weapons and stands in a relaxed pose.

            Tarek nods, “You are lucky I 
recognize you from the bar is why you are not on 
the ground.  It is good to have a man to think 
ahead though.  Some of you move the bodies a bit 
away I see no use in burial in my effort but you 
are free to do so.  They should be left as a 
warning if others come.  Gather loot and pool it 
it is yours.  Some of you collect their 
horses.  You can go get the horses....” He nods to Mournath.

            Tarek whispers to Jaren, 'follow and watch him closely.”

            Varo agreed with Rocky about how to 
treat the robbers goods, although she's willing 
to only salvage the best of the armor (most of it 
no good except as scrap pieces) & the swords for 
later sale & g disbursement of funds - “Yes, 
Rocky, I agree that they are best for sale later 
& the funds shared out – excluding the price for 
anyone who may take one of the swords – perhaps? 
Or not?  What do the rest of you think? And do we 
bury them, burn the bodies? I don't know all your 
beliefs. Might be better to dispose of them, 
however, than leave them for wildlife, since 
we're still planning on sleeping here tonight. 
Maybe a short prayer we can give in silence for them?”

            Then the stranger appears.

            Varo keeps her bow drawn & aimed 
toward the stranger, till he holds his arms out & 
speaks. Then, although lowering it slightly, she 
keeps it aimed toward him as she waits for 
Tarek's response on accepting this man or not as part of the
group. So far, this journey is not boring, she thinks.

            Juno mutters a prayer out loud to the 
fallen, “You now pass from the living to the 
realm of the dead. Now may your body rest and 
give back to the ground you no longer tread.”

            Juno asks the group,  “Can we at 
least move the bodies off the trail and in some 
brush? I don't want any pieces we can settle the monies later.”

            After seeing this new visitor, “What 
can we say can we trust this new visitor Rocky.”

            Not trusting this new visitor too 
fast. Juno checks his pack checks the horses to 
be sure nothing was stolen.  He makes sure his 
horses are fed and watered and goes back and 
gathers firewood he had collected and-dump it near the fire.

            Then he cast a heal spell(1) on his 
wound before he takes some rest and eats some 
rations drinks a ration of water it all down.

            He asks, “Should we rest here for the night and camp is it safe?”

            The town guide looks to the bodies, 
“if you burn they will attract animals.  They 
will still attract dead. But if we just store 
them maybe 20-30 feet away from camp most big 
animals will avoid them till we leave.  A patrol 
will also deter any big animals like bear or 
wolf.  We will camp here as Tarke suggested earlier.”

            He also asks, “What is the watch rotation?”

            As some move the bodies about 30 feet 
away but in sight of camp others go with Mournath 
to collect the horses.  The party finds water and 
some food but not much of value otherwise.  Looks 
clear the loan shark thugs were not expecting to be gone from town long.

            Varo listens to Juno after she's made 
her own suggestion about burial & silently seeks 
communion with Ernalda, the Earth Queen, for a 
full minute or two to feel a return to Balance 
and understanding. She then follows Juno to the 
horse pickets and checks her mare for readiness 
for the night's rest, then starts giving her a 
sturdy brushing, to the beast's obvious pleasure.

            During this, Varo speaks to Juno 
without looking at him “I wish to apologize if I 
said anything that has offended you in any way. I 
am used to traveling on my own, although with 
traveling parties for safety. I don't often have 
odd or dangerous things to deal with in a party 
as small as ours is. We here all come from 
different countries & our faith in our gods is a 
good thing, & I hope I have not offended yours. I 
am willing to simply hide the bodies in brush as 
you suggested, as long as there are no predators 
that might come upon them in the night or before 
we move on in the morning. My god, Ernalda, 
believes in the return of the dead to the living 
earth, to bring forth a Balance toward Life for 
those now dead. It's my duty to help with that. 
Would you like some help in moving and -or - 
burying these men?” She looks toward Juno for a response.

            Jaren whispers to Tarek, 'his horse 
was further away seemed to be not associated with others.” He nods to Mournath.

            Some 30 minutes or so later all tents 
are setup and watches are made. Tarek admits 
he'll rarely do a sentry duty but that's why he 
hired you guys. He sets up his tent north of the 
campfire and Jaren sleeps feet from that tent to 
ensure no intruders to his boss.

            As talk starts to settle around the 
campfire, Tarek asks Mournath.  “What are your 
main skills.  I'm sure you will be a good asset to the party.”

            Finally folks start to take to tents 
or a blanket on the ground.  The night grows long 
and there is nothing going on to be wary of.


         [Fireday, Death week, Storm Season, 
1625, Dragon Pass, Genertela, Glorantha]
       [Time: Afternoon – North of Demark]

            The day is uneventful and warm for 
the most part.  Being Fireday some believe the 
fire runes have greater power this day.  But the 
party makes 10 miles walking before they stop for 
lunch.  For most of the morning Tarek walks and 
talks to Varo trying to get to know her 
better.  They share a equal homeland so try to 
discern family and possible clan connections.

            That night two plump rabbits are 
hunted down for dinner and cooked.  From what the 
canopy barely shows it was mostly a sunny 
day.  But the life in the forest is a blaze with 
normal daily life.  From the smallest insect to 
large moose spotted as they travel.

            That night no encounters are dealt 
with and a quiet night's rest is finished.  Juno 
confirms that his wounds and magical power is at 
full and healed from the day before.


         [Wildday, Death week, Storm Season, 
1625, Dragon Pass, Genertela, Glorantha]
       [Time: Afternoon – North of Demark]

            Those cults who are close to nature 
feel Wildday allows animals a extra edge some 
dare say even a bonus from the gods.  In some 
areas hunting is even forbidden this day of the 
week under the Orlanthi calendar at least.

         [Time: 8:47 pm]

            A very light fog swirls in the forest 
as a half moon shines through the trees making a 
ghostly landscape.  Varo and Juno are both on 
story as others sit or stand around the 
camp.  Varo is close to the camp as a visual 
sentry on patrol in the south west about 30 feet 
from campfire.  Juno is on stealth sentry not 
seen to give him a better patrol edge. Juno is 
due south about 80-85 feet from campfire.

            Razgar suddenly gets the urge.  He 
gathers his gear and quietly moves due north of 
the camp about 40 feet.  He checks wind and hopes 
the smell won't drift south.  To be safe he goes 
another 40 or so feet so now about 80 feet due 
north of campfire.  He can still see the fire on 
various trees as a dim shadow.  HE finds a bush 
and drops his pants and gear o the ground.  That 
meal tonight was heavy on his stomach and now he 
needs relief.  As he squats against a tree limb 
he gathers a large set of bush fronds to use as paper.

            The sound of the forest is heard as 
gas is expelled.  He hears faint singing.  Is 
that dwarf singing again?  He glances south to 
the camp and spots a form due south of him about 
8 feet.  A branch breaks under the weight of the 
form. Razgar squints and tries to see what it is.  Probably a bear or deer.

            But it does indeed seem to be a bear? 
But is he seeing things?  The head almost seems 
to be orange?  The creature saunters toward 
him.  Razgar groans can't he just wait 5 more minutes he has business to do!

         GM: Actions? Comments?

             Next Update...Tue/Wed.

         GM: I enjoyed the role playing and the 
comments you guys include on the gods and 
prayers.  That shows determination and 
willingness to use the mythos.  Kudos! Wout can 
react and we'll see what he does.  Until he does 
party is unaware as he used a bathroom 
break.  Sorry for delay I'll try tue/wed but 
we'll see.  Gonna be a hectic month.  Sentry 
rotation and random “target” aka Razgar was all 
d9s. :) 9 members so d9.  2 sentry randoms and 1 
target.  I will add horsesnext time as 10.
Juno I just saw yoru enw email/post.  Too late to 
add. Will add to next update sorry.

                 Varo – 30 SW of campfire (7 o clock)
                 Juno – 40 South of Camfire
                 Razgar – 82 feet North of campfire.

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