[pnpgm] Update #7 – Re: Varo

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Wed Dec 1 06:39:34 CET 2021

[the following will occur after the decision made by Tarek about the new stranger come upon them & any resolution needed.]

Varo listens to Juno after she’s made her own suggestion about burial & silently seeks communion with Ernalda, the Earth Queen, for a full minute or two to feel a return to Balance and understanding. She then follows Juno to the horse pickets and checks her mare for readiness for the night’s rest, then starts giving her a sturdy brushing, to the beast’s obvious pleasure. 

During this, Varo speaks to Juno without looking at him “I wish to apologize if I said anything that has offended you in any way. I am used to traveling on my own, although with traveling parties for safety. I don’t often have odd or dangerous things to deal with in a party as small as ours is. We here all come from different countries & our faith in our gods is a good thing, & I hope I have not offended yours. I am willing to simply hide the bodies in brush as you suggested, as long as there are no predators that might come upon them in the night or before we move on in the morning. My god, Ernalda, believes in the return of the dead to the living earth, to bring forth a Balance toward Life for those now dead. It’s my duty to help with that. Would you like some help in moving and -or - burying these men?” She looks toward Juno for a response.

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