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Juno mutters a prayer out loud to the fallen, ”You now pass from the living
to the realm of the dead. Now may your body rest and give back to the
ground you no longer tread.”

Juno ask the group,
“Can we at least move the bodies off the road and in some brush? I don’t
want any pieces we can settle the monies later.”

After seeing this new visitor, “What can we say can we trust this news
visitor Rocky”?

Not trusting this news visitor to fast. Juno checks his pack checks the
horses to be sure nothing was stolen. He makes sure his horses are fed and
watered  and goes back and gathers firewood he had collected and-dump it
near the fire.

If nothing is stolen the he welcomes this news visitor to the Pre makeship

Then he cast a heal spell(1) on his wound before he takes some rest and
eats sone rations drinks a ration of water it all down.

He asks, “Should we rest here for the night and camp is it safe?

If we do sleep here he would like to go meditate and rejuvenate his power
as high as he can before bed.

 He also asks ,“What is the watch rotation?”

Ooc: [What is power regain rate per night?]

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