[pnpgm] Update #158 – Raddok still worried

Bessie Hadley eleabess at sbcglobal.net
Tue Dec 8 19:12:51 CET 2020

As they leave the area of the dead Grundwergen, Raddok is very relieved to be able to begin to take deep breaths again without the foul stench of the slimy bodies nearby. He keeps an eye out for movement or anything that seems odd or strange, as he, Dorhak & Barbosa follow as the lead group behind Arawn’s lead. As time goes by, he gradually relaxes concerning immediate danger, but he still doesn't know what to expect in this strange place & remains vigilant and uneasy.

When they pause at the edge of the forest, & Raddok sees the open plains/prairie lands before them & the distant mountains, he has a brief flashback of home & a painful punch of homesickness that quickly vanishes when he thinks of his father’s absence from his growing years. 

He admires Arawn’s thought of eagles, & smiles at the idea,a feeling of hope growing. But when Barbosa asks Dorhak about whether or not they should take a break, he gets worries again. He asks Arawn, “Excuse me, Arawn, but what was the time difference here in this place again? If 8 or so hours have passed here, how much time has passed back home? Can we risk more than an hour or two of rest at any time? I know naps will help, but - time is passing.” Looking back at the Captain, he apologizes. “Forgive me Captain, but I’ve forgotten & need to know or I will get distracted by worrying – I have a girl back home, you know – and I miss her. I'm only human,” and he smiles.

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