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    Character Name   Type       Player        Sex           Notes
..Arawn...........Druid...John.Haight........Ma..Alfar/Backup Navigator
..Unali...........Ninja...Wout.Broere........Fe..Human/Dagger Maiden
..Upus............Warrior.Gerald.Ford........Ma..Normal/Barbarian Warrior
..Kimis...........Warrior.NPC................Fe..Normal/Diumgi Companion
..Z'leyra.........Healer..Alex Koponen.......Fe..Human/Shaman/1st Mate
..Bes (2).........Warrior.npc................Mo..Bes..............

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         Game Update #159 sequence (file #1168)

         Admin Notes: None.

            From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
                 OOC: Been busy and haven't had 
the chance to read the last couple of updates. Looks like I missed a bit:)

                 [Time:   4:04:13 pm]
                 Arawn nodded when King Strata shared information regarding 

                 "I'll see to your wounds. But we 
need to be more careful, all of 

                 OOC: Healing Mist at EL 0 (Sidh 
tongue and Empathy boost), group version to heal them.

                 [Time:  4:10 pm]

                 The execution and healing done 
he then began to scour the ground 

                 "Their lair might be nearby if 
anyone wishes me to track their 

                 [Time:  6:21 pm]

                 As the party continued forward 
Arawn took point, disappearing into 

                 [OOC: Decode spell on the journal]

                 [Time:   9:12 pm]

                 Deciding to take the opportunity 
of a clear view as provided by 

                 "Z'leyra, as an eagle shaman do 
you think you might be able to 

            GM: Ack. All been busy.  I assume 
after holidays it will slow down.  We shall 
see.  The box was unlocked by key in his 
boot.  The Journals are unlocked.  Already so no 
need for Sapphire.  What Decode EL? Magic of code 
demonstrates a very high degree.  I'll decode it 
at forest edge later once know.

            From Raddok: [Re: Actions][
                 As they leave the area of the 
dead Grundwergen, Raddok is very 

            GM: Ack.

            From Fremea: [Re: Actions]
                 Fremea just shakes her head at how she missed these vile 

            GM: Ack.

            From Dorhak: [Re: Actions]
                 "we've been awake and active for 
over half of a full day. Our 

            GM: Ack.

            From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
                 If we camp in the wood Arawn 
will use his Forest Survival help to find an area 
that might provide cover for the party to avoid 
ambush/spot danger early. On watch he'll use the 
elven ability to Hide in Forest and use the 
magical spy glass periodically to try and spot danger early.
            GM: Ack.

         [New Stuff]

         [Ma 9th, 1636TH]

         [Time:  4:04:13 pm]

            Arawn nodded when King Strata shared 
information regarding the Grundwergen along with 
his suggestion for execution. The creatures, when 
left to their own devices, preferred to keep to 
themselves. However, they posed a great danger to 
the Sidh and Elder forces in the area and a 
blight on the animal life. He didn't relish the 
idea of execution but knew that a failure to do 
so would lead to the unnecessary death of others.

            Seeing both Kimis and Opus badly 
wounded the alfar joined Z'leyra as she tended to their wounds.

            "I'll see to your wounds. But we need 
to be more careful, all of us. I need to ration 
what magic I have left as we've yet to discover 
what lies ahead of us on our search for the 
cave," he said in a thoughtful and caring manner.

            Barbosa watches the Diumagi being 
treated and leans over to whisper to 
Dorhak.  “They have those red eyes. Think...they are related?”

            As the spell is explained to the 
Diumagi, Kimis grips her battle axe handle in her 
lap.  She squints at the Alfar concerned or 
agitated.  Opus places a hand on her leg and the 
anger soothes.  Probably fearful of strange magic.

            In moments the green mist falls, but 
it does take a bit longer to activate probably 
due to the world barriers/  After the mist falls the two are fully healed.


         [Time:  4:10 pm]

            The execution and healing done he 
then began to scour the ground with the eye of a skilled tracker.

            "Their lair might be nearby if anyone 
wishes me to track their path here."

            Indeed their trail would be easy to 
follow with the large tracks, fur and slime.  But 
no one seems to do so.  Dorhak doesn't care age 
is little matter for dwarves and Alfar.  But the 
humans might complain.  Plus that Vily might get 
word and seeing them in the woods again could be bad.


         [Time:  6:21 pm]

            As the party continued forward Arawn 
took point, disappearing into the forest as only 
elves could. He scoured the area along the way, 
keenly on the hunt for ambush, hidden lairs, and 
tracks that the party might come across.

            When Unali asked to study the cube 
Arawn examined the other items - the crystal 
triangle and the small book. He searched them for 
any markings or hidden compartments. When Unali 
was done with the yellow cube he did the same 
with that item, hoping his training and the magic 
of the topaz would reveal any hidden lock. 
Lacking that he considered attempting to touch 
his magical sapphire to the items but held off for now.

            He chose to focus on the journal 
instead, hoping it might provide information 
regarding the other items and the dead being's seeming mission.

            As Arawn weaves in and out of the 
forest, Barbosa looks at Dorhak.  “The one needs 
to use  a bush often. Must drink a lot.  But he 
seems to disappear from our view a lot huh?”

         [Time:  9:12 pm]

            Deciding to take the opportunity of a 
clear view as provided by the open plain Arawn 
decided to pull forth the magical spyglass. Using 
his skills as a navigator he attempted to gauge 
the general direction the underground silo/spy 
station might have been facing to narrow down his 
search of the mountain range. He peered through 
it, scanning first the plain and then the 
mountains, the latter for any sign of eagle rock or gathering of eagles.

            "Z'leyra, as an eagle shaman do you 
think you might be able to sense or call for any 
eagles? They might be able to help us find Eagle Rock."

            Arawn scans the plains and sees 
little there is a large group of deer at one 
point seeming to drink at a water hole about 3 
miles west of the area.  The magical glass seems 
to have low low level magic on it.  Giving only 
about 4 miles of good vision.  Clearly the man 
was not looking for or at the mountains.  Too 
far. At 8-10 miles away they seem to be now only 
4-5 miles closer. But even that the detail is 
smudged from the blue haze of clouds and green 
mountain forests.  This confirms what the King 
said earlier.  The silo was spying on the magical 
cave they were sent to form middle world.  That 
Is to the south not north.  So who would 
anticipate their – or others- arrival?  Was the 
man a sentry from the ancients who setup the portals?

            Sadly little detail is seen on the 
mountains at this distance.  Slightly to right 
and east looks like possible jugged cliffs that 
may be cave worthy.  Maybe once the party is half 
way across the plain they can pinpoint a direction.

            Z'leyra considers the mountains that 
look far 8-10 miles away.  Is her abilities able 
to reach that far?  She might find forest eagles 
here but would they go to the mountains or would she need mountain eagles?

            As they leave the area of the dead 
Grundwergen, Raddok is very relieved to be able 
to begin to take deep breaths again without the 
foul stench of the slimy bodies nearby. He keeps 
an eye out for movement or anything that seems 
odd or strange, as he, Dorhak & Barbosa follow as 
the lead group behind Arawn's lead. As time goes 
by, he gradually relaxes concerning immediate 
danger, but he still doesn't know what to expect 
in this strange place & remains vigilant and uneasy.

            When they pause at the edge of the 
forest, & Raddok sees the open plains/prairie 
lands before them & the distant mountains, he has 
a brief flashback of home & a painful punch of 
homesickness that quickly vanishes when he thinks 
of his father's absence from his growing years.

            Raddok admires Arawn's thought of 
eagles, & smiles at the idea,a feeling of hope 
growing. But when Barbosa asks Dorhak about 
whether or not they should take a break, he gets 
worried again. He asks Arawn, “Excuse me, Arawn, 
but what was the time difference here in this 
place again? If 8 or so hours have passed here, 
how much time has passed back home? Can we risk 
more than an hour or two of rest at any time? I 
know naps will help, but - time is passing.” 
Looking back at the Captain, he apologizes. 
“Forgive me Captain, but I've forgotten & need to 
know or I will get distracted by worrying – I 
have  a girl back home, you know – and I miss 
her. I'm only human,” and he smiles.

            As the party murmurs of the red eye 
creatures they finally take a break at the forest edge.

            Fremea just shakes her head at how 
she missed these vile creatures. If she just had 
her magics, it would have been a much different 
story. Once they see that it takes magic weapons 
to destroy the last one, it makes more sense to her.

            If she had her relic out she'd 
probably detect it.  But she did find that elf 
and party never did.  Those elves can hide well in forest and she found them!

            Nothing for her to do, so Fremea 
takes a few minutes to relax again before taking 
off. Listening to the group starting to not be ok 
with direct commands, which really none of them 
should ever be, hopefully this short bearded one 
will start to understand that. She takes off again to scout.

            Reaching the edge of the woods, she 
stops and puts on her best protective gear from 
the sun - that doesn't seem to be there, yet 
still makes her feel uncomfortable. She pulls out 
her spyglass to look around, using the full 
magics to see where she is supposed to be going to.

            "We've been awake and active for over 
half of a full day. Our people were wounded and 
need to recover some.  I think we will camp here, 
in the woods edge, tonight.  It should provide us 
some cover." Dorhak tells the party.

            The dwarf is quite familiar with the 
lower world, with many stories told by the other 
dwarves about the conditions here.  "I donÂ’t want 
to dally, though.  Per my reckoning, I think a 
full month has passed since we went through the 
portal. ThatÂ’s a long time for our ship to wait, 
and a long time for you humans."

            "Arawn an Pyandalgor, you take first 
watch.  Fremea, Kiet, and Opus with Kimis second 
watch, then me, Raddok, and Unali third, with 
Barbosa, ZÂ’leyra and Tisa for final."  He looks 
over to the Bes and says "Your majesty and your 
bodyguard should rest.  No watch for you unless you want to."

            "If anybody needs to use Z's language 
teacher, so everybody in a group can warn each other, please do so."

         [Time:  9:21 pm]

            As camp is setup and wood is 
collected after Arawn found a decent place about 
50 from plains edge, Unali approaches Arawn.

            She asks to see the books and that odd ink well again.

            "Arawn, whoever was in that tower 
must have had a way to communicate. Why keep 
these records in the journal. But I can't figure 
out why you would need an ink well that cannot 
contain ink at all. Somehow, these items must serve some other function."

            First Unali places the “ink well” 
over the journal found in chest – uncoded 
one.  On top of it and nothing happens.  She 
flips to page 1 then same thing nothing.  She flips to last page and nothing.

            She does same for the Journal found 
in box inside tree.  Nothing on cover. Nothing on 
first page.  Last page nothing.  First blank page 
once its placed on the page a flash of red 
sparks.  The ink well remains in place but both 
can see coded text printed on the page.  It fills 
up the page then next page to half way down. Both look at each other and grin.

            But the text is still coded.

            Arawn casts a decode spell on max but 
the text remains coded. He knows whoever made it 
or cast the enchantment is powerful even more so than some in group.

            Arawn wonders if that was delayed 
text or real time.  Based on amount probably 
delayed and not real time.  So maybe the man was 
going to be warned about the witches or something else?

         [Time:  2:27 am]

            Hours later darkness falls around the Lower World.

         [Time:  5:18 am MW time]

            Last shift party is nearing time to 
break up camp.  Z'leyra is on duty south of camp 
on patrol.  She spots and hears boars in the 
bushes. She pulls her shield and sword out just 
in case to deflect those boar tusks.  In the 
darkness she spots a adult female boar and  a 
cub.  They are tearing the ground up for probably 
food.  She considers killing them for meat.  But 
it would take even more hours to prepare and 
eat.  Party still has rations.  She scares the 
boars away and toward the west.

            By then the party is up and breaking 
camp.  Even though it is night the party is fully 
rested and ready to move on.  Those who can see 
in darkness can take point and lead the 
party.  Sadly though the spyglasses will not be 
so good at night.  As the party enters the plains 
the party sees a odd sky of overcast and no 
stars.  It is almost like a northern lights 
thing.  Flashes of green, yellow, pink and light 
flash on the clouds.  It is unclear if atmosphere lights or lightning?

         GM: Actions? Comments?

             Next update....Fri/Sat?

         GM: I was going to do more but its 11 
and a bit late now.  So we'll move over plains 
and see what's gonna happen.  Was waiting for 
info from Dorhak on how long to stay got that 
Saturday late but too late to finish update so 
why delayed.  Not his fault.  So schedule will 
change soon.  This is my last 5 days off.  Next 
week my last 3 days off.  Then its 5 day work 
weeks till September.  So I hope to do 2 updates 
a week.  But don't count on it. :) I may do a 
update sooner since I know what will happen next.  But its late now.

         GM: Groups- [here to remind me of walking groups]

                 1st Triad – Dorhak, Barbosa, Raddok
                 2nd Triad – Z'leyra, Tsia, Unali, King, Arawn.
               3rd Triad – Pyan, Opus, Kimis, Kiet.

         GM: Experience -

                 Player          MEP  CEP   Expertise  Notes
             Unali               -    175      (40)    Dagger x3
             Unali               -     -         8     Two Handed Weapon
             Z'leyra             -     60       10     Sword x1

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