[pnpgm] Kiet’s actions

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Kiet deactivates his boot of speed and heads over to the dead creature.  Grundwergen, they said?  Kiet has never heard of such.  Nor has he smelled anything so foul.  He looks around to find a branch or small sapling he might us to poke and prod it, and then to roll it over for inspection.

Touching it seems unwise if the information is true about ruining metals, not to mention wondering if one could ever be rid of the reek.  

He then grabs some largish leaves to use when he pulls back the lips of the things.  Sure enough, the teeth are made for rending...carnivores.  Faintly man-like, but definitely not human.  Kiet wonders about why they attacked a group this large.  Maybe they were simply starving.  Either way, he is satisfied with the result. They are dead, and we and the King are still alive, though it looks like the large red man may have gotten the worst of it.

The Captain said to protect the King.  Kiet is satisfied about the result.

"Does anybody see anything valuable the might carry on them?"  Kiet knows that the group doesn’t really have time to search for their lair.  Who knows how far and what direction it might be?  As fast as they moved, about twice as fast as an Elf, they could be from anywhere.

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