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   Arawn held off tongue-lashing Velf for his insolence but, unsure of his relative status, kept it to standing up for himself and his men.
   "My men are not dregs. They're the best of the best and solid replacements for Khias's choices. Khias is dead but my men have held against sea dragons, wyrms, mermen and pirates to get the cargo here. I take my obligations seriously, Velf.​
   I will bring them here."​
   Arawn decided a quick return was in order, hustling and taking the elevator-gondola if it seemed faster. Once back at the ship he quickly informed the party of the meeting and the need to get the dwarves, any and all, together.​
   "We're to meet Velf in 15 and then head out. There will be climbing involved apparently. He's an ornery man so we should move quickly. And if the other dwarves wish to join and see this through now is the time. I don't think we'll be returning to the ship anytime soon. Not unless we're willing to ensorcell Velf's mind."
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