[pnpgm] UPDATE #80 - Raddok

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Tue Jun 25 20:09:14 CEST 2019

As Arawn gathered the others around to give his report, Raddok asked him directly, "Arawn? Does it sound to you like we will need horses? I'm just asking, because I'll have to leave my greatsword behind if we're on foot. I can carry everything else I need with me."

He considered for a moment, rubbing his chin absently. "Do you think they'll have wagons? He certainly gave us no indication of waiting for anyone else than us - our ship - at this point. But we may be going to meet one, since it sounded like several ships were sent out for - dang, 'cargo.'" 

Raddok frowned. "I don't like this. It all sounds a bit - underhanded - and, like - there's some big plan going on, & being kept under wraps, even from the villagers here, perhaps? Oh, well, that's why we're here, right?" And he grimly went to his locker to gather his loaded backrack, quickly double-checking that everything was loaded & ready to go, leaving only his greatsword in its sheath, & his share of the treasure that was merely mixed valuables. He checked that his amulet was well-tucked under his tunic until (if) needed, and that his glove was folded away from the protective bracelet, so it would operate properly. His ring fit nicely, if firmly, over the other glove, and he was glad he had it. 

He joined the others, loading his backrack & shifting his mace & shield to their 'resting' positions, the shield hooked over  the top of his backpack, the rope & a couple other bulkier items tied about it with leather ties. He was carrying less than 60#, a load he was well used to handling. He knew he was capable of carrying twice as much, but if it turned out he had to ride a horse at some point, he did not wish to carry more, to save the horse.

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