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OOC:   No worries on speaking. I had messaged Scott about whether he wanted to do the conversation via email or messenger. Hence my delay in posting:)

Appearance:  Approximate features for Arawn but with a human bent and with Fomorian skin/eye/hair color plus any Fomorian features that are common. Dressed as one of the soldiers that died on the ship when it was taken. As an alfar he's used to being treated as royalty/nobility and he's an accomplished actor so he's playing the role of as a proud military officer, a bit intimidating, honorable and used to getting his way.


   Arawn cringed internally but didn't show any outward sign when Raddok mispronounced the name. Rolling with it he spoke up after his 'underling'.

   "Khias sends his regards. I'm here in his stead," he said in a flat voice.

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[Vahearan Names I used in my book: Joshua Motandor (teamster company owner), Mosher Herrick (security company commander)& his lieutenants: "Saber" (Marcus Kozin) & "Lance" (Joman Ledwan). You already have mine owners names for my mining company. Only offering these as ideas for either first mane or last to go with Vaghnki, if needed. I like Vaghnki. ;)]

DATE: Ma 3rd, 11636th, ~ noonish (whenever reach Inn & see Velf)

Seeing their quarry leaving in a huff, Raddok quickly looks to Vaghnki/Arawn to see if he should speak up. [OOC: Raddok is greatly tempted to call out to Velf, but hesitates only to see if Arawn speaks up first. If he does not, this action follows:]

Raddok steps forward, and speaks out, "Forgive me, sir. Are you Master Velf, sir? My Master (OOC - is this the proper term? substitute a better one if needed) is seeking you out. I believe he had an appointment to meet you, sir. Forgive me if I am wrong. We have just now arrived in town." And he bows in humble respect to the man they had come to meet. Raddok then turns slightly, and indicates Vashnki/Arawn with a slight bow. This is my Master, Vashnki."  [Is this man's appearance intimidating to an underling/aide, or not? - height, weight etc]

Bess L. Hadley

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