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Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Wed Jun 12 22:12:09 CEST 2019

Is a cropped map of VAhear the yellow box is the Town.  So you cna 
see MA'dor is on east cast and about 30 or so miles from Port
Vahear.  I tried to make a less obvious square like a circle.
But i miss my old photo4 plus was eaiser than paint. :)
Oh well.  I'm no artist.

Game Started looks Jun 14 (not 13) 1999.

Wout was in th efirst roster right away.
Alex/Z joined actually July 2001 so later.  Opps.
At least to my site files.
But both were in Adventure 1.
Since 1 summer was lost due to Greg Fiasco I guess its really only a 
year between both playing. :)

Thanks Wout and Alex for sticking in here.
Thanks for all others who been in past and old and current.

Wanna see gee whiz stuff?
Here is the first update showing first roster and such.
Then alex's '1st' post :)

                     ** Powers and Perils PBEM Player List **

      Alias/Player        Character Name     Type
        Email Address                     Status/Notes
      Scott Adams         Xian            Wizard
        pnpgm at softhome.net                Normal
      Larry Spall/Kurgen
        thekurgan at beer.com
      Paul L. Ming
        pming at yt.sympatico.ca
      David Jackson
        araborn at BELLSOUTH.NET
      Donnie Young
        spectro_d at hotmail.com
      Tom Crockett
        crockett at sssnet.com
      Lyman R. Hampton
        spryte66 at uswest.net
      Bob Eldred/Nomad
        beldred at gte.net
      Greg Reid/Terijon   Bertram Forrester Bandit
        greg.reid at fknights.gryn.org
      Tim Falkenberg
        Malradh at yahoo.co.uk
        None (if need contact me)
      Wayne Richardson
        nori at southeast.net
      Frank Torres
        lycosa at clark.net
      Wout Broere
        zovaster at fnmail.com
      Fransco B.
        frbons at tin.it
      Burton Choinski
        choinski at TIAC.NET

      Powers & Perils Web Page - for some who might want it:

      Now we begin!!

      Some people still have outstanding or incomplete characters so
      please get them in ASAP if possible.  I'm already 2 weeks
      behind starting this game :).

      From the above is the header for the game.  This will detail
      every player and give their name and email and character name
      for dialogue.  You notice at the top of the list is myself.
      I rarely get to play so I figure I'll continue my character
      from last game :).  Don't worry he will not be super bogue
      or offset the party in any way.  I just felt like playing
      since I rarely get the chance otherwise :).

      Alias/Player        Character Name     Type
        Email Address                     Status/Notes
      Scott Adams         Xian            Wizard
        pnpgm at softhome.net                Normal

     From that example you see my full name, my character name of Xian
     and you now know I am some kind of Wizard.  My email for contact
     and his status.  Status will be likg damage reports or other
     problmes maybe you went on vacation or something.  That will be
     that field.

     It is a warm but not overbearing summer day late in the summer
     season.  Each of you have arrived through some fashion be it a
     boat, the road or other means into the province of Marentia.
     Some might have even been in the province for quite some time.
     Some might work here or live here while others have fled into
     the province for "other reasons".  By now everyone is in the
     three biggest port cities - Sivas, Malnon or the capital of
     Maren on Lake Sivas.  On the edge of the Sea of Tears or
     Lake Sivas its actually pretty cool with a good mild breeze.
     The mountains to the south and east are daunting and tall
     but look hot this time of year.

     Reference: Marentian province and the maps of the region we are
     going to deal with are 9, 10, 14 and #15.  These can be found
     at the main web site above by clicking on the map and world map
     links.  If you do not have web access I can try to get you a
     copy of the main 4 maps in question.  The maps add flavor to
     the game and as a good tool for players.

     Most of you are looking for work or currently working.  You
     spend some days exploring the cities and seeking employment.
     You notice that the townsfolk are acting normal in their busy
     lives of day to day activity.  Yet the military you notice
     seems edgy or tense as if something is going to happen or
     HAS happened before.  You especially notice this with higher
     military officers.  Those in Sivas see the rich prosperous
     city yet notice a large portion of the docks and warehouses
     are empty of ships and cargo.  Those who have been here before
     know that the docks are full of ships of various sizes and
     manners.  Yet it looks like only 80% of the docks are full.

     One day guards around the cities post at various locations
     a sign that reads the same in each location.  Those who
     can read it directly can those who do not get help from
     other people on the street that help find a common tongue.

     It says:

         "Here Ye! Here Ye!

          Seeking hearty and skilled people for a mission of
     dire importance to Marentia as a whole.  Details will only
     be given to those who qualify and seek this oppurtunity.
     Background checks will be done on each person who applies
     as best as can be done.  Success of this mission and those
     who are in it will be well paid or given benefits of equal
     importance. If you wish to apply, then find the nearest
     city garrison and apply to the officer in charge.  At
     that point names will be taken and we will contact you
     within a week if possible.  Those who are anti-marentian
     should not apply.  "

     IT doesn't give details but that simple paragraph.  I
     will assume that everyone applies.  If you do not and
     this is your choice.  Please let me know privately
     or publically.  I will wait a full week of real time
     and then give the next post next Tuesday.  You will
     have a full week to prepare or do anything oc your
     choice.  If you wish to do something within that week
     please let me know so i can update character sheets (ie
     if you wish to read/work on skills).  I will give everyone
     a week's worth of expertise (1d6 randomly) for Marentian
     language to be added or given if you do not have the skill.

     Nwo its up to you guys...


Man have times changed ;) like I use a spell checker now. :)
Alexs -

Post from The Rider [File #264]

From: "Alex Koponen" <akoponen at mosquitonet.com>
To: pnpgm at lists.quadrunner.com (Powers & Perils -RPG List (PBEM))
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2001 15:01:29 -0800

 >          [Xian starts to speak but waves for Valgor to come to
 >           the cliff edge.  "Hail her in Climan to be safe"
 >          Valgor: "Rider..." [Grasping for words to say] "State
 >            your intentions!" [In perfect Climan - he turns and
 >            shrugs as wasn't sure what to say]
 >          [Everyone turns back to the rider to wait for her
 >           response]
 >         Comments? Actions? What now?
Z'leyra replies (in EL80 Climan) "I seek Varange, a member of the faerry
folk that I am acquainted with. I believe he was the one in the prison wagon
recently ambushed, please bring him forth."
and in EL60 Faerry Sidh "Varange! Are you safe my friend?"

Even then Alex wasn't a mega poster..snicker...:) j/k

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