[pnpgm] Update #78 Raddok

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Wed Jun 12 21:13:05 CEST 2019

[Vahearan Names I used in my book: Joshua Motandor (teamster company owner), Mosher Herrick (security company commander)& his lieutenants: "Saber" (Marcus Kozin) & "Lance" (Joman Ledwan). You already have mine owners names for my mining company. Only offering these as ideas for either first mane or last to go with Vaghnki, if needed. I like Vaghnki. ;)]

DATE: Ma 3rd, 11636th, ~ noonish (whenever reach Inn & see Velf)

Seeing their quarry leaving in a huff, Raddok quickly looks to Vaghnki/Arawn to see if he should speak up. [OOC: Raddok is greatly tempted to call out to Velf, but hesitates only to see if Arawn speaks up first. If he does not, this action follows:]

Raddok steps forward, and speaks out, "Forgive me, sir. Are you Master Velf, sir? My Master (OOC - is this the proper term? substitute a better one if needed) is seeking you out. I believe he had an appointment to meet you, sir. Forgive me if I am wrong. We have just now arrived in town." And he bows in humble respect to the man they had come to meet. Raddok then turns slightly, and indicates Vashnki/Arawn with a slight bow. This is my Master, Vashnki."  [Is this man's appearance intimidating to an underling/aide, or not? - height, weight etc]

Bess L. Hadley 

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