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    Character Name   Type       Player        Sex           Notes
..Arawn...........Druid...John.Haight........Ma..Alfar/Backup Navigator
..Raddok..........Miner...Bess Hadley........Ma..Human/Miner
..Unali...........Ninja...Wout.Broere........Fe..Human/Dagger Maiden
..Z'leyra.........Healer..Alex Koponen.......Fe..Human/Shaman/1st Mate
..Brutto..........Sailor..Npc................Ma..Sailor #1
..Finn............Sailor..Npc................Ma..Sailor #2
..Ardrackle.......Sailor..Npc................Ma..Sailor #3
..Zepp............Sailor..Npc................Ma..Sailor #4
..Corona..........Eagle...Npc................Ma..Companion to Z'leyra
..Zol.Zim.........Wolf....Npc................Ma..Zehani Wolf/Ix's Friend

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         Game Update #78 sequence (file #641)

         Admin Notes: Last update I may have not updated Update/File #s. :<

            From Kiet: [Re: Actions]
                 "I can cast an illusion on Z'leyra to make her look like a 

            GM: Ack.

            From Raddok: [Re: Actions]
                 [Ma 3rd ?time]
                    [in case I didn't mention it 
earlier, Raddok will be wearing all his magical 
items: fire dart ring on right hand, Protection 
bracelet on left wrist (partially covered by his 
leather glove, as gloves reach a few inches above 
wrists), & amulet under tunic, where he can pull 
it out if wants/needs to use it.]

                    Raddok nods his willingness 
to be Arawn's 'Aide' as being near someone who 
knew more about what to do suited him just fine. 
Having mining knowledge, even if couldn't write 
(& read barely, if you could call it that), would 
better suit him (& being also visibly able to fight & guard his 'boss').
            GM: Ack. I figured Magic items are 
kind of default to wear.  Keep in mind some items 
don't work f covered (to all).  Almost at 
deadline for gear so guess majority take every 
item ashore even if not needed. If not posted that info yet.

            From Dorhak: [Re: Actions]
                 I guess I am missing 
something.  Don't we have to find the contacts at 
the inn or tavern first in order to deliver our 
two fine dwarves? or are you just going to be 
seen hauling along two dwarves in chains thru town?

                 i just figured you would make 
contact and arrange for an exchange dwarves for 
gobs of gold.  At least, the dwarves think they are worth that much!
            GM: Ack. Sorry for confusion I'll try 
to clear things up.  I did give this info in a 
old update but guess it was missed.  My bad.

            From Arawn: [Re: Actions]\
                 I was confused as well. I 
thought we're in Port Vahear but from a prior 
post it was stated that the guide is in another 
town that's not near Port Vahear.

                 So I thought we were going to 
see the Tal-Kor rep in Port Vahear and then head 
out of town to where the guide is.

               Scott, can you clarify things?
            GM: Ack. Blame the dwarves bad for 
secretary or lack of it work.  I'll explain better – I hope.

            From Arawn: [Re: Actions]

OOC:    So are we at the town where the guide is 
located? That's what I'm a bit confused about.

            From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
                 Thanks for the 
clarification:)   So, yes, Arawn will act as the 
face while the dwarves remain on the ship, 
'shackled' and moved to the cargo hold if the guide wants to see them there.
            GM: Ack.

            From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
                 Arawn grinned back. "Name... hmm. You were here before any 

                 (OOC:   Scott, I'll assume 
whatever name sounds Fomorian or else eavesdrop 
on the fomorians as he walks to get a proper name 
to fit his cover. You can pick the name.)
            GM: Ack. Oh gee. Names are my worst 
thing.  Vaghnki – Thanks to Alex for the name. 
BTW the stuff Bess sent you quoted I never 
got.  So below is not a post but from a quote I never saw. Maybe email?

            From Raddok: [Re: Quoted info]
                 [Thought GM said we're at a 
small town with 6 docks - not Port Vahear. re: 
other questions (good ones) - offering this below]

                 Raddok asks, "Okay, how many 
places are we going to have to look 

            GM: Ack. Maybe I did see this post and deleted it. :)

         [New Stuff]

         [Ma 1st, 1636TH]
         [Time: 7:40 pm]

            The question of slavery on Vahearis bought up.

            Kiet adds, "I can cast an illusion on 
Z'leyra to make her look like a man. That might 
make 'guard' more believable.  I’ll be casting a 
personal illusion to make my appearance not be 
Lemasan. Even here I’m sure I’m not 
welcome."  Kiet makes no bones about his dislike of Fomorians.

  He rubs his chin then says, "Yes, the Fomorians 
do have slavery, in some cases worse than 
Lemasa.  Mostly, though, they only have it for serious law cases."

            "One thing to remember.  I have heard 
these Vaherians have raised arrogance to an art 
form, so I highly recommend all of us get used to 
groveling. Sucks, but it’s no different than when dealing with Zhao."

            Raddok asks, "Okay, how many places 
are we going to have to look for to find Khias's 
contact, or is it plural - contacts? I think that 
Arawn, whatever he calls himself as Khias's 
replacement, & I (being his aide and probably 
flunky - as strangers might think.." Raddok 
grinned at the elf. "We have to ask the locals 
where those meeting places (like the tavern) are. 
If questioned, we brought whoever-it-is's 
delivery, and need to find him. But I don't think 
we can all go into all of these places - a 
tavern, maybe an inn and business offices. I 
think those of us (he gave the hand signal for 
quotemarks) who are guards would probably wait 
outside with the dwarves, unless obvious we can 
all enter. Arawn and I should enter, and maybe 
one other guard? Just until we see the situation 
as visitors seeking their client would.

            Arawn grinned back. "Name... hmm. You 
were here before any Fomorian names you recall?"

            Finn looks at Arawn, “I'd smooth the 
hair over those...ears.  Kiet can just wear a 
headband or wrap if need be over 
eyebrows.  Fremea has that neat handband for 
example.  But probably too small for you.”


         [Ma 3rd, 1636TH]
         [Time: 9:59 am – Directly off coast of Vahear]

            With help from Zepp and Mournath they 
start looking up the eastern coast of Vahear for 
Ma'Dor.  The landmarks given was a small island 
would be seen just below dark black hills.  After 
22 minutes of sailing up wind north the black 
hills are spotted.  Probably made from long ago 
fire that burnt trees and foliage but covered in 
some odd manner like a fossil.  That or some 
strange ore that makes it look black.

            Then the small island is seen to the 
east and indeed is small maybe only a mile square 
that could be swallowed whole by a big wave.  But 
now there are seals and birds making nests and mating ground.

            Ma'Dor is said to be only a couple 
miles north of that.  Sure enough unless you look 
carefully it could be missed.  While the 
coastline has been 10-15 miles of thin beaches 
maybe only a couple hundred feet wide this area 
has a bit wider beach.  But it is tucked below large over hanging cliffs.

         [Time: 10:28 am – Directly off coast of Vahear]

            The ship has spotted a half dozen 
fishing ships along the ship about 2-5 miles out 
along the coastline.  The town has indeed about 6 
docks.  But 4 of them are shallow waters fit for 
only coastal fishing ships.  Only 2 seem to be 
deep enough for the Black Depths.  Of the 16 or 
so berths that the shallow docks can have only 1 
ship is docked and its loading supplies.  For the 
2 deep water docks of the 8 slots only 1 is 
occupied.  A merchant ship flying the Vahearian 
and Fomorian Empire flags.  It is unloading supplies with a dozen sailors.

            The town looks odd for its location 
at sea level that a storm could rip apart.  But 
looking closer there seems to be a path along the 
back cliffs.  It seems to be mostly hidden from 
view but it almost looks like it winds up and up 
toward the top of the cliffs to the plateau.  But 
at this angle it is impossible – but assumed – 
the town is there.  The cliffs are sandy and 
rocky sandstone making a patchwork of white, 
browns and reds from clays.  These cliffs hang 
over the fishing village  about 180-200 feet 
above. In fact if the cliff were to avalanche it 
would wipe out the village. At least the dock area of the village.

            The Black Depths dock in the second 
slip of second deep water dock.  The sailors run 
to complete the task.  Being a small fishing 
village they do not have fancy dock guards to 
'bounce' the ship from the dock.  So its a tricky operation.
The sun is low on the sky to the east behind the 
party.  Arawn gathers his group – Raddok as aide, 
Mournath in case guide needs nautical info, Kiet 
and Z'leyra as guards.  The others stay on ship as guards for the 'captives'.

            Unali steps out from below wearing a 
full black suit read to trail the party.  Finn 
grins, “broad day light.  That kinda thing is obvious.”

            Arawn is now looking different using 
a personal illusion as the Fomorians he saw on 
ship a month ago – Captain khias and others.  He 
steps onto the dock and quickly raises his nose 
to the stench of fish all around him.  As he 
walks up the dock he shows the familiar air of 
the Fomorians.  He passes a boy fishing off the 
dock and ignores him with little regard.

            As Arawn nears the end of the dock he 
spots only a few building.  Two wooden warehouse 
like structures with a brick structure near those 
all without windows. It is probably a storage or 
warehouse  To the right some 100 feet or so 
beyond docks are 4 shacks.  These have windows 
and must be homes.  Though who would live here so 
close to water must be brave.  There is a well 
and benches around a 'square'.  Far off against 
the cliff face is a gazebo with a man sitting 
besides in a chair almost looking to be sleeping.

            At end of dock is a shack no bigger 
than a few dozen feet square.  Nearby is a man 
whittling wood and spitting on the sand.  Arawn 
asks the man where the dock master is.  Without 
looking the man raises a finger to the 
shack.  Arawn approaches but the window is closed 
and door is unlocked but on looking inside its empty.

            “He's fishing down the beach around 
that corner....just sign the ledger, how long and 
your business.  It's 2 copper per day.”

            Two copper?  A very cheap price but 
probably a month's wage in this dinky town.  With 
help from Raddok Arawn signs the ledger.

            Arawn asks the bored man where the 
Fuzzy Dice is.  The man points to the sky. Rather 
toward the top of the cliffs.  Finally the man 
looks up, 'new here?” He spits again.  “Over 
there behind that rock wall can't see it.  Go there and climb.”

            Raddok wonders if they should go back 
to get climbing gear but Arawn glances up at 
Corona and takes note of his calm manner.  Arawn 
strides forward with dangerous confidence of a 
Fomorian noble.  Upon reaching the area they 
round the corner and see a half-natural and man 
made series of terraces, steps and inclines.

             The inclines are about 20-25 degrees 
so even horses could probably manage it but would 
need guidance and easy steps.  But wagons are 
surely risking it.  The inclines seem to wage a 
winding battle against the cliff wall as it 
slowly takes you to the top.  From the sea this path is not even visible.

            It takes about 15 minutes to 
climb-walk the inclines.  It is hard to tell if 
nature made it man or even magic.  About 2/3rd 
the way up there is a view below and the group 
notices the gazebo moving!  In fact its a 
bench-cage that is being lifted by brown heavy 
ropes to the top.  A single man is sitting in the 
bench.  He seems to be holding bags.  So the 
party realizes this lift would’ve took them up as well.  Arawn continues on.

         [Time: 11:02 am – Ma'Dor]

            The party had tried to translate the 
name of the town.  But it seems to have several 
meanings - “water swept beach” or “area over water (soaked cliffs).”
But at the top the smell is different more 
clear.  Noise sweeps the party as well. Sound of 
people talking, horses or the one blacksmith banging away.

             The town is a very small one.  The 
few trees that are here are dotted by shacks and 
it looks like maybe 50-60 shacks.  If a shack had 
maybe 3 each that'd give this town maybe 200-250 
max population.  Arawn leads the party to a man 
packing a horse with grain.  He asks about the 
Fuzzy Dice.  “Seriously? It's the only bar in town over there.”

            Arawn enters and sees there are only 
10 tables.  Only 1 has a man drinking.  Arawn 
moves to the bar to a older man in his 40s with 
bushy red beard. He eyes Kiet and then Z'leyra 
then Arawn as he wipes the bar down with a rag. Arawn asks about Velf.

            The man stares for almost 30 seconds 
then reaches into his pocket for a couple 
coins.  Then whistles, “Chol heads up!”  Then 
tosses the 2 coins toward the one man in the 
nearby table.  As the coins spin Arawn sees they 
are 2 silver coins. “I owe you.  The fool has more fools coming.”

            Arawn waits for the answer.  “What will it be?”

            Arawn shakes his head declining a 
drink.  The arrogance he has to portray would not 
allow submission to a barkeep.  But Arawn soon 
realizes this is the game. He orders a bit of 
rum.  The man pours it in a small cup then stands 
back.  “Velf is over at the Green Inn.  Can't 
miss it. Its the only second story place in town.”

            Arawn finishes the drink and walks 
away but the man whistles and nods. “That's 2 
copper.”  Arawn turns to Kiet to pay the man as 
he is too busy to do so another trait for Fomorians.

            Kiet grits his teeth and fumes at 
thought of giving coins to Fomorians. He 
considers not doing it but the others have left the place already.

            Arawn scans the town and sees the 
Inn.  Then heads that way passing a market of mostly farm produce.

            The Green Inn is actually painted 
green.  As with most towns folks they wear grays, 
browns, tans while some may do greens or even a 
yellow tunic.  But Unali with her black suit will 
stick out for sure.  Where ever she might he 
town. But the green Inn is actually painted a 
soothing green like seaweed.  This contrasts with 
bland non colored structures in town.

            Aside from the homes, blacksmith, bar 
and Inn there are some corrals, market, 2-3 small 
general shops and what looks to be a carpenter shop.

            Most folks are on foot but maybe out 
of 250 folks at most only 10% of that is horses 
so 20-25.  Arawn enters the Inn and sees a small 
lobby of half a dozen tables.  Place must have at 
most only 10 rooms.  A bored man in his 20s looks 
up from the desk and stands.  “Welcome!  What service may I do for you.”

            Arawn looks at the empty lobby then 
at the man.  He asks about Velf.  The man with 
subtle shrug (that Arawn notices but others do 
not) cringes.  “Upstairs room 4.  Better hurry he 
is leaving.  He is rather...upset about things 
here.”  He rings a small bell and a kid of 12 
comes from a side alcove.  The two talk quickly 
in Fomorian but it seems as best as could be heard - “show to room 4”.

            The kid runs toward the stairs and 
waves the party after him.  “You better knock he 
is a bit grumpy old man.”  On the second floor he 
points to the 2nd door down the hall.  Arawn 
heads to the door passing a unmarked door.

            Arawn knocks and waits.  Knocks 
again.  As the kid turns to leave the unmarked 
door swings open and a man in his 50s maybe even 
60s walks out. He spots the kid.  “Brat!  Fetch 
my bags now!  I'm sick and tired of this dung 
heap you call a town. Don't even have soap in 
there!...” He turns to the stairs.  Then begins 
to mumble, 'incompetent fools...idiots who do no nothing..”

            As the kid gets to Door 4 he points 
to the man.  “That's Velf.” Then opens the door and enters to get his bags.

            Velf begins to descend grumbling.  He 
has half gray/black hair with eyes of a scholar 
having read many books in candle light.  His skin 
is very white showing lack of sun.  He is clean 
shaven but his hands show sign of paper cuts but 
not hard labor.  He is wearing a gray tunic, 
black pants with a ring of some kind on left hand 
and a nice brown leather belt that might be snake 
skin?   He has a small pouch on his left hip.

         Actions? Comments?

         Next Update...Saturday maybe?

         GM: Would've been out sooner but 5 hour 
late start and lost 'net briefly.  So its out 
now.  Looks like I work Monday so if no update 
Sat it'd be Tue/Wed.  BTW I think we are 
officially 20 YEARS! Eight adventures.  Looks 
like first post was around June 13 1999 on the 
website.  Many good and bad things have gone 
down.  The summer of Greg aka Bertram who bogged 
down game by asking trolling questions.  So much 
so he mysteriously died.  I know how and maybe 
that secret will be revealed one day.  To 9/11. 
To 2002 when my dad died and did this game for 
the stress relief.  To the great times the fun 
adventures.  Millions of of lines of text I'm 
sure.  Figure 500-1500 updates per adventure.  A 
update might have 3k words I once estimated.  So 
3 million words? Not including text from you 
guys. :) It has been a fun ride.  I am deeply 
honored to be GM – though I think a new pnp gm 
should run now hint David, Wout, Alex, etc. :) 
Wout and Alex has been around since 1999 as 
well.  I'm amazed they are still here. ;) Back to 
the game.  I left some 'guards' on ship since it 
wasn't clear who might go ashore first.  We will 
still move these updates slowly so no need to 
rush things. Wanted to show map of town location 
but its 3am and so will do that when wake up today.

         GM: Gear info given
                 [No weights needed can be just 
important items – weapons/armor or a book or such 
but no need to say taken spoons. :)]

                 Raddok  Given
                 Pyan            Given
                 Arawn           None Yet
                 Dorhak  None Yet
                 Fremea  Take all gear
                 Kiet            None Yet
                 Mournath        None Yet
                 Unali           None Yet
                 Z'leyra None Yet
                 Barbosa None Yet

         GM: Landing party roles

                 Player          Role
             Arawn               Fomorian spokesman??
             Dorhak              Prisoner
             Fremea              Scout/Trailer
             Ix          Stay on ship since npc now
             Kiet                Guard
             Mae         Stay on ship since npc now
             Mournath    Chief Sailor for Arawn's ship?
             Pyan                Guard
             Raddok              Aide to Arawn?
             Unali               Trail behind for sentry
             Z'leyra             Guard (though 
female guard is unusual)/Consort?
             Barbosa             Prisoner
             Sailors             Stay on ship

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