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   Thanks for the clarification:)   So, yes, Arawn will act as the face while the dwarves remain on the ship, 'shackled' and moved to the cargo hold if the guide wants to see them there.

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Guess the info isn't clear.

I thought this was info from a old update.

Guess it was missed or not detailed enough.

Ship is on East side of VAhear.
Port Vahear is about 2 or so hexes west so 3040 miles away.
Based on maps found on ship this is th eguides Town.

This is Mao'Dor town.

Guide is in a Tavern/Inn.
So party will leave ship to find him.
Minus dwarfs on ship it seems.

Will work on update this afternoon.

Hope this helps.

I will try to flesh these details in update out.


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