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    Character Name   Type       Player        Sex           Notes
..Arawn...........Druid...John.Haight........Ma..Alfar/Backup Navigator
..Raddok..........Miner...Bess Hadley........Ma..Human
..Unali...........Ninja...Wout.Broere........Fe..Human/Dagger Maiden
..Z'leyra.........Healer..Alex Koponen.......Fe..Human/Shman/1st Mate
..Brutto..........Sailor..Npc................Ma..Sailor #1
..Finn............Sailor..Npc................Ma..Sailor #2
..Ardrackle.......Sailor..Npc................Ma..Sailor #3
..Zepp............Sailor..Npc................Ma..Sailor #4
   Corona..........Eagle...Npc................Ma..Companion to Z'leyra
..Zol.Zim.........Wolf....Npc................Ma..Zehani Wolf/Ix's Friend

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       Game Update #33 sequence (file #332)

       Admin Notes: None.

         From Raddok: [Re: Actions]
           Once Raddok sees the mermen in front of him & Z'leyra...

           If the creature escapes, Raddok will move forward to see
           what the smoke is about & help with the fire (He'll follow
         GM: Ack.  FYI: Its Dorhak. :) Why I keep roster at top to
             show those complicated names. :)  As to the last mermen
             Ix killed him so that's good.

         From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
           In the aftermath of the battle Arawn will make his way up to
           the deck to inspect things up there. He'll look over both the
           injured    and the mermen, scanning for magic (Mana Sense/
           Reading) as well as    any marks, notes and equipment they might
           have. Loot aside he's hoping to identify this tribe and if they
           were a random encounter or instead ordered to target this ship.

           I'm guessing Z'leyra will probably be healing everyone. However
           if no one volunteers Arawn will use his Healing Hand EL 0 on Ix
           and Healing Mist at max EL (group version) on the others. Over
           the next couple of days he'll use Healing Hand max EL on those
           still damaged (Barbosa).

           He'll help oversee any repairs that need to be done to the
           ship     using his Naval Architect skill

           Ward Pact/Rail Guard:

           "We should see what can be done to avoid a surprise like....

           Speak with the Dead:

           OOC: As there was interest in capturing one alive for quest
           ioning, if someone wishes it Arawn can cast Dark Knowledge to
           question the dead if someone has a way of communicating with
           the spirit. Arawn knows Elder Water but isn't an expert yet and
           he's not sure if the mermen will be able to communicate back.
           Someone just post if you want this done.
         GM: Ack.  No magic on gear/mermen.  Markings you could probably
             recognize a patter on some scales for theer tribe or
             nation for future reference.  But doesn't take to be a scholar
             to figure out as the sailors know the myths and the area so
             they'll inform where they are from as posted in a old update.
             As to ward keep in mind the size of ship and range of any
             spells placed and how costly it would be to see if its
             cost effective.  Keep in mind speaking to mermen as you say
             could be difficult without knowing their language.  DK just
             rouses them up but doesn't translate and don't think a
             tongues or communicate works on spirits. :)  Sadly though
             all mermen are dead.  Aside from those translocated away
             (minus the one in the web who died suffocating).

         From Dorhak: [Re: Actions]
           "sailors, repair the sails as best you can.  We'll limp ...

           ooc- the schedule will be developed later.  But the assignment
           happen  here.

           toward evening that day, just before sundown, Dorhak ...

           To see the pale, enchanted gold


           Ooc- if you want real audio click the link
         GM: Ack. Which language Dwarf or Marentian?  I assume dwarf
             since Barbosa doesn't know Marentian well.

         From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
           From: Alex Koponen <alexkoponen at gmail.com> Date: Fri, 17 Aug
           2018 00:48:36 -0800 To: pnpgm at list.powersandperils.org
           Subject: [pnpgm] douse and heal

           After suggesting that a few stand watch, Z'leyra will oversee
           the firefighting efforts to make sure that the sails have their
           fires extinguished, then she will ask for volunteers to learn
           practical first aid/healing. She will supervise and teach while
           those who want to increase their skill patch up the wounded
           party members. Same for following up with healing spells if
           any want instruction to improve their skill with healing spells
           (that she knows).

           ater she will assign some sailors to patch the sails.
           Fortunately she had bought some sail cloth at the first port
           we had come to.
         GM: Ack. A bit generic.  But I can deal. :)  Fun song.  Good
             RPing!  Too bad no rum to sing with!

         From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
           Arawn gave a nod after Dorhak's question. "The magical...

           Later that evening the alfar, settled into the shadows...
         GM: Ack.

       [New Stuff]

           [Marqi 24th - Apris 4th, 1636TH]

             Nature is a hard beast to tame.  Instinct drives most
           intelligent creatures in the world.  Mae is no exception.
           Ever since leaving Sivas, Mae has secretly gone down
           below to hunt rats that board the ship from the docks.
           All ships have rats they say else no rats means bad
           luck for most ships.  For Mae its not just bad luck
           but a duty to feed.  Rather than feed on the sailors
           or the cute acrobat.  It was a few days later that Arawn
           discovered her motives and let it pass.  While rats do
           carry disease it is better to have a sated Mae than
           a frenzied succubus.

             But there are no great skills for Mae to hunt with.
           She simply has to spend a great deal in the bowls of
           the ship hoping to find a unlucky rat

             Mae is able to hunt on the 24th, 26th, 30th, 31st as well
           as Apris the 3rd.  But the other days no such luck.  But
           she is lucky that those she feeds on is enough to tide
           her over for a few days.  So that she doesn't have to
           feed on a sheep or rabbit or worse a passenger.

           [Apris 4th, 1636TH]
           [Time: 9:41:23 am]

             Once Raddok sees the mermen in front of him & Z'leyra are
           dead, he does a quick look around & spots the fleeing merman
           on top of the lockers &  yells, hoping to get Dorman's or
           someone's attention, & heads toward  the merman himself. Raddok
           will then also see the smoke beyond the lockers & wonder
           what's going on, but will try to reach the fleeing merman. He's
           still keeping his shield over his injured left side, but has
           mace ready to use.

             He sees both Dorman & the other dwarf to the right of the
           lockers, so he slows a little to see which way the merman will
           run over the lockers - toward the bow (away from Raddok), or to
           the left, where the warrior  can follow. Raddok isn't sure he
           can jump the lockers at this point,  and won't try - he'll go
           around. He hopes Ix has the wolf under control, although it's
           been okay so far, if he has to go that direction.

             But Raddok sees the last mermen fall smoking to the deck.
           It seems the blind girl did something but Raddok is unsure
           of what but it must be fire or such that killed the mermen.

             Arawn makes his way to the top deck just in time to see
           the storm. But it seems the fire he suspected was pretty
           much contained by the water barrel and sailors.  But before
           coming top side he sniffs fire from the berths and learns
           two had escaped to cause a fire but was stopped.  So
           that is all good.  Once on deck he tells the party in a general
           way his opinion.

             "We should see what can be done to avoid a surprise like that
           again. Aside from guards to watch the railings perhaps a Ward
           Pact could be placed on the hull or sides of the ship, something
           that could alert us if anything man-sized maintains contact with
           it for a few seconds? With some fine tuning we could have it set
           so that it can be turned off when repairs and such need to be
           done," Arawn suggested. "Such wards are not my specialty but I
           know some among us are skilled in these enchantments, should
           they find this reasonable and worthwhile."

             Dorhak is appalled at the damage done by the fish people.
           Why, they damn near destroyed his (well, his with the other
           dwarves) boat.  No. The sailors all say ship.  The fiends.
           He's just sorry there aren't more of them to kill.

             "Sailors, repair the sails as best you can.  We'll limp into
           the next port and hope to find more."  He looks like he is
           thinking a bit, then says "Arawn, can you still keep the ship
           going with your magic?"

             Arawn gave a nod after Dorhak's question. "The magical
           currents will still keep us moving while we replace the sails.
           In the meantime I'll take a walk through the ship. I doubt we
           suffered any serious damage but if I spot anything I'll tend to
           it, magically if need be, and report back after."

             Finn nods, "thanks to Arawn we have backup sails.  But
           we need to anchor.  Without sails we can't fine tune the
           ship in a set direction.  So the ship would just go
           I a straight line."

             Mournath confirms this that based on direction going
           now they could sail past the next village or town.  They
           need to weave.

             So the first order  is to set anchor and repairs are
           made to the sails while the mermen are tossed over the
           side of the ship.

             Dorhak continues, "also, I think this means we will need to
           keep arms close at hand every day and night.  I'll set up a
           schedule.  You Fae will do best at night,  as will we dwarves.
           You sailors from Damon will not have any night duty.  Those
           that are on guard are expected to be armed, with shields
           nearby.  Armor is up to you."

             Toward evening that day, just before sundown, Dorhak walks to
           the bow of the ship, proud that he's using the correct terms.
           He stands there for a short time, looking out over the water,
           the sun looking like a red fire about to douse itself in the
           sea.  He bows his head and begins to sing in a deep voice:

             With the sound of the waves under him at the bow, the
           flapping of sails and rigging behind him, Dorhak's
           voice booms out even through the howl of the wind.
           With the sun to his right and forward it almost looks
           like a orange hue around him.

             "Far over the misty mountains cold
             To dungeons deep, and caverns old
             We must away,' ere break of day
             To find our long forgotten gold
             The pines were roaring on the height
             The winds were moaning in the night
             The fire was red, it flaming spread
             The trees like torches blazed with light

             Far over the misty mountains cold
             To dungeons deep, and caverns old
             For ancient king, and elvish lord
             There many a gleaming golden hoard
             They shaped and wrought, and light they caught To hide
               in gems, on hilt of sword

             Far over the misty mountains cold
             To dungeons deep, and caverns old
             We must away ere break of day."

             On the second line Barbosa comes and joins him as they
           both sing the dwarf song.  Some stop their work to
           listen to the singing.

             Later that evening the Alfar, settled into the shadows not
           far from the bow, listened to the dwarf sing. Wishing he had
           an  instrument and skill to accompany Dorhak's song his gaze
           grew eventually grew distant, a wistful smile upon his face as
           it looked out towards the open sea.

             After he's done, and the sun passes away for this day, he
           turns away wearily, and heads to his cabin.

           [Time: 5:42 pm]

             The ship is fully repaired and the rigging is back
           in place.  Arawn has done a full inspection of the wood
           and sewing using his newly found skills but finds no

           Actions? Comments?

           Next Update...Tuesday?

           GM:  A short update.  I mainly spent last few days
                updating character sheets with experience and
                such.  All except Arawn's.  John we both know
                your sheet is big and complex and you like very
                detailed math so I didn't want to rush it.  ;)
                But I wanted to get this out now and do more
                on Tuesday.  I'll cover probably up toe next
                port or encounter then.  Sow we can move on.  I
                am off Thursday so can try to get 2 updates out
                if possible.  We shall see.  My vacations start
                in just a few weeks giving me 3-5  day weeks
                for days off.  If interested I can post my
                vacation schedule online.

                Experience - The report is ready for viewing online.
                  in the links section.  Link is title like Mana,
                  Experience and such.  There is today's date on it.
                  With a updated jpeg.  (mana.txt).  This file is
                  current except for Arawn's data.  So go here
                  if you wan tot see experience results.   This is
                  the file I use for combats and such.

                Healing - We have 2 healing offering help Arawn and
                  Z.  Both seems a mesh of skill and spells.  If there
                  is a particular person who wants a particular
                  healer to do it let me know.  From actions posted
                  its unclear who does what.  But it seemed that
                  Arawn gives Z most of the healing duty?

           GM: Player comments:

               Arawn - Still got to do your email.  Sorry ran
                 out of time and wanted this out.

               Raddok - You may not see much experience.  It is
                 best to do a forward attack than say a shield
                 bash.  If you had done an attack and hurt than
                 that bash you'd probably get more experience.
                 You'll see that the most is from Unali and Fremea
                 who got in there and killed.  Sadly pnp is
                 a system of damage = experience. :)

           GM: Treasure:

                  Item         Amount
                Spiked Club       6
                Nets              2
                Tridents          4
                Axe               3

              I assume these will be sold for party treasure?

           GM: Mini IBT [Marqi 24 Present

                  Player        Skills
                Arawn        Study God's Eyes
                Dorhak       Seamanship *
                Fremea       Seamanship *
                Mournath     Spear - Fighting *
                IX           Dance *
                Pyan         Seamanship*, Eagle
                Raddok       Learn Seamanship, Then Dagger, Marentian
                Unali        Swimming *, Seaman *
                Z'leyra      Seamanship *

              * Notes that you can find a teacher/master for more points.

           GM: Language Necklace Use: Roll W+EM or less
               Buff: +Em Mar 24th, +W Mar 29th

                 Character           Date         Learning       Notes
               Raddok              Mar 26th   Marentian          Success
               Pyan                Mar 29th   Eagle from Corona  Fail
               Pyan                Mar  30th  Eagle from Corona  Success
               Kiet                Apr  3rd   Bhamotin           Success
               Unali               Apr  4th   Bhamotin from Kiet Success
               Fremea              Apr  5th   Bhamotin from Kiet Success

           GM: Player Damage

                 Player     Damage
               IX           1
               Fremea       6
               Barbosa      16
               Mae          5
               Raddok       6
               Z'leyra      6+1

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