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Mon Aug 20 04:27:26 CEST 2018

Dorhak calls the sailors and passengers together.  

"We are going to set watches for the nights.  Captain Damon's sailors shall be exempt from this duty."  He looks around.  "Everyone on watch shall have weapons at hand, shields if you Have them, and Kiet?  Is it ok to leave the horns and whistles with the watch?  Use them if you can."

"during the day, if you aren’t on duty, feel free to keep a lookout.  It wouldn’t surprise me to run into those scaly creatures again.  Or something worse.  Keep you weapons handy."

"i will I’ll take the first watch, with Raddok and Ix.  Then Arawn, Mae, and Pyandalgor.  Third watch will be Fremea, Z’leyra, and Mournath.  Fourth watch will be Unali, Kiet, and Barbasa.  If you have any questions, bring them up to Z’leyra."
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