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<<ooc>>Apologies all for not having posted until now.

Maelorna sighs as she had remained away from the others as much as she
can.  It was bad enough having to listen to the constant nagging of the
voice, berrating her for not doing what it wants.  The last time on a boat
she had indulged the voice letting it dictate her actions.  Now self
preservation keeps her from even trying to play with any of the potential
pets that walk about the ship.

The shout of someone warning of borders takes a moment for her to rouse
from her torpor, she looks about the ship from her vantage point and gives
an evil grin as she was able to see one of those who would attack the
ship.  While she isn't armed with blade or her crossbow, she was anything
but helpless.

'Burn them, make them scream in pain!' the voice yells out, but on a ship,
in the middle of the ocean?  She looks at the one closest to her and thinks
for a moment then wonders just what a merman's life force might taste like.

She starts to move towards the closest one towards her and once in range,
she gives a predatory smile as she thrusts her hand about as if using a
whip and lashes at the creature with Pain (EL 5) wanting to hear it cry out
in agony.
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