[pnpgm] Game Update #30 - File #312 - MErman Combat Turn 1: Phase 3+4

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    Character Name   Type       Player        Sex           Notes
..Arawn...........Druid...John.Haight........Ma..Alfar/Backup Navigator
..Raddok..........Miner...Bess Hadley........Ma..Human
..Unali...........Ninja...Wout.Broere........Fe..Human/Dagger Maiden
..Z'leyra.........Healer..Alex Koonen........Fe..Human/Shman/1st Mate
..Brutto..........Sailor..Npc................Ma..Sailor #1
..Finn............Sailor..Npc................Ma..Sailor #2
..Ardrackle.......Sailor..Npc................Ma..Sailor #3
..Zepp............Sailor..Npc................Ma..Sailor #4
to Z'leyra                         [First Mate]
..Zol.Zim.........Wolf....Npc................Ma..Zehani Wolf/Ix's Friend

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       Game Update #30 sequence (file #312)

       Admin Notes: None.

         From Raddok: [Re: Actions]
           Update #29A: comment on - GM's decision

           [OOC]: I concur with your decision. I had not mentioned carrying
           weapon earlier & you made some other good points. I am happy
           with the mace & shield being on top of the locker, as much
           easier than getting locker open first, & it feels right that
           Raddok would have the mace & shield  out & covered by the
           quilted armor to keep hot sun off of them.

           [IC]: From now on, when Raddok is not otherwise occupied
           (seamanship,  helping on ship's chores), his weapons will be
           within reach of his  hands, or only a jump away - he's learned
           his lesson. (I just hope there's NOT something else I have over
           looked. I have always assumed he had weapon(s) to hand during
           the night, when danger more likely to be able to sneak up on
           ship, but since had not yet specified so, -consider it now
         GM: Ack. Well Quilted would I doubt be outside.  One can simply
             cover mace by shield and there ya go.  :)  If that was a
             hint that you wear armor...Too hot. :)  Its fine now saying
             such things.  Just keep in mind passengers 90% of time don't just
             walk around with weapons/shields.  If some passing merchant
             ship sees such he'll avoid a well armed crew.  Its just
             also dangerous as your holding 2 item sin hand and good simple
             odd wave hits and you break your hand.  But its fine.  So
             if just doing seamanship you'll get 2 points.  If you do
             both Sea and Marentia then will only get 1 point each
             which means it'll take longer to learn Sea.

         From Raddok: [Re: Actions]
           Just a note to add that Raddok is trying to speak nothing
           but Marentian, to improve his EL asap. Since he tries to speak
           it ALL  the time (except briefly swearing in frustration in
           his native  tongue), please assume he spends at least 14 hours/
           day speaking  Marentian from the time after his has used the
           necklace. He's getting  used to (again, as in his past) of
           sounding like a toddler at first in both his pronunciations,
           grammar, etc., but knows he can only improve by making others
           ask him to repeat himself, laugh at him (or look confused),
           and helping him with much patience, in order to improve at
           maximum speed. [OOC - I know his Empathy EL is not all that
           great, but he has had to learn languages before, & is now
           determined to do so again. ]

           Raddok will ask Z'leyra (make the date Apris 5th, if he
           survives) if it would benefit him to use the necklace a 2nd
           time, for learning/speeding up his EL in Marentian. If so,
           he requests her to  schedule a time asap, in his proper turn.
           If it won't help, he will  just trundle on as he's been doing -
           he's gotten used to being  corrected (& appreciates it) over
           the last 10 days (since he used the necklace).

           [Still trying to find if holes in information for GM - lol]
         GM: Ack.  I covered this in s old update.  Folks will get
            'free' points for language its not much but its free.  Now
            if you change to 14 hours of skill training and language
            is a skill this will take points form Seamanship.  So you
            need to decide if its both or one?  I explained doing more
            than one skill in a couple old updates as well.  Keep
            in mind doing necklace again for same language unless it
            failed is useless.  The necklace only TEACHES doesn't
            improve.  In fact evil GMS could say it wipes out what
            you learn from previous days and resets it back to the
            starting level. :)

         From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
           Still defensive, Z'leyra tries to get the Astral Web spell
           cast thru her staff so that the nearby mermen are detained
           and she can deal with other mermen.
         GM: Ack.  I figured you were just holding the last mana point
             before got close.

         From Raddok: [Re: Actions]
           Corrections first:

           1)Raddok is carrying a mace/shield - not spear/shield as
           listed at end of #29A.

           2)Also, for IBT, hasn't Raddok been learning Seamanship since
            Mar 25? He told Kiet to hold off dagger training, so he could
            learn this  (& improve his weapons skills on the ship). This
            was discussed with  the GM an update or so ago (see Update
            #28). Since then, if I didn't   specifically write it down
            in an email (altho' I thought I did),   Raddok has only been
            focusing on learning Seamanship (8 hrs/day)   with whatever
            teacher Z'leyra assigned to him (either her or one of the
            seamen on board). He has already told Kiet he's delaying
            larning dagger-  until after has learned Seamanship, but
             plans    eventually to accept Kiet's offer, if time before
             they reach Vahear.     (see Update #28, Raddok's response-
             it's all there). The swimming, like I said, is only an hour
             at a time while in ports, since he's     already spending 8
             hours/day learning Seamanship & will have     some fatigue
             (I assume no more than 3 ports so far, unless I missed the
             timing of Kiet's offer/teacher's offer & it started earlier).

             Phases 3 & 4:

             Raddok will attack the merman in front of him (#6 at S10,
             wth Spc), protecting his wounded ribs/side behind his shield
             (on left arm) &  striking twice at the merman with his mace,
              first an upsweep to the  right at its trunk & belly, then a
              left backsweep aimed downward at   its chest & shoulder/neck
              area. He will be prepared to block a strike from the merman,
              with the mace as well.

              If the two phases allow time (they probably don't), he will
              strike at  the same target a 3rd time, or if it goes down
              unconscious or dead,  he will look to his left to check Z'
              leyra, then right toward Fremea,   to check which merman
              seems of greater danger to his shipmates   (#7 at S13 & #2
              at S6, respectively) & move that direction. If Fremea, has
              taken off (flight upwards) he will next turn that way,
              urning slightly away from Z'leyra. (probably out of time
              b4 these 2   phases end - will wait to see what seems best)

              He's hurting & it's hard to take a deep breath, but he's too
              busy to think about it, merely keeping his shield braced over
               his wounded ribs, to protect his left side from further
               damage, ready to fend off another hit there.
         GM: Ack.  Probably cut/paste the spear thing.  Fixed.  As to IBT
             to be honest it changes every update.  So remove Dagger?
             Again Swimming even an hour is still 2 skills in my rules.
             So its either or both.  It would be hard to do the math
             to figure out 1 hour to 8 hours.  So if 8 hours is 2 points.
             You do so 1 hour is what 0.12 points? If I use those
             kind of fractions.  So I just use the simple rules of
             2 skills is half equal.  Sea takes 2 weeks to learn so
             you've not learned it or others yet.  Its not been 2 weeks.
             Its only what 9 days? This is why posting a schedule is
             best ie 'learn X till ELY then learn till ELB...' but
             if you do as many skills as I can list I only use what
             I see on the screen.  So if you do Sea, Marentian now and
             Swimming on certain days for those certain days it'd be
             divided by 3.  As I outlined in old posts.  So if you want
             advise.  This is how I'd do it.  Learn Sea till learned (14
             days if I recall).  Then learn Dagger with days in port
             (only 4-5) doing swimming.  If learn dagger then stop
             or if need to learn to X level then stop there then do
             Marentian full time for 2 points a day  But That's my 2 bits.:)

         From Dorhak: [Re: Actions]
           The Captain looks about and sees that Unali, Mae and Kiet are
           at the front of the boat.  Dammit, the bow.  Forward.  You
           know what I  mean!  He suspects they have things in hand there.
           At the same lookabout, he sees how many of these walking fish
           have come aboard. He heads that direction.

           dorhak knows he might not have his sea legs just yet, but he
           still needs to show these humans, especially the crew, that he'
           s not afraid of a good fight.

           mace and shield it is!  To hildr! (To battle!)
         GM: Ack.

         From Unali: [Re: Actions]
           When Unali finishes #19, she will look around. When she spots
           #11- 16 moven towards midshis, she will engage that group (if
           there are no new surprises closer by that is.)
         GM: Ack. Not many would rush 5 mermen alone.  :)  Surprises?  You
             wound me!  Me do surprises?  Shocking!

         From Fremea: [Re: Actions]
           Yes, she will fly up and rain down arrows. If others are in
           the way, then she will use her daggers and do fly bys.
         GM: Ack. I figured.  I know you well by now. :)  BTW the
             amount of arrows in a quiver?  I googled it.  It seems
             24 was normal.  Most archers had 2 sheaths was 48.

         From Pyan: [Re: Actions]
           I was thinking of Pyan joining the Seamanship class for 8 hours
           a day and then studying Eagle the rest of his waking hours.;
           bothering those that he knows can speak Eagle since Corona can
           just fly away   if the hunter is talking his ear off. :)

           As Pyan comes out on deck he remember that last battle the ship
           has seen and thinks of staying clear of Fremea's arrows. He'll
           target the  Mermen on the back side of Fremea, or at least keep
           them between himself and her.
         GM: Ack. Tell you what.  There are exceptions to rules.  For
             Raddok he has stated he's doing ship duties and sleep that
             is 2/3rd of the day.  So for you since you've not said
             such I can do Sea as primary skill and give partial for
             Eagle since Corona won't be sticking around all day.  It
             won't be full points but I can give some.  Friendly fire
             makes you stronger!

         From Kiet: [Re: Actions]
           Kiet will move toward the stern to support the fighters like
           Dorhak.  He will throw EL2 Entangles on net wielders hoping to
           catch  them before throwing...wrap them up in their own petard,
           so to speak.    EL2 Abandons on the others.  With no armor or
           shield, Kiet prefers    to not close into combat, but is more
           than willing to kill those made helpless by his spells.  It’s
           one way to gain experience for his less palatable skills...
           dagger and execution.

           Draw dagger immediately.  Intent is single phase casting of the
           two above mentioned spells.  No more smokeless flame 🔥 for
         GM: Ack.  Using Net entangles are tricky.  They will throw nets
             before you actually cast.  So you gotta plan your move ahead of
             time and guess their moves.

         From Mae: [Re: Actions]
           <<ooc>>Apologies all for not having posted until now.

           Maelorna sighs as she had remained away from the others as much
           as she  can.   It was bad enough having to listen to the
           constant nagging of  the voice, berating her for not doing what
           it wants.   The last time  on a boat she had indulged the voice
           letting it dictate her actions.   Now self preservation keeps
           her from even trying to play with any of the potential pets that
           walk about the ship.

           The shout of someone warning of borders takes a moment for her
           to rouse from her torpor, she looks about the ship from her
           vantage point and gives an evil grin as she was able to see one
           of those who would attack the ship.   While she isn't armed with
           blade or her crossbow, she was  anything but helpless.

           'Burn them, make them scream in pain!' the voice yells out, but
           on a ship, in the middle of the ocean?   She looks at the one
           closest to her and thinks for a moment then wonders just what a
           merman's life force might taste like.

           She starts to move towards the closest one towards her and once
           in range, she gives a predatory smile as she thrusts her hand
           about as if using a whip and lashes at the creature with Pain
           (EL 5) wanting to hear it cry out in agony.
         GM: Ack.  Good Stuff.  Don't forget the pain Area Damage Effect. :)

       [New Stuff]

           [Apris 4th, 1636TH]

           [Time: 9:41:07 am]
           [Turn 1: Phase 3]

             Mae Allocates mana for her pain spell.

             Arawn allocates his own mana for his impressive plan.

             Z'leyra finishes the mana buildup to release her spell.

             Z'leyra then casts her astral web onto #10 which is nearby.
           The merman is entangled by astral strands all around him as
           he struggles.

             From 2 decks below Arawn uses his magical sight to target
           certain mermen.  He then casts the spell.

             Suddenly Mermen #7, 9, 10 around Z'leyra disappear.

             Merman #8 near the steering station disappears.

             Merman #6 near Raddok disappears.

             Merman #1 near Fremea disappears. but two of the merman
           near Fremea resist the spells.

             Those who disappear are translocated into the open ocean
           far from the ship.  Sadly the one with the astral web is
           unable to swim and likely will die as a result of being
           unable to defend himself or breath as he sinks to the far
           depths of the ocean.

             Fremea takes to the air and hovers ready to pelt the ground
           with arrows.

             Zol'Zim rushes to Ix's side ready to defend herself.

             Z'leyra confused looks around suddenly with less targets
           on the battle field.  This only leaves the group where
           Fremea was and the one nearby rushing to the front of
           the ship.  Either 4 or 6?  She rushes the 6 to the starboard
           side of the ship.  She swings her staff at #11 and he is
           able to duck and she misses.

             Unali stabs both daggers at merman #19 and both hit but
           the first one does the damage to kill him.

             Mae frowns no more targets nearby as the dagger lady
           killed the one nearby.  Mae moves toward the back of the ship.

             Having obtained his spear and shield from the top of
           the lockers, Mournath rushes toward the group that
           attacked Fremea.  He ends up near #2 and stabs the merman
           in the left middle chest doing 2 points of damage.

             Kiet moves toward the rear of the ship pulling his
           dagger out.  He checks to see if any are carrying nets but
           does not see any of them with nets anymore. In fact it
           seems less of them are around?

             Ix waves for Zol'zim to join and rushes south to help
           against the others.  She ends up near the pile of ropes
           and smuggler's hold hatch.

             Raddok has no idea why many mermen just disappeared.  But
           he can't dwell on it as he rushes to help Mournath.  He
           swings his mace at #5 but fails to hit.

             Pyan leaves the stairs and rushes south to help the others
           and ends up just in front of Dorhak.

             Brutto curses under his breath confused as to why the
           merman who was attacking Zepp is missing.  Then he glances
           forward and sees a bunch more missing and is very confused.

             Zepp glances back and raises a eyebrow but remains at his
           station until ordered away.

             Finn and Ardrackle leave the stairs right behind Pyan and
           rush south.  They end up next to Dorhak and Pyan.

             Dorhak grumbles as Pyan and others seem to surround him
           and block his way.  How can one bash mermen if others are
           in the way!  He pushes Pyan aside and moves south and ends
           up right next to Ix.  He glances at her and wonders why
           she is not moving down not here in the thick of things?

             Barbosa rounds the northeast corner of the lockers and
           glances at Mae moving this way.  What is she going to do
           bat her eyes?  The dwarf ends up near the south east end
           of the lockers.

             All of the mermen act at the same time or at least those
           who remain.

             Merman #2 rushes past Raddok and charges Ix and Dorhak.  He
           considers Ix a weak child so engages the dwarf.  He swings
           his trident but fails to hit as Dorhak dodges.

             Merman #4 moves forward and attacks Mournath but Mournath's
           shield blocks the blow.

             Merman #3 rushes past and leaps over the pile of ropes and
           gets past Ix and then pivots swingign his spiked club at
           Ix's back.  She yelps in pain as she takes 1 point of damage.

             Merman #5 thrusts his trident at Raddok and hits his
           shield doing no damage.

             Merman #11, 12 and 14 know the true plan of the overall
           mermen goal so they ignore Z'leyra and rush forward.  They all
           3 charge Barbosa.  The first 2 miss their attacks but the 3rd
           #14's Axe hits the dwarf's shield and does no damage.

             Merman #16 moves forward to block passage by those on
           the starboard side of the ship.

             Merman #15 moves up to attack Z'leyra with #13.  Both
           bash with spiked clubs but both fail to make contact.

             While the others distract the other 8 Mermen uses the
           sea to their advantage and bring the ship to them.  A large
           war party has done this many times and has practiced this
           thing countless times even again magical sped ships.  As
           the ship approaches the 8 mermen slam into the front just
           before Arawn translocates the group away.  The 8 mermen
           now this phase climb using spikes, ropes, tridents and
           sheer will the front of the ship.  All 8 then merge onto
           the deck dropping and spot their target.

           [Time: 9:41:10 am]
           [Turn 1: Phase 4]

             Kiet is unaware of the mermen at the frontof the ship
           where he was just at. He sees a group attacking Ix and
           Dorhak so stands his ground.  There is just enough range.
           He allocates mana for a spell.

             Arawn allocates mana for a new spell.

             Mae continues to allocate mana for her spell.

             Z'leyra allocates one more web spell.

             Six of the mermen at the front of the ship pull a clear
           membrane made from a jellyfish and a secret ingredient
           to store a substance  The objects are delicate so this
           is why it is attached to the merman's back belt area.     With
           the nod of the squad leader all six toss the membranes
           at the sails.  Five of the membranes hit the sails in various
           sections of the rigging while a 6th misses but in fact hits
           the rigging mount which is good enough.  All membranes burst
           from the impact and spill the oil mixture inside.

             At the same time the leader pulls from his back a water
           tight container and attaches it to a special throwing
           trident.  He then slams the tip onto the ground and a
           burst of flame erupts from the water contained object
           now attached to the trident.  Mermen do not like fire as
           a rule but know ships hate it worst.  The squad leader
           heaves and throws the trident right into the sails.  The
           flame ignites the now splashed oils and the sails burst
           into flames.

             A odd cheer of sorts comes from the mermen all around
           the ship.  Even if they lose the ship will probably
           sink or be adrift!

             Fremea twirls around in the air and suddenly sees the
           rigging on fire in various places.  She now sees the
           sudden surge of more mermen at the front of the ship.
           She aims and fires her bow toward them knowing it is
           medium range.  Two fail to hit.  But 3 do hit.  Two
           each 1 point of damage to 2 of the men while the 3rd
           kills Mermans #24 as it pierces his neck killing him.
           Thanks to the magical dividing arrows.

             Kiet glances over his shoulder to his left and sees
           the rigging now on fire.  He curses mentally but then
           turns around and completes his spell casting by saying
           the words. But nothing happens.  The mermen near Ix
           are not moving around aimlessly!  He curses again.

             Z'leyra casts her web on one of the 2 mermen near him
           but he seems to resist or she simply fails.

             Arawn casts his battle mind spell.  While is magical
           sense doesn't need to see the allies he can hope the
           spell reaches them in his long range casting.  The spell
           reaches Pyan, Ix, Raddok and Mournath giving them a
           single oriented battle mind which will enhance their
           combat prowess.

             Corona dives right for one of the mermen on the
           front of ship but his claws fail to make contact as
           he ducks just in time.

             Zol'zim charges past Kiet and the others and leaps right
           for Merman #3 which just hurt Ix.  The wolf leaps right
           for his shoulder and lands hard clamping down on his neck
           and rips it open doing 16 points of damage killing the
           merman instantly.

             Z'leyra doesn't realize the ship is on fire and has
           now just two targets.  She swings her staff at Merman #15
           and hits in the middle ribs doing 13 points of damage.

             Unali is surprised by the surge of new mermen now just
           feet from her.  She pivots to get a look and counts
           about 8 of them.  So that's 8 vs 1 since Kiet and Mae
           left the area.  A fairly tight set of odds but if done
           well she might live.  Then she glances behind her at
           the rigging.  There isn't much she can do for it now.
           The sailors have a protocol for such things with the whole
           water barrels near lockers and such stuff.  But she
           needs to deal with these new intruders.  She isn't one to yell
           out for help so charges toward the last 2 mermen near her.
           For merman #26 she fails to hit.  But the other right
           hand magical dagger hits #27 in center chest doing enough
           to kill the merman.

             From below Arawn doesn't know the ship is on fire and
           only sees a few more Mermen on deck.  Two by Z'leyra and
           2-3 near Ix, Dorhak, Mournath and Raddok.  Beyond that
           his magical vision is blocked by range.

             Mae stands still so she can cast her spell very soon.
           Now she has 3 near Barbosa in front of her and now as
           she glances back sees a half dozen at front of ship.
           She then notices the rigging on fire.  It matters little
           to one who can fly to shore.  Who needs to swim?

             Mournath stabs his spear at Merman #4 hitting him in the
           middle left ribs kiillng the merman in the deep wound.

             Ix glances to her left and sees or smells the wolf tear
           the neck of one of the mermen open.  She smiles and draws
           her cane which has now ejected a blade at the bottom of
           it.  The shaman begins to spin twice in a odd dance and
           hopes she doesn't hit Dorhak.  So Dorhak is that big
           blocky blob there and the merman is the smaller one
           right?  Yeah.  Ix stops her dance-spin and stabs the mermen
           #2 in the middle left ribs doing massive points of damage
           as the Battle Mind spell gave insight on timing and where
           best to hit.  The merman falls dead from the strike.

             Raddok thrusts his mace at Merman #5 but even with the
           help of the battle spell he fails to hit the agile man.

             Pyan feels the battle magic from Arawn inside him and
           notices how quickly Ix and the wolf take out two of the
           mermen.  That looks to only leave 1 left and that's
           plenty for the others to handle.  The others are on
           the other side of the ship near Z'leyra and Barbosa so
           Pyan turns and notices the ones in the front. He sees
           Unali alone against 6-7 of them .  She'll need help.  He
           rushes forward to help.

             Brutto at the steering station yells, "Rigging Fire!"
           and points.  He rushes toward the lockers while sheathing
           his weapons.  The others have the rear situation handled
           but if the ship burns.  He ends up at the lower edge of
           the center lockers ready to climb or leap over them.

             Zepp realizes that driving a ship without sails will
           be difficult.  The protocol is to set the fire out
           first then lay anchor.  But he can't leave his station
           until ordered to do so.

             Finn and Ardrackle turns around at the sight of Brutto
           and see the fire.  They both sheath their weapons and rush
           right for the rigging.  They'll need to collapse the
           rigging in an emergency and it'll be easier to douse the
           fire with a nearby barrel.  But it usually takes 3 men
           to collapse the rigging.  So hopefully Brutto can help.

             Dorhak is impressed by Ix's 'thing'.  Was she dancing
           or just trying to run and got lucky?  He then sees
           the rigging on fire and groans.  His ship burning  These
           things will pay!  He rushes to help Raddok with the last
           one in this area and swings his mace but fails to hit.

             Barbosa tries to attack with his own mace at one of the
           nearby mermen but also fails to hit.

             Merman #5 turns to Dor
             hak and swings his club hitting but
           his armor protects him.

             The three Mermen around Barbosa strike at once at him.
           Two fail to hit but the 3rd does hitting him 2 points
           in his left lower ribs with his club.

             Mermen #16 charges forward seeing the hapless female
           with red hair standing there.  She will make quite a
           prize for the clan in more ways than not and she might
           just enjoy it!  But first she has to be dominated and
           that means taking her down.  The merman thrusts his
           trident at Mae and does 5 points to her left arm.

             Mermen #13 and #15 near Z'leyra attack her and one
           misses.  But the other #15 hits doing only 1 point of
           damage to her left shoulder.

             Of the ones who moves already to toss items at the
           sails only 1 could move now and he was just killed by Unali.
           So the mermen at the front of the ship grab their weapons
           and prepare to create havoc.

           Actions? Comments?

           Next Update...Friday/Saturday?

           GM: Four phases done.  Turn 2 starts next update.  I am off
               Thursday and Friday.  So since this is kinda early I
               can actually get a new update if I try hard Friday or
               Saturday.  No promises but can try.  Once Arawn got
               rid of some I finished plan B for the mermen which
               worked out nicely.  For them.  Course it means those
               who tossed out to sea will vow to destroy the ship
               and that means an entire nation of merman after the
               ship now.  :)  Might've been better to just kill them.
               But maybe it won't happen.  I wasn't sure who was to be
               in the Battle Mind spell so I figured the ones who might
               need it the most (ie not uber fighters yet).  Since I'm
               unsure if any deny it or not.  Did it.

               Roster is fixed now after a error was found.  The
               dwarves were throttled for their mistake. Also a
               slight mistake in file numbering I had 299 as a player
               post so I simply combined with with the player's last
               post so 2 posts in one for my records to keep the file
               sequence correct.

           GM: Stats:
                 Total Merman : 27
                 Merman Gone  :  6 [trsnslocated away]
                 Merman Dead  :  8
                 Mermen Alive : 13 [7 Wounded]

               1 by Raddok/Dorhak  [Rear]
               2 by Z'leyra        [Rear]
               3 by Barbosa        [Center/Lockers]
               1 by Mae            [Front[
               6 by Unail          [Front]

           GM: Player comments:

               Arawn - I wasn't sure if would do a 2nd Trans spell and I
                  forgot to ask.  So did plan B with Battle Mind.  If
                  hadn't 2 in spell would've only did minor damage noT
                  kills.  So Now what?  You can only see maybe 3 in the
                  area in your vision and NOt the fire and only muffled
                  sound on the Brutto warning.  So you are NOT aware
                  of the fire.  Sadly the one you sent away in the Web from
                  Z may die.  So unsure if thought that far ahead.

               Dorhak - Once you or Radokk finish the one left in
                  your area do you go to help Z, Barbosa or the fire?

               Fremea - Will assume fire bow until they all fall down.

               Ix - Do you climb on Zol or run and do you help
                 Raddok/Dorhak or go to other side to help Z or
                 the other dwarf or Mae or move to front to help
                 Unali if at all?

               Kiet - Sorry spell failed.  Try again or change plans to
                 the front of ship now? Rear is probably under control
                 for now.  Based on chart below your Iron Skin ends next
                 phase.  Just FYI.

               Mournath - I assume help Raddok/Dorhak or Z or use sailor
                 skills to help douse fire or help others?

               Mae - Next phase can cast your spell as plan and I assume
                 at the one right of you.  You could grab his trident
                 but not skilled in it.  But can probably kill him as
                 he wriggles in pain (if spell works).  After that for
                 the next phase then what?

              Pyan - I know your not a wariror but I figure might as well
                go help Unali?  The Battle Mind spell will help give
                you a slight edge.

              Unali - 1 vs 6?  A fairly good odds.  I hope. :)

              Z'leyra once finish your two off help Barbosa or some
                other task?

           GM: Mini IBT [Marqi 24 Present

                  Player        Skills
                Arawn        Study God's Eyes
                Dorhak       Seamanship *
                Fremea       Seamanship *
                Mournath     Spear - Fighting *
                IX           Dance *
                Pyan         Seamanship*, Eagle
                Raddok       Swimming * [3/24-4/7], Swimming * [Partial]
                             Dagger - Fight *
                Unali        Swimming *, Seaman *
                Z'leyra      Seamanship *

              * Notes that you can find a teacher/master for more points.

           GM: Language Necklace Use: Roll W+EM or less
               Buff: +Em Mar 24th, +W Mar 29th

                 Character           Date         Learning       Notes
               Raddok              Mar 26th   Marentian          Success
               Pyan                Mar 29th   Eagle from Corona  Fail
               Pyan                Mar  30th  Eagle from Corona  Success
               Kiet                Apr  3rd   Bhamotin           Success
               Unali               Apr  4th   Bhamotin from Kiet Success
               Fremea              Apr  5th   Bhamotin from Kiet Success

           GM: Seamanship Info
                 As explained by Z'leyra those without Seamanship skill
               will suffer 50% reduction in OCV/DCV and all Weapon ELs
               for a moving ship.  Here is a current list of who does
               not have such skill.

               Fremea, Zol'Zim, Mae, Ix, Raddok, Pyan, Dorhak, Barbosa

           GM: Spell Info
               Current Turn  : 1
               Current Phase : 4

                 Player      Spell      Spell Ends
               Arawn      Battle Mind   Phase  25
               Kiet       Iron Skin     Phase   5
               Arawn      God's Eyes    Phase   9
               Fremea     Multiple Arr  Phase  13
               Z'leyra    Speed -Boots  Phase  20

               Battle Mind: Pyan, Raddok, Ix, Mournath

           GM: Player Damage

                 Player     Damage
               Fremea       6
               Raddok       6
               Z'leyra      6+1

           GM: Player's Ship Map

           Scale = 1 Hex=    - 10 feet
                   1 Row     -  5 feet
                   1 Column  -  5 feet

       * First Deck (Top Deck)
         1         2
/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \_ A   = [F 6] - Stairs to second deck ( 5'x10')
\__/ ____________  __/  B   @ [F12] - Rigging               (30'x30')
/   / o mmmm mm  \   \_ C  ~~ [F 6] - Port Gangplan pullway area
\_ / []        U o\  /  D  ~~ [F20] - Starboard Gangplank pullaway area
/ /                \ \_ E     (Railing is able to be removed here)
\_I  P    @        I_/  F
/ I      @@@       I \_ G   # [N12] = STorage/Gear lockers  (5'x5')
\_I      S@        I_/  H     Locker is 5 feet tall with interior shelves
/ I       S   X M  I \_ I
\ ~~            m ~~_/  j   U4-U20 - Start of poop deck (raised by 3
/ IK               I \_ K     feet so have to step up.
\_I    #      #    I_/  L
/ Io   #      #   oI \_ M   * [T11] - Wheel station (raised 3 feet)
\_Io   ########   oI_/  N
/ I z  #   S  #Bm  I \_ O  [] [D 6] - Hatch to 3rd floor hold
\_I    #      #mm  I_/  P     Shaft is 8' by 8' and 22 feet deep
/ I%$I            %I \_ Q     from top deck
\_Io  E           oI_/  R
/ Io  RD      Z   oI \_ S  o - Rope piles (heavy dock rock) to tie
\_I   m  **   mm   I_/  T      up ship to dock depending on side docks are
/ I_______S________I \_ U
\_I                I_/  V  % - Anchors (Q4, Q21) heavy metal anchors
/ I________________I \_ W  X - [I12] - Cooking area
\__/  \__/  \__/  \I_/  X  $-- [Q5] - Secret hatch to smuggler's hold
/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \_ Y      hidden by Anchor/Ropes
         1         2

  Players - * - Denotes not on this map but Coordinates show placement
    Arawn     - *[R12]  [-] Below deck in bowels
    Fremea      *[---]  [F] Bow/Dagger On deck not in Air [In Air]
    Ardrackle -  [I12]  [S]                Barbosa   -  [O17t] [B] Mace/Shield
    Brutto    -  [O13]  [S]  Sword         Finn      -  [H11]  [S]
    Dorhak    -  [S 9]  [D]  Mace/Shield   Kiet      -  [K 4]  [K]  Dagger
    Mae       -  [I18]  [M]                Mournath  -  [R 7]  [E]  Sp/Sh
    Pyan      -  [F 6]  [P]  Spear         Raddok    -  [S 7]  [R]  MAce/Sh
    Unali     -  [B17]  [U]  Daggers       Z'leyra   -  [S16]  [Z]  Staff
    Zepp      -  [U12]  [S]                Ix           [Q 6]  [I]  Dagger
    Zol'Zim   -  [O 5]  [z]                Corona       [Sky]

  Mermen - Tri - Trident, Dag-Dagger, SpC - Spiked Club
    #1 - [m] - [---]  Gone      #2 - [m] - [---- Dead
    #3 - [m] - [---]  Dead      #4 - [m] - [---] Dead
    #5 - [m] - [T 7]  Axe       #6 - [m] - [---] Gone
    #7 - [m] - [---]  Gone      #8 - [m] - [---] Gone
    #9 - [m] - [---]  Gone      #10- [m] - [---] Gone
    #11- [m] - [P17]  Spc       #12- [m] - [P18] Trident
    #13- [m] - [T17]  Spc       #14- [m] - [TO8] Axe
    #15- [m] - [T17]  Spc       #16- [m] - [J28] Trident
    #17- [ ] - [---]  Dead      #18- [m] - [---] Dead
    #19- [m] - [---]  Dead      #20  [m]   [C10] Axe
    #21: [m]   [C11]  Spc       #22  [m]   [C12] Trident
    #23: [m]   [C13]  Dagger    #24  [-]   [---] Dead
    #25: [m]   [C15]  Axe       #26  [m]   [C16] Axe
    #27: [-]   [---]  Dead

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