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As for being a dog person, Mae hasn't had the best of luck with dogs in the
city during her 4 months of IBT.

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> While they both took a break, Master Sanis and Maelorna relax for a few
> minutes on the patio. A mangy cat that looked like it had seen better days
> approaches from the underbrush, it looks at her warily but filled with hope
> of food, a pair of kittens follow in the cats wake.
> Even with Master Sanis being with her, Maelorna had started to gain an
> aversion towards cute and adorable, the internal debate rages between
> herself and the voice as she finally relents and starts to build up the
> energy to feed upon all three creatures. But as was about to kill them, one
> of the other girls from the brothel steps out to indulge in pipeweed spots
> the animals and finds them more than adorable and her cries of delight
> bring out other girls. Soon most of the girls of the brothel are out, most
> somewhat covered, but a few naked girls are playing and feeding the cats,
> much to the delight of Master Sanis. The smug contented look the mother cat
> gives Maelorna as it's being fawned upon makes her seeth inside.
> [Janaq 22nd, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]
> Ignoring the rage she felt from the previous day and worse, the mother
> cat, now groomed and her two kittens seem to rule the roost. The cat had
> taken residence in Maelorna's room as if to rub it in her nose.  Why she
> would feel such loathing from the cute and adorable animals isn't something
> Maelorna can guess at, only that the more she hates the cats, the more the
> cats seem to want to be around her, it wasn't FAIR!
> Still her skills with erotisism are not effected by her emotions as she
> easily entertains eight clients, including her regulars, earning her one
> hundred two brass bits.
> That afternoon she heads out to the park, finding that the majority of the
> dead or diseased plants were healed and tended to. She manages to find a
> location bereft of anyone else and the lone cheerful chirping of a bird
> delightfully calling out is silenced as three fire darts ram into it's
> body, while the fourth and fifth such bolt fail to respond to her call.
> Maelorna personally blames the cat, the feral dog that got away, and the
> old man that she still can't manage to get the energy to respond to her.
> True she didn't have the forked tongue that Lilith's command required for
> the fire dart, but it still was irksome.
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> wrote:
>> I'm sure she is more of a dog-person...😉
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>> On Oct 10, 2017, at 10:13 AM, d kerr <megumimika at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I'm still fleshing it all out, Scott gave me the bare bones raw feed to
>> work with. :)
>> and she really really hates that cat and her two kittens.  Damn you Scott.
>> On Mon, Oct 9, 2017 at 10:42 PM, David Sanders <dasandersx at comcast.net>
>> wrote:
>>> "Mae packs her lock picking tools in her pouch and decides to
>>>           spend the day trying her old thief skills.  To pick some random
>>>           locks and doors.  While also climbing up the side of buildings
>>>           and get to second floors to pick windows.  She could just fly
>>>           up but that isn't the challenge.
>>>             She picks dozens of doors and windows without being seen.
>>>           But she doesn't enter.  The party would not like her breaking
>>>           such laws.  "
>>> I read this and thought that Fremea would have locked all the doors,
>>> just to watch people get locked out of their houses.  She would think that
>>> was hilarious!
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