[pnpgm] What Mae did vs. what Fremea would have done

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While they both took a break, Master Sanis and Maelorna relax for a few
minutes on the patio. A mangy cat that looked like it had seen better days
approaches from the underbrush, it looks at her warily but filled with hope
of food, a pair of kittens follow in the cats wake.

Even with Master Sanis being with her, Maelorna had started to gain an
aversion towards cute and adorable, the internal debate rages between
herself and the voice as she finally relents and starts to build up the
energy to feed upon all three creatures. But as was about to kill them, one
of the other girls from the brothel steps out to indulge in pipeweed spots
the animals and finds them more than adorable and her cries of delight
bring out other girls. Soon most of the girls of the brothel are out, most
somewhat covered, but a few naked girls are playing and feeding the cats,
much to the delight of Master Sanis. The smug contented look the mother cat
gives Maelorna as it's being fawned upon makes her seeth inside.

[Janaq 22nd, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

Ignoring the rage she felt from the previous day and worse, the mother cat,
now groomed and her two kittens seem to rule the roost. The cat had taken
residence in Maelorna's room as if to rub it in her nose.  Why she would
feel such loathing from the cute and adorable animals isn't something
Maelorna can guess at, only that the more she hates the cats, the more the
cats seem to want to be around her, it wasn't FAIR!

Still her skills with erotisism are not effected by her emotions as she
easily entertains eight clients, including her regulars, earning her one
hundred two brass bits.

That afternoon she heads out to the park, finding that the majority of the
dead or diseased plants were healed and tended to. She manages to find a
location bereft of anyone else and the lone cheerful chirping of a bird
delightfully calling out is silenced as three fire darts ram into it's
body, while the fourth and fifth such bolt fail to respond to her call.
Maelorna personally blames the cat, the feral dog that got away, and the
old man that she still can't manage to get the energy to respond to her.
True she didn't have the forked tongue that Lilith's command required for
the fire dart, but it still was irksome.

On Tue, Oct 10, 2017 at 3:03 PM, David Sanders <dasandersx at comcast.net>

> I'm sure she is more of a dog-person...😉
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> On Oct 10, 2017, at 10:13 AM, d kerr <megumimika at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm still fleshing it all out, Scott gave me the bare bones raw feed to
> work with. :)
> and she really really hates that cat and her two kittens.  Damn you Scott.
> On Mon, Oct 9, 2017 at 10:42 PM, David Sanders <dasandersx at comcast.net>
> wrote:
>> "Mae packs her lock picking tools in her pouch and decides to
>>           spend the day trying her old thief skills.  To pick some random
>>           locks and doors.  While also climbing up the side of buildings
>>           and get to second floors to pick windows.  She could just fly
>>           up but that isn't the challenge.
>>             She picks dozens of doors and windows without being seen.
>>           But she doesn't enter.  The party would not like her breaking
>>           such laws.  "
>> I read this and thought that Fremea would have locked all the doors, just
>> to watch people get locked out of their houses.  She would think that was
>> hilarious!
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