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   HT         Player       Character Name     Type    Status/Notes   Sex
   -- ------------------------------------------------------------------

   FH.John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar... Ma
   ...Kevin Newark..........Dorhak............Warrior.Normal/Dwarf....Ma
   --.Tobie Bonahoom........Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry.. Fe
   W2.David Sanders.........Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  ..Ma
   R3 Panthera..............Pyandalgor........Hunter..Normal/Human....Ma
   R4.Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  ..Fe
   R4.Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  ..Fe
      Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra

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       [New Stuff]

           * Arawn'm IBT

           [Decalis 3rd, 1635TH]
           [Cetric's Tribal land, Zen'da eastern tribe]

             AS Arawn teleports to the teleport circle Arawn set up a long
           time ago, he watches the others.  He had hoped to stay in the
           Kameran lands to do more visiting and consult with the elders.
           But with the rule that outsiders are not welcome this would be
           problematic.  He wonders how Z'leyra can even stay.  But she is
           technically a native if not a recent one.  She will probably have
           to fight to stay again.

             Arawn greets Cetric and does the usual small talk as he
           introduces the new folks to the party.  Though the tribe has
           already ate and settling down for the night, they stay very
           briefly.  Arawn tries to ask Cetric about the strange nexus
           laylines this tribe seems to be on top of at this time.

             Cetric scratches his head, "I do not understand these words.
           This place was ideal since it is between the river and the eastern
           edge of our far lands.  As well almost half north and south.  If
           it lays on top of some strange stuff I'm not aware.   Are there
           more special areas around?  Sure.  I'm sure of that.  Places of
           great disaster or joy.  Intense battles of war can create a
           field of spirit awareness.  Places where great leaders are
           born or such can do the same.  Do these spirits help with what
           you call magic?  I'm sure they can.  But it is all up to the great
           spirits around.  Does the earth have a say?  I am no expert.  But
           I know some places have strange....things.  I've heard where our
           water sticks we use to find water underground goes a bit off.  Birds
           may be lost or even some strange air effects for some reason.  But
           I am only a shaman not a thinker."

             "One day the spirits may see fit to reveal the secrets of this
           place. Until then, guard it well. This place is far more special
           than most would ever realize," the alfar kindly advised.

             Arawn nods and figures this tribe must've just be found on
           pure chance.   But Arawn can sense something in this area.  Just
           as they did in the sacred forest where it was destroyed by the
           evil wizard.  Great magical blights can also seem to have the
           same feeling. It is very difficult to pin point which is which.
           Maybe he can research it better later.

             Arawn notices the party groan and are eager to go and eat
           at Sivas.  After months of not eating they are still starving.
           So Arawn takes the party to Sivas.

           [Sivas, Marentia - Cholan's Tavern]

             At the tavern he watches the party speak of past adventures
           and the loot.  Then Kiet offers the toast to his friend and
           Arawn's - Kell.  Arawn feels bad that the party lost a great
           ally to help him live.  Was this destiny or could it have
           been prevented?  He glances at Raki eating his 3rd apple piece.
           Was he making a mistake by allowing Raki to the middle world?
           They shared ideas and minds.  But could even Raki fake his own
           thoughts to Arawn?  He wishes he could ask to see the magical
           item that Raki absorbed by the mysterious being in the Moss
           Fortress.  He could track the shifter but if it left its body
           that would cause notice by the gods.  But Arawn doesn't share
           that by simply talking about such or even thinking it could be
           just as dangerous.  The party is taking great risk by even
           being around or knowing Raki.

             Then there is Mournath where did he go?  Will he ever be
           seen again?

             Mae is the mundane threat to humans in this city.  Will
           she be able to control her hunger?  Arawn plans to work with
           her but knows that he also has several important objectives
           to complete soon.  If she kills just one human will the others
           take her back?  This entire concept is a major confusion to
           Arawn.  He is trained Law works with Balance and Elder.  But
           with a Chaos oriented half-human work with the party which
           is mostly Elder or lawful?  By sure training and basic concepts
           she should be dead.  How will she be even allowed to continue
           and explained to his parents?  Can evil work lawfully?  This
           experiment will be dangerous and interesting to see how it goes
           on in the future.

             Arawn tells how much he'll donate to Kell's family but
           still takes a few pieces of loot.  Arawn then sees Kes and
           her son who has grown so much in the last year.  Last he
           saw he gave the boy a blessing.  Now he is just as free
           living as any normal kid.

             The party continues on for hours with heavy drinking and
           food.  Arawn asks to stay at the room set for some guests
           and Cholan agrees but refuses to charge for tonight.

           [Decalis 4th, 1635TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Arawn wakes up at Z'leyra's manor still a bit odd to be in a
           nice bed while Z'leyra is off a thousand miles away cleaning up
           their mess.  Well not theirs but the after effects of their mess.
           He lays in bed wondering how bad the culture shock will affect
           the Kamerans.

             Arawn wakes up and eats breakfast.  He watches the manor cook
           smile and enjoy her work.  He asks if she could suggest a tutor
           to teach him cooking.  She frowns and points to herself.  But
           Arawn doesn't want to take time away from her normal duties.
           But she shakes her head saying it will not be a problem.  "Anyone
           can cook.  Anyone can burn water.  Its the length of time and
           practice that matters.  This is where the true skill of cooking
           is done by sheer practice."

             For the next 4 hours the cook gives the basic on cooking. Arawn
           is a quick learner.

             Arawn exits so she can make lunch for the rest of thsse who
           stayed here.  He notices the stable boy carrying bags of grain
           and hay like they are nothing.  The boy in his late teens seems
           older than last seen.  He grew a couple inches it seems.  Arawn
           watches and then asks if the boy could teach him how to carry.
           The boy laughs, "Anyone can carry if enough strength.  I've seen
           that guy...what was his name.  Kiet?  He has good skills in how
           to make the animals carry.  But sure I can give pointers.  My
           dad was a brick layer for over a decade so he had to carry a good 50
           bricks at any one time on his shoulder.  I can give certainly  help
           out Master Arawn."

             Arawn waves a hand on the master nonsense.  Sure the boy is the
           lowest in this society but to Arawn he is a equal as a strong
           willed intelligent person.  For the next 4 hours Arawn is taught
           how to lift with his knees and adjust loads on his hip and his

             Arawn sees the day a good portion done.  He heads to town
           and does some shopping.  Thinking of ways he could show his
           appreciation to the cook and stable hand before leaving the

             He tries to find some natural magical items as well as some
           of their rites documented in books or scrolls.  But he finds none
           of it today.  At a blacksmith he senses magic from the blacksmith's
           tools.  Arawn asks if he knows where he can find such tools.
           The blacksmith is reluctant and he tries to convince the smith but
           the smith seems like this is a trap.  In the end he gives a vague
           suggestion for a shop that might have some.

             Arawn finds this old run town shop that looks to be a general
           store.  The clerk has a bit of magical aura like he is a bit
           experienced.  Arawn looks around and inspects the very old and
           run down tools.  Then he spots 3 sets of armorer tool sets.
           The first is very used.  Second is exceptional and seems well
           maintained.  But the third glows to Arawn as he can sense magic
           from the various implements.  They aren't powerful as maybe the
           High Elder's personal tools but they are decent.  But these are
           not as well maintained.  Some will have to be cleaned.  Arawn
           figured though the magic is calling to him more than the high
           quality tools.  He picks up the tool box and asks how much.  The
           store owner says 22 silver.  Arawn figures this is way under
           valued.  If magical it should be 22 gold not silver.  Finally the
           man explains, "they are over 75 years old.  I have no idea if the
           magic fades or not.  So they are valued as is."  Arawn 
smiles.  Magic
           never really fades.  Arawn knows this set is worth far more so gives
           the man 3 gold for it.  The owner agrees happily.

             Arawn stops at a Healers and buys a healing Kit and finds a
           healer's book.  Since this is a human culture it is what he needs
           to learn healing for humans.  He pays 3 silver for both.

             Arawn picks up a normal buckler to replace the one he lost in
           the prison for now for 4 copper.

             Lastly Arawn stops at a bathhouse and takes a quick bath
           to clean a year's worth of grime off.

             Arawn leaves and finds the sun setting.  He heads back to
           the manor. Once there he eats dinner and in his room practices
           his jeweler skill on 3 of the worthless gems.  He cuts the first
           one well but fails on the last 2.  He doesn't destroy them just
           his concentration is off and not as well done as the first one.

           [Decalis 5th, 1635TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Arawn spends 4 hours learning carrying and cooking today.

             Then he cuts 3 more worthless gems.  One he fails but he
           does not destroy it.

             Arawn heads to town but first meets with Kaylle for a late
           afternoon lunch.   Arawn asks about the letter Bishop Ragson
           made him send to Kaylle from Ticasi.

             The scholar-faerry sits back and wipes his chin from the
           soup.  "I was expecting this."  He waves a hand in dismissal.
           "It is not a big secret.  I had been talking back and forth with
           him and others in Ticasi.  Part of running the library has
           this duty so its a daily thing.  Many letters are stolen or
           just lost but its more scholarly interests.  I had written about
           you and the others.  From my description he recognized you."

             Kaylle eats a bit of his bread.  But Arawn knows this is not
           the full story.  Kaylle continues, "there was this silly legend
           or prophecy that a powerful fallen being would arrive which
           would set forth a paradigm shift in reality.  The letter was
           asking if the party was on some wild quest.  Normal questions
           and answers."

             Fallen being? Like a fallen angel or a fallen supernatural
           force from the upper world like a Alfar?  Arawn sits his
           tea and eats his vegetables.  Reality shift?

             In truth this was already happening, in some sense always
           happening. But hypothesis and theories aside, this group had
           encountered many dimensional breaches and altered perceived
           time streams, stepping 'sideways' as some might view it through
           limited perceptions. From the Vong to the Shifters, including
           the prison-world's challenges which shunted some through time,
           things were different. And all of this met with Arawn's
           thoughts, developed over the last few years, that the party
           was being guided towards some greater event, something that
           could shake the very foundations of the Lower, Middle and Upper
           Realms and possibly beyond.

             Kaylle laughs, "you must understand there are hundreds of
           myths, legends and prophecies per culture.  In this province
           alone there are over 600.  Most are bunk.   Some are real.
           You just have to roll the dice pick and choose.  There is one
           here about a blind man who will fly through the sky and land
           on the moon and crack it open.  I mean if you take every single
           myth you'd be a nervous wreck."

             Arawn gave Kaylle an enigmatic or perhaps knowing look
           followed by a similar smile. "Still, I would love to see the
           fullness of this legend or prophecy. I would appreciate seeing
           the source or hearing the details, word for word... just in
           case it proves to be more than bunk."

             Kaylle shrugs, "we can try."

             Arawn leaves and does some shopping.  He lucks up and finds
           a scroll on Saliva rite enhancement.  He pays for it for 5 silver

             Arawn then with Corsaya translocates to Ticasi.  Arawn rides
           to the college in late afternoon.  He visits the Religion school
           and asks to make an appointment with the Bishop.  But the secretary
           apologizes and says the bishop left a month ago on a travel
           expedition to various lands like Gom.  He isn't due back for a few

             Arawn tests to see if this the truth but she seems truly
           sincere.  Professors and even Bishops do travel to other
           lands for research so it makes sense.

             Arawn goes to the shop where he had purchased the Purple
           Lotus several months back. Luckily he had paid the owner in
           advance to care for the plant until his return. It was carefully
           packaged for travel, a spot already chosen for it to remain safe
           (and others to remain safe from it) until it could be planted in
           the Sacred Forest or Vaasa, perhaps under Bohusara's care when
           he was away.

             Arawn then teleports back home to Sivas.  He casts a bless
           spell on him and Corsaya.  Then before bed he recasts Watchful

           [Decalis 6th, 1635TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             At sunrise Arawn and Corsaya translocate to outside Maren
           city to Ben'dar's ranch.  He finds Ben'dar and asks if he
           was visited by future Chion.  "Future Chion? I have no idea
           what you mean.  I've not seen you or him in months."  Arawn
           asks about Lady Varo.  "You know as much as I do my friend.
           Mysterious lady.  Got Tef'wo.  That's it."  Arawn asks Tef'wo
           the same thing and gets same answers.  In fact it seems the
           horse did not know Varo before being selected.  Arawn then
           returns to Sivas.

             Arawn then learns more cooking and carrying for the next 8
           hours.  Arawn then cuts 2 more worthless gems and one he
           fails but it isn't destroyed.

             Arawn then casts shape shift to change to a hummingbird
           a rather large one.  Then casting a active and major
           illusion.  He tries a concealing mist but first one fails
           so recasts.  Then tries a Fog spell and it fails so recasts
           it and it works.  Then at bed casts another watchful sleep.

           [Decalis 7th, 1635TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Arawn hoped to speak to Duke Aren's people but they are
           a covert force.  He could go find Unali to find contact
           info but its not like just finding a garrison.  So decides
           to ask the manor guards if they know of any trustworthy
           bodyguards he can hire.  One for day and 1 to watch him at
           night. The guards suggest a few and tell how to locate them.
           But they warn him not to cast magic on them as guards are
           very leery of such magic and will not work for a person
           who casts magic on them even if they understand it.  It is
           just a common sailor and guard issue.

             Messengers are sent to find these men to interview for Arawn.

             In the meantime Arawn learns more carrying and cooking from
           the manor staff.

             Arawn interviews 8 well trained men and find them all
           worthy.  He senses no falsehood in them.  He chooses two
           of them.

             Arawn then casts shape change to hummingbird again but first
           one fails.  He repeats if with success.  He then practices
           concealing mist, fog and speed spell twice. He wants to cast
           bless on the guards but they threaten to quit if he does.  This
           human super phobia on magic for the lower classes it not fun
           for some.  Then at bed casts Watchful sleep even with a guard
           at his door and guards at the manor.

           [Decalis 8th, 1635TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Arawn goes to town to do some shopping but finds none of he
           natural magical items he wanted or their rites.

             He returns early morning and spends the rest of the rest of the
           day learning cooking and carrying. Afterwards he casts 3 of the
           worthless gems.

             Then he changes into a hummingbird game. casts a Sight spell,
           a preservation spell and Eternal eye.  He tries t cast a
           elemental power air spell but since he can't sense if it worked
           or not he doesn't realize it fails.  But at the well he does
           cast a elemental power water spell.  In both cases he then
           meditated, allowing himself to connect with the elements, not
           only for their guidance but to discover what they might ask of
           him. Then at bed a watchful sleep spell at bedtime.

           [Decalis 9th, 1635TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Arawn goes to town markets and tries to find his NMIs he wants.
           But fails to make any buys.  He heads back to the manor and
           studies with stable boy and cook again.  Arawn then works on 3
           more worthless gems.  But he is distracted by the amount of myths
           and legends in human cultures - what Kaylle tells him.  How can
           so many humans believe such garbage?  So he only cuts 1 and
           fails on two of them.

             Arawn then casts more spells are cast failing to change into
           a hummingbird he does so on his second try.  Then casts Ball
           powers once, force shield twice, earth elemental power and
           finally at bed watchful sleep.

           [Decalis 10th, 1635TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Arawn goes shopping and at a stall vendor a merchant tries
           to claim he has a belladona rite scroll.  Arawn studies the
           scroll and learns it has some aspects of the item but it is
           missing a great deal of material.  Arawn leaves in disgust for
           the merchant trying to cheat him.  But he is in luck when he
           finds a shop that just got in some laurel wood.  The owner
           demands nothing less than 36 silver.   Because it is so rare
           and had to be imported.  Arawn tries to influence him but
           the owner doesn't care he knows of others in the city who will
           buy it today.  Arawn has no choice but to buy it.

             Back at the manor he learns from the cook and stableboy
           for rest of the afternoon.  Arawn cuts 2 of the 3 gems he
           is working on today.

             Arawn walks to the north shore where the docks are and
           Cholchara Sea is located.  Using secluded woods he changes
           into a hummingbird for a short while, casts negate magic
           but can't tell if it worked, wood sage twice, multiple arrow,
           air elemental power, flight, water elemental power and flood
           causing the water to rush up the shore.  Then for fun he casts
           water walking.  That night he casts watchful sleep at bedtime.

           [Time: 7:10 pm]

             Arawn is walking back to the manor from the north shore
           and sees a farm as he passes.  At the fence he notices a large
           pig pen.  There are 15 of the pigs. Two are adult males and
           5 are adult females.  The other 8 are piglets.  Arawn only
           notices this when he sees a farm hand kicking one of the female
           adult pigs getting her inside the filthy pen.  Arawn tries to
           stop and intervene but the bodyguard pulls him back.  The farmhand
           threatens to call city guards if he doesn't back off.  Arawn
           can't understand how humans can domesticate animals and abuse them
           with no regard.

             As a druid Arawn knew life was to be respected, even when a
           life might be seen as food. In nature there was a balance and
           respect between predator and prey but among men such was often
           lost. And this farmhand seemed in need of such a lesson.

             Arawn considers changing the farmhand to a pig for days
           to each him a lesson.  But what if they harvest the pigs
           and eat them?  That would be the same thing as killing the
           farmhand.  So he can't risk it.  Troubled by this Arawn
           returns the next mornig at dawn.  He heads to the farm
           knowing the farm is alive this early.  He seeks out the
           farmer and tells him about the abuse.  The farmer just
           looks upset and is about to throw Arawn off his site when
           the Druid offers 3 gold to fire the farm hand.  "WhaT?
           three gold to fire the guy?"  Confused he wipes his hands
           on his pants.  He shrugs knowing this is too much of a good
           thing.  He could probably buy 3 dozen pigs for that price.
           He yells for the farmhand.  "Today's your last.  Pack up
           seek another job son."  Arawn hands him the gold and the
           farmhand looks pissed.  But he leaves the farm.

           [Decalis 11th, 1635TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]
           [Time: 1:16 am]

             Arawn is woken up by knocking on the door.  The night body
           guard says, "ahh..boss you should see this."  He enters the
           room and opens a bit of curtain.  Arawn stands and goes to the
           window.  He sees at the front door one of the manor guards
           lying on the ground.  He is naked from wasit down and Arawn
           can tell from the lantern at the front gate the man is rather
           excited in his current state.

             Arawn can tell the guard is having a very intense sex dream
           or...Arawn turns and grabs his sword and buckler.  He yells
           to the bodyguard to follow him.  They rush down stairs and
           outside.  There they can hear the man moaning.  Then Arawn
           moves quickly to the guard.  As he does he can sense energy
           and magic around the man.  Thanks to Mae's presence in the party
           he knows what this has to be.  Either this is Mae or one of her
           sisters. Either way the man is in danger of dying.

             As Arawn begins to cast Battle Mind he is interrupted. "You
           reek of one of us..."  Arawn looks behind and up on the roof
           to see a naked female with bat wings.  Can they sense or smell
           Mae on Arawn?  Arawn is torn to repelling or stopping these
           creatures.  What if Mae finds out?  but a guard's life is
           in danger.  Arawn tells the guard to handle that one and
           he rushes to the one having sex with  another.

             The bodyguard looks confused but sees nothing on the
           roof.  As Arawn approaches the guard having sex the succubus
           reveals herself.  Arawn thrusts his bastard sword, since
           he lost his old sword in prison hitting the succubus in the lower
           right abdomen above her hip doing 1 point of damage.

             The one on top of the guard leaps and claws at Arawn.  Her claws
           hit the buckler and rake off.  The one on the roof leaps down to
           attack the bodyguard but the guard wildly swings his sword back
           and forth and just lucks out parrying her attack. Arawn hits
           the succubus in the neck doing 2 points but knows that blow
           should've killed her.  Their natural armor seems very tough.

             The one at Arawn is forced back to the blow to her neck and
           claws wildly missing Arawn.  The other one reveals herself
           to the bodyguard who lowers his sword in surprise seeing the
           naked cute female.  This causes the succubus to reach and caress
           the guard's face and whisper to him.

             The bodyguard smiles at the touch.  "Sorry not my type." Then
           thrusts his sword into the chest of the succubus.  She takes 12
           points of damage and falls down.

             Arawn swipes at the other one but she has taken to the air
           and he misses.

             The succubus hovers over Arawn and studies her sister.  Then
           growls in anger.  But the bodyguard stabs the downed female
           killing her.

             The hovering succubus yells and flies right for the bodyguard.
           She kicks the bodyguard in the back of the head and knocks
           him down to the dirt.  She then picks up her dead sister an
           takes to the sky.

             Arawn knows if this one escapes they could have a enemy for
           a long time.  Arawn does a running leap and swipes at the
           succubus to keep her from taking off.  Instead of hitting
           her in the back he hits her head with his bastard sword doing
           3 points of damage.  Both succubus and dead succubus hit the
           ground with a crash.  Arawn lowers his sword and looks around
           to ensure no more are around.  As he does the bodyguard
           moves to the downed succubus and stabs her just as Arawn yells
           not to do so.  Arawn returns to the manor guard and finds
           him alive.  He then checks the succubus and finds both are

             The steward exits in a robe and stammers and amazed.  He
           goes to the half naked guard who is now out of the succubus's
           control.  "You're fired!  I'll inform Z'leyra when she returns!
           Leave here."

             Arawn tries to convince the steward it was not much hope for
           the man.  But the steward explains he is in charge while Z'leyra
           is gone.  He can't risk other lives like the stable boy.  If
           she wants him back she can say so if she returns.

             feeling for the poor guard, slid him 2 GC to cover some of his
           expenses until Z'leyra returned or he found another person to
           work for.

             The gate dresses and though Arawn knows guards have that
           magic phobia he casts energy on the guard to help him without
           the guard knowing.  The guard leaves into the darkness.

             Wondering if they might have been drawn here in connection to
           Mae, Arawn made sure to be there when the bodies were disposed.
           His hope was to bring Mae with him in the future to raise their
           spirits and perhaps gain a few answers.

             The bodyguard and other guards haul the succubus bodies outside
           into a field for pickup by the city later.

             Arawn spends the morning shopping but finds nothing useful.
           Then spends the day learning cooking and carrying.  Arawn then
           cuts 3 of the worthless gems giving 16 of the 21 worthless
           gems practiced on.

             That evening with bodyguard watching Arawn casts a purification
           spell on the grounds. He sees the aura on the ground and then
           mediates to cast the wisdom spell.  He concentrates on the queiion
           in mind.  How to prevent or remove the ward from his blue book
           without destroying the book or the reader.  After a bit over 2 hours
           he gets a answer.  It seems the book is rigged for two magic
           users.  One ward detects presence of dispel and sets off the
           ward.  The other is the ward.  So it will take two magic users
           casting same time to dispel the detection and one to dispel the
           ward itself.  But if one fails the ward may activate.

             Then with the dark of the night pressing down Arawn and body
           guard head to Kiet's hill.  With guard watching, Arawn casts
           energy on himself and a Hearing spell twice so he can hear
           any possible danger.

             Back at the manor in bed he casts watchful sleep.

           [Decalis 12th, 1635TH] - [Sivas & Ba'ru]

             Chion comes to teleport Arawn and others to Ba'ru for the
           funeral of Kell.  Before and after the funeral Arawn as Priest
           speaks to console and counsel the family.  He donates a bit over
           3 gold to the family quietly but if they knew they'd refuse it.
           Which is why it was done quietly.

             At the graveside Arawn performs the preaching and Ceremony.
           Arawn tries to learn more on Kell's father but he remains a
           elusive subject.

             After lunch Arawn heads to Ba'ru city to visit the markets.
           but he finds nothing of value to him.  He heads back to Kell's
           home.  As he rides Corsaya and wonders about that strange girl
           and her Zehani wolf he saw in the funeral parade.

             That night Arawn studies the book the High Elder gave him.  Then
           he casts Bless on himself to boost his defense.  Then at bed
           he casts Watchful sleep.

           [Decalis 13th, 1635TH] - [Ba'ru]
           [Time: 11:28 am]

             In Ba'ru city, Arawn spots 7 natives dancing outside a tavern.
           They seem to be celebrating some event in a young man's life.
           Arawn is unsure if its marriage or some rite of passage.  Arawn
           loses sight of them as they enter the tavern.

             After finding nothing in town Arawn goes back to Kell's home
           to help with some chores.  Then in his spare time he reads some
           of his human healing book and metaphysics book.

           [Time: 9:20 pm]

             After a nice dinner with the party and family Arawn sets out.
           He decides to ride off before translocating to Sivas.  He meditates
           as he rides in this hill country of noble men and 
women.  Watching the
           stars blink he decides to casts some spells.

             He casts a elemental air pact and then a wind spell some
           distance off the dirt road.  As the wind blows by he hears
           a faint noise.  The wind seems to drift the noise to his ears.
           It is to the west.  It almost sounds...like a scream?  He
           stands and hopes the wind doesn't die.  He hears it again and
           mounts Corsaya and rides fast westward.

             Maybe it was the pact with the air spirits or his keen hearing
           or the wind but he rides for a mile then spots a small hamlet.
           Then he spots it a 18-20 foot giant in the darkness.  He reaches
           for his quiver and bow.  Time to shoot some elf shot arrows.
           But Corsaya seems to slow down not from fear but from something
           else.  This causes Arawn to hesitate.  As they near the giant
           who is at a barn trying to get inside he spots the one eyed
           giant growling.  Then he lowers his bow.  He recognizes it
           as a Searbhani.

             He yells out at the giant who is known to be friendly to
           elves.  The giant turns around.   Arawn asks in Ba'ru what
           he is doing.  The giant seems to recognize the words.  He
           grunts and growls.  Arawn quietly casts a communicate spell
           to understand.  "..given 2 pigs!  Only got 1 pig."

             Arawn knows Searbhani are not by nature hostile to man.
           He dismounts without weapons drawn.  He yells to the man
           in the barn to exit and ensures his safety.  He asks the
           man what this is about.  It seems the area was attacked by
           wolf packs.  The giant offered to help get rid of them for
           2 pigs.  But the Alfar knows the giant was tricked.  He
           pretends to mount up to let the giant deal with the man.
           But the man panics.  "Fine!  I'll give him his second pig."
           Arawn watches as the giant gets his second pig and walks
           away.  Arawn sees the damage to the barn.  He almost offers
           to get Kell's family to help.  Almost.  But for tricking the
           nice giant he deserves a costly lesson.  Arawn leaves and
           translocates back to Sivas.

             Happy to see the giant, Arawn rides alongside the Searbhani
           as it makes its way home. Along the way he chats with the
           fellow, trading name and news, the alfar hoping to strike up a
           future friend to visit between adventures or even invite to his
           domain, should Arawn ever claim one.

           [Decalis 14th, 1635TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Going into town Arawn lucks up and finds a actual Nightshade
           or Belladona rite scroll.  This one seems for real and he
           pays 5 silver for it.  Once back at the manor he continues
           his cooking and carrying learning.

             Arawn then cuts 2 more of the worthless gems but fails on
           the 3rd but at least doesn't destroy it.

             Arawn then casts a water pact at the small horse water
           trough.  He casts water walking but its so small it doesn't
           give much walking room.  He considers a liberate spirit spell
           to practice.  But all that is the druid in him says no.  This
           spell is serious and can't just used willy nilly.  It would
           harm a possible spirit in doing so.  So he skips it.  At
           bedtime he casts watchful sleep again.

           [Decalis 15th, 1635TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Arawn wakes and heads to town but finds nothing on his wish
           list shopping.  He returns and learns cooking and carrying
           again from the manor staff.

             In late afternoon Arawn and his bodyguard with Corsaya
           translocate to Donara.  He searches for the tavern that
           Jordi was last seen in.  While Donara is not a Sidh friendly
           town this tavern has some friendship with them.  But when
           he arrives the bar keep says that Jordi hasn't been around
           for months and has no clue where he is.  It has been 10
           months or more.

             As dusk comes Arawn mounts up but hears a noise in the
           street.  There are 10 peasants who are in a mob style
           frenzy trying to destroy a potter's shop.  They yell things
           like he is a non human lover and even uses magic.  The
           bodyguard wishes to intervene but Arawn realizes 10 to 2 while
           not good odds for the crowd can be 100 to 2 if they call
           for friends.  Not one to allow an innocent to suffer Arawn did
           not back down but cautioned the bodyguard on rushing in. Instead
           he had the man look for authorities while Arawn prepared a Peace
           spell to calm the crowd until the guard arrived to restore order.

             Arawn translocates back to Sivas with no details on where
           Jordi is and any details on the elven town as the tavern owner
           may like Sidh he doesn't go visiting on them.

             Back in Sivas he heads to Kiet's hill and casts a Earth
           elemental pact.  Then purification with Knowledge to learn
           some new things.  He casts Wind twice but since there is no
           visual effects he doesn't notice 1 fails.  He casts a thunder
           head spell twice causing a bit of ruckus in the clouds.

           [Decalis 16th, 1635TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Arawn wake sup after sunrise and translocates with Corsaya
           to the Wild Forest.  He has no idea where Jordi is but if
           he can find the towns mentioned almost a year earlier maybe
           he can find others to help him.

             Since teleporting blind into a forest is highly dangerous
           he goes to the spot he saw in a southern city.  Across the
           river is the wild forest.  He recalls a large area just
           on the riverbank.

             Hoping he doesn't teleport inside a tree he translocates
           but does about 4 feet off the ground.  He warns Corsaya to
           leap and prepare for a landing.  Best to fall to a wild
           terrain than teleport into a bush.   With luck Arawn ends
           up on the river bank about 3 feet from a large tree.  It
           could've been inside him if didn't have luck.

             Arawn heads into the dark forest.  After 3 hours he finally
           gets directions from a lone hunter on some elven towns.
           After another hour he ends up in a village mostly with
           elf villagers.

             Arawn spends time in a  open air tavern.  Open air since there
           are no actual walls.  There is a small thatch roof that might
           give rain coverage but this is how Elves like to live on the
           land.  Arawn tries to learn about Jordi and the general and
           any other news.

             The village has heard of Jordi but he hasn't been around
           for 3-4 months.  The general is far to the north about 3
           days riding.  Arawn is dying to ask about Jordi's plans on
           the Climan fort.  But it may be a secret so he tries to ask
           about the Climans in the area.  The elves easily relay info
           that the fort still sends many trees for timber from the
           forest.  So the fort is still under Climan control so the
           battle must've not taken place.

             Arawn asks about any help the village needs.  But there
           is nothing they seem to need at this point.  They did have some
           recent goblin raids far to the west but it has been taken
           care of.  Arawn feels a bit neglected but is happy to see
           the elves are doing well.

             Arawn reveals himself fully here being a Elf.  But most
           would not know he is Alfar unless he said so.  To any one
           else he is a normal elf.  Just across the river he'd have
           to hide his features.  He visits the lone blacksmith and
           asks about buying elven alloys for crafting.  Arawn offers
           trade or coin.  The blacksmith wants Donaran coin which Arawn
           has from his visit to Donara.  Humans do come into the
           forest and trade things so coin does nicely.  Arawn explains
           how much he needs and a deal is made.  Arawn pays the coin
           and the blacksmith brings out bags of alloy ore.

             Arawn does some shopping but the village is so small the
           market is small.  He doesn't find it in the stall but
           does find a woman cooking who sells a elven travel
           scroll for elven food.

             Arawn buys 30 elven arrows for 6 silver.   He had hoped to buy
           barding for Corsaya but she likes to ride openly without gear
           like any wild animal.  Arawn tries to find any NMI rites or NMIs
           but finds nothing.  There also doesn't seem to be any magical
           items in the village for sell.

             There is no Inn here but several hamlets are set aside for
           visitors.  Arawn stays in one for the night.  Arawn studies
           the resurrection spell he learned.  As well as reading the
           metaphysics book that night.

             Arawn tries to find a good teleport spot.  But the village
           is so thick with trees and structures there is little room
           for such.  But behind one of the hamlets is a 3 by 3 foot area
           clear of trees.  Maybe he can hope no one is standing there
           when he teleports.

           [Decalis 17th, 1635TH] - [Wild Forest, Elf Village]

             Arawn spends the day again at the elf village.    He shops again
           but this is a village that doesn't see much everyday trade so
           he finds noting of value.  Arawn spends the day studying his
           metaphysics and human healer books.

           [Decalis 18th, 1635TH] - [Dark Lands]

             Arawn translocates with Corsaya to the Dark Lands.  This
           time he uses the fortress teleport room.  If it is being
           used it would prevent teleporting to reduce conflicts.

             The guards do not recognize Arawn to advise him to remain in
           the room until Oby Wan can be summoned.  Oby recognized Arawn
           and grants him entry.  Oby sadly reports the High Elder has an
           audience with others all day.  He can try to get Arawn to see
           the Alfar tomorrow.

             Arawn heads to the fortress Inn to reserve a room and
           house Corsaya in the stable.  For most of the day in his room
           he studies the metaphysics and healer books.

             Leaving the fortress he finds a spot in the forest to cast
           some spells.  He casts earth bridge, earth strength, Fire Resist
           and location.  He finds the small stream and casts friendly
           current once.  He casts purification but it fails so recasts it.
           Then casts Wisdom to learn some info.  He casts Energy upon
           himself then that night at bedtime watchful sleep.

           [Decalis 19th, 1635TH] - [Dark Lands]

             Just before noon Oby Wan fetches Arawn to the High Elder's
           manor inside the fortress.  Both make small talk and then
           Arawn warns him to use the ward to block any gods that might
           be listening.  It is short term before gods try to override
           it but should be enough time to talk.

             The convrsation with the High Elder is blocked by the gods
           and those who might be reading.

             Arawn spends another hour or two with the High Elder older
           wizard.  He had to deal with a chaos range war so had to leave
           early.  Arawn spends time in the market north of the
           fortress.  He lucks up and finds not only a rite scroll but
           also a deep blue spinel!  So he has the rite for it and the
           item.  He haggles the price down from 12 to 7 gold.

             It is late afternoon and Arawn translocates himself and
           Corsaya to the Vassa lands.  He lands near the lake the
           Vong Brain was found in.  The lake seems to have recovered
           in the last year very nicely.  Arawn rides to the Sacred
           Forest threshold and requests entrance.  Corsaya  senses the
           approval and rides through the dimensional gate.  The
           Forestal greets Arawn back.  The Green lady is off somewhere
           but will meet him later.

             Arawn goes to the Fae Hill to greet the Queen.  Then seeks
           out the Druids and True Sidh.  He asks for approval to continue
           his priest and druidic training.  They agree but it is hard to
           say no to a Alfar. Here in this Sacred Forest many know he is
           a Alfar by reputation.

             The druids give him a small humble hamlet in the forest
           to stay.  Arawn spends a few hours reading the Healer
           and metaphysics books.

           Actions? Comments?

           Next Update....Soon..

           GM: Part 1 of 2.  One more to go!

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