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   HT         Player       Character Name     Type    Status/Notes   Sex
   -- ------------------------------------------------------------------

   FH.John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar... Ma
   ...Kevin Newark..........Dorhak............Warrior.Normal/Dwarf....Ma
   --.Tobie Bonahoom........Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry.. Fe
   W2.David Sanders.........Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  ..Ma
   R3 Panthera..............Pyandalgor........Hunter..Normal/Human....Ma
   R4.Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  ..Fe
   R4.Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  ..Fe
      Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra

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       [New Stuff]

           [Arawn's IBT continued...]

           [Decalis 20th, 1635TH] - [Dark Lands]

             Arawn asks the Elves if the could make or obtain high
           quality clothing that fits his Alfar status.  The Elves
           are too eager and will set 3 elf females to doing it.
           IN a few days he has high quality tunic, pants, belt, cowl,
           cloak, undergarments and ornate footwear. Being an empath who
           can speak to animals.

             During the day Arawn works on his Druidic and Priestly
           duties.  In the evening he studies his meapthysics and
           healer books.

             Nice thing about the Sacred Forest this land is inherently
           magic friendly.  Several good places of purified land and
           places of magic casting.

           [Decalis 21st, 1635TH] - [Sacred Forest]
           [Time: 10:27 am]

             The Forestal asks Arawn to come and see to 6 Faerry who
           are leaving the sacred forest to travel west.  Arawn does
           some prayers and ensures they will be safe as long as they
           think safe.

           [Time: 7:12 pm]

             The Green Lady also known as Strie'bog's mother ask for
           Arawn to visit her forest home outside the sacred forest.
           So Arawn and Corsaya exit the safe sacred forest and enter
           the dark forest.  IT is dusk but the canopy of trees makes
           it darker.

             Suddenly from the darkness above leaps two forms.  Arawn
           has seen these things before.  Gartula and they both look
           male.  From above he hears another speaking foul Kotothi
           words trying to cast magic.  But it seems Arawn's defenses
           help.  Arawn could simply avoid and go past.  But it would
           endanger other Vassa villages.  He reaches for his shield and
           sword ready for combat.  He had no real training in the
           bastard sword so borrowed a elven sword until he can make

             As both males leap at Arawn, Corsaya moves forward and
           to the left forcing both creatures to miss.  Arawn tries
           to hit one but misses as it rolls away.

             Both males leap and charge.  One swipes at Arawn but is
           blocked by his shield.  Above he hears the foul Kotothi words
           yet again but seems unharmed.  He slices his sword sideways
           and beheads the first male killing him with 31 poistos to his

             The other male tries to reach for Arawn to take him off
           the horse but Arawn bashes him away with his sword.

             The male leader from the trees leaps down to help his
           fellows.  Both charge and claw at Corsaya but she either
           dodges or bucks them away.

             The male leader charges and pushes Arawn off the Fay Horse.
           The leader bites Arawn on his shoulder to inject the poison
           but it seems Arawn's resistance is high enough there is no

             Arawn considers doing a repel evil spell to make these foul
           creatures flee.  But there is great harm to doing this.  They
           might flee and harm other villagers.  So there is a huge
           risk to doing in this darkness.  So he swipes his borrowed
           sword to hit the creature.  But he misses this time.

             The other creature charges Corsaya but she gets away.  The
           male leader bites down onto Arawn's arm and tries to inject
           the paralytic poison again.  It goes in but it seem to have
           no effect on Arawn.

             Arawn does hit this time with his sword but the tough hide
           of the creature is too tough.  Corsaya charges the male leader
           and rears up to kick at its back doing enough damage to
           knock the creature off Arawn.

             The other creature charges Arawn but Arawn rolls and
           is not touched.

             Arawn stands and thrusts at the male leader doing 11
           points to his back.  Corsaya rears up and kicks the other
           male creature doing 10 points knocking it to the ground.

             The leader stands and draws a stone half spear and charges
           Arawn.  He stabs Arawn but Arawn's armor protects him.
           The other creature tries to lunge at the fay horse's legs
           but can't reach them.

             Arawn stabs the leader in the chest doing 17 more points
           of damage to him.  Corsaya continues to kick and trample the
           other creature doing another 5 points.

             The leader swipes again at Arawn's chest but his armor
           protects him from damage.  The other Gartula crawls away
           from the fay horse in fear.

             Arawn fails to hit the leader.  Corsaya chased the
           other creature doing another 2 points of damage.

             Weak the leader tries to cast another spell but it seems
           to fail as well as his half-spear attack hitting Arawn.
           The other creature with a sudden surge of strength stands and
           charges Corsaya.  It leaps right at her but she turns around and
           kicks backwards at the leaping  creature.  But fails to make
           contact with each other.

             Arawn stabs the leader but his tough hide protects him.
           The leader swipes at Arawn but hits his shield.  Corsaya
           does another 5 points to the other creature.

             The other creature gets lucky and jumps on to the back of
           Corsaya.  This makes her highly upset and she begins to buck.
           The creature bites down onto her neck and she falls to the
           ground paralyzed.

             Arawn hits the leader once more doing massive damage killing
           him.  The other creature leaps off Corsaya and charges Arawn
           but Arawn draws up his arm and deflects the creature.

             Arawn stabs the creature taking him down.  Then he stabs
           it again to ensure it is dead.  He rushes to Corsaya.  Before
           she can suffocate not able to breath, Arawn casts a Negate
           Poison and cures the fay horse.  He helps lift her to her
           feet.  Arawn cast a  healing hand to heal himself and
           then moves onto his journey.

             At the Green Lady's home she watches as Arawn cleans
           his tunic from the blood.  Arawn realizes he never got
           her actual name.  Everyone just calls her the green lady.
           It is some complex 12 letter word for her name.  She
           is happy to see him.  She says there have been more Humagi
           raids and Strie'bog is off making sure villages are well
           protected.  They sit down to a meal and chat for hours.

           [Decalis 22nd, 1635TH] - [Sacred Forest]

             Arawn spends the day at the very small Sacred Forest market.
           Not much comes in due to it being a niche place tucked away
           from normal areas.  But Arawn lucks up and finds 6 seeds for
           Moonwort and pays 1 gold for them.

             After a day of Druid and Priest duties he reads his two
           books on healing and metaphysics.

           [Decalis 29th - Janaq 7th  1636TH] - [Sacred Forest]

             Over these ten days Arawn continues his druidic and priestly
           duties when he can.  Then at night he continues reading his
           metaphysics and healer book.  But most of the time he spends
           work on starting to craft a elven battle helmet which will
           take 16 days.

             During these days he casts these batch of spells. Ball Powers
          fire three times, ball powers - other twice, battle cry, bless
          twice, create warriors 4 times with 1 failure, dispel balance 3
          times on battle mind with 1 failure, Elf Shot 7 times with
          1 failure, Energy 5 times, hand of hecate 3 times, healing
          hand 4 times, Insight 3 times, multiple arrow 4 times, negate
          magic twice, negate potion 4 times with 2 failures, presence
          twice, purification twice, repel evil 6 times with 2 failures,
          All sensory powers twice with at least 1 failure in 1 spell,
          Sleep mist 4 times with 1 failure, All sound powers 11 times
          with 2 failures, sound failures all twice with 1 bad failure
          and tracking 8 times with 3 of
          them failures.

             Arawn also casts wisdom to learn more enchanting magic and
           Knowledge to learn Elder Water.

             Two of the spells were abysmal failures.  One of them was
           a sound power spell but lucky there are no effects. The
           other was Elf Shot.  Two days after failing that Arawn becomes
           very gullible.  He starts to believe everything told to him.
           When one child says the sky is green Arawn actually believes
           it.  When a shoe maker says that the Forestal is stealing
           his nails he believes it.  The Forestal notices this curse
           on Arawn and instead of him gullible for 16 days the
           Forestal arranges for the curse to be removed.  But it takes
           2 days to find a person powerful enough to end it.  Till then
           Arawn believes things but deep down knows he is cursed.

           [Janaq 2nd  1636TH] - [Sacred Forest]
           [Time: 7:48 am]

             Arawn is exploring some section of the sacred forest.  He
           doesn't know if this place even has boundaries.  He notices
           a lone brown eagle limping.  Arawn helps the eagle and
           heals it.

           [Time: 9:54 pm]

             Arawn needs to escort a herbalist lady from one village
           to another.  Since it is well dark they both walk in the
           forest. Corsaya left in Sacred Forest since she would not
           allow the lady to ride.  So it is better to just walk
           in the darkness.  Suddenly Arawn stops the lady and
           tells her stay.  Arawn hears noises ahead and creeps
           further up the path.  He then notices 3 beings.  One
           young human male and 2 faerry.  Arawn smiles and figures
           the fae are just playing a prank.  He steps through the
           bushes and one of the females turns around.  With the
           lantern the lady is carrying and Arawn's night vision
           Arawn stops when he sees blood on the female's lips.

             This is no prank.  Arawn recognizes these Faerry as
           Baobhan Sith.  Arawn reaches for his dagger but his
           knowledge tells him to use iron.  So he draws his
           borrowed bastard sword and charges.

             Arawn swings on the first one but misses.  He yells
           for the lady to come to be protected.  The second
           Sith takes to the air as Arawn suspected.  It would be
           wise to get the lady under his protection.

             Arawn could cast repel evil but with a village this close
           it would risk some lone villager being farmed if he
           did not stop them here and now.

             The one on the ground leaps at Arawn and claws ripping
           at his right ribs doing 5 points of damage.  The other
           one dives at Arawn but he whips his shield and deflects
           the beast away.

             The lady emerges into the area and gasps. She can't
           see as well in the darkness but raises the lantern to
           see the Fae fighting Arawn.

             First Sith leaps at Arawn sensing he is a nice catch
           but the Alfar dodges.  The flying one dives at Arawn
           and claws at Arawn's neck doing a massive 4 points
           tearing a chunk of neck/shoulder away.

             Arawn hits the one on the ground in the back and wounds
           her but also at the same time banishes her.

             The second flying Sith sees this and turns to fly and
           flee.  Arawn drops his sword and shield and pulls his
           bow and quiver.  He knocks his arrow and tries to track
           the fleeing Sith 30 feet away.  It weaves and dodges
           in and out of trees.  But Arawn aims and fires.  The
           arrow hits the Sith in the back doing 17 points but not
           only killing her banishes her.

             Arawn kneels to check the man and finds he is not
           fully drained so heals him and walks both to the
           village before returning to the sacred forest.

           [Janaq 4th  1636TH] - [Sacred Forest]
           [Time: 2:30 pm]

             As Arawn is taking a break from working at the forge
           he notices a black hawk with red beak attacking and
           taking a snake up for lunch.  Even in the Sacred Forest
           the cycle of life seems to be in tact.

           [Time: 5:10 am]

             Arawn is awoken to bells in the forest.  This is very
           rare as alerts are not common in this place.  Arawn
           grabs his gear and hears the Faerry from the Faerry Hill
           say a sentry has spotted outside villagers trying to take
           down a Kotothi Shaman and  a Gwyligi.  Arawn knows the
           beast very well as Mae summoned one and almost killed Pyan
           for it.

             Arawn stops at the blacksmith and grabs a weapon that
           can hurt the beast and then leaves the sacred forest.
           By time the Fae guides him to the villagers he spots
           5 warriors on the ground paralyzed.  Another 2 are
           standing around confused.  But the Kotothi shaman seems
           to have been killed.  At least that is good.  There
           are 3 other warriors trying to fight the beast.

             Arawn charges to help the warriors and warns them not
           to stare at the beast and to avoid its cry.  Arawn swings
           at the beast but fails to hit.  The dog of darkness tries
           to attack warrior #4 but fails to hit.

             Two of the warriors hit the beast doing minor damage while
           another doesn't penetrate his tough hide.  The hound
           bites warrior #1 in the leg making him collapse.

             Arawn hits the beast and does 4 points of damage.

             This causes the hound to turn on Arawn and attack it
           bites him in his left arm doing 12 points forcing him to
           drop his shield.

             Warrior #3 stabs the beast in the neck doing 10 points
           of damage.  Another hits but doesn't penetrate his hide.

             Arawn turns to Warrior #2, leaps but the warrior ducks
           in time so be missed.  Arawn does another 3 points of damage
           stabbing him in the leg.  Arawn starts to allocate magic
           to cast some spells like armor.

             Two faerry from the sky fire bows at the beast and hit
           but they deflect off.  Three elves from the Sacred Forest
           join in but also fail to do damage.

             The hound attacks warrior #4 and kills him.

             Arawn stabs the beast and does the final damage to kill
           it.  Arawn and others tend to the wounded and paralyzed.

           [Janaq 9th  1636TH] - [Sacred Forest]
           [Time: 11:23 am]

             Arawn is taking a break from a priest ceremony when
           he is walking in the heavy woods in the sacred forest.
           As he steps across a fallen tree he becomes dizzy and
           awkward.  The area around him spins and he finds himself
           now in a enclosed space.  It is a large stone room
           with 30 foot ceilings.  A window to the left seems to show
           a stormy night.  Night?

             Arawn looks around and behind him is startled to see a 20
           foot man pulling a book out of a tall book case.  He turns
           and nods.  "To free the lost one must seek the origin and
           plea for help."

             A clap of thunder forces Arawn to turn and when he does
           he becomes dizzy again and steps over the log back in
           the sacred forest.  Did Arawn just dream it?  But there
           was something familiar about the giant.  He sits on the
           log to recall the scene.  A storm giant?   No.  It
           almost seemed like a Aankim based on the sigils on the
           wall and the shield crest by the window.  But how could that
           even be possible?

             Arawn couldn't help but ponder the message. Who was the 'lost'
           the Anakim was referring to - Himself?... The abnari? If so then
           that meant that there were some in the Upper Realms who were
           aware of the events surrounding the party's last adventure and
           seemed to wish them well. And who or what was the 'origin'? His
           father perhaps as the one came up with the plan?   Or was this
           something altogether unrelated to the prison-world?

             He felt he probably shouldn't share the information regarding
           the shifters and their prison with the Forestal or Bohusara, not
           for a lack of trust but for putting them in a position where
           they might risk the wrath of the deities they served. But he
           was willing to at least risk sharing this vision with them on
           the off chance they might have some insight to share. And if
           not then he hoped his training as a Baru would allow him further
           insight into things.

           [Janaq 10th  1636TH] - [Sacred Forest]
           [Time: 3:51 am]

             After finishing the days crafting and druid chore
           Arawn was asked by Strie'bog to help him.  It takes a few
           hours to ride to the village in the east and they stay
           that night to help the village deal with a plant blight
           harming the small gardens and forest.  With help from
           the Green Lady's knowledge Strie'bog is able to figure
           it out to be a insect and helps to show how to deal with
           the insects by using a common plant that acts like pepper.

             Shouts wake up Arawn and he exits to find the Kalu
           Bard Strie'bog heading to the west edge of the village.
           There a forest giant is attacking.  The Bard begins to
           pepper magical multiple arrows, 5 at a time, at the
           giant.  Three arrows do minor damage as villagers flee
           and cower.  The village hunters and warriors try to
           help but they have light bows.

             Arawn and Strie'bog cause the giant to chase them
           around the village distracting it from the locals.
           As they do they pepper it with arrows.  Arawn fires
           but misses.  Two of the 5 Strie'bog's arrows hit but
           bounces off.

             Arawn hits the giant in the leg and dives to save a
           old lady under a wagon being crushed.  The distractions is
           so numerous he can't get a spell off yet.

             The giant picks up the wagon and tosses it to the
           nearest tree smashing it.  He reaches for Arawn
           but a large sonic boom from Strie'bog hits the giant
           and he cowers back.

             Arawn rolls and kneels and fires a arrow right at
           the giant's stomach but actually hits his groin doing
           18 points of damage.  The giant howls in pain.

             Strie'bog fires 5 more arrows hitting with 2 but doing minor
           damage.  The giant roars and charges to Strie'bog not knowing
           where the boom came, arrow that impaled his gianthood came from.
           The giant slams a foot down onto Strie'bog and does 8 points to
           the bard.

             The other warriors have bee peppering with arrows as well
           while doing minor hits here and there they turn to fire
           from torches for their arrows.  A group of 8 fire at the
           back of the giant.  Six of the 8 hit But only one arrow
           penetrates the tough armor.  One other hunter gets lucky
           and does 8 points to the giant's back ribs.

             Strie'bog tries to crawl away but is dazed.

             Arawn fires a arrow but it bounces off.

             Four more villages hit with arrows doing damage past
           his tough skin doing 7 points.

             The giant tries to bash Arawn with his club but Arawn
           rolls away.

             Strie'bog fires 5 more arrows and 2 hit.  One does
           8 points to his chest.  But the other flies at the neck
           of the giant doing 15 points as it pierces deep.

             The giant wavers back and grabs his neck in pain.

             The villages fire but all in their haste fail to hit.

             Arawn fires again and fails to hit with bow and his
           attack spell.

             Strie'bog fires 5 more arrows but only one hits doing
           5 more points.  The giant falls to his knees grabbing
           for his throat.  Villages tell the folks in the hut next
           to it to flee now or be crushed.

             As the giant teeters to the right about to crush the
           hut Arawn charges leaping on the right knee for
           help and does a forceful kick to the giant's chest.
           This causes the teetering to shift from right to left
           saving the hut.

             Strie'bog fires 5 more with 3 hits.  One arrow hits the
           giant's right eye destroying it and the arrow penetrates
           to the brain.  The giant falls to the front and side  dead.

             The village is taken care of and any healing is done if
           needed.  The village now has problem of getting rid of the
           body until Arawn offers to translocate it to the lake so it
           can sink and decay.  While a giant is bad for he lake in
           the short term the by products will feed many animals and
           the lake will thrive with this huge mass.  Arawn considers
           teleporting it to the Humangi but it could kill some random
           person.  The lake is the best and under the water.

           [Janaq 16th,  1636TH] - [Sacred Forest]
           [Time: 5:54 am]

             Arawn wakes up early and can't sleep.  After that strange
           Larshee encounter he heads to the nearby lake he send the
           forest giant to rest.  Long time ago he saw the white dove
           which is a symbol of his parents.  Maybe he can see something

             But as Arawn sits around the lake watching the night around
           him he spots a black leopard drinking nearby.  Arawn studies the
           animal and it just glances up briefly.  Then it scampers back
           into the forest.

           [Janaq 18th,  1636TH] - [Sacred Forest]
           [Time: 11:52 pm]

             Arawn is leaving the Green Lady's place after dropping off
           some materials heading to the sacred forest.  Arawn notices
           a brown bear in the forest nearby.  But it seems a docile
           beast and Arawn moves on.

           [Janaq 27th,  1636TH] - [Sacred Forest]
           [Time: 11:33 pm]

             After helping a village rebuild after a storm Arawn is
           heading back to the Sacred Forest.  He is walking since
           Corsaya wanted to say behind.  As he is walking Arawn's
           neck hairs curl a bit.  He begins to sense something
           but unsure what.  As he draws his sword and buckler he
           sees 3 bugbears charging his way

             There is no time to use his bow so he prepares for melee.
           He starts to cast a sleep mist spell but it seems to fail.

             Arawn thrusts at the first but misses.  They all attack and
           swing their clubs.  Two of the creatures fail to hit Arawn
           but one hits him in the left shoulder dong 4 points of damage.

             Arawn attempts the sleep spell again but it also seems to fail.
           Arawn tries to stab one beast but it dodges.  Two of the beasts
           hit Arawn's shield but the 3rd hits him in the left center chest
           but his armor protects him.

             Arawn for a third try casts the sleep mist and it begins to
           finally fall around him. The bugbears are all affected and
           drop to the ground.  Arawn considers his options.  He could
           teleport them away to live.  But they might come back into the
           forest and kill some innocent villager.  Arawn looks around
           the forest to see if any goblins are around but finds none
           of them around.  So the beasts are alone it seems.

             Arawn kneels and does a prayer regardless.  Life is precious
           but he can't risk innocents dying from these creatures.  He
           stabs and kills all 3 creatures.

           [Febris 6th,  1636TH] - [Sacred Forest]
           [Time: 9:25 pm]

             Arawn and Strie'bog are taking a 2 day village tour of the
           north to ensure the winter is not affecting the villages badly.
           Arawn is at the town central bonfire as most of the village is
           well asleep when he hears crying.  Arawn rushes to find a girl
           around 10 or so pointing.  Her cat is being swarmed by bats.
           These brown bats are diving and trying to latch on as the cat
           tries to claw and defense itself.  But 4 are already attached
           and drinking blood.  Arawn sees these brown bats as vampire bats
           usually attacking large animals.

             Arawn tells the girl to stand back and considers his options.
           if he casts repel evil the bats would just find another victim.
           So he needs to deal with it.  He draws his sword and shield and

             Arawn hits one bat killing it as he bashes another flying
           around knocking it aside.

             The other 2 bats dive at Arawn but miss as Arawn dodges
           and ducks.  Arawn slices another bat in half killing him.

             One bat impacts on Arawn's shield.  The dazed bat recovers
           and latches onto his back and pierces his back to drain
           blood.  Arawn kills the one left flying.  Arawn kneels at
           the cat.  He knows that these bats are hard to remove unless
           they are burnt off.  But burning might kill the cat which is
           already laying motionless on the ground.

             As the bat on his back drains blood, Arawn caats a sleep
           mist.  The mist falls and all the bats and hopefully cat
           fall asleep.  Arawn yells for the girl to carefully bring
           a burning piece of wood from the fire but only carefully.
           The girl comes back and Arawn begins the careful pinpoint
           work to burning the bats off while trying not to harm the
           cat.  But the cat does get some hairs burnt regardless.

             Arawn removes the bats and kills them.  Then checks the
           cat.  He frowns it is too late.  The small cat just lost
           too much blood.  There is no hope of using magic to regenerate
           or heal the poor cat. Arawn with sleeping bat on his back
           look at the girl who begins to cry.  Arawn consoles the girl
           but it is better the cat and not her that is dead.  If this
           was a horse or cow might've had a chance.

             The girl's mother takes the cat and girl away as a villager
           helps to burn the last bat off to kill it.  Arawn blesses the
           girl and the cat before they return home.

           [Febris 8th,  1636TH] - [Sacred Forest]
           [Time: 5:17 am]

             Arawn is up and packing for his trip back to he Sacred Forest
           from his tour of the north villages.  Strie'bog will depart
           separately.  The village is quiet except two village sentries
           on patrol.

             Arawn notices a large mana source in the forest and has seen
           these before.  A possible natural magical plant or such.  Arawn
           heads to investigate.  But as Arawn rounds the thick set of
           trees he loses sight of the mana aura.  Arawn looks around
           but the forest is quiet.  That's when he realizes too quiet
           even the animals are silent.  Arawn draws his sword.

             As Arawn reaches for his shield a flash from the side.  A
           flash of fire streams right for him and hits him.  Arawn is
           burnt for 9 points of damage from the fire dart.  Arawn falls
           and rolls away grabbing his shield.

             A bit disoriented as he rolls to put out the fire. He
           misses the being running right for him.  A human woman with
           scales on her skin and a large crocodile like maw of a mouth.
           She raises two hands with large long claws.

             Arawn instinctively casts Armor as he stands.  The
           magical armor kicks in as Arawn lifts his sword to
           deflect the woman.  But it is unwieldy and misses.

             The Cuca Queen claws at Arawn but hits his shield.  Arawn
           swings but misses the agile queen.  The queen claws but
           is blocked again by shield.  Arawn not only misses the queen
           but is almost pulled away by the queen and taken off balance
           but he is lucky and remains standing.

             The Queen misses entirely.  Arawn hits the queen in the
           lower left doing 4 points with his sword.  Both Queen and
           Arawn swipe but both miss each other.  The queen misses again.
           But Arawn does not as he slices open her left shoulder doing
           15 points of damage.  Queen hits the shield while Arawn misses.
           The queen hits Arawn's shield again.  Arawn stabs the Queen
           at the upper left chest doing the final damage to kill the

             Arawn still hurt from the fire dart runs around to ensure
           no other Cuca or Dae'ta are around. But finds nothing in the
           area.  Arawn heads to the village to alert the sentries to
           get rid of it before the village wakes up.  Then heals

           [Febris 15th,  1636TH] - [Sacred Forest]
           [Time: 4:12 am]

             Camped out in the Vassa forest with others Arawn wakes to
           see a large adult male deer watch the camp before moving on.
           He hopes the villagers don't spot it and try to hunt it down.
           But the deer is lucky and escapes.

           [Time: 11:37 am]

             Arawn is on a tour with the Green Lady, Strie'bog and
           2 other villagers on the edge of the eastern Vassa forest.
           Just beyond the tree line which is nearby Arawn notices
           a creature he seems to recall en route to Ticasi on the
           plains.  The green lady comments that it is a Elefan and
           seems to be moving south.  Arawn is intrigued but they have
           a tour to complete.

           [Febris 16th,  1636TH] - [Sacred Forest]
           [Time: 6:17 am]

             Arawn is packing up his gear for the day's tour to
           nearby villages when he spots another adult male deer
           near the camp.  This one doesn't appear to be the same
           from the night before.  The game in this area must be

           [Febris 20th,  1636TH] - [Sacred Forest]
           [Time: 5:10 am]

             Arawn is in a village on his Vassa tour when suddenly
           a dozen antelope scamper across the village.  In fact there
           are 16 all running south.  Arawn figures they must be
           migrating.  Two of the hunters in village take one down
           before it can get away.  Arawn feels sad but the animal
           will feed the village for awhile.

           [Febris 22nd,  1636TH] - [Sacred Forest]

             Arawn intends to study and improve his natural eloquence.
           This will take a full month.  Since he has been doing his druid
           and priestly duties he has been speaking out eloquently in
           ceremonies and rituals so this is nothing but a routine to him
           now.  But it will improve his natural ability.

             Chanting prayers Arawn helps to plant with permission from
           the Forestal a red maple tree.  A rare tree he found 2
           weeks ago that he took for a sapling.  He does this with
           a Ceremony spell to honor the sacred forest itself and as
           a tribute to it.

           [Time: 3:41 am]

             Arawn wakes up to stoke the fire in his hut and notices
           a large adult deer outside his hut.  This is the first time
           he has seen a deer in the sacred forest so figures it was
           allowed in recently.

           [Febris 24th-28th,  1636TH] - [Sacred Forest]

             Arawn continues his Druidic and Priestly duties and reads
           his books at night.  He continues to improve his eloquence as
           well as normal duties.

           [Marqi 2nd,  1636TH] - [Sacred Forest]
           [Time: 9:50 am]
             Arawn is exploring the Sacred Forest when he encounters
           aa wood nymph.  The mymph acknowledges Arawn and gives
           appreciation for his work.  Then it fades into the forest.

           [Marqi 7th,  1636TH] - [Sacred Forest]

             Arawn spends his normal day in the sacred forest and reading
           his books at night.

             Inspired by the Vong pills, Arawn wants to make healing
           pills for the party.  But it is a expensive project in mana.
           It is impossible to make healing hand and energy pills so
           he tries to make as many as he can.  By the end of the day
           he only is able to make 7 healing hand pills and no energy
           pills for the party.

           [Time: 11:12 am]

             Arawn is riding in the forest near the sacred forest heading
           to deliver a rare gem for the green lady.  When Corsaya suddenly
           gets nervous and alerts Arawn.  Arawn draws his sword and buckler
           and then notices it behind to the left 50 feet in the forest.
           This beast stands 5 feet tall and over 600 pounds looking like
           a lion.  It has fire red strands in his mane.  It roars and
           it is too late for Arawn.

             The Fire Lion is lucky and gets off a flaming death spell
           on Arawn who bursts into flame and his clothing rage in fire.
           But being the person not to harm Corsaya he falls to the ground
           to douse the flames before she can catch fire.

             The Fire lion then charges making the 50 foot gap in no
           time.  But Corsaya turns and tries to defend Arawn.  The
           horse tries to trample but the agile lion moves away.

             The Fire lion claws at Corsaya ripping flesh away doing 5
           points of damage.

             Arawn grits his teeth but casts a negate magic spell and ends
           the flaming spell but not before it does another 5 pionts
           of damage to him.  He continues to roll to douse out the flames
           before he can act.

             The Lion turns to figure out who should he kill first the
           Fay horse or the Sidh he loves to eat.  The horse is a bit
           too active.  He leaps for the horse.  The lion tries to bite
           the neck of the horse but only swipes down her side dong
           6 more points of damage.  But Corsaya knows one more strike
           and she is dead.  She rears up and kicks at the fire lion
           doing 8 points of damage.

             Arawn stands in massive pain as his skin peels grabs his
           buckler and charges to help Corsaya.  Arawn stabs the large
           beast doing 3 points past his tough hide.  The Lion turns
           to face Arawn and roars.  It swipes at Arawn but he deflects
           the claw with his buckler.

             Corsaya hurt decides to steer clear as she is bleeding
           out she is starting to get weak.

             Arawn swipes at the beast but fails to hit.  But the
           large beast charges and leaps at Arawn.  With a 600 pound
           thing hitting you both fall to the ground.  Then the beast
           claws at Arawn's stomach doing massive damage.  The last
           thing Arawn sees is the Fire lion leaning down eye to eye
           and about to do the killing bite before he is knocked out.

             Arawn feels serene peace as he begins to float.  Memories
           of his childhood with his parents come flooding back.  Maybe
           this is how he dies.  But to see Corsaya die as well because
           of him.

             Then Arawn is jerked away gasping for air.  He turns his
           head to see the fire Lion stare at him.  He grabs his sword
           but his flesh is so damaged it is painful.  This evil beast
           is toying with him!

             Then a shadow falls over him and he can't make it out. "Hurry
           over here!"  Wait.  That's the forestal's voice.  What is he
           doing outside the sacred grove?  He rarely leaves.

             Over the eons or maybe it was just minutes Arawn wakes
           and fades.  He vaguely recalls the forestal saying the
           lion is dead thanks to the druids.  He seems to recall
           a half dozen elves and druids around him.  At least 3
           seem to be treating him.  Then the green lady appears
           and leans down and seems to say words then he fades.
           He learns the green lady healed and regenerated Arawn.

             Arawn is helped to stay glad to be alive.  "The forest
           alerted me and we sent help.  The forest doesn't always
           let us know but this beast is not welcome here.  We
           are sorry we were late."  The forestal says.  Arawn
           looks around for Corsaya and finds massive blood.  "She
           is fine.  She fought even us helping her.  She is such
           a nice noble beast.  But Strie'bog's mother healed and
           was helped by the druids.  Both of you will need rest
           but should be fine.  Aside from your riding clothes."

             Arawn looks down to see him in a robe and figures his
           clothes were all destroyed.  He is helped back to his
           place in the sacred forest.

           [Marqi 8th,  1636TH] - [Sacred Forest]

             The druids demand that Arawn rest the day and do nothing
           for his duties.  This gives Arawn time to study his books as
           he recovers from the lion attack.

           [Marqi 9th,  1636TH] - [Sacred Forest]
           [Time: 3:56 am]

             Staying at Strie'bog's place Arawn is awoken to se a mass
           of antelope migrating south.  Both the bard and druid estimate
           there must be 75-80 of them moving fast.

           [Marqi 16th-233rd,  1636TH] - [Sacred Forest]

             Arawn continues his Druid and Priestly routines.  Reading
           his books at night.

             Marqi 20th Arawn lucks up and finds Chervil and buy sit
           for 15 silver.  The next day Arawn lucks up and finds a
           Revification spell scroll for 5 silver.

             During these final days Arawn casts:  using creatures and
           magical items in the sacred forest he tries all of his
           dispel/banishes 6 times for a total of 36 castings with 112
           failures with at least one abysmal failure.  He casts Bless
           twice, armor twice with 1 abysmal failure.  Energy, ceremony
           twice with 1 failure, communicate 3 times with 2 failures and
           3 purification spells.  He casts wisdom, sky knowledge with 1
           failure and recasts it, Knowledge and Inner revelation to
           gain info.

             On Marqi 22nd, a huge ceremony is held by the priests, druids
           green lady and Forestal as well as a audience of several hundreds.
           In witness to Arawn being promoted in the Priesthood.

             Finally on the morning of the last day he casts translocate
           with Corsaya going back to check on the party.

           [Marqi 16th,  1636TH] - [Sacred Forest]
           [Time: 9:33 am]

           [Marqi 17th,  1636TH] - [Sacred Forest]
           [Time: 5:59 am]

             Arawn is restless not seeing his friends in months.  At the
           lake he lets Corsaya rest and graze since the snow is finally
           starting to fade.  Arawn then notices the same or a different
           leopard at the lake drinking.  He wonders if this is some
           omen for the future where leopards are part of it.

           [Marqi 20th,  1636TH] - [Sacred Forest]
           [Time: 10:12 am]

             A elf bring in 2 riding horses of high quality for treatment
           for hoof rot.  The druids and Arawn help out.

           [Marqi 21st,  1636TH] - [Sacred Forest]
           [Time: 7:04 pm]

             Arawn and other villagers encounter on a path 5 adult
           human males killed.  All are beyond hope.  There are signs
           of some animal but it is unclear what killed them.  Arawn
           helps handle the bodies to rest.

           Actions? Comments?

           Next Update....Soon..

           GM: Originally this IBT was 2200 lines.  After Arawn edited
               he removed *51* days.  Yes.  He didn't want those days
               posted.  Not sure why.  But that's half the IBT poof.
               It ended up almost 1700 lines so about 500 lines of
               good text and stuff was deleted. :<  His choice to do
               so but figured I'd let you know if it seems missing
               some things. :)  Hound combat might be a bit confusing
               I run out of time to edit it.  But the gist should be
               there to read.

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