[pnpgm] Arawn's IBT..incoming...

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Tue Nov 28 01:32:07 CET 2017

	Arawn's IBT is finished and being proofed by our chief editor Alex.

	Originally the IBT was 2200 lines.  It is now 1666.

	Arawn/John decided to delete if I counted right 51 days.  ( a 3rd gone)

	Also removed lots of other sections.

	Did not want it posted in public.

	His choice but guess my writing award is out for 	me. :<

	I split it into 2 parts for ease of reading.

	I hope its readable now wiht the gaps missing.

	It will be out soon.

	Now just waiting still...for Z;'leyra's and Fremea's IBT.

	Been 3 months.  It must be HUGE! But hopefully out soon.

	hint subtle hint

	was that too subtle?

	I am closing up on my vacations so will have limited time if not done soon.

	hint hint hitn..subtle?

	Stay tuned..

	For new folks you may want to have the Characters of Campaign file 
open on my site so you can see and understand alot of the 
personalities mentioned like Forestal, Grene Lady, Strie'bog, Cetric, 
High Elder and many others.  It will make sense if have this as its 
from old adventures.


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