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   HT         Player       Character Name     Type    Status/Notes   Sex
   -- ------------------------------------------------------------------

   FH.John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar... Ma
   ...Kevin Newark..........Dorhak............Warrior.Normal/Dwarf....Ma
   --.Tobie Bonahoom........Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry.. Fe
   W2.David Sanders.........Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  ..Ma
   R3 Panthera..............Pyandalgor........Hunter..Normal/Human....Ma
   R4.Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  ..Fe
   R4.Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  ..Fe
      Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra

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       Game Update #-22 sequence (file #41)

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       [New Stuff]

           * Kiet's IBT

           [Decalis 4th, 1635TH] [Sivas, Marentia]
           [Cholan's Tavern]

             Kiet sits and watches the group.  Some he has been with for a
           while.  Some not so long.  That Mae gal has the body to tempt a
           blind priest.  But can she be trusted?

             After how she hurt Dorhak, Kiet will be certain to keep an
           eye on her.  At least on her head, if not her body? Not with
           Tesara around.  Kiet thinks about that.  IF Tesara is around.
           Kiet has been gone a year and doubts she waited for him,
           especially since there was no way to warn her it would be so

             Then the ugly dwarf impressed Kiet though would not say as
           such to him.  To just go and slap a half naked cute gal  has
           some backbone on him.  A good fighter to tag up with but he
           may best not cross him.

             Raki is still a total mystery.  Kiet hopes there is nothing
           to worry about, but should his origin become generally known
           he might be in danger.  Kiet certainly wouldn't want him as
           an enemy.  He truly hopes that Raki has changed from the evil
           shifters left behind.  Kiet watches Raki eat a third helping
           of apple pie.  His shifting power would make just about
           everyone envious since he can eat whatever he wants and still
           stay skinny!

             Kiet goes to Raki to talk with him.  'Raki, I know you might
           not have any clear idea about what you will do here.  I have
           plans to get a place of my own.  You are certainly welcome to
           join me there.  It will at least give you a place to stay."

             Raki nods and places a hand on Kiet's arm.  "Thank you friend.
           I will consider it."

             Kiet glances at Arawn and wonders if his friend the guardian
           did take some of him.  Can Arawn live with a big piece gone?
           His personality will have to be monitored for any changes.

             Then Kiet sighs drinking his wine.  The memory of Kell still
           haunts him.  Such a senseless death.  Raki did try to save him
           but it was a choice of save Arawn or Kell.  But the party needed
           Arawn to escape. Kiet practically snorts his wine at the thought
           of that. Or did they?  Could they have simply carried the dead
           druid to escape?

             As the party talks about loot Kiet stands suddenly and gives a
           toast to Kell.  All others stand and clink glasses or mugs.
           Kiet eyes Dorhak and Mae on this.  Sure they did not know the
           half-elf trader well.  But Dorhak seems to give respect.  Mae
           seems to just go with the motions.  But again she didn't know
           him at all.  Raki just imitates the others in the glass clinks

             Kiet meets Arawn and tells him to come to Z'leyra's manor
           before he disappears somewhere.  Kiet feels before the Druid goes
           off randomly, Kell may have something for him.  Kiet feels bad but
           he'll have to go through Kell's stuff.

             Later Kiet finds Cholan and asks if he knows of a good casket
           maker for Kell.  "I'm sorry to hear about Kell.  He would spend
           a lot of hours here.  He was a good guy,"  Cholan adds.  Cholan
           doesn't know of any particular undertakers.  But does know of a
           good carpenter and gives the info.  Most under takers do their
           own boxes or sub-contract it out. So this seems fine with Kiet.

             That night Kiet goes through Kell's stuff.  He finds the death
           letter.  Sitting in the barn it is  a great heartache. But the
           booze helps him to get through it.  Kell looks at the Elemental
           book. It is a small book 1 foot by 1.5.  Written in that weird
           symbol language known as Katai.  Kiet flips through the pages
           and  estimates it a bit over 100 pages.

             At least he can read it!

             Arawn finds Kiet at the manor and the acrobat gives the Druid
           Kell's leather case.  It is a nicely crafted leather case that
           can hold about 10 vials.  Since Arawn likes to collect samples
           Kiet figured this would be better for him.

             Kiet knows he has a bed inside but he can't separate himself
           from the stuff Kell had.  As if to one last time get to see his
           friend.  He doesn't know how he ended up on the hay pile asleep
           with Kell's death letter on his hand.  During the night the
           steward places a blanket on him due to the cold that night.

           [Decalis 5th, 1635TH] [Sivas, Marentia] [Z'leyra's manor]

             Dorhak wanders to the kitchen unsure how he got here. It seems
           half the ale is still in his beard.  Kiet teases the small ugly
           man about him dancing.  Then Kiet becomes serious and gives the
           dwarf Kell's Jewelry tools.  They are not magical but are a nice
           set he personally used.  Since Dorhak seemed interested in those
           worthless gems Kiet figured a good place for the tools is Dorhak.

             Kiet finds his old riding horse still in the stable and being
           maintained by the stable boy.  He is in good shape.  But his new
           horse gets most of his attention now.  Kiet saddles Ma Siwang and
           heads to town.  In the saddle bags Kiet latches the ebony wood
           that Kell was going to use.  It is not long enough for a box but
           can be pieced together.  Ebony is such a rare thing in this area
           it should be unique.  Kiet finds the carpenter and shows
           him the ebony.

             "Nice..shiny wood...you sure you want to waste a box on this
           stuff?"  Kiet nods. Both of them dicker on the price and Kiet
           sets a day to pick it up or have it sent to Ba'ru.  "I'll have to
           supplement with other wood since not enough pieces here for a full
           box. But I can do the highlights."

             Kiet spends the rest of the day trying to find a manor place
           be can buy.  After seeing Z'leyra's manor and hearing about
           Unali's place he wants his own place as well.  The air is salty
           and damp but so is his home island.  It does seem strange to
           settle in this land.  He wasn't planning to do so.  But events
           seem to lead him down this path.  He wants a place that can
           have a nice small garden as well as a possible workshop.

             Sivas doesn't have much in terms of real estate agents. Those
           who do sell places are mostly for commercial places like shop
           warehouses.  So Kiet has to enter shops and taverns to get
           tips on such things.

             Most places are small estates that are best for a full family.
           Not much land.  Not enough garden space.  Kiet heads back to
           Z'leyra's manor for dinner.  That very evening over dinner
           Dorhak tells him that Etain is helping him find a place.  Maybe
           he can do the same for Kiet.  Kiet groans since he wasted a full
           day when he could've done this route.  He met Etain back in
           Donara but never got close.  He'll have to arrange a meeting
           with the teacher.

             With some silver collected in town Kiet asks the steward if he
           could borrow Z'leyra's workshop - mainly her forge fire.  The
           steward agrees and so Kiet enters.  Kiet melts down the silver to
           make enough material for 5 small silver rings.  With tools in
           hand it only takes about half hour to make the ring simple silver
           rings.  The 4th ring does mess up slightly so he has to start
           all over.

           [Decalis 6th, 1635TH] [Sivas, Marentia] [Z'leyra's manor]

             Kiet wakes up and hears Etain will drop by soon to get details
           his manor.  After breakfast, Kiet finds a nice place in the
           yard to meditate.  Watching the garden flowers sprout out due
           to the warmth of the sun.

             He then casts Purification.  He then removes his left hand
           ring.  He then casts enchantment onto the ring for a boost
           in willpower.  While holding the ring Kiet casts Detection to see if
           the enchantment took affect.  He gets confirmation the spell
           worked.  Kiet then casts another enchantment on ring to boost
           the constitution of wearer.  Then holding the ring he casts
           a detect spell and confirms it worked which it did.  He does
           this for empathy enchantment and confirms it via a detection
           spell.  He places the ring back on his left finger and removes
           his bracer.

             Grabbing one of the new rings he made yesterday he casts
           a ensorcellment spell.  Kiet then follows up with a Elemental
           Power of Air cast into the ring.  Kiet then casts another
           detection to ensure the elemental power was placed which it
           was done correctly.

             Kiet gives details to Etain about his plans.  "So it doesn't
           have to be in city?  The city is limited space wise for some
           structures.  So might have better luck a bit further out.  But
           I will certainly look around for you.  At this rate I should
           open my own real estate place and quit teaching!"

           [Decalis 7th, 1635TH] [Sivas, Marentia] [Z'leyra's manor]

             Kiet heads to town.  His first stop is the carpenter to see
           the box.  Every piece of spare ebony Kell had left over had to
           go into the box.  The carpenter explains most look at the top
           and sides.  They rarely look at front and back.  So he
           concentrated on these three sides.  The top gets fully covered
           based on some ebony wood pieces meant for a full shield.  The
           sides due to material were given stripes of ebony wood laced
           with some other dark wood.  In fact this mix looks very nice
           and rather unique.  Kiet is happy and the carpenter has to
           finish the inside and box latches to carry the box.  Kiet finds
           the fee a bit steep when it might only be half the cost for
           a normal box.  But the ebony has to be specially made and
           with greater care so the labor is worth it.

             Over the next few weeks or even months depending on if
           the next save-the-world mission is needed, Kiet looks for
           healing potion materials.  He spends at least 1-2 hours a day
           when he can in herbalist shops as well as asking if there are
           actual books on healing potions. But most shop owners admit
f         that the majority of healers use magic or magic items.  The
           entire economy of potions is diminished.  There are plenty of
           books on certain items like how to treat a certain herb or
           plant to make it heal-quality.  But not one giant tome for
           actual potions at least not recently.  But Kiet collects
           as many items as he can not only for his personal inventory
           but for his garden if he can find a place.

             While Etain is looking Kiet also spends his spare days
           looking for a place.  Initially it is daunting with a task
           that is full of dismay.  After 12 possible places only
           1 has any hope but when he learns the basement floods too
           often and the roof needs serious work.  Not worth the
           coin and effort.

             Once back at Z'leyra's manor Kiet eats dinner and takes his
           frustration out on cutting the useless gems.  He is able to cut
           6 of the 21 gems before he heads to bed.  Since Kiet is not a
           master jeweler this is all experience.  Sadly one of the gems
           shatters and is ruined completely.

           [Decalis 8th, 1635TH] [Sivas, Marentia] [Z'leyra's manor]

             Kiet wakes up and has a somber breakfast.  Chion waits for
           him outside talking to one of the guards laughing about some
           inside joke.  Kiet is now dressed in some of his best
           cleaned clothing.  Kiet wraps his grey cloak around his
           neck and nods.  Chion then joins Kiet.  Both teleport
           to Ba'ru.

             Chion uses the top of a brothel as a place of teleport.
           Not that he ever is a customer here at least never admits
           to such, but the door to the roof is locked and secured.
           Something about guests would try to use the roof for various
           things the owners could not control.

             Both climb the rickety wooden ladder but have to drop
           5 feet to the ground as the bottom rungs were all removed.
           They begin heading to the city margins to the east hills.
           About 45 minutes later on the road they encounter a man
           carrying a young girl.  The man is holding a large sword on
           his hip and the girl around 8 or 9 seems either asleep
           or dead in his arms.

             Chion who is now a Shaman asks the man if he needs help.  Kiet
           helps to translate into Ba'ru but even he isn't too fluent.  The
           man says he was at a village attacked by a beast.  He with 2
           others killed the beast.  But the girl is the only one aside
           from him to survive out of 70 other families.  Chion inspects
           the girl's left thigh where a deep cut is but finds she
           will live.  The man continues on to the city to report the
           incident and a healer for the girl.

             Chion looks back at the adventurer.  "We were like that
           not so long ago."

             Finally the pair arrives at Kell's place.  They meet
           with Kell's mother and sister to inform of Kell's death.
           It is awkward but the dirty deed is done.  Both of the
           relatives deeply appreciate Kiet finding them and letting
           them know.  They say they have to find some relatives quite
           a distance away.  That's when Chion offers his services to
           bring relatives back and forth.  They don't understand the
           concept of teleport but Kell's sister got letters about Chion
           from Kell.  So they agree.  They decide on the funeral for
           the 12th in 4 days.

             Both are introduced and shown around and Kell's mother
           fuses no for dinner that night.  Over the next few hours
           all share stories of Kell and drink toasts.

             Kiet stands to head to a Inn in the city but the mother
           refuses.  She demands he stay.  Chion on the other hand
           says he has things to do and parts a bit drunk.  Kiet
           hopes a drunk teleport isn't a disaster.

             Kiet meditates in his bed for a short while and tries
           to study mentally the gestures and words for his delude
           sight spell.  This mental study brings him focused and
           helps him sleep especially in the home Kell grew up.
           At least this is not Kell's own room.  Kiet tries to spend
           the next few days on studying his delude sight spell.

           [Decalis 9th - 11th, 1635TH] [Ba'ru, Kell's place]

             Over the next 3 days Kiet works with the family and friends
           to setup details for the funeral.  While not working on
           the grim details Emili de, Kell's sister, shows the factory
           and the processes on the site.

           [Decalis 11th, 1635TH] [Ba'ru, Kell's place]
           [Time: 12:43 am]

             Kiet can't sleep well tonight.  All the people coming
           to him all day talking about the good things Kell has
           done or did as a kid.  The burden knowing the details of
           Kell's death which he really can't share completely or
           freak out his mother.  He can only say that Kell did as
           a hero saving other lives.  Kiet sneaks out of the large
           family home and past the dark factory.  He heads to the
           hill and relaxes cross legged.  The day before he prepared
           a rock circle as he does with the hills he visits.  But
           this is not for spell casting. He watches the stars and
           the dark clouds drift.  The temperature is around 45
           but its not really that cold.

             Suddenly Kiet hears growling.  Kiet glances behind him to
           see a wild dog.  He has that look of wildness due to his
           eyes and snarl.  Most domesticated dogs can be dealt
           with or scared.  But this one not so much.  Then from the
           darkness he notices a second and a third.  Kiet slowly
           stands and reaches for his tulwar.  He curses that he
           forgot his shield.  Then from the side there are 2 more
           for a total of 5 dogs.  He could toast two right now
           and scare them.  But would Kell's family agree finding a
           toasty dog or two welcome?  Maybe he can scare them by
           fighting them or defending himself.  Kiet begins to
           back away slowly down the hill not looking where he
           is going.

             That's when the Alpha charged along with the other 4.

             Three of the dogs make contact while the other 2 fail to
           bite.  First bites Kell in the left ribs doing 4 points,
           the second bites Kiet behind his neck doing 2 and the 3rd
           one bites Kiet in the right shoulder doing 3.

             Kiet curses under the pain and swings his tulwar at one of
           the nasty dogs.  The Tulwar slices dog #1 in the left side
           doing 5 points to it.

             Three of the dogs do another 5, 3 and 1 point bites.
           Another dog bites right on Kiet's left hand doing 4 points.

             Kiet doesn't care now about burnt dogs.  Time to make
           some hot dogs.  Kiet swipes at Dog #1 again and take
           shim down but unsure he is dead.

             Before the dogs attack again he raises both hands and
           activates the rings at two of the dogs.  Two of the dogs
           flame up and are burnt to a crisp for 21 and 36 points of

             The last 2 dogs decide it is too hot here and runs away
           into the darkness.  Kiet could try to toast those but
           decides to leave them alone.

             Kiet limps back to the house to patch his wounds.  HE sneaks
           back to his room and curses that he did not bring his healing
           kit.  With water and cloth, which he'll have to replace the
           blood soaked rags later, he cleans the wounds.

           [Time: 7:08 am]

             Kiet walks to town to find a healer.  Not wanting to scare
           the family or insult them about the attack.  He has no choice
           but to find one of the factory guards and ask him to get
           the dog bodies off the hill and offers a few copper for the
           dirty task.

             Kiet finds a healer and he does some magical healing for
           the massive bite wounds.  Mainly his neck and hands.  The
           others can heal naturally on their own but not be seen
           by the family.  While Kiet can't speak fluently he makes
           small talk with the healer on healing potions.

           [Decalis 12th, 1635TH] [Ba'ru, Kell's place]

             Kiet wakes up sore from his rib bite still hurting.  But
           he can't show the pain.  Today is for Kell and the funeral.
           Chion returns with those from Marentian who wanted to

             The funeral goes well and the ebony box is talked about
           greatly.  Some feel it too fancy but not to the point of
           insult.  They do believe Kell the trader had dreams for such
           richly things.

             Quietly after the funeral feast Kiet finds Unali. Thanks to
           Chion picking up items from Z's manor Kiet goes to the mass of
           items. Kiet offers Kell's blacksmith tools to Unali who has
           plans for her own in making items.  Then Unali is given the 5
           Dirks that Kell made himself.  He had plans for them to be
           magical but never got around to them.  They aren't great daggers
           compared to Unali's personal ones.  But Unali takes them for
           honor to store on her wall.  Though they aren't powerful these
           Dirks will be more personal to her than her own daggers.  Unali
           is grateful.

             Kiet asks Unali about Marta.  Unali says they had a party
           at her house recently with Marta.  She did say she would be
           in Sivas in 3 days.  She is attending a party for the head
           of the jeweler's guild.  Kiet doesn't show it but Unali can
           read his mind.  She offers to see if she can get him a ticket
           to the party.  Rather 2 for Tesara. Kiet shrugs and forgets
           about the seamstress.  But Kiet is excited not only to see the
           girl again but to see Marta.

             Kiet is happy that no one 'saw' Kell's actual body which was
           a skeleton.  His short term illusion was able to fool everyone
           he hopes.  At least no one screamed.

           [Decalis 13th, 1635TH] [Ba'ru, Kell's place]

             Kiet spends one final afternoon with the family in Ba'ru.
           They have a small private lunch for just the immediate and
           extended relatives.  Not for friends or employees.  But Kiet
           is invited regardless.  The lunch was great but the stories
           were even more valuable.

             Then Chion appears and makes Kiet sad to leave.  But the 
           doesn't like staying place in area for long.  Kiet says his final
           good byes and returns with Chion to Sivas.

             Kiet feels relieved.  Having split up Kell's final goods with
           the family he wanted them to have.  But Kiet finds Pyan who
           is returning from the library.  Kiet offers one of the 3 magical
           spears Kell had.  Kiet explains the details of the spears as best
           he can from Kell's own letter.

             Pyan takes the 3rd one the spear that gives off electrical
           charges.  He thanks Kiet and Pyan feels a bit bad.  He did
           not attend the funeral.  But now Kell in return gives him something

             At Z'leyra's manor Kiet continues work on his worthless
           gems.  He cuts two of the gems quickly.  But three he fails
           a bit and has to try again taking twice as long.

           [Decalis 14th, 1635TH] [Ba'ru, Kell's place]

             Kiet leaves the manor early to head out to Tarvis' ranch.
           He doesn't eat breakfast because he knows this will not
           necessarily be a pleasant visit, but it must be done. If for
           no othe reason than to find out where he stands with these
           two?  Tarvis and Tesara.  Tarvis is grim-faced at Kiet's
           approach, and Kiet understands.  Kiet has been gone for
           almost a year and with no contact or explanation?  Till now.
           Kiet apologizes to Tarvis, and tells him that he had to go
           on a trip, but it turned into a situation where we were held
           captive.  Kiet, himself, was even in chains until a friend
           released him.  In the process, Kiet explains how he also
           lost his best friend to the enemy.  Kiet attempts his best
           to influence the rancher just to the point of not hating him.
           Kiet just wants him to be civil, not treat him like family.

             Tarvis wants to reply upon hearing this man get free or escape
           a prison or some lair?  but he sees sorrow when Kiet mentions
           Kell.  So the rancher nods grimly.

             Kiet finally asks about Tesara.  Tavis shakes his head and
           points to the ranch house, then heads off to do his own work.
           Kiet goes to the house with a fair amount of trepidation and a
           cook lets him into the house.  The cook takes Kiet to wait in
           the parlor, then goes to let Tesara know she has a guest.
           Upon seeing Kiet, Tesara frowns.  Kiet tries some small talk
           but it's a lame attempt. The young lady looks disappointed
           and says "I'm sorry. I just couldn't wait.  You disappeared
           and were gone for what?  A year?"  Kiet makes tthe mistake of
           pointing out it was only 10 months, and she glares angrily
           at him.  "Still, I heard nothing from you.  I had to move
           on.  I have a boyboyfriend now."

             Kiet understands her choice.  He is disappointed but not
           crushed.  He knew this would likely happen.  "May I tell you
           why I was gone?" he asks.  She is still for a moment, then
           nods her head, and Kiet tells her about being gone, and how
           he was put in chains, and how they lost Kell.  He doesn't go
           into the details, or tell her about the shifter, but he does
           his best to influence her to at least understand he had little
           choice in the matter.  "If I had been able to contact you, I
           would have" Kiet says."

             Tesara looks aghast at the story.  Anger fades to sadness.
           The confusion.  She wants to speak but is torn between her
           new life and old.   "I am...so sorry..."  Tears well up inside
           her as Kiet stands.

             Kiet nods his head then says, "I understand, and wish you the
           best.  I truly am sorry", then he gives her a final good-bye
           hug, a kiss on the cheek, then he departs leaving her behind.

           [Time: 12:03 pm]

             Kiet is walking back to Z's manor a bit sad when a group of
           6 merchants swamp Kiet trying to sell goods including cooking
           supplies, spices, fruit, boots and knives.  Kiet is disgusted
           has Sivas declined so much they must do this?  He pushes
           them aside ignoring their pitches.

             Back at the manor Kiet melts some gold down to fill in
           some gaps on his pinky rings.  It is very detailed fine work
           that takes intense concentration.

             Kiet then sketches on paper his plan for the pearl necklace.

             Before the sun sets Kiet heads to the closest hill which
           is about 3 miles west of Z's place.

           [Time: 4:17 pm]

             At the hill Kiet collects enough stone white rocks to place
           a magical circle.  He begins to chant some of the magical
           chants to provide honor to the air elementals.  Once a full
           circle is placed around he lights incense.

             Kiet then purifies the magical stone circle. He casts a detect
           spell though and finds the purification failed.  So Kiet
           recasts purification this time a bit less in power.  HE recasts
           detect and finds it worked this time.

             Kiet then casts three dispel spells to remove the attributes
           boosts he placed on the bracer.    Kiet then casts detect to see
           if any attribute is on the bracer while he holds it.  The spell
           either fails or he detects none on it.

             Then he casts Elemental Power for Air which is the reason for
           the hill getting closer to the elementals above.  As all good
           wizards should respect the laws of magic rather than casting
           such a thing in a dark basement away from the air.

             Holding the wand he then casts Knowledge.  Then casts
           a Sky Knowledge spell to gain more insight on the pearl spell
           of enhancement.

           [Decalis 15th, 1635TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             After breakfast Kiet decides to head to the markets to
           do some shopping.  But before he leaves a messenger arrives
           for him and delivers a message from Unali.  That Marta
           will be at a party tonight and gives those details.  Unali
           says she has allocated 2 invitations.  Kiet wonders if he
           can find a date on such short notice since Tesara is not

             At the market he tries to locate 3 particular items
           but has no luck today.  Kiet then ensures his nice suit
           of clothing is cleaned and ready for pickup for the party.

             Kiet passes a park with dozens of kids and some parents.
           It is some kid's' birthday it seems.  There is a very
           boring clown there.   Kiet decides to pick up 3 large
           fruits and begins to juggle them.  This draws the attention
           of the kids who smile.  The clown glares at Kiet.  Kiet
           juggles for almost 10 minutes without dropping one of the 3
           or 4 items.

             Then Kiet decides to entertain using his acrobatic skills.
           This goes on for almost 30 minutes to laughter and applause.
           Kiet notices about 8 copper coins on the ground at the end.
           A quick lunch expense.  Kiet hates to leave but has to
           find a place.  But first a nice lunch on these folks.

             For the next few hours Kiet looks at 3 estates but they
           are way over priced or in need of repairs.

           [Time: 3:55 pm]

             Kiet dressed in his best clothing and cloaks ends up
           at the Koblez House.  It isn't actually a house but a large
           banquet hall.  There are side rooms for private chats and
           a  kitchen as well as a smoking room.  Sadly Kiet did ask
           the cute tavern waitress to come and she agreed.  The name
           is Drena but Kiet figures she is a bit ditzy to see again.

             The doorman allows entry and the two enter the party.
           Kiet asks a server if he knows of Marta.  The server directs
           her to a young woman in her late 20s in a nice gown.  Kiet
           approaches and introduces himself.  Marta Valnon seems to
           recognize the acrobat and welcomes him to the party.  Kiet
           asks her to go to one of the side rooms.  Marta raises an
           eyebrow and nods.

             Kiet doesn't know fully what Marta went through just
           the stories.  Captured by the enemy and freed by the
           party.  Daughter of Duke Valnon who lives far in the eastern
           side of the province.  For a long time she was timid and
           fearful from her harsh treatment.  But now she seems
           happy go lucky and out going.

             Kiet tells Marta that he had heard she has a relative that
           was a collector of military uniforms.  He tells her that he
           came across these in a far-away land and that he went thru
           much danger to prevail.

             "I was thrilled to hear you would be in Sivas.  I wanted to
           give these to you to give as maybe a birthday gift to this
           relative of yours.  They are exceptionally rare?  So much so
           he may not even know or be able to find out much about
           them. But I hope he finds them interesting and unique.  And,
           it maybe makes getting him something for his birthday a bit
           easier for you!" +++

             Kiet shows Marta the 2 light grey with a sleeve showing
           on a red strip which can only be seen from the side.  At
           the wrist is a white braid that looks like a chain link around
           the end of the arm.  Around the waist is a white stripe hand
           sized around front and back.  Over the heart seems to be a number
           but no one can tell what number.  It just 'seems' like a number.
           The uniform pants are a simple brown with no ornate designs.
           Kiet explains they found it though doesn't mention the flying

             "Fascinating.  Father may know he is a history type of person.
           I do like men in uniforms but I never saw these ever before. I
           do appreciate this gift."  She hugs Kiet while the tavern
           girl looks bored.  "Now let's get back to the party!"

             At the party there is dancing and drinking.   A large
           feast is given as folks mingle.  Kiet has no clue who
           anyone is but meets many folks.  The highest noble it
           seems is a Baron.  But most are middle level nobles or
           military officers.  The entire party is for some old guy
           who must be in his 80s.

             Kiet walks the tavern girl home and she grants a kiss but
           she is too drunk probably to recall.  Kiet heads back to
           Z'leyra's manor.

           [Decalis 16th, 1635TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet spends the morning looking for his dream estate.  He
           hears about one far to the east side of town and takes at
           least an hour to get there and back to inspect it.  But there
           is a slight issue of water as the water table is too high
           and the place floods too much.

             After lunch Kiet heads to the basement and cuts more of the
           gems.  He finishes the other 15 worthless gems.  Sadly two
           more gems are destroyed beyond any use.  But in total he loses
           3 and 18 come out of the 21.

             Then Kiet begins work on his two pearl necklaces.
           He has an unenhanced pearl and an enhanced pearl that Kell
           had and Kell willed to him.  The chain will be medium length
           both made from gold.  The most difficult part is the small
           gold dragon that holds the pearl.  The dragon is wrapped around
           it but the pearl is still exposed.  Kiet gives honor to the
           gods and dragons who are known to live long lives.  Kiet knows
           that too many folks just do a simple pearl necklace with not
           even a shed of decoration or honor.  Kiet studied well the
           laws of magic and gives thanks to those laws of magic than
           just stringing a chain and pearl together.  Some believe like
           Arawn and priests that adhering to the laws makes one favored
           by the gods than just one who does spells for spell sake.

             Just as the first necklace is almost finished the chain
           seems to break and the "dragon" bends slightly due to thc cold
           basement.  Kiet has to start over.  The second time the
           necklace comes out perfectly.  The second necklace has no flaws
           at all and it is Kell's pearl.  Kiet relaxes after almost 90
           minutes of intense hand work.

             Kiet values the necklace at about 7-8 silver.   But the pearl
           itself will boost that greatly.  He figures once he enhances
           his pearl it could be 50 silver or even double that with a
           good buyer in silver.  Kell's might be a bit higher based on
           Kell's power level notes he made.  So if he sold both he could
           make 6-15 gold each.

             Kell dangles the necklaces in his hands and eyes them in the
           candlelight.  Kiet glances behind him.  A whisper or was that
           the wind?  It almost sounded like...no.  Can't be.  Like Kell's
           voice saying 'nice'.  But he is probably too tired and imagined it.

             Kiet heads upstairs to bed.

             For the morning Kiet gathers his personal notes, some from
           Arawn and even some notes from Kaylle and studies them for
           his Delude Sight spell so he can improve his gestures and

           [Decalis 17th, 1635TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet goes to his stash particularly the loot from the prison.
           He grabs the diamond and 3 sapphires.  The diamond is a bracelet
           which as he examines it seems to have minimal flaws with a cloudy
           surface of the diamond.  The small bracelet would fit a girl
           who could buy a starter gift.  Kiet estimates it to be 140 silver.
           But dealers can be picky.  He sets the bracelet aside.

             Sapphire #1 flawless, average clarify he makes into a bracelet.
           Sapphire #2 flawless, average clarify would fit much better as
           a amulet.  Sapphire #3 slightly flaws and fine clarify would
           look good as a bracelet though the sapphire is large.  With
           materials collected previously he begins work on the three

             Sapphire #1 takes 36 minutes and he makes it with white gold.
           The bracelet itself is worth he estimated 5 Silver which is a
           nice profit from the materials.  Sapphire #2 flawless, average
           clarity the amulet pleases Kiet.  This should double the value
           of the sapphire alone!  The simple lead amulet takes almost
           two hours to make.  Once done he values the amulet about
           13 silver?  But the upgrade doesn't seems to add much to the
           overall value.  Sapphire #3 slightly flawed and fine
           clarity the bracelet doesn't seem to add much value boost.
           The bracelet takes 35 minutes and he values it around 13 for
           the basic bracelet.

             A bit after lunch Kiet heads to the markets to sell
           the four items.  He wishes he had Kell with him to haggle.
           But Kiet can be quite persuasive as well.  For the black
           diamond he loses 7 silver to his estimation almost 5%
           loss for 133 silver.  For the first sapphire bracelet he
           gets 194.2 silver for sapphire and 5 silver for bracelet
           so dealer makes it an even 200 silver a profit of 20 to his
           estimate.  For sapphire #2 amulet he is floored when the
           dealer offers twice his estimate for the sapphire.  This makes
           him figure his skills are too low or the dealer sees
           something he wants.  That or the dealer is an idiot.  So
           the dealer gives 372.2 silver for sapphire and 13 for the
           amulet a profit of almost 200 over his estimate.  Sapphire #
           bracelet he gets 164 silver a slight profit and 13 for
           the bracelet.  For spending 16 silver in materials Kiet
           earns 69 gold in the loot!

             Kiet heads to the manor to deposit his new gold.  As Kiet
           walks down the street he notices a nice brown eagle in a town
           staring at him.  It just stares as Kiet passes.

             As Kiet enters the manor he spots Etain rushing at him.  "I
           found a nice place!"  Before Kiet can place his gold in
           his stores he is dragged away and to the west city margins
           about 3 miles.

             Kiet meets a middle aged woman who shows the country estate
           to Kiet.  It has two stories with basement and a half-attic.
           The manor itself is about 150 feet by 80 feet for both floors.
           First floor includes pantry, kitchen, dining hall, foyer, storage
           and office.  Second floor has 3 bedrooms, master bedroom and
           a guest bedroom as well as storage.  The attic is only about
           50 by 50 feet but she explains it could be made into 2 rooms.
           The attic is only 5 feet tall with a slanted roof.  Kiet had
           wanted a flat roof but since this attic is only a small part
           of the overall roof he is fine with it.  The basement looks like
           it could fit a nice small non-fire shop.

             Outback directly behind dining area windows is a garden.  Kiet
           is sad to see the garden full of weeds not used much at all.  There
           is a metal shed for equipment about 30 by 30 feet.  Behind the
           shed out of sight of house is a outhouse 10 x 10 feet.  But then
           Kiet looks to the north east side of yard and sees a silo.  The lady
           explains it was used to store farm foodstuffs and used a pulley
           system to haul the material to top and drop to the bottom.  It
           has a large barn like door with two windows to see inside.  It
           is 50 feet tall and 50 feet in diameter.  Kiet sees dreams in his
           mind to make some rooms and stairs to the roof.  A place 50 feet
           up could be great for his purposes of magic casting.  Maybe connect
           the silo to the house with a tunnel.

             The lady explains the farmland can be bought as well or sold
           off.  The land isn't used for now.  The land is 3.5 acres by 2.5
           acres with the manor in the center so its a good 6 acres of farm
           land to buy.  She says the land is only 6 silver which is typical
           since it isn't prepared now.  The manor is 69 gold.  She says the
           furniture seen inside is included.  Kiet finds this a bit odd.
           The lady is dressed a bit drag like a upper class peasant.  A
           possible farmer.  But her hands are clean without any callouses.
           She is trying to soften up Kiet.  So why such a fast sell?

             "The family is on hard times.  The patriarch is very sick
           and in town."  But Kiet presses on to ask more questions.
           "The son in his 30s did die in a farming accident in that field
           over there.  The family just wants out of here."  Kiet nods
           so that makes sense.

             Kiet just made 69 gold and its in his pouch now.  He
           hands the lady 60 gold even to help pay for the furniture.
           Still overall he earns a 9 gold profit today.  Kiet smiles
           at Etain and hugs him.  He'll have to consider paying Etain
           a commission. Then he slips 2 gold to Etain to pay for his
           fine work.  Etain beams even the ugly dwarf never gave him

             Kiet invites Etain to dinner one last night before he
           packs up and moves in!  Kiet talks about his plans for a
           stone wall and a brick wall around the garden.  He suspects
           the cost for the silo will be costly but he can probably ford
           the walls.

           [Decalis 18th, 1635TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet wakes and packs.  He rides to town and puts word
           out that he needs staff for his manor.  Gives directions and
           info.  Then he rides to the country estate with both of his
           horses. He'll have to build a stable as well.  But for now
           they can use the farmland.  Also could be placed in silo since
           it is empty till a stable is made.  Kiet also finds a architect
           and asks him to meet him for future plans.

             At Kiet's new place the architect arrives.  Kiet gestures
           and explains his concepts. First Kiet wants a 10 foot stone
           wall around the entire property of the manor not the farmland
           itself.  So that would be a core property of 200 by 200 feet
           walled in with a gate out front.  The architect does some
           math figuring and says for 50 ox carts it would take about
           6 days for 368 CC.  For 100 ox carts it would take 7 days at 384
           Copper.  This seems weird but Kiet agrees to the 6 days.  He
           says this will be 10 workers doing the wall.

             For the garden he wants it enclosed with a brick wall 8 feet
           tall with some half brick walls to break up the space.  Architect
           says for the brick will take 100 carts 6 days for 534 copper.
           So a total of 902 Copper.  He still has plenty of money so agrees
           and pays the architect half for now and half when done.

             Then Kiet orders a stable for his horses maybe 4 stalls with
           some storage space 30 x 30 feet.  Architect figures 10 more
           workers doing it with ox carts of wood would be 414 copper.

             Kiet grins a place of his own!  If only papa could see him
           now.  But then again he'd never figured he'd settle here of
           all places so inland from the home island.

             As Kiet rearranges furniture and plans to either trash some or
           replace more the staff prospects arrive.  He specifically asks for
           a couple married.  A gardener/maintenance man for outside and
           a housekeeper/cleaner/cook for inside.  Later he may add to it.

             But as the day continues the interviews go bad.  Many are not
           couples as requested and he just can't find the right people.

             Finally after some study he lays down in his own bed
           in the creepy dark large home all alone.

           [Decalis 19th, 1635TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet heads to town to do some furniture buying and check
           markets for his shopping list.  But the items he wanted is not

             Kiet heads back and waits for the delivers to HIS home!

             The interviews begin again.  Finally on the 5th one and the
           12th in the last 2 days he finds a great couple.  They are
           both married in their early 40s.  The man has the skills and
           is named Zeke.  His wife enjoys cooking but can do the basic
           cleaning chores and she is named Mahawn.  Based on the staff
           at Z'leyra's place he hires both for 3 silver a month for a total
           of 6.

             Kiet shows Mahawn the kitchen and asks her to prepare for
           future cooking including need for supplies and any possible
           inventory like silver wear and such.  Kiet then takes Zeke
           outside to show him the weeds.  He explains the garden will
           be a special herbal garden that will need special care and
           attention.   Not normal plants.  Zeke agrees that he may
           need to learn the basics of such care but it is possible.

             The flood of workers begins over the next six days building
           walls for property and garden as well as other minor repairs.
           Soon the quiet state becomes very active with 30 plus workers.

             That night as the workers leave Kiet finds a secluded spot
           on the property against a completed wall section.  He then
           casts purification.  Casts Detection to verify it was in place
           which it was then moves onto the next set of spells.  He casts
           ensorcellment with Tumble on new ring #2 and #3 which he made
           recently.  He follows up with detection spells to verify both
           tumbles are active and they are.   Now two of his rings are set
           with tumble placed on them.

           [Decalis 20th, 1635TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet walks into a chamber lined with stained glass windows.
           The windows show depictions of strange beasts and wonderful
           things.  As Kiet walks toward the front he sees a man in front
           of a large altar with his back turned.  But Kiet can notice his
           ears are large and round like dinner plates.  On his hands are
           white gloves.   A strange chant is heard that Kiet seem to
           recognize..  Just as Kiet gets to the altar he wakes up.

             Weird dream in his home.  HIS home!  Kiet starts the day
           working on his estate and supervising the work on the walls
           and garden.  He climbs the rickety wooden ladder to the top
           of the silo.  The metal groans and bends slightly.  But Kiet
           dares not to try to walk on it.  He'll have to shore up
           the roof and maybe build some rooms and better stairs. But
           this tall structure he can see all around his land.

             That night Kiet studies his delude sight spell notes and

           [Decalis 21st, 1635TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mahawn reports her inventory and what she needs for
           shopping.  Kiet approves and its mostly what is needed.
           But Kiet adds some wines.  Kiet realizes then he doesn't
           have a wine cellar.  The basement is nice but its too
           warm.  He'll have to figure that out later or get
           ice delivered when needed.

             A wall section in the north collapses onto a man but
           there are 4 others who help him escape without harm.
           Kiet yells at the workers to be careful.  He tells Zeke
           when he is inside to also supervise as needed.

           [Decalis 22nd, 1635TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet heads into town to do some shopping for a day of rest.
           He checks in with his contacts for his natural magical items
           he wanted but none come in yet.  He heads to do some furniture
           and curtain shopping.  Who'd think he'd be buying curtains
           for his own place?  Also buys paint for touch up work.  It
           is a grey colored house but some color would be nice.

             Kiet visits Kaylle to see if he has any good books for
           his new office.  The library is always tossing out old
           or not popular books due to space.  Kaylle comes back with
           about 12 on history and other subjects.  Maybe one day he'll
           learn how to read Marentian.  But at least it is books to
           look like a office.

             After exiting a tavern for lunch Kiet encounters 2 nicely
           moderate war horses.  They have saddles and bags.  Suddenly
           a Marentian man in military uniform runs up saying they
           escaped being tied up.  He begins to hit the horses and
           Kiet stops him.  Such magnificent horses should not be
           treated this badly by a jerk like him.  He'll report the
           man if he continues.  The captain mounts one and takes
           the other away but remains silent.

           [Decalis 23rd-26th, 1635TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet spends the next 4 days working on his estate and
           inspecting the farm land.  He watches as the stone wall
           becomes real all around him.  He especially watches and
           supervises the garden walls since he wants it a particular

             At night for 3 nights he studies his delude sight spell.
           On the last night he studies a small sketch book on personal
           illusion.  It includes some sketches on gestures as well
           as makeup tips.  So he studies his personal illusion spell
           by this method.

           [Decalis 26th, 1635TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet walks to the hill which is nicely only a short
           distance away from his home.  He sets up the stone circle
           again with incenses burning.  He begins to chant the words
           to give honor to the elements.  Then he casts purification
           among the stone circle.

             Kiet casts detect and finds the spell failed so recasts
           purification but at a lower level.  This time he verifies
           that the spell is cast correctly.

             Kiet then casts an elemental pact to attune himself
           to the air elementals.

             While holding the wand he casts Knowledge and Sky Knowledge
           to gain knowledge from the gods on his pearl enhancement spell.
           At the end the information is enough to improve his power in
           such enhancement.

             Kiet then casts ensorcellment to place major illusion onto
           ring #4 which he made recently.  He casts detection and finds
           though that both spells failed.

           [Decalis 27th-28th, 1635TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet spends the two days at the estate an does some painting
           and cleanup.  With a loaned book from Kaylle he studies Lawping
           enhancement rite.  At last this book is written in Katai.

           [Decalis 29th, 1635TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet heads to town to visit Kaylle and do some shopping.
           At one shop he is happy when a dealer tells him he found
           a White Flint stone.  It is unenhanced but the cost is 13
           silver.  Kiet pays for it and leaves.

             Happy Kiet goes to a party and does some entertaining for the
           crowd doing acrobatics.  Once done though he counts the brass
           bits.  But it is only 10 BB a total of 1 copper's worth!  But
           Kiet is happy since he found the flint.

           [Decalis 30th, 1635TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet inspects the construction and pays the architect
           the final amount.  He tells the man he may need him later
           for the silo.

             Kiet studies his Lapwing book that night.

           [Decalis 31st, 1635TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet casts a purified area and confirms it in place by a
           detection spell.  Then he casts ensorcellment on ring #5 placing
           Major Illusion on it followed by a detect spell to confirm it
           did work.

             Kiet then upgrades his wand to a new power level by applying
           ensorcellment back on it.  Followed up by Detection to confirm it.

             Kiet then places on Ring #1 he made recently ensorcellment
           with major illusion and confirms it in place with detection.

           [Janaq 1st-4th, 1636TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             While at the estate doing work around the home Kiet takes
           time to study his lapwing book.

           [Janaq 5th, 1636TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet heads to town to do some shopping and check on Kaylle for
           any free books.  Unlike last time he could not find the other
           items he wanted for natural magical items.

             Kiet finds a festival at a park and decides to do
           some acrobatics for the crowd.  At the end the happy
           crowd gives him a total of 5 gold!

           [Time: 4:12 pm]

             Kiet is going home from the festival with a nice load
           of free gold.  Suddenly 5 city guards approach and demand
           to know who he is.  They are searching for a particular
           person that has his same characteristics.  For almost 10
           minutes Kiet becomes upset and the guards threaten to
           jail him for the night until they can confirm him. Then
           the leader just gives up after asking other questions figuring
           this is not the man they are seeking.

           [Janaq 6th-7th, 1636TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Next two days Kiet spends at home working and studying
           his lapwing materials.

           [Janaq 7th, 1636TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet heads to his favorite casting hill and watches two lovers
           for a while before they leave.  Then he casts into his now
           destroyed stone circle purification with burning incenses.  He
           verifies it worked by detection.

             Though there are some dark storm clouds on this cold winter
           day he casts a pact spell with the air elementals.  Then seeking
           help from the gods both a knowledge and sky knowledge.  Since
           both spells worked he learns more info on lapwing and learns
           a great deal.

             Then using Wand he casts ensorcellment with smokeless
           flame on his left pinky ring to improve its power.  Now he
           could probably burn a dragon half to death.  But he casts
           detect to confirm it worked and smiles.  Kiet feels a nagging
           feeling as if something changed.  Did he just improve his magical
           power a slight bit just as he cast that smokeless flame?  Could
           he be one step a better wizard?

             Kiet sits back on the hill and seems pleased.  The lapwing
           is a bird after all so giving honor to the air spirits is
           just added bonus.  In return the gods gave him a great amount
           of info to his mind.

             Just as Kiet stands to return home he encounters a large
           cattle that looks to be a bull.  He is tempted to take it home
           and toast it with his pinky fingers for steak.  But it looks
           like it is branded so must be an escaped animal from some nearly

           [Janaq 8th-11th, 1636TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet spends the next 4 days at the home and realizes he'll
           need to hire a stable boy maybe for his new stable.  Also
           that he may name his new estate like some silly old folks
           do naming their place like White Magnolia or such.

             At night Kiet studies and improves his lapwing enhancement
           rite through his knowledge spells and books.

           [Janaq 12th, 1636TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet heads to town to do shopping and visit Kaylle and
           see if Dorhak is even still alive.

             Kiet is pleased to find Smarag at a vendor's stand.  A person
           he hasn't visited in awhile.  The mineral is unenhanced and
           so he pays 10 silver for it.

             Kiet does some acrobatic fun in a park. But he is a bit
           distracted by a group of boys with dogs.  After the
           attack by the dogs on that hill.  He does so badly that
           not only does he not get any coin but 2 guys hit him in the
           arm for wasting their time.

           [Janaq 13th, 1636TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             At the manor Kiet places a purification on the ground and
           ensures it is active via detection which it is.

             Then he casts ensorcellment on his bracer to improve his
           mana battery capacity.  Then he channels mana into the battery.
           Followed by a detection to verify it all worked which it did.

           [Janaq 14th-17th, 1636TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet spends the next few days at the estate working on the
           final touch ups and studying..  But for the mornings he decides
           to go to the library and ask Kaylle to help him learn to read
           Marentian.  Kaylle agrees to teach him and brings a book to help
           out since it is common for school kids to use the book.

           [Janaq 17th, 1636TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             At the manor in his office with wand in hand he grabs two of
           his coins.  Kiet places sustenance on both coins for the wards
           for later use.

           [Janaq 18th, 1636TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet spends the day at the estate going to town to learn reading.

           [Time: 8:14 am]

             Kiet I slate to get to the library.  As he is walking fast
           toward the library he notices 3 foxes.  Well maybe foxes they
           are small silver tailed foxes.  In fact they have 9 
tails.  There are
           3 of them.  They are at the head of a alley and are circling
           and eyeing Kiet.

             Kiet is curious about these strange animals.   But Kaylle
           doesn't like starting late.  Kiet passes the strange animals
           and moves on.  Later he asks Kaylle about them and the scholar
           Faerry replies, "sounds like Kumiho.  Nasty little life eaters.
           Glad you didn't follow them."

             But Kiet wonders who else might've fallen victim to the
           cute foxes.

             After learning from Kaylle, Kiet does some acrobatics again
           at a park and earns 8 copper from it.

           [Janaq 20th, 1636TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet heads to his favored casting hill. He hopes no one will
           buy that land one day.  The teens use it to party and make out
           but it is perfect for his spells.  He lights his incenses and
           builds his usual rock circle.

             Kiet then casts purification and confirms it worked via detection.

             Next he forms a elemental pact with the air elementals.
           Then he casts knowledge and sky knowledge to improve his Avian
           Command knowledge.

             Holding his wand he then casts ensorcellment along with smokeless
           flame on his right pinky ring to improve its power.  Then he
           casts detection and confirms it worked.

           [Janaq 21st-25th, 1636TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet spends the next few days working on the estate and learning
           under Kaylle how to read.  Kiet learns to finally read on his
           own on the 25th but decides to do a couple more days to ensure his

           [Janaq 21st, [Time: 9:14 am]

             Kiet is taking a break from Kaylle and standing outside
           the library when he notices 2 very nice looking riding horse
           IVs trot past.  One is pure white while the other is brown
           with white on head and tail.  The two riders are young
           males that seem well off.  Most horses are a bit drab and
           common like black or all brown.  These are much better at
           first sight.

           [Janaq 21st, [Time: 11:54 pm]

             Kiet is coming back to his home from the outhouse when he
           hears a noise out front.  Going to the front gate he notices
           11 pilgrims with torches chanting and dancing in the street.
           Something about some midnight moon festival for some goddess
           he doesn't recognize.  They are loud on the dirt road down
           the way but at least not near his home.

           [Janaq 25th, [Time: 10:45 pm]

             Mahawn comes to Kiet's office and says some man is at the
           front door.  Kiet goes and it is a city guard on patrol.  He
           asks if he has seen a man in black tunic and gray pants.  He
           has been involved in a possible murder nearby.   Kiet shakes
           his head and the guard leaves.   Kiet ensures the place is
           secure for the night.

           [Janaq 26th, 1636TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet heads to the library and learns a bit more on reading.  He
           also asks for books on healing potions.  Kaylle says there aren't
           many around but finds one or two old ones.

             Kiet practices his acrobatics in front of a crowd and is given
           7 copper for his fun.

           [Janaq 27th, 1636TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             At the estate Kiet places purification on the ground with
           a detect spell to verify it worked.  Kiet then grabs his pearl
           and casts enhancement to make it magical followed by a detect spell
           to verify it worked.

             Kiet repurifies the ground and places a ward on his bracer
           to place mana shield.  Casting detection he confirms it worked.

             Kiet then places a ward on the copper coin to place sustenance
           on it and confirms it worked with detection.

           [Time: 12:07 pm]

             Kiet is done shopping for his natural magical items but finds
           nothing today.  He is heading to a tavern for lunch when he sees
           a camel.  This one looks nasty and the rider warns him to stay away
           as its a war trained mount and can spit 10 feet.

           [Time: 9:51 pm]

             Kiet is going to the outhouse when he notices a form in the
           darkness.  Then he hears a growl and a small hound the size of
           a ball with 3 heads charges toward Kiet.  Kiet has seen this thing
           before a hell hound when Mae summoned one.  Is she around?  These
           things aren't found unless some idiot summoned them and they
           escaped.  IS Mae is around she'll have to be punished!  Maybe get
           Dorhak to spank her.  No she might like that.

             Kiet reaches for his tulwar but he has nothing as he was going
           to the outhouse.  Who goes to the outhouse with weapons?  The
           hell hound must've leaped over the wall.

             Three of the heads try to bite Kiet but only 1 hits biting
           him on his left shoulder doing 5 points of damage.  Kiet rolls
           to the left using his acrobatic skills to get away.

             Kiet then raises both hands to activate his flame rings but
           knows hell hounds are immune to some fire magic.  He hopes
           that smokeless flame is not in that family of spells.  But
           the hound is fast and leaps.  Kiet rolls to the right and
           avoids being bit in the head.

             Kiet activates his rings and aims.  The left one fails to
           launch but right does and hits the hound doing 31 points of damage.
           The hell hound evaporates as it is sent back to the upper world
           probably dead.

           [Janaq 27th-30th, 1636TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet continues to study at home the healing potions books
           and scrolls.  He is professional quality herbalist but not
           a master so its like reading ancient Katai mixed with Gom.
           It is tedious and boring but it is helpful.

           [Janaq 31st-30th, 1636TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet heads to his favorite casting hill and does his usual routine
           of purified stone circle with incenses.  With the purified
           ground cast and verified by detect he casts his next set of
           knowledge and sky knowledge spells.

             Kiet improves through the knowledge spells elder summoning.
           The elemental pact did not help as much today but it was good.

             Kiet finally adds another sustenance ward to a copper coin.

           [Febris 1st, 1636TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet stays home and studies his healing potion materials.

           [Febris 2nd, 1636TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet heads to town to shop for stuff but still can't find the
           other natural magical items he wanted.

             At a park Kiet tries to entertain some but finds that the
           people are a bit weird. Some very strict people who after
           threaten to lash Kiet for showing erotic acrobatics to their
           little kids.  Kiet never did such but he has to flee or
           being lashed by a very large man with a whip.

           [Febris 3rd-4th, 1636TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet spends the next 2 days at the manor studying his healing
           potion materials.

           [Febris 4th, 1636TH] [Sivas, Marentia]
           [Time: 9:54 pm]

             Kiet is going to the outhouse this time with tulwar on his
           belt.  Stupid hell hounds.  When he sees Zeke on the ground
           with boils.  Zeke is coughing and makes Kiet look around.
           Kiet figures the outhouse door is open and he smells the foul
           odor then he realizes this is not the outhouse.  He draws
           his tulwar as he  has been here before.  The party has fought
           at least one or two disease demons.

             Then Kiet sees the demon on the top of the stable and it
           flies right for Kiet.  Kiet hits the demon but there
           does not seems to do any damage.  Then he recalls they are
           immune to iron.

             The demon dives and swipes with his talons touching Kiet.
           Kiet yells in pain as his bones ache from a sudden surge of
           plague.  Kiet rolls and falls flat to the ground.  Harder to
           hit the acrobat on the ground.
             The demon seems happy it infects another human and begins
           to lift off.  But Kiet raises his hands and activates his
           pink rings.  Both rings shoot out flame and hits the demon
           40 feet away.  It flares up taking 32 and 30 points and
           lands on the ground nothing but burnt flesh dead.

             Weak Kiet yells and yells for Mahawn.  She comes up but he
           warns her to stay away from both of them.  To go fetch a healer
           that can cure disease.  She hurries away as fast as she can.

           [Time: 10:32 pm]

             A healer finally arrives with a bag and she casts magic to
           first heal and treat Kiet then Zeke.  She warns that both may be
           healed but their energy will have to heal back over a few days.
           She charges Kiet 3 silver to heal both.

           [Febris 5th, 1636TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet casts a mana sending spell to Pyan saying, "Pyandalgor -
           this is Kiet - your food coins are ready."  The magical 
           sphere shoots outward to find Pyan.  Pyan shoudd be somewhere
           in the city.

             Kiet then places a water from stone ward onto a copper coin.
           He tries to test it but nothing happens.   One or both spells
           must've failed.

             Kiet then casts another mana sending sphere out toward Arawn
           saying - "This is Kiet - perhaps we should talk about Kell's
           horseshoes."  The sphere sees confused but heads outward to fade.
           But in the end Arawn is probably in the dark lands or sacred forest
           and the sphere never gets to him due to distance.

             Kiet then casts magic to magically enhance his pigeon stones.

             Finally he casts a ward on another coin to add water from stone
           onto it.  He tests it and it works.

           [Febris 6th-8th, 1636TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet stays at home and studies his healing potion materials.

           [Febris 9th, 1636TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet heads to town to do shopping.  Kiet can't find the two
           items for his natural magic inventory.

             Kiet entertains a crowd of peasants making sure he is careful
           not to offend this time.  Kiet feels distracted but when he
           finishes he finds a apple and some grapes.  Kiet is impressed
           that he may not have done a great job but these poor peasants
           gave their food to him.  He is touched.

           [Febris 10th, 1636TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet spends another day at home studying his potion materials.

           [Febris 11th, 1636TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet heads to his nearby casting hill to do his routine over
           again with new incenses.  He purifies the stone circle and
           verifies it with detect spell.  After gaining a pact with the
           air elementals he casts knowledge and sky knowledge.  He learns
           more on his Elder summoning spell to improve it.

           [Febris 12th-15th, 1636TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet stays at home and studies more of his potion materials.

           [Febris 16th, 1636TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet goes back to town to shop for his natural items but can't
           find them.  Kiet does acrobatic things on a street near a party
           and earns 14 silver.

           [Febris 17th, 1636TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet takes 3 coins he made and places sustenance wards on them.
           But when he tests 2 of the 3 coins they do nothing so he must've
           failed in one of the two spells.

           [Febris 18th, 1636TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet casts another sustenance ward spell upon a copper
           coin.  It tests out fine.

           [Febris 19th-22nd, 1636TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet stays at home and studies his potion materials as well
           as testing what he has started to create.

           [Febris 22nd, 1636TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet heads to the casting hill but not before Mahawn gives
           him some lunch.  She has gotten used to his odd hill treks
           routine that she packs a sandwich and apple.  Kiet knows
           she will not be will not be that long but its the thought
           that counts.

             Kiet purifies his stone circle while burning incenses
           and casts detect to verify it seems to be in place.  He
           uses his knowledge spells to improve his iron skin spell.

           [Febris 23rd-27th, 1636TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet stays at home and tests out his healing potions.

           [Febris 28th, 1636TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet takes 3 more copper coins and places sustenance wards
           on them.  The first test out fine.   But the 3rd one he
           finds it does not work so the spells must've failed.

             Later on Mahawn makes a new soup and it is a bit too salty.
           Kiet tells her it is too salty and is amazed since he
           intended to say it was fine.  Later on Zeke asks why he
           wants a garden well hidden and Kiet tells the truth which
           is odd as he meant to do half and half. Then he tries to lie
           and says the sky is red but blue comes out of his mouth.  Then
           he realizes that last spell must've failed so badly he is
           now cursed and can't lie.

             Kiet goes to town and after telling the truth to 3 healers
           about how they stink or look bad he finds a nice healer who
           cures him of the curse for 3 silver.

             A messenger comes to visit Kiet and asks that he go to the
           library.  Kiet heads there and Kaylle smiles as he says he
           found a book just on healing potions.  The other stuff was
           round about methods this was written specifically for it.
           Also it is written in Marentian which is good news.

           [Marqi 1st, 1636TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet stays at home and learns directly from the healing
           potions book.

           [Marqi 2nd, 1636TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet heads to town to do shopping for his healing potions.
           He tries to search for the two natural magical items he
           wants but finds none.

             Kiet then performs at a park and the crowd is very well off.
           Kiet earns 7 gold!

           [Marqi 3rd-4th, 1636TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet takes a couple days and studies the healing potions
           book and is glad he can lie now for the salty food.

           [Marqi 5th, 1636TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet heads to the casting hill once more.  With incense
           burning and his stone circle in place he purifies the ground.
           He casts detection but it doesn't seem to have worked.  Course
           the detect could've failed and purified worked.  But just in
           case he recasts purification at a lower level.  Then recasts
           and verifies it is in place.

             With his knowledge he learns to upgrade his Iron Skin.  But
           for his Sky knowledge spell he uses that info to learn neutral
           purification.  The pact with the elements seem to be stable
           today and give him double knowledge.

           [Marqi 7th-8th, 1636TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet spends the next 3 days at home learning from his potions

           [Marqi 9th, 1636TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet casts onto the wand a ward to detect high intelligence and
           and wisdom.  This has to be cast twice for each ward.

             Then Kiet casts on another coin sustenance ward and tests it.
           It seems to work fine.

             Kiet heads into town and finds a ship with a Lapwing Heart and
           sells it for 15 silver unenhanced.

             Kiet goes to do some acrobatics but the snow makes the ground
           hard to use and slippery.  As a result 5 odd things are thrown
           at Kiet like fruit and trash for wasting their time.

           [Marqi 10th-13th, 1636TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet studies his potions book at home for the next few days.

           [Marqi 14th, 1636TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Taking two Donaran copper coins Kiet tries to place two more
           sustenance wards on each.  The first works fine.  The second
           one fails though and nothing happens.

           [Marqi 15th, 1636TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet tests some new healing potions by cutting his fingers
           and seeing if they work.  He continues studying his potion book.

           [Marqi 16th, 1636TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet heads to town to shop for the last natural magical item
           he wants but finds nothing.  Kiet practices his acrobatic skill
           on others and they pay him 5 gold in reward.

           [Marqi 17th, 1636TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             A late winter storm is brewing with occasional sleet and some
           snow flakes.  But It is not enough to stop Kiet from going
           to the casting hill.  He does his usual routine of burning
           incenses and purified stone circle.

             After obtaining a elemental act with the air spirits, Kiet
           then casts his knowledge spells.  But the first one seems to
           fail as he learns nothing but a itchy cold nose.  The sky knowledge
           spell though he begins to learn neutral purification.

           [Marqi 18th-22nd, 1636TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet stays at the estate and studies his healing potions
           book and tries to test some experiments.

           [Marqi 23rd, 1636TH] [Sivas, Marentia]

             Kiet heads to town to do some more shopping.  He had hoped
           to get Heliotropius but still no luck.

             Kiet does some acrobatics at a small park but the peasants
           aren't too pleased.  In fact 2 old ladies and 1 old man try
           to hit Kiet as they pass for wasting their time.

             During the acrobatic session Kiet swore he saw a small
           man that looked like Dorhak pass by but he was busy trying
           to earn the favor of the mean peasants.

           Actions? Comments?

           Next Update....Soon..

           GM: A fun IBT.  David added and edited a few scenes so some
               of this is his (Tesara and first set of parapraphs).  I
               did a easter egg as well for David.  :)  Well next
               is Arawn's next week.  Then Fremea and Z when they turn
               those in.  Who will be last? :)

           * Skills

                Skill       Expertise     Notes
             Jeweler           38      +2 EL
             Tulwar             4
             Acrobat           61      +1 EL
             R&W Marentian     60      Learned, +3 EL

           * Spells

                Spell       MEP   Expertise   Notes
             Purification   162      52     x14  2 Fail EL4 [+1 EL]
             Purification    18      10     x3         EL1
             Enchantment     72      36     x3  [+1 EL]
             Detection       58      51     x25 1 Failure [+1 EL]
             Ensorcellment  360     121     x6  x1 Failure  EL4
             Ensorcellment  336      96     x4  [+1 EL]     EL5
             Elemental Pwr  380     126     x10 [+2 EL] [Air]
             Delude Sight     -       4     Study not use
             Active Illusion 20       8     Kell's skeleton for Casket
             Dispel/Banish   45      18     x3  [+1 EL]
             Knowledge      195      81     x8  1 Failure [+1 EL]
             Sky Knowledge  456     144     x9  [+1 EL] EL4/EL5
             Enhancement      -      13     x2  Via Knowledge
             Tumble          32      16     x2  [+1 EL]
             Delude Sight     -      16     Study,   [+1 EL]
             Personal Ill.    -       2     Study,   [+1 EL]
             Avian Command    -      20     Study,   [+1 EL]
             Summon Elder     -      24     Study, [+1 EL]
             Purification     -       9     Study, Learning [Neutral]
             Major Illusion  48      24     x3 1 Failure
             Smokeless Flame 56      16     x2
             Ward Pact      400     395     x14 5 Failure [+1 EL]
             Sustenance      40      23     x11 3 Failure
             Enhancement     24      12     x2
             Mana Shield     40      16     Shield/Curse
             Mana Sending    40      16     x2  [+1 EL]
             Water fr Stone   4       3     x1 1 Failure

             MEP: 2,786
             CEP:  5

           * Expenses

                Expense                 Price               Notes
             Carpenter box fee    -                12   CC
             Crafting Materials   -        34   SC
             Country estate       - 60  GC
             Etain commission     -  2  GC
             Manor construction   - 13  GC   1  SC  6   CC  Walls, Stable
             White Flint          -         13  SC
             Smarag mineral       -         10  SC
             Healing fees         -          6  SC
             Estate expenses      -  5  GC   5  SC          Food, paint, etc.
             Acrobatic winnings   + 17  GC          27  CC
             Loot selling items   + 69  GC                  4 ITems

                   Total          + 12  GC  9  SC   9 CC

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