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Maelorna brightens up, "See!  Even Arawn agrees with,"as she pauses, "Oh
wait... No, hold on, demons are friendly and cuddly.  See, I'm a demon, or
half of one and I'm friendly and more than willing to be cuddly in bed!

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>    Seemingly ironically, Arawn would agree with you on the paladin part!
> At least those that are less than discriminant zealots! Good before glory!
> Although Arawn would probably make a pretty decent paladin, lol.
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> No fair!  Demons are friendly!  They just perform an viable activity for
> the universe, corruption and destruction!  Honestly, without demons and
> evil, good wouldn't have a clue on what is good.  Just think, without some
> evil demon demonstrating that hitting little Timmy over the head is bad and
> an evil act.  Why all the paladins of (insert goody two-shoes disgustingly
> smug celestial "good" diety/angel) their chosen depravity would happily go
> about showing how good they were, by smashing hapless folks over their
> heads and spouting how good their actions are!
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