[pnpgm] Update on updates...

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Sat Nov 4 04:36:06 CET 2017

Just posted Kiet's IBT.
I need to work on his char sheet tomorrow.
There is a mini project i may finish for him or delay it.

Next week Mon-Thur is Arawn's IBT.

Then will wait for
Fremeas and Z's IBT once they finish.

Who will be next and who will be last? :)

Kiet's IBT was fun.  Of the many players I've had he uses magic by 
the mythos.  His incense, chant and stone circle is what a classic 
wizard should do.  Communing with the air spirts on a hill helps his 
mthos.  Using the laws of magic.
HE doesn't just wave his hand and cast where ever and whenever like so many.
He does it with a purpose.  Doesn't just cast X spelsl to increase Y 
levels. for Z EP.
For that  i truly appreciate.  It is refreshing.

To new folks these log IBTS are rare.  1600+ lines is huge.
But keep in mind this is 4 months of time.  Typical updates are 
300-500 lines.  Combats maybe 500.
So don't be worried to updates taking this long in future. :)

Stay tuned for Aran'ws IBT.

If were to guess..
Finish next week with ARawn.
Finish Fremea's in 3-4 days.
Z with her spells maybe a week or 2 weeks.
So 3-4 weeks?

We shall see.

I can only go so fast guys :)

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