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s`        Player        DS    Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
   -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
   FH.John Haight.......HY..Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Al.. Ma
   ...Kevin Newark..........Dorhak............Warrior.Normal/Dwarf....Ma
   --.Tobie Bonahoom....YY..Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry.. Fe
   W3.Mark Murtha.......HN..Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human....Ma
   W2.David Sanders.....HN..Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  ..Ma
   R4.Wout Broere.......YY..Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  ..Fe
   R3 Panthera..............Pyandalgor........Hunter..Normal/Human....Ma
   R4.Alex Koponen......YY..Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  ..Fe
      Z'layha ..............Npc...............Normal..Normal/Shaman...Fe
      Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra

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       Game Update #150 sequence (file #1019)

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       GM: What follows is a Behind The Scenes update.  It is long so
           read when can.  This was done over the last 2 years.  It
           was done when tired after updates.  So I hope it makes
           some sense.  There may be some minor logic flaws but
           not uusre as too lazy to re-read.  You will see names
           that may be known.  If not many are in the Characters
           of the Campaign link on game site.  You will notice the
           events are divided up into Dates Jan-Dec (Decalis).  The
           years and days.  I tried to answer some things and
           add spice.  I tried to cover some npcs we saw only
           briefly.  This file is huge so I could not go into
           great detail.  But I think tis is sufficient.  Have fun!
           Since this adventure centered around Z it covers a lot
           of her.  Some background and origin stories.    The
           events on Tiren's death was typed up long ago.  This means
           before Z changed history to a new death.  I will keep it
           here only as I don't want to delete what i did. :)  The
           new Death is not here as it was in the update of Akasha.

           Current Date: [Decalis 2nd, 1635TH]
          * Adventure #7 - Behind the Scenes

          [Marqi 11, 1590TH - Ticasi]

            A young man of 16, Tiren spends the day in the western edge
          of Ticasi hunting and exploring.  He has never been much
          of a hunter as he tends to trap and examine animals then sets
          them free.

            He is watching a wild boar fighting another boar when he
          notices a lone female walking in the woods nearby.  She
          has long silver flowing hair down to her mid back.  She
          is thing and tall.  She is dressed in a flowing white dress
          that seems so out of place for this area.  She almost reminds
          him of those stories of ghosts.

            Curious Tiren gives chase and watches the female for some time.
          She ends up at a small pond that could dry in a hot summer.
          Without a worry to the world she strips her dress off and
          walks naked to the pond.

            As the girl begins to splash and pick at floating lily pad
          she says out loud, "why not just join me?"

            Startled Tiren hesitates and realizes he has been seen.
          He apologizes.  With eyes downcast he approaches and looks

            "It is a nice day join and relax."

            Tiren with hormones flying decides why not.  Stepping
          naked into the pond he introduces himself.

            "I'm a visitor to this land...just finished a job.  Your
          bow looks nice and strong.  You a hunter?"

            "No.  Not really.  I can't get the heart to kill them."

            "No worries."  She smiles.  "This is what makes your
          kind so interesting. "  She wipes her long hair and suddenly
          reveals a strange pointed ear.  But her eyes seem to draw
          his attention as well as her chest.

            "My name is Sava."  She splashes him.  "I suspect you will
          be a very important person one day..."  She smiles and swims
          away coyly.

            They talk for hours enthralled by the female all time seems
          to ebb away until the setting sun sets.

          [Apris 4, 1606TH - Ticasi]

            Tiren meets with a merchant in a tavern.  For a few years now
          he has been hearing rumors of Kameri superior weapons.  The
          metal masters all scholarly professors at the college seem to
          say nothing is superior without work and the metal.  But
          there has been no evidence of Kameri being better.

            The merchant talks for a bit on boring trade and then
          finally pulls out the Kameri blade.  It shines in the
          fireplace light of the tavern.  Tiren tries to eye it
          closely but can't tell if its better than any other dagger
          out there.

            The trader smiles, "two Donaran gold."

            Tiren sits back shocked.  "Way too much."

            "But this is hard to find these days.  Not like you can
          go to any market and find them."  The trader smiles and
          that annoys Tiren.

            "How do I know this is even Kameran?"

            The trader shrugs, "my word?  I do have others I can sell
          it to.  There is a person in Salaqara who will pay for it."
          He slips the dagger in the sheath.  He starts to stand.

            "12 Silver."


            "15 no more." Tiren folds his arms.

            "I can get at least 18 from the guy."  He steps away
          and turns to the door."

            "17.  Here and now."

            The merchant grins and becomes expressionless as he turns
          around. "Fine."

            Tiren digs through his coin bag. "If I find this not be
          be Kameran..."  He gives some coins on the table.  "Half

            "Not the parley we agreed to."

            "Just a minute."  Tiren digs through his bag.  He pulls
          out a round talisman.  "I have been assured this item will
          detect Kameran metal.  If it passes I will give you the
          rest if not I get my money back."

            The merchant considers and shrugs putting the dagger
          on the table.  Tiren speaks the magical words to set
          the talisman active.  It begins to glow green.  "Deal."
          He hands the coins to the merchant who quickly leaves.

          [Ma 23, 1607TH - Ticasi]

            Tiren sits in his home study and pours over a ancient
          tome translated by one of the professors.  It was said
          to be written by a Dwarf Weapons Master.  It details on
          how to test and determine the quality of weapons by their
          metal, design and other factors. If nothing learned from it
          is by chance for more knowledge. Everyone does things
          by the rules by what some call science not superstition
          and myths.

          [Junaga 11, 1607TH - Ticasi]

            Two days after he began his tests on the Kameri dagger
          it is now broken.  Without proper testing one can't
          determine facts.

            Tiren decides it is time to find this magical place.
          He sets out to the college to settle his affairs.  He
          will not be teaching his classes in the spring as planned.

          [Julis 14, 1607TH - Ticasi]

            Tiren leaves the city with his horse and pack animal of
          supplies.  Friends had suggested to travel with others
          but the man can get help later on.  Being on the roads
          should be safe for a few hundred miles to the east.

            Tarnark the Smith, Tiren's father, does not like this trip.
          There is much to study and do here.  The myths and legends
          of the Dwarfs alone are enough last lifetimes.  But he does
          not forbid this trip.  He does hire some guards and a
          caravan master to take him to this dangerous land.

          [Augado 23, 1607TH - Wilderness]

            The caravan stops after over a month of travel.  The troop
          lost 5 men to battles and ambushes.  But the caravan master
          does not like entering the lands of the Kameran as they hear

            Tiren and his 2 guards enter but the guards notice totems
          on trees and obvious get-out-or-die symbols.  Tiren dismisses
          them and continues on his own.

          [Augado 24, 1607TH - Wilderness]

            Tiren is ambushed and captured by the barbarians.  Tiren
          would later recall years later that this time was a period
          of strife with raids from other areas.  This caused the
          tribes to be nervous and wary.

            Not speaking either language, a woman becomes his main
          interrogator.  But Tiren pulls out the broken Kameri
          dagger and shows her.  The woman surprised seems to
          understand.  She uses magic to speak to him and he
          tells his story.  How he wishes to learn from the
          people here.

          [Augado 26, 1607TH - Wilderness]

            The woman named Z'nayha comes and tells him he can stay
          only a month no more.

          [Sepes 8, 1607TH - Wilderness]

            Out exploring the area, Tiren saves Z'nayha by stopping
          her from stepping on a poisonous snake.  The snakes strikes
          and Tiren uses a small net to confuse the snake.  They
          flee and soon find themselves closer.

          [Sepes 11, 1607TH - Kameran wilderness]

            Z'nayha stands in the lodge hall alone with the leader of
          the lodge.  The ancient looking woman sits and watches the
          shaman pace back and forth.

            "The man seems kind...but oblivious to other things around

            The ancient woman nods, "but the looks are clear.  You
          like this man deeply?"

            Z'nayha stops and stares then paces again.  "I don't know.
          I am destined to marry the other-"

            "Destiny they say is like a woman ...women change their
          mind all the time..so can fate...fickle some call it."

            "But he is an outsider."

            "So are the ones we guard."

            Z'nayha leaves and finds Tiren.  The ancient woman
          smiles and is joined by a another older woman from
          a side alcove.  "

            "This is against tradition."

            The seated ancient woman shrugs.  "So is avoiding the
          will of prophecy.  If they say it has been done we can't
          block the future if its now.  If it is said the true
          event was done then the next step must be done or the first
          never happens."

            "You speak in circles.  This whole thing on time eludes
          me and gives me a headache."

            "The river is set we can only add stones to the river that
          would have already fallen in."

            The other woman shakes her head in confusion wondering if
          the ancient woman has gone insane.

          [Octagi 3, 1607TH - Kameran Wilderness]

            Tiren stands in a clearing and watches as Z'nayha approaches
          in a green and brown half dress.  Around them are some friends
          Tiren has met but mostly the clan watches this strange ritual
          of the outsider being here.

            Z'nayha joins Tiren and turns to the older woman waiting.
          Tiren is dressed in a light leather tunic and tan pants from
          leather.  The woman begins to speak the words and though
          Tiren doesn't really understand every word he gets the basic
          idea of the ritual.

            Soon Z'nayha turns to Tiren and speaks the words of faith
          and loyalty.  She then takes the bowl of liquid from a fellow
          girl and drinks from it.  She hands the bowl to Tiren who
          drinks the foul smelling mixture.  He wanted to know what
          was in it but after smelling that decides not to ask.

            The symbol a mixture of fluids denotes a mixture of two
          bodies being one.  With that Tiren and Z'nayha are married.
          Tiren finds the whole ritual a bit bland compared to the
          show civilized women demand.

          [Julis 6, 1608TH - Kameran Wilderness]

            Tiren runs in between fallen trees as he pleads for
          his feet to move faster.  He looks behind him to find
          his two friends from the clan trying to keep up.  In Ticasi
          they only say you need only to run faster than your friends
          to avoid a beast.

            But today he has been summoned to the lodge for a dire
          emergency.  The trio has been cleaning up a village during
          a severe storm that set fire to several huts.  Tiren leaps
          over a tree trunk that was hit by lightning and deftly
          misses a deep mole hole.  But misses the low branch where
          a bee hive was.  If things couldn't get worse a surge of
          rain hits the forest.  This does help to get rid of the
          stinging bees at least but slows him down.

            Finally a half hour later he enters the lodge panting
          deeply.  He is ushered into a room to find a woman lift
          a baby into the air.

            Tiren almost faints but the look of the woman make that
          look like a sign of weakness.  So their glare keeps him
          on his feet.  Soon he is holding twin girls of his own.
          Z'layha and Z'leyra.  He notices Z'layha is already sleeping
          but Z'leyra is awake and alert eyeing everything in sight.
          Tiren smiles at Z'nayha.

            In the corner the ancient woman talks to the old woman
          from the lodge.  The old woman whispers.  "So explain how
          a dead man can be holding babies?"

            The ancient woman smiles.

          [Ma 17, 1609TH - Kameran Wilderness]

            Tiren is present to the birth of his first son - Z'lart.
          He spends a week boasting to the clan men about how
          he will make a great hunter and barely a week old.

          [Ma 8, 1610TH - Kameran Wilderness]

            A year later Tiren finds his 4th kid - another son - born.
          This time Tiren names him as Z'verarg.  This one seems quiet
          and subdue so Tiren wonders if he will make a great artist.

          [Janaq 6, 1611TH - Kameran Wilderness]

            Z'leyra watches as her mother gives birth to yet another
          sister.  She learns this sister's name is Z'lena.

          [Octagi 19, 1614TH - Kameran Wilderness]

            Years later Tiren has learned the secrets as much as a man
          and outsider is taught.  He is still not fully happy about
          missing some details.  He knows something is being held back
          on the Kameri metal.  But even his wife refuses to tell
          him still considering him a outsider even going native in
          a way.  He is surprised to be still here as initially he had
          only a month not years to stay.

            When a merchant travels nearby outside the borders he finds
          his chance.  He writes a letter to his Ticasi father and
          friends.  He explains he has extended his stay here but
          can not go into details.  He will try to send more letters
          as time permits.  He pays the merchant in fine leather
          hides to ship the letter to Ticasi.  The merchant makes
          no promise but will try to once he reaches a civilized
          city with a messenger service.

          [Novehas 11, 1615TH - Kameran Wilderness]

            A cold night finds Tiren by the fire of his small lodge
          home.  Compared to most homes his place is rather large
          a palace compared to one room huts most live in.  But it
          seems with the size of his family and Z'nayhas's status
          he is accorded this place.  He stares at the warm fire as
          it makes him drowsy.

            Z'nayha joins him on the couch as the kids are all asleep
          as they listen to the wind blowing the trees in the darkness.
          Then Z'nayha startles the scholar by asking if he wants to
          learn the true secret of Kameran metalworking.

            Tiren nods and agrees to her terms that he will a give oath of
          secrecy.  She tells him to head to the storage lodge now
          and meet a old woman.  Confused by this he leaves his home
          in the cold.  Alone he finds a old woman who must be in her
          80s waiting.  The ancient woman simply nods and pulls a cowl
          over her face and guides the man through the forest.  It
          seems to take hours into the wee hours of the morning.

            Soon they find a stone wall of some sort with a access
          tunnel.   They enter and the woman explains the true

            "This place is a guarded place of ancient times.  We are
          forced to give offerings here in this alcove.  These offerings
          may be anything from animals, rare plants, metals or...even
          our young.  We have no choice.  The rules were set down so
          long ago it is instinct now.  In this alcove appears soon after
          a glowing metal or if we give well a cauldron of metal that
          could make a wide assortment of Kameri items from the molten

            Amazed the man looks angry.  "You just GIVE your young to
          a place where it goes to where?"  She shakes her head.  "You
          don't even know?  Are you serious?"

            "We have confidence in what we do.  The gods set long ago
          this system.  They warned us that if we fail to protect
          this place to guard it and give our offerings our people
          and your people will be safe."

            "From what?!  In my land there are people who fake miracles
          all the time.  Drink this and bam your ills go away.  Faith
          in a bottle is as bad as faith in this...stone place."

            "It is our way.  Now you must never reveal this to even
          your wife."

            "Then why tell me?!"

            "Because....the gathering sees something in you.   That
          you will not abuse this secret.  Will you abide by this
          or will you tell your friends in this Ticasi land about it?"

            "This is not fair.."  Tiren runs a hand through his hair
          in frustration.  "I came here to....learn.  I may have
          questions later and expect answers.   But I will abide
          by this."

            "You can also drink a tea that will rid your memory of
          this night.  If you rather go back to not knowing."

            "So keep silent or forget it?"  He stares at the two
          alcoves which are both empty.  "I will be silent but
          I expect answers."

            "Come to my lodge next week and I will try to answer
          your questions."

          [Febris 28, 1618TH - Kameran Wilderness]

            Years later after finding the secret Tiren has become more
          and more depressed.  His own wife doesn't know the full
          truth only this inner circle of a few ancient women seem
          to know for sure.  He has been known to take to the hard
          drinks the men serve in their own places of fun.

            But today the twin girls start their apprenticeship into
          a shaman training lodge.  Both are not even that old but it
          seems they start young here.  Z'leyra has been hoping to get
          the fox as a tonah as they are clever and fast.  But her twin
          sister hopes to get the noble deer.  But Z'nayha explains
          that a tonah picks them not the other way around.  Only
          a few rare exceptions can actually choose their tonah.

          [Febris 28, 1624TH - Kameran Wilderness]

            Z'nayha is on the eastern edge of the Kameran lands when she
          falls in a bear pit trap.  She was out exploring for new plants
          for the local lodges for healing.  The six foot pit has a set
          of four sharp spears and at the bottom to add insurance a simple
          metal foot trap.  She is pierced in the left ribs and slides
          down the pit to land where the metal trap clamps down breaking
          her ankle.

            This is no Kameran trap as it would not be this hostile so
          it has to be a foreign hunter trap.  As she gasps for air she
          tries to call for help, especially her Tonah.  But she knows
          her lung is losing air and deflated.  She has minutes maybe
          if she is lucky.  The nearest clan is at least 30 minutes
          walking.  Her Tonah knows even he would be too late to fetch

            Thinking of her children she coughs up blood and starts
          to lose oxygen in her veins.  She tries to cast a spell but
          without being able to speak no words can be given.  She
          collapses looking up at the sun between the trees wondering
          if her kids will become who they should be for the tribe.
          Then she thinks of Tiren as spots form in her eyes.  She
          Worries about Z'lena who was not feeling well and then simply
          falls into unconsciousness.

            An hour later the Tonah returns with help but it is too
          late.  Three men haul her body out and break the spears.
          They take a piece away with them and return the body to
          Z'nayha's clan lodge.

          [Marqi 3, 1624TH - Kameran Wilderness]

            Tiren stands in front of the clan elders.  He has been given
          his say but they banish him now.  No outsider without a sponsor
          should remain now that his wife is gone.  Tiren pleads that
          he has his children here and they could sponsor him.  But in
          fact they deny this saying that are too young.

            By now the ancient woman who showed him the stone alcoves
          has died and so to the elders there is no reason to have him
          around.  They allow him only one kid to take with him.

            Tiren argues for hours trying to say this not fair that
          he should be able to take all his children.  But under
          clan rules family is community until they are of age or
          ready for their adult tests.

            Tiren threatens and pleads but when the elders say he could
          be killed for staying he relents.  Heart broken he has only
          a few hours to choose which kid to take.

            Alone in his lodge home he falls to the ground stunned by
          this turn of events spilling tears and pleading to the gods.
          But he has a deadline so gathers his children.  With great
          anguish he explains his situation.

            "If I have to...I will return with an army to gather you
          if I am able to."

            But in his heart he knows there is little hope.  Some like
          the boys seem to love this place.  But of all the kids one
          seems to have the desire to learn and explore.  This one
          kid has been caught exploring the edge of the Kameran in
          danger of being taken.  Tiren can't leave this one alone
          to risk this danger.  Tiren chooses Z'leyra.

          [Marqi 4, 1624TH - Kameran Wilderness]

            Tiren, Z'leyra and Fisherking leave the Kameran and head
          to Ticasi.  They know they have a long trip ahead of them.

          [Marqi 24, 1624TH - Ticasi City]

            Tiren's father is elected to the Council in Ticasi for a two
          year term.  This makes him one of the powerful leaders for
          the province.

          [Novehas 9, 1624TH - Ticasi City]

            Tiren and Z'leyra finally arrive in Ticasi after a long
          trip of being lost, battles with monsters and bandits and
          many powerful summer storms.  It may have taken 4-5 months
          longer than usual but Tiren stays and explores showing what
          he can of places and animals.  Plus at least 3 times they
          get lost and lose a total of 18 days going in circles.

          [Janaq 4, 1625TH - Ticasi City]

            Tiren enrolls Z'leyra in a magical school to learn Balance
          magic.  But to other students Z'leyra is only a barbarian
          outsider not worthy of notice.

          [Ma 20, 1626TH - Ticasi]

            Z'leyra finds the woods so much better than the schools.
          There even the professors treat her as an outsider.  They
          even hate her free education as her grandfather arranged
          for this.  Some students as far as Teos and Fomoria spend
          a king's ransom getting here and for education.

            But in the woods she can be with her drum and be a shaman
          again from her learning at the shamanic lodges.  In the
          woods she finds a Elf who seeks to be alone.  This elf
          who was placed here as a way station of sorts for his
          people rarely goes to the city.

            After weeks of trying to get closer the Elf finally
          stops kicking her off his land.  The old Elf, Besir,
          lets her enter his small hut.

            Over the next few months they become friends and
          she urges him to teach him Sidh magics.

          [Apris 12, 1627TH - Ticasi]

            For weeks Z'leyra has noticed a small human male walking
          the halls.  He tends to stay at the Council headquarters
          and carries packets and messages.  He must be only a
          messenger but he is always scowling for some reason.  Why
          have a kid in this place?

            But today she meets Besir to bring him some candles from
          the city.  She notices a small man at the table and he
          stands and shows wings!  Startled she reaches for her staff
          but Besir just laughs.

            "This is Varange.  He is a Faerry.  They have wings.  He has
          been here a few weeks serving as a scholar and diplomat for the
          Wild Forest."

            "Actually that is my main purpose but I am here on various other
          tasks for our people.  I tend to avoid humans when I can at
          the schools.  This is a short duty assignment.  But I am also
          looking for a special relic and I figure the wise men at this
          school might help me."  The small Fae bows and waves a arm
          toward Z'leyra. "Glad to meet you.  Maybe we'll be good friends."

          [Apris 13, 1627TH - Ticasi]

            Z'leyra begins her healing lessons to become a Master Healer
          some day.  Her teachers a old lady in her 70s seems to take
          the "barbarian gal" as foolish.  Z'leyra has to work extra hard
          to maintain her studies and not be kicked out.  Over time that
          takes almost a year she finally shows her prowess as a Healer
          for the old lady teacher.  But there are still whispers behind
          closed doors about her heritage that still gives Z'leyra a deep
          side of betrayal.

          [Julis 15, 1628TH - Ticasi]

            The healer now becomes a Master Armorer after proving herself
          as a designer of a suit of armor for a noble.  The final test
          by the Armorsmith teacher approves and grants her the title
          of Master Armorer this day.

          [Apris 22, 1630TH - Ticasi]

            While Z'leyra studies in magic and other skills at the
          Ticasi schools she also spends many off hours and weekends
          at the Sidh camps in the woods.  By now Varange has moved
          on it seems with his research completed.  She still does not
          understand if he even had full authority here as a diplomat
          or that was some cover.

            For the last 3 months though the Sidh helped to teach her
          the ways of Jewel Craft.  Unlike healing and Armor making
          this skill is a bit harder.  The skill is there but the
          patience is lacking.  Sitting staring at jewels and chipping
          away to prevent flaws is very difficult.  The Sidh teach
          her how to be patient through meditation.

            After hundreds of failed and destroyed pieces of Gems
          and the like she finally shows she has the talent.  She
          shows this by buying a cheap though flawless ruby and
          making a nice simple ring for her father.  She presents
          it to him at dinner and he praises her for the surprise
          at even learning a new trade.

          [Junag 8, 1630TH - Ticasi]

            Tiren is elected into the Council as the Metal Crafts
          professor.  Though this is a hard fight as the gossip
          around his family still spreads.  The position is a high
          place for the government.

          [Ma 12, 1632TH - Ticasi]

            Tiren begins to run tests again on the Kameri metal.  He
          is determined to learn the secrets behind the workmanship.
          He uses his Council position to research for months.  That
          it doesn't seem to be Magic or even a rare metal.  It  seems to
          be in how it is done and bonded.  Using ancient archives that
          only Council members can access he finds that rumors in he
          Archives mention that some strange techniques in blade making
          was performed by the empire that once ruled Goidan.  But
          this is all speculation.

          [Julis 3, 1632TH - Ticasi]

            Tiren continues his metal blade research and tries to study
          the craftsman notes from armorers around the world.  But being
          a professor he is not as skilled in that area.  He consults
          with the Metal Crafters Clan which is a sect in Ticasi that
          treats the craft as sacred.  They hide their secrets well
          and argue that things are "just so".  The leader of the Clan
          a Robaris Demaul tries to sway Tiren to stop his work.

            Z'leyra returns from her studies happy to show her father
          a new spell.  She can hear Demaul and Tiren argue inside
          almost to the point of threats.  She enters and stops the
          fight upon arriving and Demaul leaves.

          [Julis 5, 1632TH - Ticasi]
          [Time: 3:05 pm]

            Poorda is humming to herself in her house when she notices
          yet another man in her backyard.  She exits the house and
          begins to yell for him to leave.  The man in the floppy hat
          looks at her and yells back.  "Go back inside old woman."

            Poorda rushes back inside and grabs a long broom.  Coming
          back out she moves toward the man.  Seeing this fool charge
          the man raises both hands.  "I'm going! I'm late for a game

            "Get off that Pison Fruit or I'll bash you in!"

            The man runs toward the north grumbling to himself.  This
          card game have better be worth it.

          [Julis 5, 1632TH - Ticasi]
          [Time: 3:18 pm]

            Tiren intends to remove a shard of a Kameri dagger so
          he can test it with a possible ancient Dwarf technique
          to see if that might be the key to its hardness and durability.

            Tiren is in his workshop next to the house when suddenly a fire
          erupts in the process.  Smoke begins to fill the shed causing
          toxic fumes to build up.  Then something seems to explore on
          the fire some bag of something and sprays metal dust all over
          the room.  This seems to ignite the fire in a air burst.

            In seconds Tiren tries to flee but is engulfed by the fire
          and is killed.  The fire spreads to the workshop burning it
          down almost completely.  The house is damaged by the fire but
          is rescued by a fire brigade later.  In 7 minutes a brigade of
          wagons and magicians come to douse the fire with magic.  But
          it is too late for the workshop.

            At the school Z'leyra is practicing her Levitate spell
          trying to obtain a apple from the ceiling when she hears
          of the fire.  She rushes home to find her father dead from
          the fire and her houss about 40% gone.  Folks do help to
          rebuild some walls for the time being.  But the Council
          deems the home may be unsafe until they get it checked out.

            Z'leyra stays in the home against the wishes of the guards
          and neighbors.  Upset that a skilled professor could end up
          dead by a simple accident!  She spends the next few days
          to recover any notes or clues as to what happened.

            The Council refuses to listen that it was nothing but a
          simple accident and so does not use magic to investigate it.
          This may have been due to her being a barbarian as well.
          That very day she chops down a tall tree in sheer angle
          and frustration with a axe her father had.  This is the public
          version of the fire.  The true version is below.

          [Julis 5, 1632TH - Ticasi]
          [Time: 3:12 pm]

            Tiren is humming to himself as he finally is starting to
          make sense of the Kameri metal.  If he is right then this
          is no actual metal but something utterly alien.  The entire
          science of this metal is lopsided.  But if his theory is correct
          he will finally solve the mystery.   Now he is starting his
          last 3 tests to prove his theory.

            Tiren had hoped to get a magic user involved but this is too
          secret - too complicated so he can not risk the help of others.
          This may go beyond Ticasi or even the region.  This could be a
          Middle World situation.

            Tiren looks outside to see Fisherking hunting a rat to
          torment.  He never understood birds - dogs or horses sure but
          never birds.  But he tolerates the eagle since it is Z'leyra.s
          He does not fully understand this Tonah stuff but it seems very
          important to her.

            Tiren looks down to his journal and, traces the metal formulae
          he has finally figured out.  The ratio to metal to this alien
          substance is radically odd.  He hears moevment and then Milo
          Smith enters the workshop.

            "Tiren.  We need to talk."

            "There is nothing more to say.  It is up to her to decide
          which she chooses."

            "No.  I believe we have moved beyond that.  It is this
          report you filled on the mine.  I think you are wrong."

            "I may not be a mine expert Milo but I know metals.  The
          samples you shipped to me were miniscule at best trace at
          the least.  I believe Orto should not be involved based
          on the samples you sent."

            "Then come to the mine and retest.  Surely you can't be
          using this ...thing between us as some leverage to get
          back at me?"

            Tiren crosses his arms and moves behind the anvil/furnace.
          "You know me better than that Milo."

            Milo runs a hand through his hair.  "I know.  Will you at
          least come to the mine?  I have extensive investment in this
          mine and I could lose a great deal."

            "Fine.  Give me two days."

            "I...I can delay the board.  Two days then.  Good day, Tiren."

            Milo leaves and Tiren begins to collect tools.  As he heads
          to one shelf for a hammer another visitor comes.  He turns
          and smiles.  "Z'leyra is school over so soon?"

            The woman in Green enters the workshop looking behind her
          at the street and closing the shop main door.  "I was done
          for the day.  You said you would talk to me about these tests?"

            "I did?"  He scratches his head.  "I don't recall."  He
          considers telling Z'leyra what he has found but even putting
          her at this risk could be dangerous.  "I will indeed sit down
          and let you know tomorrow or two days max.  I just need time
          to finish these tests."

            The woman crosses the distance after glancing at the
          journal at the table.  She moves toward Tiren.  "Come on please
          tell me."

            Tiren looks confused as Z'leyra has never pleaded like that
          before.  "I heard of a book at the ....school library that
          may have info on Kameri culture.  We..could share-"

            "I can't explain now."  Tiren turns toward the table to
          head toward his journal when the female slams a dagger to
          the side of Tiren's head knocking him instantly out.  The
          woman looks down at Tiren and puts her dagger back in her
          belt.  She heads to the journal and flips the pages.  She
          shakes her head and moves back to the lit fire and tosses
          the journal to the top.

            The woman then reaches behind her and pulls out a couple
          flasks of something and tosses into the fire.  The oil or
          naptha whatever it is flares up and skyward to the open skylight.
          The woman adds seat cushions to the fire and moves a cabinet
          near the flame to possibly light up later.  She then heads
          to the rear door and looks back as a wall of flame begins
          to move toward the east wall.  Why do poeple make fires in
          a wooden structure?

            The woman then enters the backyard and moves eastward to the
          next house.  She then rounds the corner and mounts up on a horse.
          Moving street side she turns east.  Moving silently and without
          much regard to the burning building she moves then south and
          toward some woods.

            At the edge of the woods she ensures no one can see her and
          slaps the horse away but not before the horse snags its tail
          on a sharp thorn bush.  Entering the woods the woman moves
          to a new location hidden from view of the street.  She then
          transforms into a wolf and moves away.

            The wolf then moves to the edge of the city and exits
          using cover of a wagon past the humans.  Once outside the
          wolf begins to run south toward the light woods on the edge
          of the docks.

            Once at the woods and hidden from view the Wolf transforms
          again this time into a nude male with a misshapen nose.  The
          man reaches to his nose and begins to shift it around.  Then
          heads to his cache of clothing.   Now he must start his long
          trip again.

          [Augado 29, 1632TH - Ticasi]

            Z'leyra finally gives up as the Council gives friendly
          advice that maybe her studies should be taken to the field.
          A friendly way to say get lost it seems.  It has been clear
          for years that Z'leyra was never welcome here.

            Z'leyra gives her Sidh friends fare wells and leaves Ticasi
          in disgust.

          [Sepes 6, 1632TH - Ticasi]

            Heading east Z'leyra finds a dying man on the road.  She
          tries to use her healing skills but the man has lost too
          much blood and she can do little.  If she had some form of
          regeneration spells she might could've saved him.  But
          the man gives her a package and asks for her to take it to
          Aratad City.

          [Sepes 23, 1632TH - Ticasi]

            Z'leyra arrives in Aratad showing a bit of a tourist as
          she has spent so much time in Ticasi she clearly shows
          she is a stranger here.

            Z'leyra delivers the package to Cortez Aqula.  Cortez, a
          merchant who paid her and invited her to stay the night as his

            Cortez hires Z'leyra to deliver a second package to Zara
          city.  The merchant gives her a Riding Horse sincs she had
          been walking all this time.

          [Sepes 24, 1632TH - Ticasi]

            Z'leyra leaves Aratad and heads toward Zara.  It doesn't
          take her long to deliver the package now that she has
          a horse.

          [Sepes 28, 1632TH - Ticasi]

            In the Zara province Z'leyra finds Laurel wood to make
          a nice staff that she wanted since seeing others in Ticasi
          speak about them.

          [Octagi 2, 1632TH - Ticasi]

            Z'leyra rides into the Thaliban forest.  She is fully
          unaware of the threat the Tilani represent.  She would
          not hear about the danger until she reaches Thaliban
          City Camp.

          [Octagi 7, 1632TH - Ticasi]

            Z'leyra enters the Thaliban City Camp and hears about
          a caravan just being attacked by the Tilani.  She is
          amazed she was able to exit the road in the north not
          aware of the danger and be safe.

          [Octagi 11, 1632TH - Ticasi]

            Z'leyra enters Malnon city and delivers the package and
          gets paid for her service.  At the docks nearby she notices
          a colorful ship called the Wave Dancer and some people
          moving about on board as if eager to leave.  It would not
          be but many days later when she herself would be a
          passenger on that ship.

            Z'leyra also finds a cryptic message from Varange when
          she delivers the package.  How the strange winged being
          knew she would be here she never learned.  But it is some
          message that she is needed to help him.

          [Octagi 17, 1632TH - Ticasi]

            In Sivas she tries to find Varange as requested.  But
          she learns he is actually now in Clima having left on
          a ship called the Wave Dancer.  She is unsure about this
          going to a foreign land to help some strange Faerry.
          She dealt with him only a few months.  But the Sidh back
          in Ticasi would have wanted her to do so.

            She learns that no ships will willingly go to Clima.
          So she hires Karl a Horseman guard and travels to Porta.
          She hopes going back west to Thaliba will allow her to
          get passage to the strange island.

          [Octagi 25, 1632TH - Ticasi]

            Z'leyra and her bodyguard arrive in Thaliban City Camp.

          [Octagi 28, 1632TH - Ticasi]

            Both arrive finally at Porta City and Z'leyra guards
          her gold and gear.  She realizes this city is a scummy
          place full of pirates and thugs.

          [Octagi 29, 1632TH - Ticasi]

            Z'leyra sails to Clima and hopes the pirates will not
          kill her there and on the ship she travels on.  Once on
          Clima she finds herself in the thick of a plot to save
          diplomats around the Sea of Tears in a prison.  There
          she meets others including Unali who will become friends.

          [Decalis 16, 1634TH - Ticasi]
          [Time: 8:12am]

            Farseeker rushes into Cholan's Tavern.  "I'm here.
          I am sorry to be late but I was delayed a day ago by
          some bandits who felt it was their duty to take my
          money and donate to their welfare.  Too bad they can't
          use it in the afterlife.  Did I miss the party?"

            Cholan nods, "Yep.  But they have left on some new

            "I missed the party!" He slams his fist on the bar
          making a nearby mug shake.  "Quest?"

            "Seems Z'leyra learned about her family home will be
          completely destroyed back in Ticasi.  So she asked the
          party if they wished to help her solve the murder of
          her father."  He leans on the bar on his elbows.  "Frankly,
          I suspect she can do it on her own.  She had some new folks
          with her a new Faerry and some others including this cute
          dancer joined her group.  Man you should see that dancer
          she has the top of-"

            Cholan's wife startles him, "of what?"

            "Of...of that hat rug she wears."

            "How long ago?" Farseeker asks.

            "Few hours ago.  Heading west by ferry if I recall."

            "Missed them a quest.  But I probably couldn't get off
          my duty without a few days notice for a replacement."

            "Duke Aren is in town you could get approval."

            "Hmmmm.  I could but by time I find him and get
          the details ironed out...."

            "You just don't like the rule of Ticasi that you can't
          have weapons right?"  Cholan smiles.

            Changing the subject, Farseeker gives Cholan Unali's
          birth gift for her when she returns.

          [Novehas 18, 1634TH - Ticasi]

            The Bhomatin Admiral saved by the party finally learns
          the identity of who hired the bandits to take out her
          crew and sink her ship.  It is a gang leader in Bhamotin
          who is powerful in the underground.  The gangster is eager
          to increase tensions between Marentia and Bhamotin.  While
          the two nations are strong allies it helps business in his
          arms smuggling to increase his profits.  It was meant to
          show that Marentia had killed her and the crew.  But thanks
          to the party she lives.

            Days later a envoy from Maren city meets the admiral to
          share this information.  The envoy tells she should go
          find Commander Farseeker on the border.  If the government
          of Bhamotin wishes to have joint cooperation of a mission
          to arrest this gangster his forces at the Fort can help.

          [Novehas 02, 1634TH - Ticasi]

            Martin Smith enters Ki's office fuming.  "That old woman
          will still not sell."

            "I am not a thug nor will I do anything to remove her
          by force.  You need to get the council to condemn her house.
          If you can't get this done then instead of your school I
          will have to go back to the original plan and do the
          engineering school."

            "We had a deal Ki."  Martin stabs a finger toward the
          land developer.  "I would see to it that the council saw
          favor to your dock warehouse deals.  The guild there is
          enough to be a mess.  If the council approves as they will
          then the dock worker guild will have to be subdued by the
          law. "

            "Since when do you use the law?"

            Martin Smith leans over the desk of Ki and stares at the man
          in the dim light.  "I can easily remove our support and you
          will go back to building shacks for peasants."

            "I will build your school but you will have to get rid
          of her.  The last two homes including Tiren's will be ours
          once we settle the papers."

            "Just get it done."  Martin storms out of the office.

          [Novehas 22, 1634TH - Upper World]

            In a Upper World court hall beings sit around a large
          set of other beings.  A being begins to circle the
          large table speaking.

            "Our next group is a collection of humans, elves and
          Faerry who make their home in a land called Marentia.
          We have already detailed some of their exploits in the
          past including the Graviton Elementals, Lymrian Castle
          and the off worlders known as the Vong."  This causes
          a murmur of whispers.

            "We had hoped others would be in this collection but
          we are fine with what we have."

            The begin begins to outline each person in the party.
          Who they may be.  Who they are destined to be.  What
          they have done and what they should be doing.

            "While Arawn is a coincidence our main target is the
          human healer.  We are unsure of where she stands in
          the great Scheme of Things.  Even the Fates are hard
          pressed to weave her Book of Life."

            The beings begin to argue a bit as to which method
          is best.  A Test of Will.  A Testimony.   Direct
          Confrontation.  Among other things that beings of this
          kind can wage.

            One being starts to give issue with the plans given.
          "This group is growing too powerful too fast.  If
          the Fates see their Future then the Great Secret could
          be revealed."

            This causes a uproar among the beings.  The first being
          who seems to be a chamberlain of sorts clears the room
          of any non-vital beings.  "You will never utter such
          things again.  Even you can be exiled away from this

            The silence quickly ends when the Court Chamberlain
          gives the final options.   It was soon decided.

            "So it is decided an Avatar will be sent to Confirm
          her Destiny.  As the Agreement allows we will do so.
          Now on to our next group in a land called A'Korchu.
          They are massing a army of Griffins that could upset
          the balance.  Therefore.."

          [Decalis 1, 1634TH - Zarun Forest]

            The old man sits against the tree in the Zarun end of
          the forest. He watches the clouds and recalls days of
          yesteryear.  Days he could bed 3 females at one time
          as he holds his stick hard and firm.

            Suddenly he become dizzy.  Images flood his mind and
          words in his ears as if people are here speaking to
          him but none are nearby.

            "We seek your help.  We wish to communicate to others
          nearby.  We only wish to use your body for a short
          time.  Do you agree?"

            The old man looks around confused.  "Who is there?"

            "We are All that is here and everywhere.  We are
          the starting and end.  We are-"

            "Jacob is that you? You fool.  Stop that!"

            "We are the ones who your mother prayed to."

            "What?!"  Shocked the old man who was never a bit
          religious stands.  "You wish to...simply speak?"

            "Yes.  We will honor your service."

            "By gold or ale?"

            "By the Book of Life and the deeds inside."

            "What If I say no?"

            "Then we will honor another person."

            "Just talk you won't like try to make me dance
          naked in a Portan Men's Bathing House or such?"

            "No dancing."

            "Fine.  What do I need to -"  His voice stops as
          his eyes blur and he begins to move eastward.

          [Decalis 3, 1634TH - Thaliba]

            The Tilani watch the party stop and speak to the old man.
          From some 80 feet away they can pick up words but do not
          understand the language.  There are a group of 8 around in
          the forest east of the party.  Then suddenly the old man
          raises his hand and one of the men go flying.

            This causes Saun to speak up.  "You see it they violate!
          They have many horses we should kill them now."

            The Shaman raises a hand and studies the scene.  "No."

            A couple minutes later.  The Shaman continues.  "The spirits
          have fled.  Look around.  Listen.  The birds started to
          fly away or go silent.  The fox that almost ran us down seemed
          to flee in terror from the road.  No.  I do not like this.
          Send two to watch.  If they violate again we will attack."

            The young warrior looks disgusted.  "We let these fools
          get away with a violation?"  Then the man at the table suddenly
          appears on the road.

            "See!"  The Shaman whispers.  "Great magic is at work here.
          Even the spirits seem ....worried."

            "We've killed those who use their so called magic before.
          Why we use many warriors and surprise."

            "I said no.  Do not question me again." The Shaman studies
          the party as they mount up.  "Follow that old one.  Do not
          approach.  I want to know what he does."

          [Decalis 13, 1634TH - Off Coast of Zara]

            On board the Zarun merchant ship, Zabyra and Red Shirt sit
          on deck watching the waves pass as sailors do their chores
          with the ship.  Zabyra looks to the man and sees him worried
          and sad.  She just asks, "why the red shirts?"

            The man glances briefly over, "my grandmother made this bright
          red quilt when I was young.  We had a fire and two of my family
          was killed.  But the quilt seemed to have saved me.  I don't
          know it seems to be good luck.  I like red. "

            Zabyra nods, "I'm glad Arawn paid for a better berth for
          both of us.  Kind folks but a bit odd if you ask me."

            Red Shirt nods and laughs.  "Indeed.  So you also looked
          out of place. So tell me about yourself and why you even
          joined them?"

            Zabyra adjusts her turban and smiles, "It's a long story...
          but we have some time..so I'll tell you.  It started weeks
          ago when..."

          [Decalis 23, 1634TH - Ticasi City]
          [Time: 5:40 pm]

            Z'leyra introduces herself to the guards at the gate and
          one guard whispers, "I think that's Tiren's brat the one
          Hayna talked about a lot.  Barbarians amaze me trying to
          learn things other than killing."

          [Decalis 24, 1634TH - Ticasi City]
          [Time: 11:48 pm]

            A guard from the garrison arrives at Martin's home.  Martin
          finally sees him after a 30 minute wait.  The guard offers
          to tell what he learned but not before the gold is passed on
          to his pocket.

            "So she already knows she will be freed?"  Martin rubs his
          chain.  "That secret meeting.  It had to be either the Master
          Scholar or the Resident.  If it was councilors I would know.
          She made a deal with them."  He slams his hand on the desk
          knocking a ink and quill set toppling to the floor.  Martin
          ignores it as he moves toward the window.  "Did she say
          anything else?"

            "No.  Her lawyer came and raises the privacy field."

            "Good work.  Do not let anyone know of this.  Go now."

          [Decalis 24, 1634TH - Ticasi City]
          [Time: 6:38 am]

            Martin paces the room of the courthouse basement small
          interrogation room.  Finally the Chief investigator of Poorda's
          death enters.  "This had better be good."

            Martin explains what he learned. "So watch it. She will
          be set free.  I want my son and myself cleared of any of
          your investigation or I will disclose this to others."

            "Threats without evidence? You waste my time."

            "I have a witness and she told her friends.  She could be
          forced to admit it."

            The investigator considers this.  If Martin spread this
          and if it was one of the two most powerful men in the
          city who could get in serous jeopardy it would be bad.
          The Master Scholar could be replaced and Martin might even
          vie for his position.  If the Resident had made that
          deal and learned of this betrayal he could end Ticasi's so
          called independence with a pen stroke.  The man sighs
          and leans back.  "I can't help your son.  He is too deep
          into it."
          Martin sits and smiles begins to argue his case and the
        two men make a deal.

          [Decalis 25, 1634TH - Ticasi City]
          [Time: 4:15 pm]
          [Somewhere in a hidden underground area in Ticasi City]

            The Master Scholar moves toward the Visionary.  "You
          were correct it seems she told her friends she would be

            "The first step in a long road."

            "I can't stand seeing you here.  We have the research.
          We can end this pain."

            "Pain is worth it if we maintain our independence.  IF
          we become under the thumb of the Donaran's a dark age
          will befall this entire region if not the world."

            "They would not dare.  They need us more than we need

            "They are itching for an excuse.  This last situation was
          almost the lunch pin."

            "It was settled until she came back to town.  There
          is still major flak from her freedom."

            "The path to our freedom....is long and will only end
          when the one in the west prevails.  But first they must
          solve this mystery Tiren discovered."

             "It has taken us two years to read the copy of his notes.
           He coded his work well. It took major spell work.  We almost
           lost half the notes due to a bad spell failure.   Yet we
           still don't understand what it all means.  If this material
           is not metal then what is it?"

             "This is why She must solve the mystery."

             The Master Scholar steps forward and reaches out to the old
           woman with the gray hair.  "When we started this ....program
           long ago it was not meant to be a life sentence."

             "You fret too much my love.  Our Watchers will not be
           here forever.  Once the West Man prevails the chips will
           fall and we can affirm our place.  The balance of power
           will shift."

             "But to use these three to watch the city and area for
           spells?  Why can't magic items be used?"

             "Because it can't maintain what a human brain holds compared
           to a cold item.  If we are to detect spies and possible sabotage
           by the Resident this is our best chance."

             The master scholar lowers his hand from her face and moves
           to the balcony to peer down through the glass.  Below in
           a bit are three casket like structures with three submerged
           humans 1 female and 2 men.  They are in a bath like liquid
           of white with bits of rose colored things floating in it.
           Each are murmuring as others write down notes on what
           they have discovered.

             "....Metal enchantment in Grid 14 at Stable..."

             "...Luck spell cast in Grid 23 at possible hidden gaming

             "Knowledge cast at Healing School sub grid 4."

             The master scholar listens as they drone on  So they
           caught another possible cheat of a student.  He moves
           toward the old woman who is too frail to even stand up
           in her throne like chair.  "How long?"

             "It could be months or years...."

          [Febris 9th, 1635TH - Shifter Prison]
          [Time: Just after party escapes]

            The Abnari looks around confused.  One minute she was
          in a dusty smelly room and now in a hot sweaty area.
          Suddenly the Arawn-Guardian shows up.

            "Hello there."  Arawn smiles way too easily.

            "Where am I?"  The Abnari asks.

            "Neither here or there.  But let's just say it is a
          retreat for bad people."  The Guardian walks forward
          and examines the dead Cryx on the ground.

            "Saying I am bad?"

            "No quite.  No.  Just you are a victim of circumstance.
          It seems someone summoned you and you got sucked here
          from the other side."

             "So how do I leave?"

             Arawn shrugs.  "I'm afraid no chance of that now.
          Those who fled took that chance when they finished
          that off."  He pointed to the Cryx.

            "Make sense you fool!"

            "We will have...a long time to discuss this.  Sadly
          you are here for indefinitely."

            "Unacceptable!  I need to leave now."

            Arawn shrugs.

            The Abnari charges right for Arawn and passes
          through him forcing her to slam into the wall.

            'What are you?"

            "A guardian..a prison guard...and friend.  I hope to
          be here for you till...the end."

            "I will die here?"

            "That depends if the outsiders send food and the...
          inmates don't have fun first."

            "I swear if I get out of here I will seek the death
          of the summoner! A very painful one!  My family and
          court will avenge my death if they find out!.  They
          will find out?"

            "That you're gone? I'm sure.  Eventually.  Who
          summoned you.  I don't know the ways of the gods.
          Not in that way at least."

            "Do kyou now who summoned me?""

            "No."  The Guardian lies.  Maybe on her death dirt
          bed he will share it.  But for now.  Might as well
          make her less angry.

            Arawn continues, "now let's show you around.."

          [Ma 12th, 1635TH - Kameran Home Village of Z'leyra]

            The large man approaches the simple home and knocks on
          the door.  With him a translator he borrowed from a
          merchant back home.

            The door opens and the man nods.

            "You have the horses and gear?"

            "Yes. After we declared my sister...both of them dead.
          and you approached we collected them from the new owners."

            "Everything is there?"  The large man asks with help
          from the translator.

            "We are honorable.  Aside from any food or water that
          would've been wasted...it is all there.  We held the
          gear for weeks.  We stored it.  All the gear and horsee
          are at the corral.  Except.."


            "One horse.  This horse was very upset and could not
          be rode or even saddled without harming others.  We
          would have broken the horse.  But it escaped and fled
          the land."

            "Do you know which horse?"

            "No.  But some said the tall one with those ears and
          face cloth...the one that tried to bless folks and
          talk and talk.  Some say he rode it."

            "Sounds like Arawn."

            Z'lart nods.  "We held hope they would be alive.  We dug
          and dug.  Then there are rumors from the Fortress that we
          are not allowed to know.  I hope you can at least return
          some of the items to their family.  Why did you show up
          couple weeks ago?"

            "Those back home suspected no return.  We tracked them
          from other areas to here.  Some back home believe they
          are dead.  But some ...like me...feel they are not
          as lucky."

            "Chion Blades you are a strange one.  Let me show you
          the corral."

          [Decalis 2nd, 1635TH - Kameran Forest - Near Fortress]
          [Time: After death of Lone Shifter]

            The two figures watch as the party moves from the death
          site of the shifter to the north back to the clearing.

            The short one asks, "we are too late."

            The taller more stern looking one frowns.  "Yes.
          The Exiled One was killed."

            "That flash?"

            "The amulet warning of its demise.  We can't get it
          now it seems."

            'Why?  We can handle those humans."

            "Yes. Easily.  But the amulet is gone now. It would
          be futile."

            The two figures trial the party as they move north.
          No one detects them at all.  Once at the clearing
          they spot the nude human female and the others talking.

            "What now?"  Says Shorty.

            "We report.  It is up to him to decide."

            Shorty gulps.  "But he may get upset with us for this

            Tall one circles Shorty.  "True."  From behind the
          short man he pulls out his magical glowing dagger.  "I
          suppose there must be as the humans say a fall guy."
          He reaches around and slices the throat of the being.

            As Shorty falls dying the Tall one wipes his blade.
          "Yes..we'll have to keep tabs on these...people."

           Actions? Comments?

           Next Update....Soon...

           GM: Hope that was a fun read. I was once in a pbem that
               did this and liked it.  It filled in blanks.  Too bad
               the pbem failed months after starting.

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