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   `        Player        DS    Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
   -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
   FH.John Haight.......HY..Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Al.. Ma
   ...Kevin Newark..........Dorhak............Warrior.Normal/Dwarf....Ma
   --.Tobie Bonahoom....YY..Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry.. Fe
   W3.Mark Murtha.......HN..Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human....Ma
   W2.David Sanders.....HN..Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  ..Ma
   R4.Wout Broere.......YY..Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  ..Fe
   R3 Panthera..............Pyandalgor........Hunter..Normal/Human....Ma
   R4.Alex Koponen......YY..Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  ..Fe
      Z'layha ..............Npc...............Normal..Normal/Shaman...Fe
      Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra

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       Game Update #151 sequence (file #1020)

       Admin Notes: None

         From David: [RE: IBT]
           Since we have new players, I thought I might explain...
         GM: Ack. Thanks for the tip. Yes the best way is to look at the
             IBT document on game site (it is old but still applies).  Then
             take a look at sample IBTs at the top of the game site.
             Example: File #22/Update #-17 Kiets
                      File #25/Update #-15 Fremea's
                      File #29/Update #-13 Unali's IBT
                      File #30/Update #-12-Z'leyra's IBT
                      File #31/Update #-11/Arawn's IBT
             These show typical results.  Does not show the outlines
             made but how I did the IBT.  I process it day by day.
             I do not try to read ahead.  So if Day 30 conflicts with
             Day 14 I should be advised as I process it day by day line
             by line.

         From Panthera: [Re: Fonts]
           You can use this font to show the haracter sheets correctly
           under Windows Crystal Font | 

           /Crystal Font | dafont.com
            Crystal Font | dafont.com
         GM: Ack.  Not sure if this is to everyone or me.  But being
             text they work fine for me  IT is all a matter of speed
             and ease.  Havng to load a document program like word or
             excel takes time.  One can simply cut/paste and search
             for stuff with long sheets like Z's.  For example her sheet
             is 10x larger than yours.  Lots of stuff. So speed is a factor
             when combat is done. I do notice the 'line' sheets I made
             years ago with high ascii does have issues.  Why I made sheets
             with asterisks (*) and that works fine.  Editors like openoffice
             write and some others do fine showing it.  To be honest
             most players rarely need sheets for a pbem.  I'm the one that
             spends 90% in them.  Players maybe once a month?

         From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
           OOC: Meant to send this out last update but I've been dealing
           with some things lately and didn't have a lot of time to work
           on the game.

           Sensing Raki's sorrow and confusion Arawn gave the ...

           "No, we should tell her so she can do something about...

           [OOC: If none of the females have anything to share with Mae
           then Arawn will do so. Scott, can't recall what Arawn might
           have that she can borrow - he can keep his robes and she can
           wear his pants, tunic and such. Otherwise, if this isn't
           reasonable he'll cast Transmutation EL 0 (using the Sidh
           Tongue) to transform an array of leaves into an ivy green
           dress with a proper winter cloak in the same color, just like

           a proper Fairy Godfather!]

           - [Akasha]

            OOC: Waiting to hear back regarding using this. Will give
            you a clear response once I receive some answers.

            - Options:

            I think Z'layha, being a respected shaman, should accompany
            the group when collecting horses and gear. Arawn can send her
            back to the Moss Fortress immediately after.

            And I think we should rest locally for a day before heading
            to the village.

            Regardless of things, Arawn isn't leaving Kameri until he
            and Corsaya are reunited. If need be he'll translocate back
            and wait for Z'leyra/Z'layha to bring the horses and gear back
            for him to translocate back.

            Other than this I'm okay with Arawn translocating the party as
         GM: Ack.  No problem on time.  After this update things will
             move slow for a few months.  So this gives you guys a bit
             of down time.  For me I have TONs to do admin work wise.
             In fact that break you wanted is now upon us. :)  Yes.
             Clothing can be found if not robes then Unali has some.
             So no spells needed.  Sent email reply last night.  So
             should have it by now.

         From John: [Re: Fonts]
           Thanks for the link. I'll have to look over the conversion and
           see which works for me. Definitely appreciate letting us know
           about it:)
         GM: Ack.  I didn't know you had serious issues?  Never
             said anything.  Some like open office write loads
             it with tabs and such fine.

       [New Stuff]

           [Decalis 2nd, 1635TH]
           [Time: 5:57 pm]

           [Before Mae is awaken and set free.]

             Sensing Raki's sorrow and confusion Arawn gave the shifter
           a sympathetic look, resting his hand on the shape-changer in a
           comforting manner.

             Arawn turns to Z'layha when she speaks of the Abnari

             Arawn gave the woman a puzzled look as she had been the one
           to update him on events during his 'black-out' but let it

             "No, we should tell her so she can do something about it.
           Not knowing will only place her in a worse situation when the
           gods come calling on her."  Arawn glances at the sleeping Mae.

             "We barely escaped.  I doubt she can do anything but
           prepare for any revenge."  Z'layha eats the bread given
           to her by her sister.

             Arawn picks up the discarded dagger.   "If it were possible
           I'd round up all the blades and have them tossed back into
           the prison. But that would be a prohibitive endeavor. Still,
           I'd feel better disposing of this by fire. One less danger to
           worry about."

             Arawn steps over to the discard dagger Z'layha threw down.

             Z'layha shrugs.  Between bites she says, "it would be
           impossible to collect the daggers world wide.  But maybe in the
           in the villages.  But we can discuss that with the elders.  But
           the craftsmanship is so good that it is hard to tell the
           difference between normal metal...and...them.."

             The Alfar weighed the dagger in his hand, his lips pursed as
           he considered the words of the shamaness Z'leyra.

             "I'll see what I can discover."  But Arawn knows it is
           only a quick solution.  Finding thousands world wide
           would be a lifetime's of work.

             Raki comments about the danger of Arawn going back to the
           villages information he learned through their mental links.
           He also wonders what else Raki knows about him.  That
           could be very disturbing.

             "Good advice. I think outside the village is best for now.
           We can adapt as needed from there."

             Arawn looks to the boy's skeleton.

             "It's cruel enough to lose someone. Crueler to not even
           have their remains. But you bring up a good point. We need
           to have a good story as there are going to be questions  as
           to what happened and why we disappeared for months. I don't
           think the truth is in order here but we should be prepared
           with answers, especially if we plan on arguing for our gear

             Z'layha looks to her sister.  "Good bread.  But I suspect
           I'll eat a week's worth of food at the fortress.  You will
           take the boy home or at least deal with it?"

             Arawn kneels over Mae prepared to revive her.

           [After Mae is awaken and healed of energy]

             The Alfar watched the slap, a slight look of disappointment
           on his face but otherwise held off interfering for the moment.
           He wanted to see how the two would manage the situation first,
           before worry of immediate involvement. Whatever his thoughts on
           the exchange between the two were he kept to himself for the
           time being. But once it was done he took it upon himself to
           remove Mae's bonds.

             "I don't think we need worry about another battle anytime
           soon so I suggest keeping to your current form. Though some
           clothing would be appropriate."

             "As to your sister, let's wait on deciding that later, after
           some discussion as it doesn't seem a pressing thing at the
           moment."  Arawn gives clothes to Mae.

             Z'leyra glances at the sun low in the sky.  She can tell
           the others are antsy and rather see what is with their
           homes like Fremea, Unali and her own.  Another day would
           not make a great big difference. But she recalls the rules

             "If you don't leave now I don't know what the Kameri may
           do....as it is evidently long past the one month time since
           we arrived. It might be best if those not of Kameri blood
           don't stick around to find out."  Z'leyra hopes that no one
           forgets that she is technically a guest back here.

             Arawn hears the elected leader speak.  He knows this is
           not good for him.  But he can always sneak in tonight
           if need be once he gets the others safe.

             Z'leyra gives last minute instructions to her staff
           then bids the party farewell.

             Arawn and the others say good bye to the Shamans
           and the boy's skeleton.  Then he translocates the party
           to Cetric's village into the prepared teleport circle.

             Z'layha turns to her sister.  "I need to get to the
           fortress.  You should return home and see our brother.
           I will try to get free when I can.  But I suspect I'll
           be busy here for weeks."

             At Cetric's Zen'dan village the party sees the
           village settled in for the night.  Fires are lit and
           the party is soon greeted.

             Cetric greets Arawn.  "You are alive my friend!  Chion
           who is now a full shaman..can you believe that?...he left
           long ago to find you.  He came back saying he found
           your horses and gear.  Took them back to your city."

             All except Dorhak and Mae exhale with a bit of relief.
           Then they eye the food.  But Cetric explains the group
           could eat but are mostly done with the night's meal.

             Arawn can see that food is scarce.  The winter is
           still in play.  While they aren't starving it would
           be unkind to take food away.  Not when a city of
           food vendors back home is around.

             Z'leyra teleports near Z'lart's home.  She hides
           the boy's skeleton until she can come up with a plan.
           Then she walks to the door and knocks.

             Z'lart opens and is startled.  "Z'leyra!  You are
           alive!"  He rushes out to hug his sister which takes
           a couple long minutes.  He wipes tears back and
           looks around. "Your friends?  Your friend Chion Blades
           came by about a month after you left.  He collected
           the horses and gear and figured you were alive.  He
           was correct!  We could not recover your bodies at the
           statue reveal.  Only a few of us.  The Elders figured
           you were thrown deep in a sink hole or such.  They
           called off the rescue figuring too dangerous to dig.
           It took me 2 months to fix the statue."

             Z'leyra hears noises inside that must be Kalara and
           her niece Mena.

             Z'lart gestures for her to come in.  "We are just
           sitting down to eating.  You should see your niece
           she is now 7!  She has lost 2 teeth.."

             Z'lart closes the door and Mena squeals in delight in
           seeing her aunt.

             Back on the Zen'da plains a thousand miles away the
           party is urged to stay.  But it is clear they do
           not want to.  Arawn says his good byes and teleports
           the group to Sivas, Marentia on top of the Library
           that Kaylle runs which is a prepared teleport circle.

             By now it is dusk and the city is ablaze with torch
           light on the streets.  The party climbs down and ends
           up on the street.

             Someone suggests going to Cholan's tavern for a good

             But then suddenly a white flash is seen nearby.  A circle
           of white.  Then out steps a man.  He hobbles a bit
           forward and looks around. The portal seems to be
           still in place and it takes time to get eyes adjusted
           to see the man.

             The man looks familiar to Unali.  He is about 140 pounds
           and almost 6 feet tall.  But he has a long flowing
           gray beard that is almost to his stomach.

             "Am I in the right place?  Where is he?"  The man
           looks around in the sky and around.

             The man steps toward Arawn and looks him up and down
           "You have returned...so the prophecy is set in motion.
           That fits the situation."

             The man steps in front of Fremea.  He tries to bend
           in a bow but it is difficult.  "It is a honor to see
           the Queen.  Is Varange around?"

             Before she can answer he moves on as if in a hurry.

             the man looks at Kiet, "the funny one...how long did
           it take to recover from that snake you found?" He shrugs
           not having time to hear a reply.

             The man steps in front of Mae.  He runs his finger
           through her hair confirming its color.  "You are still
           alive?  That means..."

             The man steps in front of Pyan.  "Don't know you
           sorry fella."

             The man stops in front of Raki holding Kell's remains.
           He squints.  "I thought..you were dead as well my
           friend. Did you make that great trade with the fates
           and come back?"

             The man stops at Dorhak.  "I used to know a fella
           like you.  A bit more cuter.  But I do like your

             Finally he steps in front of Unali and smiles.  "My
           old friend.  Where is she?  Where is the bird?"  He
           looks around confused.  "Wait..this isn't Maren City!
           Wrong place again!  Is the palace on fire yet?  Did
           Emporor Farseeker close the ports?"

             That is when Unali recognizes the man.  Xian? Why
           is he so much older?  Where has he been for ages.
           She knows he has dealt with time magic including
           fighting his brother.  But this is odd.

             "Guess Z'leyra finally was killed by her magic?"

             Before Unali can reply he turns and begins to
           murmur and grumble.  Xian doesn't seem to hear
           any replies.  "Can't she get this right.  The
           fate of everything is at stake!  He hobbles
           toward the portal.

             Arawn steps forward to try to stop him or at least
           ask questions.  But Xian seems faster.

             "Sorry Lady but the bird is not here..."  then he
           steps into the portal as it closes behind him.

             The party stare at each other confused.  What just
           happened?  Then hunger and thirst takes over and they
           wonder how quickly they can get to Cholan's tavern.

           Actions? Comments?

           Next Update....Saturday?

           GM:: Adventure #7 - "Ever Shifting Face of Home" is over!
                Congrats for all those who stayed in the game.  Now
                you may understand the title a bit better. :)
                The Xian Bonus scene is a fun teaser.  But since
                the Adventure was not voted for Xian it will have
                to wait.  Next Adventure is Dorhak's!  I hope you
                all had some fun playing.  Now things will move a bit
                slower as I do tons of behind scenes admin work.

                Treasure will be done next.  Then Character sheets.
                Stay tuned....

           GM: Below are some info/details and reports.  For new folks
               the calendar is based on a system by Burton.  12 months
               and basically same as ours with different but similar
               month names that could be figured out.  The year 1635TH
               the TH is calendar based on Thaliba.  Marentia uses the
               Thaliban calendar.

               Character sheets: I can send a end of adventure sheet.
               But we might as well process CPs before them.  So I can
               update everything then send you a better updated sheet.
               Now for those who wanted spreadsheets.  I think that
               was David and Unali?  Those will be a bit more tricky
               as you know I'm old school.  Have you figured out a good
               spreadsheet format or stay with text? I suggest doing the
               stats, basic formula, spells and skills.  Other stuff like
               gear could be huge data entry.  Let me know.

               Experience: Since no one said NOT to post their experience
               it is below.  This may be off a few points if I have to
               processed some random thing in my notes.  But it should
               be 97% accurate.  Role playing experience is kept private
               and yes I do aware for those who role play. :) This is a
               rpg after all. :)

           GM:: IBT:  Initially was going to do 3 months.  But
                  I forgot Z was spending some in the lands alone.
                  Then I made it 99 days.  Such a odd number so
                  made it a even 100 days. :)
                  For those new I have a document on my game page that
                  details IBT.  I can explain it more in depth in
                  chat.  You can do anything you want during this period.
                  Practice skills, learn new skills, make items among
                  the popular things.  I will outline some minor changes
                  to the IBT below.

                  Items:  Making things will be within the rules of
                    item creation and Laws of Magic.  Last time I got
                    a bit more strict on the laws.  This time will even
                    more so.  This means if you make a item and it fails
                    it might be destroyed.  If you are unsure how long
                    it will take please email me.  The basic Armorer
                    skill details item time.  Other things like statues
                    will need Artist and such.  Just ask and I can
                    give the time.  You should plan for possible
                    failures.  Searching for items like Natural Magic
                    items or materials may require time as well. So
                    don't assume you find the item.  To plan ask and
                    I can give how long it might take.  For NMIs I tend
                    to use a single % chance to find such items.  Maybe
                    10-15% if lucky.  So it won't be automatic finding.
                    Just keep in mind item creation will be a bit more
                    harsh to stay in rules.

                  Skills  To practice a skill you need at least 8 hours
                    a day.  You will earn 1 expertise by simply training.
                    Two (2) if trained by a teacher.  Sometimes if there
                    is a book involved could earn 3 per day.  If you want
                    to do more than one skill it will be factored in time
                    wise.  So let's say 4 hours Sword and 4 hours reading.
                    You will earn 50% of both points.  If you get a teacher
                    you should be prepared to pay them.  A party member
                    could teach as well for free.

                  Coordination:  It is important that you coordinate
                    with others if you combine IBT.  Say X teaches
                    Y. Both IBTS should match up time wise exactly say
                    Febris 5-10 both should be doing same thing.
                    If you leave Marentia keep this in mind travel time
                    will apply.  Ask if unsure.  Both people must
                    coordinate these dates/actions.

                  Spells: It is fine to practice spells.    However going
                     overboard can be problematic.  Since the '80s I have
                     a Reputation index.  Rep goes up or down based on
                     actions.  Slaughtering a village it changes
                     to infamy.  Doing X spell for 120 times a day for
                     the next 3 months will probably annoy the gods that
                     magic represent.  I mean the actual gods not me.
                     This is the mythos.  Magic comes from the gods and
                     so its a privilege not a right.  As with everything
                     it should all be done in moderation.  It is hard to
                     say which gods would get more annoyed than others.
                     A god of healing might endure but a god of luck who
                     just sees you want to win games might get annoyed.
                     Rep will affect how cultures and the gods see you.
                     Avatars from gods will visit or other things at
                     a certain point.  We saw that with the old man
                     in the Thaliban forest.  This Rep factor is private to
                     me only and I have my own charts.  Just keep this
                     in mind.  Casting spells should list the EL and any
                     possible recasts due to failure.  If no failure then
                     it won't be recast.  ELs will change you can keep track
                     of this in your figuring but if not just give a EL# or
                     or ELmax if can afford the mana.  You should save  some
                     mana in case random encounters affect you.  You should
                     plan to be at 100% at end of IBT.  So that in case
                     magic is needed it can be tapped in. This is optional
                     but up to you.

                  Encounters: Random encounters will take place.  Some may
                    be easy, good and some bad.  Assume combat actions maybe
                    in order.  This will also improve combat experience.
                    Keep in mind at least one person Triest died from
                    a random encounter due to a street gambling incident.
                    But keep in mind I do not kill pcs out right. So
                    if there is a serious situation I may contact
                    you for better results.

                  All IBT is processed at once.  Once you say it is
                  final I will do so. This is a first come first serve
                  thing.  I will process IBT and any results including
                  experience and the like.  I will then email you the
                  results for approval.  You can then delete some stuff
                  that may you may not want public.  Once that is done
                  I'll post it and move to next person.  This will probably
                  take 2-7 days per person depending.  You should list
                  IBT Is a easy to read form including the Date and any
                  time of day for a certain event if not assuming that
                  even this all day.  Example:
                     Febris 10: Practice Sword Skill
                     Febris 11: Visit shop for new boots, afternoon
                                buy new horse.
                  Try to keep it as simple as needed unless it is a complex
                  situation.  If combat let me know what your sop for combat
                  might be (flee, attack, etc based on a certain situation).
                  For more info see the IBT document on site.  Also look
                  at the top links/updates where I show past IBTS from the
                  other players.  This will be a great example to you.  If
                  still confused ask.

                  Other: If there are special IBT just clarify with
                  me for things if need be.  Note it might be a good
                  idea to coordinate Kell's Funeral in Ba'ru. The
                  date is listed below.  If you go let me know in
                  your IBT.  IN fact it would help to know who
                  doesn't so I can add info for the first IBT
                  that does the funeral.  So I know who to include
                  in the scene.  I assume Dorhak and Mae would
                  not as they didn't know him that well.

                  Funeral estimates:
                     By Horse : 3-4 days by road, 2-3 by boat,
                                1-2 by horse on plain.  6-8 days.
                     By boat:   5-6 days, ride on plains via horse (rent
                                or personal) 1-2 days. For 6-8 days
                     By Teleport: Instant. :)
                  A quick estimate I may have my math off.

           GM: IBT:

                           Time: 4 Months
                 Adventure Ends: Decalis 3rd, 1635TH
                     IBT Starts: Decalis 4th, 1635TH
                       IBT Ends: Marqi 23rd, 1636TH
               Adventure Starts: Marqi 24th, 1635TH
                 Number of Days: 100
                    Funeral Day: Decalis 12th, 1635 ***

                                   Decalis  4 - 31 [28]
                                   Janaq    1 - 31 [31]
                                   Febris   1 - 28 [28]
                                   Marqi    1 - 23 [22]

           GM: Adventure Details:
                Starteed:  June 2015 (#1 post 6/15)
                   Ended:  Aug  31st
              Game Start:  Novehas 16th, 1634TH
                Game End:  Decalis  4th, 1635TH
               RL Period:  26 months
             Game Period:  13 months
                   Posts:  1019 (As of this update)
                 Updates:  150

           GM: Experience

                                Combat        Magic
                  Player      Experience   Experience
                Arawn            441           3492
                Dorhak           344            ---
                Fremea           607            908
                Kiet             757           1293
                Mae               84             14
                Mournath          77            ---
                Pyan             427            ---
                Unali           2757 *          ---
                Z'leyra         1627           4003 *

                Congrats to all!  * denotes MVP!

           GM: Characteristic Points

                  Player      Info Sent    Processed
                Arawn            Yes       Waiting
                Dorhak           Yes       To process
                Fremea           Yes       To process
                Kiet             Yes       To process
                Mae              Yes       Waiting
                Pyan             Yes       In process
                Unali            Yes       Waiting
                Z'leyra          Yes       Waiting

                Reminder once stats are maxed you can start to buy
                Tweaks.  Such things are in my game site as a link
                at bottom.

           GM: People Link updated on site.  I will add these folks to
               the characters of campaign file later.  If unsure of
               who is who in the IBT, BTS or this update consult these

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