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Maelorna awakens with the feeling of having yet again survived in the city
sewers, cold and damp which always sapped energy from her.

The last lingering thoughts of the dream still tease her memories as she
looks about.  Her hair had fallen about her face, hiding her eyes.  She
manages to sit up on her knees as the cold does nothing but make her
perfect breasts stand out.  She smiles gratefully at Framea as the blanket
is placed upon her.

She thinks for a moment as she recalls what she can, but after stepping
through the gate and just what her dreams she can remember and it comes
back to her.

She looks at Z'leyra and takes a ragged breath, before giving a sigh.  "I
broke my word, if not Dorhak, then it would have been another of you.  My
will had finally started to fade and I was on the verge of not being able
to control the hunger.  Passing through what we did, it was the first
creature I laid eyes upon that was the victim I chose.  If this were a
city, I would be able to feed without harming, taking a bit here and there,
usually from drunks or those in the throes of passion, as I've worked in
brothels before.

<<after the slap of the righteous indignation>>

She carefully picks herself up from the ground and thinks for a moment,
before giving him a soft knowing smile.  "If that is what you desire, I
will endeavor to never touch you again," as she pauses for a moment and
reaches down with her bound hands and after a few minutes, manages to
unhook the only item she had laid claim to.  She drops the tooled belt at
the dwarf's feet.  "Other than the belt, which I only took as I had need of
it at the time, I have no claim in any treasure the others have taken it
upon themselves to acquire as their own.  Thus only that I can offer you,"
as she ignores the dwarf and steps away, pulling the blanket closer to her.

Looking over at Arawn, "Would it be better if I changed back into my other
self and remain invisible until we can get back?  The most I'm capable of
doing to help defend the group at this point is using harsh language about
their mothers and fathers.  At least the other body is more than capable of
making friends out of enemies."

She thinks for a moment and then looks up at Arawn, "I may need to summon
the sister who taught me.  Maybe she can tell me a way to survive without
having this happen again?
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