[pnpgm] Dorhak and Mae

Dorhak dorhak at comcast.net
Thu Aug 24 21:46:47 CEST 2017

The dwarf isn't looking too happy, but not many realize it considering he's so ugly they don't even want to look upon him.  He puts away his mace in his belt.

Once Mae is released from her ropes, Dorhak calls over to Mae.  "Lassie!"  At the same time he uses his index finger to motion her to come near to him and down to his level.  

Then he suddenly and quickly slaps her as hard as he can, right across her face.  "Don't you EVER touch me again!", he yells.  "Your penalty for stealing that which is nearly most dear to me, won't be with your life.  Instead, you will give over to me HALF of any money treasure you gain as your share.  Also, if there are any special items available that come into your possession from this trip, 'I' get to choose one of yours for myself!  But I don't choose until AFTER you have made your selections."  

The young dwarf is obviously really, really angry, and doing nothing to hide it.  "Those are my demands for reparation.  The slap?  That was the penalty and interest!"

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