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s`        Player        DS    Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
   -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
   FH.John Haight.......HY..Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Al.. Ma
   ...Kevin Newark..........Dorhak............Warrior.Normal/Dwarf....Ma
   --.Tobie Bonahoom....YY..Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry.. Fe
   W3.Mark Murtha.......HN..Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human....Ma
   W2.David Sanders.....HN..Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  ..Ma
   R4.Wout Broere.......YY..Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  ..Fe
   R3 Panthera..............Pyandalgor........Hunter..Normal/Human....Ma
   R4.Alex Koponen......YY..Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  ..Fe
      Z'layha ..............Npc...............Normal..Normal/Shaman...Fe
      Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra

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       Game Update #148 sequence (file #1008)

       Admin Notes: None

         From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
           Arawn knelt down, examining whatever remains...

           [OOC: Mana Sense and Mana Reading on ring]

           Upon returning from the tree Arawn's first objective....

           [OOC: If Raki and/or the forest is still on fire Arawn will
           attempt to smother the flames or, if it's of significant size,
           he'll cast Tempest to douse the fire. He'll follow this with
           Healing Hand spells on anyone injured, though if Raki seems
           comfortable enough just regenerating his wounds Arawn will
           skip casting magic but still offer emotional support]

           "Good job, Kiet... Raki... everyone!," he said as he...

           [Quote Z'layha: "So is that it? Now what? Do we kill...

           "Of course not!," he admonished, though jovially,...

           (OOC: Before anyone attempts to dispel the slumber Arawn will
           cast a Bless spell (Max EL) to boost Mae's Willpower followed
           by an Energy spell (Max EL) in hopes that it helps to
           temporarily fill her up]

           "As to 'what now'? Quite a bit I'm guessing," he said,...
         GM: Ack.

         From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
           OOC: Scott, please post these following sections as is
           appropriate. If you have questions let me know -

           [Part A]   "Just in case he's found a way around fire I...

           [Part B]   "The necklace protecting the Lone Shifter...

           [Part C] [OOC: If possible to do so (if whatever is left...

           OOC: Scott, let me know if this is possible and if so I can
           post the questions along with any that other party members
           might have, including the NPC's if they one.
         GM: Ack.  Dispersion as Ritual would work but it does say
             on an altar.  Sorry.  Plan B sorry but the necklace was
             inside his body.  Like Raki's is now.  He just shifted
             his flesh around it.  Once the fire broke him apart it
             was seen.  But akasha only sees past events.  One can't
             gleam magical info with it.  Would have to touch it and
             do other magics.  Which can't in a Akaahic illusion. :<
             Good idea though. Part C is clever as well.  But
             technically Raki would advise against it.  Would need
             a spirit or soul to question.  Plus your Metaphysics
             skill would kick in and say questioning a top #1
             criminal (to gods) might not be too wise to influence
             and win friends.  Understand?  We could try the Dark
             spell but these things would be known to you.  Let me
             know if plan C is still on.  So plan A/B no.  C could be
             done with risks.  But keep in mind the party is very hungry
             and thirsty.  Standing around talking to spirits might
             be bad for one's stomach. :)  Once food is obtained the
             could do it?  Just let me know.    This is where the
             Easy Answer from Spells seem to conflict with Laws of
             Magic.  There are risks. :)  The old D&D spell to ask
             a god a question seemed way bogus and too easy to spoil
             things.  :) I'm not swaying against plan C just there are
             risks and as GM need to advise you of such.

         From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
           1.   When the party is ready Arawn is willing to Translocate
           the group as needed and as his daily mana permit.

           2.   Z'leyra, let me know if you're okay with casting
           Akasha :)

           3.   Dorhak, if you'd like Arawn can cast Energy on you,
           either at camp or the next day, as his mana permits. Just let
           me know.
         GM: Ack.

         From Kiet: [Re: Winning]
           Kiet clenches his fist and pumps it once.  He doesn't...

           "How are you!?  Are you badly hurt?"  After waiting for...
         GM: Ack.

         From Dorhak: [Re: Actions]
           Dorhak looks at the tall elf and wonders what angle...

           "No, I don't think so." He says gruffly.  "I think....
         GM: Ack.

         From Mae: [Re: Actions]
           All I can think of to say at the moment, to quote one of my
           favorite  movies.

           "Somebody wake up Hicks." - Sgt. Apone
         GM: Ack.  :)  Soon.

         From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
           Arawn regarded the gruff dwarf with a twinkle in his eyes.

           "As you wish. If you change your mind, let me know."...
         GM: Ack.

         From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
           OOC:   Haha! Don't worry, we'll get to it:) If no one else
           posts hat they'll do it Arawn will dispel the slumber, after
           carefully binding Mae with rope. Oddly, I'm sure that it
           wouldn't be the first time Mae woke up in bondage so I'm sure
           it won't prove to be too much of a shock??
         GM: Ack.  Heh Yes bondage she knows. :)

         From Z'leyra:
           "Congratulations everyone! We have rid the world of a...
         GM: Ack.  Modified for event timing.

         From Mae: [Re: Dreams]
            She looks about the room and can see her clothing...
         GM: Ack.  Due to title of post dreams will take this as a
             dream so folks can read the post for space purposed
             trimmed it.  Since it would be OOC.

       [New Stuff]

           [Decalis 2nd, 1635TH]
           [Time: 5:49 pm?]

             Arawn knelt down, examining whatever remains there were to
           the burnt Lone Shifter and the ring dropped by it in death. He
           scanned it with otherworldly senses, only daring to pick it up
           with gloved hands after such scrutinization.

             Arawn turns the ring round and round examining his senses
           and Sidh powers.  He quickly learns indeed it is magical
           and decent quality.  A Wizard definitely made this ring
           and his skill was decent but not great.  Clearly it seems
           to have some fire spell of sorts in it.  But full details
           are unknown to the Druid for now.

             Upon returning from the tree Arawn's first objective was to
           see to the others, starting with Raki, who had suffered the
           most for the encounter. By now the shifter had recovered from
           him ignominious collision with Dorhak, the Alfar noting the
           dwarf's penchant for being slammed into. Better that than the
           dwarf being tossed around! Not that the alfar would mention
           such dwarves seemed a bit sensitive on the topic!

             Arawn sees Raki's flames are out.  His neat trick to simply
           shed skin to douse out a fire is unique.  But he hesitates
           and wonders what he feels like to have dealt with another
           brother.  He has certainly crossed the line now.  No turning
           back unless he still has some other motive.  But the empath
           can only sense sorrow and confusion.

             "Good job, Kiet... Raki... everyone!," Arawn said as he moved
           among the company.

             Turning to the wolves he knelt down, extending both his
           hand and heart out to them. He had an unusual fondness for
           animals as much as they did for him.

             Both wolves growl at Arawn and one glances at Z'layha for
           directions.  But they stop and sniff his gloved hands.
           One looks right at Arawn and seems to sense the human to
           be friendly.  Both bow their heads to their paws as the
           Shaman of Wolves Z'layha scratches one in thanks.  Arawn
           reaches out and does the same as well to the other with
           no problem.

             "It's not the first time we... I've been saved by wolves,"
           Arawn said, recalling not only Will's wolf but others as well, a
           certain silver-eyed one among them. "Give them my love," he
           added, though his own empathic abilities would help to ensure
           they got the message.

             Z'layha nods, "normally it'd have taken a few minutes. But
           guess this time of day they were nearby about to hunt for
           the night.  We simply got lucky."  She then speaks in a strange
           dialect and the wolves stand up and turns to trot off into
           the forest.

             Z'layha stands and makes her comment about what to do
           now with the threat gone.  Is this it?

             "Of course not!," Arawn admonished, though jovially, half-
           guessing but not entirely sure if the shamaness was joking.
           "But we should wake her up after I've a chance to restore
           some of her lost energy. It may not perfectly assuage he
           hunger but should help enough for her to regain self-control."

             "As to 'what now'? Quite a bit I'm guessing," Arawn said,
           sighing. "There are things to collect and check on back in
           town prior to the earthquake. And you'll have to decide how
           best to address the issue of truth among your superiors in
           the Moss Fortress. And, from bits and pieces of the conversation
           I've overheard, I'm guessing that things aren't quite the same
           as we left them," he continued, turning his gaze towards Z'leyra
           "I'm not exactly sure what happened but I'm guessing time might
           have shifted a bit, been altered by our actions. Perhaps Z'leyra
           can enlighten us when we get a chance to rest and prior to our
           return to Ticasi."

             "Plus I have my own questions in need of answers. I'm curious
           who the figure was that saved me from death," he said, recalling
           the mysterious figure who awaited the party when they passed
           through the portal into the Middle World. A troubled look came
           over him as he continued.

             "And then there's that poor Abnari. If I could make my way
           back to that world to save her without endangering all three
           Worlds, I would do so in a heartbeat. But I feel the need to
           do something for her. I just need to figure out what that might

             Arawn looked with away toward the distance where Mae would be
           with some concern on Mae in her enchanted sleep. "If not then
           Mae may find herself in a bit of a dilemma once the  Abnari's
           absence is noted by her Patrons," he said, knowing that
           Cernunnos and Isis were not ones to forget their favored

             "But before we go there's something I need to do," he said,
           heading back to where the Lone Shifter had dissolved.

             Kiet clenches his fist and pumps it once.  He doesn't say it,
           but certainly thinks about the 'Yesssss!'  He knows full well
           how much he contributed to swatting down this final evil one.

             A moment later, he thinks about poor Raki and moves over to
           him. "How are you!?  Are you badly hurt?"  After waiting for a
           response he asks out loud. "Can any of you help heal Raki?"

             After Raki gets some help, he says "You need to be more
           careful, my friend.  You aren't invulnerable."  Kiet pats him
           on whatever he has for a shoulder.

             He then walks over to the pile of putrid flesh that was the
           shifter that cause so much trouble, and spits into the pile.
           "That'll teach you not to underestimate humans.  Too bad you
           won't be able to learn from your error. Ok...it's not really
           too bad."

             Z'layha nods, "yes the truth."  She glances back toward
          the large fortress barely seen through the canopy of trees.
          "It will be..distressing.  I suspect I'll be meeting with
          folks for weeks."  She glances at Arawn a bit puzzled.  "This
          Abary? You speak of.  I miss this?  If it will hinder Mae
          maybe we shouldn't tell her?"

             Raki looks to Kiet and pulls a strip of flesh that is
           hanging from his nose.  It reabsorbs into his fingers which
           are no longer glowing as back in the fortress.  This creeps
           Kiet out a bit but the acrobat ignores it.  Raki turns to
           Kiet, "I will live.  My body is already regenerating.  At
           least I hit something soft."  He glances to Dorhak who glares
           back at him.

             Kiet bursts out laughing as he realizes Raki makes a joke.
           But how could he?  Raki looks confused as to why he is

             Raki shrugs, "I did not realize I made a funny statement.
           I suspect this Kell personality is rubbing off on me."

             Raki reshifts his face to make it look like a flat unburnt
           Kell and turns to Arawn.  "You....I mean the Guardian said
           if we escaped a being would appear.  I was to turn over
           this magical thing.  I did ask.  He said it was memories
           like a journal of everything including our visit.  I was
           to turn it over and he'd give me something.  I was told it
           would block detection from the gods."

             Arawn stands straight shocked. Did he just say he turned over
           a journal with details of the part to some strange being
           who might've been a agent of the gods?  Arawn begins to
           sway and its not from lack of food.

             "Did I do something wrong?" Raki asks.  "You...it told me
           it would be a ally not an enemy.  This is all I know. I am

             Dorhak looks at the tall elf and wonders what angle he might
           be playing.  It's an odd offer coming from one of them.

             "No, I don't think so." He says gruffly.  "I think the danger
           is over now and I'll be back into form quickly enough."

             Dorhak is somewhat disappointed at not having any real chance
           to combat this last shifter.  On the plus side, there also
           wasn't any real chance to get hurt, either.  Also, he is
           beginning to like the one human female, Z'layha, is it?
           Especially after her suggestion of what to do with our little
           demon companion.

             Speaking of which, Dorhak will continue to keep both eyes on
           her, and maces do shield at the ready.

             Arawn regarded the gruff dwarf with a twinkle in his eyes.

             "As you wish. If you change your mind, let me know." The
           Alfar turns away.

             The dwarf seemed not too trusting, a common trait for
           such isolated and xenophobic folk. But Arawn was not offended
           and would respect his wishes. Of course if another spiritual
           assault occurred any time soon it could bode poorly for Dorhak,
           but the alfar didn't bother to mention it - dwarves were a
           notoriously stubborn race and difficult to sway once their 
minds were set.

             "Congratulations everyone! We have rid the world of a danger
           that threatened not just us, but threatened everyone we know of.
           That threatened the futures of all our tribes, nations and
           peoples. You did good."

             "I had said that Mae was welcome in the party until she
           proved a threat or attacked one of us. She attacked Dorhak.
           But she did this under the magically induced famine of an
           unknown time dilation."

             Arawn does his think around the dead shifter's remains
           and the party moves back to the clearing half a mile way.

             They find Mae, boy and Kell skeletons along with Edell.
           He is leaning over the nude Mae.

             "Edell! I told you to go home!"  Z'layha yells.

             Edell jumps and panics.  "I was just..worried she
           might be dead with these scary bones. I wasn't touching
           her things!  Honest!"

             Z'layha growl and places hands on hips as she approaches.
           "We call them breasts.  Now if you don't rush home now
           I'll be sure your daddy makes it hard to sit for a month!"

             "Yes...yes Ma'am."  Edell turns and runs but Z'layha

             "Wait! That bag is it food?"  Z'layha asks.

             Edell turns and nods.  "Some berries, bread and some
           apples.  You want?"  The mentally slow boy seems eager
           to please.

             "Is this for your family?" The Wolf Shaman asks.

             Edell shakes his head. "No.  Stuff I collected on

             "Then yes.  If you don't mind.  We are starving." She
           raises a hand.

             Edell approaches and stares at the party a bit more.
           He hands over the food and Z'layha tries to ration them
           all out.

             To the rest of the group, Kiet makes an offer.  "Guys...I have
           several magic items with me that make food.  I offer to use
           them and share all that I can make.  This goes especially for
           Dorhak and Raki, if you need any," he says looking at Raki.
           "Fremea, one of the items makes fruit. It may not be wonderful
           or suit your Sidh palate, but I offer you a share of that.  You
           can have the whole thing if you need

             Kiet rummages through his pouches on his belt.  He pulls out
           three coins, or things that look like coins, and then takes out
           a knife and starts digging up some material.  He first uses the
           copper colored coins, the Warded items, to create 2FP of fruit
           and 4 FP of bread. Then Kiet will use a silver token to create
           what looks and, more importantly, smells like a roast turkey,
           though he has to actually cast a small spell for that one.
           Kiet and Dorhak will eat their fill first, as Kiet promised
           the dwarf, except that Fremea can have as much fruit as she
           can eat.  "Keep in mind it won't last forever...so eat it now.
           It won't travel well."

             "And if it's a bit dirty, just brush it off.  At least it's
           food."  The acrobat finishes.

             "Amazing."  Z'layha watches as Kiet makes food.

             While this is happening Arawn leans over the nude Mae.
           All except her belt and tatters f clothing remain.  She
           will need to take spare clothes in the future.

             Z'layha seems to read his mind.  "Unali.  I saw you
           dig in your bags back inside.  I saw clothing.  You
           are a bit bigger but anything she can wear till she
           gets back to her bags?"

             As the adrenaline fades the temperature hits the
           party as it is in the 50s.  They realize their water
           supply is low until they get back to the village.

             Arawn casts a blessing onto Mae to enhance her will
           power.  Then he casts energy to heal some of her lost
           energy back into her. Then Arawn scans the forest to
           ensure the boy left and finds him gone.  He then
           dispels the sleeping spell.

             Arawn nudges the ex-slave awake as Dorhak stands over
           and glares down.  After a few minutes she stairs and flutters
           her eyes open.

             Still bound Mae looks around.  The darkness of the prison
           and heat is gone.  Replaced by bright sun, trees and a damp
           coldness.  She starts to shiver a bit when Fremea brings
           a blanket from her bag to help warm her up.

             But Mae does not jerk wildly to escape and lunge at anyone.
           It seems the urge is gone.  Still in human form she
           looks to her bound hands.  She vaguely recalls stepping
           through the door-gate and that was it.  If she was bound
           she must've done something bad.

             Z'leyra looks down at Mae. "Mae, can you normally control
           your feeding as to not hurt anyone? Dorhak, what say you? Do
           we forgive Mae this transgression, or do we slay her and
           prevent her preying on folk in the future?"

             Arawn stands and can't help to scowl.  He doubt he'd
           allow any slaying any time soon.

             Mae looks up to see Dorhak with mace in hand.  So
           she can assume she must've attacked him?

             As the two figure out their choices and actions, Z'leyra
           continues on as leader.

             "Do you folks wish to teleport directly back to Sivas? I
           hope to spend perhaps four weeks here before heading back
           myself but I will write a note telling my staff that you will
           be welcome to stay at my manor. If I had known that we would
           be subject to time dilation I could have cast a protection
           spell, but as is the best I can do is cast a cure age spell
           to get a month or two of aging negated. Let me know if you
           wish me to do so."

             "Hey Sis, can you tell me how our old friends are doing and
           where they are now..." She gossips with her sister...

             Mae stares almost gaping.  Is she talking about old friends
           after just saying they'd kill her like a bad rat?

             Z'layha runs her hands in her hair.  "I will need to
           stay here.  Deal with this new...truth.  It may take
            a few weeks.  I could head back to the village or
            you can stay here?  But I suspect I'll be meeting
            with the elders for a bit while they come and seek
            counsel.  As to old friends I've been here for the last
            three months as Tribute Host so I not seen much of
            them.  Brother might know more details back home."

             Z'layha steps toward Raki.  "I will admit I do not
           understand everything.  But I need to ask. If we
           stop the tributes.  If we don't send food. Does
           this bother you? Will they just die?  We saw all that
           treasure they just ignored."

             Raki lowers his head. "I have separated myself from
           them.  I was a outcast then and now.  Now I'm a traitor.
           Can they live without food?  We can for long periods.  Will
           they die?  I would have to say yes.  But if they do not
           send back Kameri metal...."

             Z'layha's eyes widen.  "Without Kameri metal ...that
           we now know are dormant shifters....this could mean
           the end of any great metal works.  Our daggers and
           such would be in great demand and high price. Is there
           anyway they ...these dormant shifters in the blade can
           ..grow or what not?"

             Raki looks up and shakes his head.  "I believe
           the Cryx was the catalyst they needed.  That means
           they will remain dormant without it."

             Z'layha draws her own finely made Kameri dagger and
           stares at it.  Then throws it on the ground.  "I no longer
           want it...knowing what it is."

             As the quiet  comes back and party munch down on food
           they turn to Dorhak and Mae for answers.

             Raki looks at Arawn. "If we return to this village you
           were at.  I suspect that tower may still be there.  If
           you get near it could trigger a teleport again back
           to this fortress room I see in your minds."

             Arawn recalls.  The headache now a clear warning.

             "Maybe should return outside village if need be to
           collect your horses and gear?  I'd suggest not getting
           anywhere within 1000 feet of this tower.  At least
           for you who seemed to be the trigger.  OR at least the
           Alfar.  Frankly we don't know what it will do to me if
           I get near.  It could kill me."

             Z'layha looks to the boy's skeleton.  The one that
           was sent with party to the tribute room from the earthquake.
           "He will need to be returned.  Maybe.  It might scare
           the parents to see only bones.  Should we just bury him
           here and let him be presumed dead?"

             Raki looks to Kell's skeleton. "Kell will need to be
           buried at Ba'ru."

           Actions? Comments?

           Next Update....Saturday...

           GM: Well I blame Mae or Don for no eclipse here.  He washed
               his car and we all know once a person washes his car
               it rains.  :)  But it was a bust here.  I hope everyone
               else had a good view of it.  So I had hoped to do
               a bit more but this Mae thing has to give us a delay
               for answers.  So decisions will need to be made.
               Then we'll move on.  We are 99.3% done so we are
               close here guys.

               Once gear is collected.  The party returns to
               Sivas there will be a Bonus Scene.  A teaser scene.
               Once this is done adventure is over and IBT begins.

           GM: Option : Return to Village far to west.  Get
                 Horses/Gear.  Leave Z for a month.
               Option : Teleport to Cetric's village for waypoint
                 and then back to Sivas.
               Option : Send Z back to find out location of horses/gear.
                 Then party as whole returns home minus Z?

               Z'layha ahs to stay here at Fortress for a short time.

           GM: Votes:
                 1. Mae's Fate: Mainly in Dorhak's hands but party
                    can speak up.
                 2. Teleport to village, Cetric's and Sivas or stay
                    here a bit? Which order?

           GM: Arawn: Be warned on the tower.  I know you'd love
                 to examine it.  But do you want to risk it? :)

               Dorhak: So what do you say for Mae?

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