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Z'leyra shares some waybread from her pack. "While the lava seems to have
claimed my healing gear, some magic items and many natural magic materials
I fortunately had some items in other locations. These should help sooth
your appetite for food."

To Arawn "Yes, I can, with appropriate precautions (ring, staff,
purification, divination) cast Akasha for you."

"I am glad that you both live." Z'leyra says to Mae and Dorhak. "Lets try
and keep things friendly from here on. And if I gift Mae something it does
NOT count towards Dorhak's treasure."

"Z'layha, Kameri metal does not need to have these dormant shifters in it
to be great. Our father and I both made excellent examples of Kameri
weapons without using ore contaminated by them. If necessary we may be able
to find a way to cleanse the ore of the shifters without releasing them.
Perhaps Arawn will give us advice on how to do so. I suspect that you and I
shall have a great many questions from the Elders about these recent

"As we have apparently been gone for months our gear and horses will have
'acquired new owners'. I will try to recover what I can of the items you
describe to me. The rest I will attempt to replace. I will work on my
teleportation skills so that I may get back to Sivas quickly in one month
from now. I may need help teleporting horses back."
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