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Kiet clenches his fist and pumps it once.  He doesn't say it, but certainly thinks about the 'Yesssss!'  He knows full well how much he contributed to swatting down this final evil one.

A moment later, he thinks about poor Raki and moves over to him.  "How are you!?  Are you badly hurt?"  After waiting for a response he asks out loud "Can any of you help heal Raki?"

After Raki gets some help, he says "You need to be more careful, my friend.  You aren't invulnerable."  Kiet pats him on whatever he has for a shoulder.

He then walks over to the pile of putrid flesh that was the shifter that cause so much trouble, and spits into the pile.  "That'll teach you not to underestimate humans.  Too bad you won't be able to learn from your error. Ok...it's not really too bad."

To the rest of the group, Kiet makes an offer.  "Guys...I have several magic items with me that make food.  I offer to use them and share all that I can make.  This goes especially for Dorhak and Raki, if you need any," he says looking at Raki.  "Fremea, one of the items makes fruit.  It may not be wonderful or suit your Sidh palate, but I offer you a share of that.  You can have the whole thing if you need

Kiet rummages through his pouches on his belt.  He pulls out three coins, or things that look like coins, and then takes out a knife and starts digging up some material.  He first uses the copper colored coins, the Warded items, to create 2FP of fruit and 4 FP of bread.  Then Kiet will use a silver token to create what looks and, more importantly, smells like a roast turkey, though he has to actually cast a small spell for that one.  Kiet and Dorhak will eat their fill first, as Kiet promised the dwarf, except that Fremea can have as much fruit as she can eat.  "Keep in mind it won't last forever...so eat it now.  It won't travel well."

"And if it's a bit dirty, just brush it off.  At least it's food."

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