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   Arawn regarded the gruff dwarf with a twinkle in his eyes.

   "As you wish. If you change your mind, let me know."

   The dwarf seemed not too trusting, a common trait for such isolated and xenophobic folk. But Arawn was not offended and would respect his wishes. Of course if another spiritual assault occurred any time soon it could bode poorly for Dorhak, but the alfar didn't bother to mention it - dwarves were a notoriously stubborn race and difficult to sway once their minds were set.

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Dorhak looks at the tall elf and wonders what angle he might be playing.  It's an odd offer coming from one of them.

"No, I don't think so." He says gruffly.  "I think the danger is over now and I'll be back into form quickly enough."

Dorhak is somewhat disappointed at not having any real chance to combat this last shifter.  On the plus side, there also wasn't any real chance to get hurt, either.  Also, he is beginning to like the one human female, Z'layha, is it?  Especially after her suggestion of what to do with our little demon companion.

Speaking of which, Dorhak will continue to keep both eyes on her, and maces do shield at the ready.

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1.   When the party is ready Arawn is willing to Translocate the group as needed and as his daily mana permit.

2.   Z'leyra, let me know if you're okay with casting Akasha:)

3.   Dorhak, if you'd like Arawn can cast Energy on you, either at camp or the next day, as his mana permits. Just let me know.

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