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Kiet is suddenly shocked at the realization concerning the horses.  We've been gone for months!  By now, those horses have new owners...and probably all the goods still with them!  This is a barbarian area.  Crap!  We'll have to replace everything.  Including Ma Siwang.

"Um...guys?  I think we have a problem.  How are we going to prove the horses and other stuff we left behind belongs to us?  All of the horses and items left behind are probably gone!"

When Raki comments about taking Kell home, Kiet feels his chest tighten up all over again.  He looks over to Raki and says "Yes, we do.  Raki, you are under no real obligation to do that, but you would most certainly be welcome.  We might want to have you not look like Kell when we go, but I think your memories would help out tremendously."

"I will be happy to pay our way for that trip."

When Mae wakes up, and Kiet sees Dorhak is still steamed, he wonders if he will have to use his skills to dispatch her.  Unlikely, with this group.  But they are leaving it up to the dwarf and Kiet isn't sure he won't demand her life.  It would certainly be a difficult choice had it happened to Kiet.

And then, Dorhak surprises Kiet with that massive smack across her face.  Kiet yells out "Whooooaaaaa!", not telling him to stop, but more impressed by the act.

After Dorhak's pronouncement, Kiet nods his head n agreement.  It seems a wise course of action...and way nicer than Kiet himself might have been.

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