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Z'leyra glances down at herself as she confirms that yes, she is back at
full mana and can cast. Looking at the rest of the party she says "If no
wards are here to stop us I can teleport four others and myself at a time.
They would need to be touching me and staying in contact with me till I
push them away. To be safe I will also cast Invisibility, Levitate and
Insubstantiability first to prevent untoward events from occurring during
and shortly after the teleport. If we arrive at the wrong altitude just
hold on and I will levitate us to the correct place. I expect to bring us
in above the ground and levitate you down."

"After memorizing the spot and pushing the others to move to cover and stay
put I can then teleport back here and make other trips to get the rest of
you. Group there and there so that I can be touching all of the group for
each teleport."

She memorizes the spot for her to come back via teleport, selects the first
four and proceeds to cast thru her staff at EL0/EL4/EL0/EL4 each of the
spells. Only the first group gets the invisibility, Levitate and
Insubstantiability as she will memorize the spot outside the walls for
reliable teleportation for the subsequent groups.

She plans to teleport in the direction (but off by about 2 degrees) of the
shifter and bring the first group in high and levitate down to the ground
to avoid being lost underground.
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