[pnpgm] Dreams of an errant Little Sister.

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'Awww, Little Sister, going to let them just hit you like that?' the voice
taunts as Maelorna opens her eyes and realizes she isn't near the others.

There isn't any pain nor is the ever present hunger plaguing her thoughts.
She looks about warily, the room is familiar at least, a brothel, one of
the rooms from the city.  The heady scent of cheap wine mixed with
expensive perfume fills the air and the distant whispers and playful sounds
of love making can be heard from behind heavy velvet curtains.

'You do realize that you can't escape who,' as the voice chuckles softly,
'or what you are.'

"I know what I am, but I also know what I am not.  I am not a toy for your
amusement," Maelorna screams out, looking for the source of the voice and
her gaze lights upon a window standing in the middle of the room, covered
with a black satin sheet.

'Are you sure?  The Princess made her decision and you are it, her prize
toy.  What care I if you dislike the thought.' the voice taunts her from
behind the curtain.

Maelorna reaches up and rips the satin sheet off the frame and a polished
mirror of an ebon black surface doesn't show a reflection as Maelorna
expects.  Instead, it ripples as if something just under the surface of a
black pool of water.

'While you are not a true daughter of Princess Naamah, you are high in her
family.  Your sire was one of her strongest children, how else do you think
you came to be.  Thus I ask, do you truly deny what you are?  Considering
your tastes, your lusts, your desires?'  as the voice chuckles softly,
'Sadly the little mortal I told you to feed upon didn't perish, his life
force was delicious was it not?' the voice teases playfully.

Maelorna steps back from the frame as another succubus, one she recognizes
steps forth from the surface and smiles softly.  As Maelorna tilts her head
quizzically, "You? But how, you returned?" she asks hesitantly.

The knowing smile the succubus gives her as it's Saphire blue eyes peer at
her.  'Little Sister, ever since that disgusting human mortal summoned me
to train you, I have remained with you.  So long as I am with you, I will
continue your training.  You have much more to learn than what little I
have taught you yet,' as she reaches up and caresses Maelorna's cheek

'You have but to refuse my offer and I will leave you once you awaken,
never to trouble you any further.  But, if you accept my offer, then I will
continue assisting you and further your studies.  Considering we have all
eternity to work on what you are.'  The succubus offers and awaits
Maelorna's answer.
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