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Full Moon Inn - 7:02pm

   Arawn made sure to note the location of the wood mentioned by Z'leyra along with any other necessary information such as any rules that governed the space. If he could find the time he hoped to pay the place a visit, partially to connect and relax but also to get the Sidh perspective on the town and, if he was lucky, some useful information that could help the shamaness with her case.

   "Fremea, Kell, if we can find the time, tonight or after the upcoming lunch, want to join me in paying the place a visit?"


Oyster Bar - 7:42am

   "Not very private," Arawn said, eyeing the partition. "Considering the nature of your business here I'd suggest keeping at least two people on watch just on the other side to discourage eavesdroppers."


Ticasi Council Admin Building - 9:05am through 10:15am

   He gave the other clerk a charming smile when she offered the services of the deputy after Hayna's brush-off.

   Later, after their return, while Hayna moved to gather the ribbons for Z'leyra, he sidled over to the woman.

   "Thank you, again. I just wanted to compliment you for your courtesy and professional manner. Your much better than the other woman," he said, subtly indicating Hayna. "She doesn't seem to enjoy the work, so why is she still here?"

   [OOC: After sharing pleasantries and fishing out anything the woman has to say about Hayna (while Hayna's out of ear-shot) Arawn will ask if there's a comment box available as he'd like to leave a positive comment on her behalf]

  Later, after leaving the floor...

   "A thoroughly pleasant woman. You must have made quite the impression before you left," he dryly commented once they were alone. " She loves to talk about you, you know, enough so the gate guard recognized you when we entered the city. I'm just curious, do you know if she has any connection to the Metal Clan?"


Magic Deputy's Office - 9:32am

   "Shiben must have a close connection to this city. It's the second time they've popped up in conversation since arriving here," Arawn said after the deputy mentioned the Councilman and Ambassador's meeting, hoping to prompt a discussion on Shiben's involvement in local politics.


   "I'm fascinated by such a center of knowledge. I could sit in silent observation or engage in deep conversation in a place like this for quite some time. I recognize that other matters press upon us but once all is done I would love to be able to return for a tour, an exchange of information, or even possible enrollment or to discuss a working relationship."


Metal Crafting School - 12:12pm

   "Excuse me. I'll meet you inside in a bit," Arawn said, spying Gar's sudden turn around. He then strolled off in the same direction as the man, blending into the crowd with uncanny ease.


   "The Metal Clan seem to have an inordinate amount of power here. They control the flow of ore through Shiben, something the Engineering school along with at least a few others must appreciate, and hold some sway over the legal system here. At least enough to make sure that one of their own didn't suffer punishment for animal abuses that led to two horses having to be put down.

   Tread carefully, Z'leyra. I think delving into your father's death could uncover more than many might expect. And there are those who will stop at nothing to keep those things secret."

   He sighed.

   "I have a feeling that politics are going to play a part in all of this, possibly not just locally. I suggest not only currying favor with the magistrates but work to weaken the standing of any suspects you might discover during our stay. Though it's too early to lay the blame on anyone's doorstep the Metal Clan seem to be a good place to start, if any clues fail to point us in another direction, along with any magistrates that might benefit from them."

[OOC: Also, can't recall if Z'leyra has gone over the details of her father's death with the party, but if she hasn't Arawn will suggest it might be time to share this with the others during a private dinner tonight]


Old Lady Poorda:

   While the two caught up Arawn made himself useful by offering his services to the old woman, assisting with food and clean-up and such. When he heard that Z'leyra was unaccountable the day of her father's death he sat back down.

   "Apple pie, I'd love some. Thank you."

   While Poorda distributed the pie he asked Z'leyra, "What were you doing in the lab that night?"

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