[pnpgm] Game Update #39b - File #283 - Searching for Witnesses

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   HT     Player        DS    Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
   -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
   R1.John Haight.......HY..Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar .. Ma
   --.Tobie Bonahoom....YY..Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry.. Fe
   R3.Mark Murtha.......HN..Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human....Ma
W2R2.David Sanders.....HN..Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  ..Ma
   R4.Wout Broere.......YY..Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  ..Fe
   R3 Panthera..............Pyandalgor........Hunter..Normal/Human....Ma
W3R4.Alex Koponen......YY..Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  ..Fe
      Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra

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       Game Update #39b sequence (file #283)

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       [New Stuff]

           [Hills near Ticasi]
           [Decalis 23rd, 1634TH]

           [Full Moon Inn]
           [Time: 10:05 pm]

             People start to head to their rooms or to finish their
           baths.  Kell enjoys the massage greatly not wanting to
           get out but eventually heads to bed.

             The nice thing about this Inn is that it has a furnace
           with heating vents in each room which is very advanced.
           But this is a place for most city advancements.

             The chill never comes as the heat is enough to keep
           everyone cozy.


           [Hills near Ticasi]
           [Decalis 23rd, 1634TH]

           [Full Moon Inn]
           [Time: 6:12 am]

             Party wakes up and finds the tavern is serving
           breakfast this early.  Their special today  is a
           chilled grapefruit served with ice cream.  It doesn't
           seem much like breakfast but the ice cream is more a
           foam than cream.  It is quite tasty.

           [Time: 7:32 am]

             Z'leyra comes from her dressed in nice clothing to
           impress folks.  Kell shakes his head but suggests
           she keep her drum in the room it doesn't fit with
           the dress.

             Z'leyra knows the school administration would not
           likely be around for a couple hours.  So the party
           decides to head to the markets to explore.  But first
           it is a visit to the Oyster bar.

           [Oyster Bar]
           [Time: 7:42 am]

             Z'leyra enters and examines the room.  The clerk said
           it was approved for the next day.  She finds that the place
           was a converted warehouse not tavern.  The side room is
           more a partition with a wall almost to head height.  If
           folks looked over the edge they could still look in but
           at least its mostly private.

             The room could fit 40 maybe 50 with some tight space.
           The owner of the bar says it will be 5 silver as that
           is what he would get for the 2 hours during lunch time
           for regular customers for the tables in the room.

             Satisfied Z'leyra pays half now and the rest tomorrow.
           Course this does not include meal costs.

             Kell asks, "you paying for these folks lunch as well?"

           [Ticasi North Market]
           [Time: 8:22 am]

             The large market place is actually the size of 8 normal city
           blocks.  They cover most of the modern shops and things a
           market has.  Even some exotic shops like exotic art or
           strange animals around the world as well as strange
           Vases in one shop.

             Kiet finds a cleaner and pays for his travel clothing to
           be cleaned for the next day.  He asks for it to be
           sent to the Full Moon Inn.

             While Z'leyra and Arawn inspect a book store Kell and
           Fremea search for a wand shop.

             Both find there are indeed several places in the market
           that show and sell magic.  In fact the supply is fairly
           high here.  Kell learns that some of the magic school
           students sell things here including failed items.  The
           prices are fairly high though for a high supply area.
           A simple talisman for luck in fact is selling for 30 gold
           while in Sivas it might only be 3 gold at best.

             Kell shakes his head at the sight of bad economics on
           supply and demand.  But this place is unique so they can
           charge what they want.  Head to Donara and a simple
           talisman shop would be burnt down.  Kell wonders how
           the Resident allows it.  But it must be good business.

             Eventually Kell finds a small shop that sells staves
           and wands.  The staves including the Rowan are way
           over priced by 30=50 times. The wands seem to be over
           priced 5-30 times.

             Behind glass Fremea eyes a dozen wands.  The clerk
           explains one is Rowan and is blank but is worth 22
           gold.  The others are normal woods.  Half a dozen are
           blank ranging from 3-8 gold depending on size and
           the magic user skill who crafted it.  All have been
           already made and can't be enhanced further except
           for the original crafter.  These wands tend to be
           good for short term use.  All do boost spell work
           and success.

             Then Fremea sees one that has a odd winglet on the
           top.  "Crafted by some Sidh being.  Our tests show
           it is high skill.  It holds on it..."  He checks a book
           behind the counter.  "Three spells.  Disease...which
           is probably why we can't sell it.  Sensory Powers and
           Dodge/Weave.  We will probably just burn it in a month
           if we can't sell it.  It is going for 22 gold."

             Fremea frowns and Kell begins to haggle talking about
           the wand could be sold now with gold in hand rather
           than be burnt at a loss.  After 10 minutes the clerk
           finally says, "12 gold is my lowest prices.  If those
           spells weren't on it then it would be half that."

             Kell looks to Fremea for her decision.

             The group meets back up and finds a street full of
           herb and plant dealers.

             Those who are interested in herbs and such immediately
           start to pant at the slew of things.  Herbs are here from
           all over the region including some from Katai.  Spices
           to healing herbs which are dirt cheap.  Then one group
           of stalls makes those wanting to shop drool a bit.

             There among herbs are Black Poppy, Cinqefoil, Clove Pink,
           Purple Lotus and Purslane.  Just sitting around like it
           is common place.

             One stall selling animal parts also has the following
           items Bush Resin, Chelidonius, Hyena Skin, Pigeon Stones and
           flasks of Saliva.  Kell looks at the Hyena skin which indeed
           has the skin from the forehead but also a large drab of
           hyena skin that would look great as a suit or a near shield

           [College district]
           [Time: 9:08 am]

             Z'leyra is anxious to head to the schools.  Though there are
           only 22 major schools there are actually over 50 different
           schools of higher learning.  Over a hundred smaller ones
           for younger kids to learn from.

             As the party heads to the major nexus of colleges they
           pass a street with a large green house.  Those who have
           never seen such are amazed at the size.  The green house
           is the length of a city block and two blocks wide.  Inside
           it looks like people are moving about treating and tending
           the plants.  As the group passes they can see teachers
           with students talking but can not hear through the green
           house glass.  There must be half a dozen set of classes
           from 2 teen to 3 upper teen/adult classes.  There must
           be 300 people inside going back and forth.  Arawn would
           love to go inside but would probably not be allowed.

             Z'leyra explains the place is mostly normal plants from
           as wide as Katai to Fomoria.  She only went inside twice
           herself but wasn't too interested in it.  There was a
           nice plant that captures prey in its large arms but
           that was about it.

             Z'leyra continues onward to the nexus which is a large
           three story building.  It is the main administration for
           the entire school system.  It is also Council offices
           on the second and third floor.  The place is as large as
           a palace it seems.  Corona from above notices the roof
           is dotted with hatches and areas that folks visit
           including one area in the north that seems to have a
           spyglass mount in a glass enclosed area.

             While the major largest schools are engineering, metal
           crafting, Law and Navigation.  The smallest schools of
           only 100 or so students still exist in the area including
           Dance, Oration and even tailoring.  As the party moves
           in the center of town which covers the college complex
           a area of 5 miles by 5 miles roughly she points out
           the highlights.  Some can see old and new buildings.

             She poiotu the Military school with a large proving
           ground for demonstrations and parades.  She tells of
           lectures on military history including the great
           Climan - Aratad wars or the Xan pirate brigades against
           Bhamotin.   At the medical school she tells of secret
           wagon deliveries of bodies for study.  Secret so as not
           to make students queasy who aren't in the medical arts.
           She tells of the Engineering school which includes a
           warehouse 5 stories tall.  It is where small scale structures
           and items are made in private and away from the elements.
           The school being so safety conscious that only 4 students
           ever died in that warehouse over the last 100 years.

             Z'leyra tells of the Geography school with help
           from the Navigators create some of the best maps in the
           middle world.  Making map makers come here to study and
           then venture home to their own lands.  She tells the
           Agronomy school during the great city plaque helped to
           feed the starving with help from other schools using
           ingenious balloons.  She tells of the Jewel Crafting
           school which she spent many hours learning the basics
           and losing dozens of gems in the process.  She admits that
           she has visited the major schools all but sanitation.

             Finally the 3 story Administration building looms above
           the party.  The party moves up the stone pathway avoiding
           many folks from teachers to students.  The large central
           courtyard makes Z'leyra stop though.  The fountain that
           shoots out 30 feet high is the same.  But behind it is
           a large 18 foot tower of black stone.  That is new.  There
           is a slit at the top a few feet.  But the pillar is a column
           of maybe 8 feet wide of black granite.  She asks a passerby
           what this is about.

             The young man in his 20s looks up, "Councilman Walla erected
           this.  It is said to be finely tuned to the summer solstice.
           Somehow some hour that day a beam of the sun will shine through
           and hit the fountain center.  This will cause the water to
           change color and split into 12 different streams of differnt
           colors he calls the spectrum.  It is something new that
           they call prisms.  When he was elected he added it and the
           council agreed.  I missed the day this summer but I hope
           to be around next summer.  Excuse me I need to see the
           Master husbander on something."  He rushes off to the building.

             As the party moves closer the aisle leading up to the stairs
           is 50 feet wide.  But on each side are statues of each current
           council person.  Z'leyra explains each new person gets their
           statue.  Old ones are sent around other school buildings or
           Statue Park in the east.  The party counts 11 statues on each
           side.  But above the three door entrance is the Master Scholar
           high above 20 feet off the ground.  Each statue holds various
           objects of their main study.  For the master scholar he
           holds a sextant,  a spyglass to watch the stars and has a wand
           on his belt.  She explains Hovan Vachera has served on the
           council for over 40 years in various departments.

             Z'leyra straightens here clothing and leads the party up the
           stairs.  The two guards are in full armor and holding pole
           arms.  They eye the party as folks present ribbons.  In the
           short time they have only turned one away.  Looked like the
           merchant had the wrong ribbon.  Z'leyra passes into the doors
           with no problems with the party.

           [Ticasi Council Admin Building]
           [Time: 9:05 am]

             First thing first is to get her permission to use her staff.
           She ignores the first floor foyer which is busy with people
           going in every direction.  She heads to the main stairs in the
           back.  There she ascends to the second floor which opens into
           a large foyer 50 by 50 feet.  Windows bring in light form
           outside.  A large desk is in back with three sets of doors
           behind the desk.  In front of the desk are two chairs and
           around the perimeter of the room are at least 30 other chairs.

             Currently the room has 8 others already sitting looking
           at documents or writing in some fashion.

             Then Z'leyra stops as she approaches the desk. Her heart
           sinks.  Behind the desk is a old classmate from the Medical
           school  Hayna was no friend who always talked about her as
           the barbarian who probably would save more cows and horses
           than people.  Right now she is writing on some parchment and
           not looking up.  She speaks up, "Roos'ma you may see
           Councilman Wyman now."

             Z'leyra wonders how this person got here.  She was not the
           best student.  In fact she was pretty bad.  But she did earn
           her medical license.  Maybe is this what she could only get?

             As the Healer stares at the gatekeeper the others look to
           the walls.  All around are paintings of Councilmen and
           councilwomen.  The people scan the paintings and learn who is who.
           Some are impressed to see at least 8 women on the council.

             The names, title and school are shown.

             Agronomy          (M) Gill Ploughman
             Art               (F) Festle Forththa
             Astronomy         (M) Artsain Walla
             Ceramics          (F) Kinna Forththa
             Engineering       (M) Uguld Marna
             Geography         (M) Gebbert Rhasguut
             History           (F) Curta Wrathbane
             Husbandry         (F) Heste Byrdie
             Jewel Crafts      (F) Lental Vormon
             Linguistics       (M) Sid Wse
             Magic             (M) Barker Arlestorn
             Medicine          (F) Fellea Finewoven
             Metal Crafts      (M) Martin Smith
             Military History  (M) Tory 'One-Eye'Rhasguut
             Music             (M) Arman Bentwhistle
             Navigation        (M) Crooka Signair
             Physical Sciences (F) Marlana Marna
             Politics and Law  (M) Silaius Duke
             Religion          (M) Bishop Ollie Ragson
             Sanitation        (F) Sister Fanya Lischsteinelder
             Writing.          (M) Cory 'Inkfinger' Scritumuse
             Most of the paintings show older folks from 40 to 80s.  But
           the youngest one looks to be the one for Art who she looks to
           be in her 20s.

             The man from the left gets up and heads to the left door
           and enters to some hallway.  The one called by Hayna.

             Z'leyra exhales and approaches.  She taps the desk and
           needs to speak to the Magic Department to get an exception
           for her staff.

             Hayna who looks bored, "Counilman Arlestorn is at the
           school.  Come back tomorrow."

             Z'leyra taps the desk again.  Finally Hayna looks up and
           is taken back.  She looks up and down at Z'leyra in her
           nice clothing.  She tries to recognize someone but does
           not seem to place it.  Then she recognizes the face.  "You...
           are back?"

             Hayna smiles and sits back in her leather chair.  "Sorry but
           he is in meetings.  Maybe for a few days.  Busy winter rush
           of classes you know."

             From the right one woman in her 40s speaks up.  "The deputy
           is in his office.  He is allowed to grant exceptions."

             Hayna glares at the woman and sits forward.  "I'm sure he
           could."  She shuffles some papers around.  "It has been
           awhile.  What three years?"  Z'leyra corrects her by showing
           two fingers.  Hayna shrugs, "I'm just here filling in for
           a friend.  I normally serve the military in their medical

             From behind a man approaches carrying a bag.  "Has Council
           man Signair finished those charts?"

             Hayna shrugs, "not yet."

             The messenger looks annoyed. "You said that last month.
           There is a deadline.  Let him I will need them by end
           of the week."  he then storms away.

             Arawn behind Z'leyra stares at Hayna.  He tries to study
           the girl carefully.  Clearly this girl is annoyed, agitated
           and not where she should be.  It doesn't take a truthsayer
           to tell she is lying.

             Z'leyra crosses her arms.  So she has been her a month
           at least.  Not good for this girl.  This girl who rigged one
           of her medical experiments to bloat and explode bile all over
           her and the teacher and then blamed Z'leyra.

             Hayna bites her lower lip, "fine go on up.  Third floor
           second door on left."

             Z'leyra enters the middle door and to the stairs.  Arawn
           notices a slight smile on her face.

           [Council Buildng - Magic Department]
           [Time: 9:14 am]

             Entering the door reveals another foyer around 20 feet
           by 20.  This time Z'leyra recognizes the older woman in
           her 50s.  She has been here a long time.  Z'leyra asks
           about exceptions for her staff.  The foyer has 3 others
           waiting in chairs.

             "I'm sorry but it takes at least 2 weeks to get an exception.
           We encourage students to apply a month before the school
           term.  It used to be a week but the Council felt after old man
           Arkom bashed in the head of a janitor with his staff a longer
           period was needed on staves.  To get an override that would
           be the deputy or the councilman.  But to be honest they only
           grant those rarely."

             As the woman finishes this the deputy leaves a office 30
           feet away and drops some papers on her desk.  She points
           to Z'leyra.  "She needs an exception for her staff."

             The man rubs his right hand and a small ring glows and
           he nods.  "I see you're strong in the magic arts.  Come
           this way and explain your situation."

           [Magic Deputy's Office]
           [Time: 9:32 am]

             The man sits back and looks at Arawn and Z'leyra.  The other
           had to stay outside due to room.  "Well...your case seems
           quite urgent.  However, if this pans out to be ....bad for
           others that staff could be more than a tool.  I would be hard
           pressed to grant a speedy exception. Especially since you
           are no longer a student.  I would need to arrange some meetings
           with others including a truthsayer and Law professor to
           assess what they feel on your intention."

             Z'leyra begins to speak but the man who introduced himself
           as Burl Tiesmorten, shakes his head.  "We strive as teachers
           to show our students not to rely on tools but themselves.
           If anything we hoped you had learned that.  I am glad you
           wish to fix this situation with your father.  But you must
           do it with what you know now with what you have."  he leans
           forward and becomes very serious.  "This will actually help
           your case.  If you bring to it yourself and your skills
           this will impress those who are there.  If you use this
           and that said objects will be seen as possible ..distractions
           that influence the result."

             He stands, "so I'll pass this on to the councilman but
           I will be honest getting this by tomorrow will be very
           difficult.  If you were to wait a week or two?"

             Z'leyra explains her place will be destroyed in only
           days if not sooner.  The man frowns.  "I can talk to
           others to see about an injunction to stop that work but
           with a day's notice...I will attend your lunch tomorrow.
           I will let you know then.  I am eager to hear the details
           you may have not said here.  I doubt the councilman will
           be able to attend as he has a meeting tomorrow with the
           Shiben Ambassador."

             Z'leyra asks about permission to visit the schools to
           collect other witnesses.  The man nods, "certainly.  That
           I can do.  See Hayna for the blue/green ribbons.  It will
           grant you to walk those halls.  But do not disturb any
           classes at all.  Our teachers do not take kindly to
           being distracted."

             Z'leyra and Arawn stand.  The man studies Z'leyra.
           "You were Tiren's daughter?  He rarely visited our
           department.  But I've heard...stories.  His loss was
           a sad state.  I hope that you find who did it and
           get justice."  He raises his hand to shaker her hand.

             Z'leyra asks if she could visit the offices of Jewel
           Crafting, Husbandry, Medicine and Law.  The man agrees
           and gives directions.

             Two are on the second floor while the others are on third.

             Z'leyra visits each office and asks the secretary in each
           area if she could leave notes.  She wants to invite any of
           the Council members or deputy to the lunch.

             Only the Law department has Councilman Duke around.  The
           group has to wait 20 minutes then he finally meets with the

             The man in his 50s is not the one Z'leyra knew before.  He
           has aged a bit in the last 2 years and now has a bit of
           baldness to him.  She has seen him lecture many times on law
           and rules of justice.  She explains briefly her intention but
           would invite him to the lunch.

             "It so happens I am intrigued.  Tiren was a upstanding
           man.  I think I met you when you were 18?  I heard you had
           a great talent for the healing arts.  It was deemed an
           accident.  But if you believe there is something else to
           this then I will be there at the lunch to hear what you
           have planned.  If I am happy with what I hear I will
           be at your home to see what you find.  Keep in mind
           any evidence will need to be iron clad.  The scene and
           any items you used must be checked.  We suggest you do
           this with the least of help.  But now if you excuse me
           I have a class in 20 minutes.  I need to head on out."

           [First floor Foyer
           [Time: 10:15 am]

             Z'leyra tells Hayna she needs one day ribbons for the
           schools. Hayna comments under her breath, "going back
           to school?"  Then laughs under her breath.

             From a drawer she grabs the ribbons and hands them out.
           "Should return these to a local garrison or just any
           guard on the street."

             Hayna stares at the others including the tall one by him
           with a slight skin paleness.  What kind of weirdoes is this
           barbarian keeping company with.

             Z'leyra leaves and plans her next step. First she will
           visit the Jewel Crafting school. medical, magic and then metal
           crafting schools.

           [Jewel Crafting School]
           [Time: 10:28 am]

             This school is two stories of new stone that looks only
           a few years old.  It is the size of half a city block and
           at times has 40-50 classes from starting to expert.  This
           gives a general class size of over a thousand at times.  But
           Z'leyra says maybe a 3rd drop out the first few weeks.

             Entering the plain building the foyer is decorated with
           round wall hangings that demonstrate types of gems from
           ruby to topaz and all between.  It is not too over decorated
           more a text book on the walls.

             Z'leyra had three teachers here.  She asks the secretary
           and one teacher is not working this term and is away on
           leave.  But the other are currently in class.  But that
           if she moves fast she could get them before next class at 11.

             Lira Suthess is in her class which just ended and cleaning
           up her materials.  The woman in her 40s recognizes Z'leyra.
           Z'leyra explains her lunch invitation.  It is best to invite
           as many friends as witness than not.

             Lira shrugs, "I have class tomorrow.  I'm sorry.  It has been
           great seeing you.  Have you ever cut a diamond yet?  I know
           you were trying to but failed a few times..."

             Later Yalenka Narda is still teaching on the merits of gem
           setting in iron versus wood.  Finally 15 minutes later she
           ends the class and finds Z'leyra.  "Sure I'll come.  My next
           class is next week.  But I do need to rush now to my next
           class starting..."

             Z'leyra guides the others to some labs and rooms she was in
           and explains she first set a ring in this lab and lost a huge
           ruby when the spell she tried to implant on the necklace
           shattered the stone in another lab.

           [Medical School]
           [Time: 10:48 am]

             The medical school is actually a series of 1 and 2 story
           structures spread around several acres.  In a center square
           she shows a statue of a Healer from Donara who created the
           method of heart pumping to restart it after opening a chest.
           Even today it is dangerous but a move that some healers will
           try though Z'leyra has never tried such as her spells seem
           to do the job.  During his lifetime his death rate without
           magic went from 80% to 30%.

             Here Z'leyra explains she had a dozen teachers over the
           years spent here.

           [Time: 11:28 am]

             After time visiting full and empty classes Z'leyra only
           finds four teachers.  She gets a few maybe and at least
           one yes.  Professor Garr is always up for a free meal.  The
           overweight man in his 40s is jovial and has the blue eyes
           of a god.  "I'll be there tomorrow.  Did you ever learn
           how to give people an nice cleansing?"

             Z'leyra rolls her eyes and leaves when a dean comes to
           visit Garr.  Arawn looks at Z'leyra and she groans.  She
           explains one week Garr had students cleanse men and women
           to clear their bowels out in hopes to get them better.  But
           when one fat woman released a bit too soon and her hand
           was under the woman it was not a pretty picture.

           [Magic School]
           [Time: 11:40 am]

             At the approach for this school Z'leyra shows a bit of nerves.
           Here is where she got the most bias.  She had 3 dozen or so
           teachers here and only a few actually treated her kindly.  She
           had to fight hard to survive the classes.  At least two professors
           even tried to fail her on principle.

             The complex of buildings is one of the largest in the
           city covering 6 acres with 52 buildings.  There are
           1 to 4 story structures.  The large 4 story ones tend to be
           demonstration towers.  There might be upwards of 3 thousand
           students in this one college form many nations.  But in the
           winter half that might be around.  While the Dark Lands is
           a center of magic it was more chaotic and disorganized.  Here
           it is structured and regimental.  Z'leyra explains upwards of
           40 to 60% fail outright.

             Of the dozen or so teachers she only finds 4.  She extends her
           quick invitations to the lunch.  But all are unsure at this
           point and one denies it as he has class.  So the group leaves
           with unsure who will attend.

           [Metal Crafting School]
           [Time: 12:22 pm]

             Z'leyra explains she actually only had a couple classes
           here.  Her father was on the council and was big here but
           the metal family that was big in the city blocked many of
           her plans.

             The blacksmith in not around but she leaves a note to see
           if he wants to visit tomorrow at the lunch.

             Upon exiting she sees Gars Smith son of Councilman Smith.
           The man in his late 30s seems to recgonize Z'leyra but quickly
           turns away and heads the other away fast.

             Z'leyra feels lunch is needed so does not care to follow.
           She does notice the building is brand new built in the last
           two years since Tiren's death.

           [Time: 12:51 pm]

             Z'leyra figures there might be other places but she is starting
           to need food.  She heads to a local tavern on campus.  As
           she does she almost runs into her old dancer teacher a old
           woman in her 60s.

             Ira Armanth taught her some great dancing that the party
           has seen round many campfires.  "It is great to see you!
           Your legs are very tone you must've kept up with your dancing!"

             Later she nods after hearing Z'leyra, "Sure I'll be there

           [College Campus Tavern - "The Gray Matter"]
           [Time: 1:20 pm]

             Z'leyra and the others sit down to a nice lunch.
           Students pack the place from side to side.

           [Time: 2:18 pm]

            Z'leyra decides to head west to her father's place.
          Arriving there she finds the boarded up homestead a simple
          place of 5 rooms.  The workshop is gutted still from the
          fire to this day.  Kell grabs Z'leyra.  "Best not to get
          to the site today.  It might taint things."

            Z'leyra nods and knows if magi is used and they find she
          ass here it could influence things.  She stares for what
          seems like hours at the place remembering the life here.
          Faintly in the back of her mind she can hear her father
          yell it is time to eat as she works in the shop.

           [Time: 2:30 pm]

             Z'leyra heads down the street to a friend.  Old lady Poorda
           was always kind.  At least to her father.  To her she saw
           the Barbarian and felt she was too feral.  Even after she
           was shown her degrees the woman was polite but aloof.

             She should be in her upper 70s now.  Z'leyra knocks on the
           door.  Soon the old lady opens the door and stares.  Clearly
           she does not recognize the woman in her fine clothing.  "Is
           that FisherKing?"  She stares at Corona in the tree.  "Wait
           you are...my dear!  Oh my...oh my...come in."

             After some chit chat and exchange of history from the last
           couple years the old woman serves tea.  "Tiren's death was
           awful just awful.  You are here to solve the event?  That
           seems silly.  Everyone knows it was a accident.  If you stir
           up trouble it might cause you bad things.  I find it strange
           that you were away at the time but the Constables could not
           verify you were in class for that time period.  I'm told
           they only knew you were in the medical lab alone.  But no one
           saw it. .."  she thinks on this a bit.

             Z'leyra asks her if she would like to come to the lunch.

             "I'm too old to get into adventures or intrigue.  Good
           luck dear.  Anyone want some apple pie?"

           [Time: 3:12 pm]

             Finally Z'leyra explains she needs to find Tiren's family and
           her own relatives.  Most treated her as nothing but a barbarian
           tree hugger.  She did have one cousin that was kind though.
           She heads to the south to the civilian housing areas.

           Actions?  Comments?

           Next Update.....Friday??

           GM: Ok.  Up to 700 lines so a place to stop.  I had wanted to
               get more detailed - more descriptive and finish the day
               by the family visits.  But I think I've done enough for
               now.  I'll try to finish up day 1 on Wednesday.  I still
               don't know who joined Z'leyra this day.  I know Kiet
               will not on Day 2.  You can still do Day 1 stuff until
               next week.  I'll start Day 2 on Monday.  So hopefully
               next update will be smaller.  Sorry I did not flesh the
               city out as I had planned on it.  When your at work and
               you dream of scenes getting home and its 2am you tend
               to cut corners. :)  I'm on 5 hours sleep today and
               gotta get up early tomorrow.  So probably 4 hours
               tomorrow.  But Wednesday afternoon will try to finish
               Day 1.

           GM: Fremea - What type of wand do you want a basic middle
                 level? I gave options above.  Sadly you can' add to
                 them since you didn't make them.  But you can use
                 the wand as a casting aid to improve ability.

               Kiet - Since you mentioned to skip the lunch (day 2)
                 I assume you were joining the others on Day 1? If
                 not let me know if you had any day 1 plans.  I will
                 get to your actions next week.

           GM: Forgo to mention the day is Cloudy with temperatures
               ranging from 41-70 today.  The items found in market
               is not fleshed out in great detail due to space and

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