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   HT Aliaver/Player    DS    Character Name    Type    Status/N;;tes  Sex
   -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
   R1.John Haight.......HY..Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar .. Ma
   --.Tobie Bonahoom....YY..Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry.. Fe
   R3.Mark Murtha.......HN..Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human....Ma
W2R2.David Sanders.....HN..Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  ..Ma
   R4.Wout Broere.......YY..Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  ..Fe
   R3 Panthera..............Pyandalgor........Hunter..Normal/Human....Ma
W3R4.Alex Koponen......YY..Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  ..Fe
      Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra

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       Game Update #39a sequence (file #282)

       Admin Notes: None.

         From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
           Z'leyra knowing that Ticasi IS a peaceful place does not feel
           put out by having to leave her weapons but would prefer to have
           her staff for spell casting than have to use her wand. She
           leaves her armor in her room at the inn and clothes herself in
           some of her better dresses. She keeps her satchel and drum
           with her.

           She asks the innkeeper about where to reserve a room for a
           lunch she hopes to invite some important people to. She gets
           her best dress cleaned for wearing the next day. She also
           arranges for Corona to get a fresh fish each day.

           In the morning accompanied by any that wish to she will go to
           make to reserve the suggested lunchroom then visit those
           teachers of magic and of law that she was acquainted with and
           not on bad terms with. She will invite them and an esteemed
           colleague if they wished, for a long lunch the next day. She
           will act as guide to party members to show the teaching
           facilities of Ticasi.

           She treats the party to a fine lunch after which she will stop
           and visit her father's relatives (though they had referred to
           her as ' that barbarian brat') to ask if any further
           investigation into her father's death had occurred (and if so
           what happened and no she was not looking to grab some
           inheritance) and to show by her fine clothes and confident
           bearing that she had not exactly done badly in the world. She
           also stops by her healing friends and teachers to say hello.

           She plans to be back for dinner at the inn.
         GM: Ack.

         From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
           (Assuming I'm reading things correctly and Z'leyra is extending
           the invitation to the party,   Arawn is very much interested in
           meeting with Z'leyra's former teachers...)

           "It would be both and honor and a pleasure," Arawn said,
           enthusiastically accepting Z'leyra's offer to join her for

           The prospect of meeting with her former mentors was one the
           alfar did not wish to miss out on. For some time he had been
           aware of the scholars of Ticasi, Z'leyra's stories serving to
           further whet his appetite. Voracious of mind, the chance for
           discovery, to explore the depths of knowledge present within
           the city's walls and to speak at length with it's erudite
           citizens, called to him like a siren's song. However long he
           might have to explore Ticasi's myriad stock of lore his hope
           was to return at some point to experience the  city and further
           his education.
         GM: Ack.

         From Arawn: [Re: Actions]

            [Decalis 23rd .... 6:05 pm]

           "What sort of exceptions?," Arawn asked, referring to the
           ribbons given out at the Mendev Road garrison.

           [OOC: If the guards are unable to give a complete list Arawn
           would like to swing by the Mendev garrison to learn what
           exceptions are acceptable, if time permits.]
         GM: Ack.

         From Fremea: [Re: Actions]
           Fremea makes sure she has one dagger in her bag that no one
           knows about, but puts the rest into the locker with everyone's
           weapons. She knows from her training that she can still handle
           herself without any weapons, it is just nicer to be away from
           those hitting and cause damage.

           Asking Z, "So, are Fea accepted here, or do I need to make...

           Since this place seems to value magic, she will go with Kell to
           see about getting a wand (just something to use till she makes
           her own), having watched Z and Kiet use theirs to help with
           casting. She will also check to see what kind of herbs are here
           for sale.

           Fremea will join with Z on anything she requires, but hopes
           she will tell them what might be coming for her too, so that
           she can keep a look out for anything.
         GM: Ack.

         From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
           In response to Fremea Z'leyra says "Here is where I met ...
         GM: Ack.

         From David: [Re: Busy]
           I'm sorry that I am also late...much going on for my
           weekend... which starts Thursday nights here.

           Also went to Masada and Dead Sea today...very awesome.

           I'll write something for Kiet shortly.
         GM: Ack. No need to be sorry it wasn't being upset at
             all about being late.  But when I get posts late
             it delays things.  This isn't personal to anyone
             just how it goes.  Typically I'd want posts by
             Monday 6pm EST or Thursday 6pm.  But in a perfect
             wold I'd LOVE to have posts by Saturday afternoon
             and Wednesday afternoon.  This allows me to start
             work on Saturday after work and Wednesday afternoon
             which is my day off.  Its not mandatory though just
             helps and I know this pushes folks so not going
             to complain!  So your weekend starts on Thursday?
             Wow.  Different culture I guess. :)  Those museums
             or the actual places?  I've always been curious on
             Masada as a spy group if they are more 'open' over
             there or like old '80s KGB as they were known but
             kept behind doors. :)

         From Kiet: [Re: Actions]
           Kiet changes his mind and decides to store his armor, helm and
           shield in his room.  He chooses a private room for this stay.
           Kiet does still plan to perform the magic he previously

           When Kiet hears of Z'leyras plans for the day, Kiet isn't
           real excited.  Here we have a new place to explore, and we
           get invited to a lunch with a bunch of people we don't even
           know.  Kiet thinks of a clever way out of this.

           "Z'leyra, meaning no disrespect, but I don't really feel up ...

           Kiet wakes up well rested after sleeping in a place made for
           sleeping. He stretches out and lounges a bit, all the while
           thinking about the day before him.  He decides on a course of
           action, then dresses and heads downstairs to break the fast.
           After his meal, Kiet inquires about getting one set of travel
           clothes cleaned while he is away...the dirtier set.  He makes
           arrangements for that, then asks Z'leyra and the proprietor for
           their suggestions on how to approach an expert on ancient
           civilizations.  Assuming they can help him, he follows that

           Before Kiet leaves, he asks where he might find some parchment
           and writing instruments.  He purchases three sheets of parchment
           and quickly sketches out the flag he has back in storage, as
           well as anything he can remember about the uniforms.  Perhaps
           he shall be lucky and his items might be worth something to
           these scholars.

           Fortunately Kiet already has some Donaran coinage on him,
           but he still tries to speak Salaqi as best he can.

           Kiet will go into town, and the place of learning, and see
           if he can find someone that recognizes either the flag or the
           uniforms. He will only take the items normally on his person...
           his bags of stuff, and his backpack remain at the inn.  Kiet
           suspects the flag sketch might be most likely to invite
           interest, if any truly exists.

           He also asks around to see if there are any shops around
           that might sell jewels or gemstones.  He is interested in
           each. Should there be a shop for jewels and jewelry, he asks
           about where he might get tools, and looks to buy gems to later
           practice his skills.  The quality matters little, just the

           Other than that, Kiet plans to be back in time for dinner...
         GM: Ack.  Magic magic.  I did that already right?  I think
             I sent a email on that.  Ok.  Yeah I did.  Can't recall
             now if I sent results to you.  But its recorded and done.
             How much to spend on the tools and gems?  Any particular
             gems or random ones?

       [New Stuff]

           [Hills near Ticasi]
           [Decalis 23rd, 1634TH]

           [Ticasi City]
           [Time: 5:40 pm]

             Z'leyra introduces herself to the guards and one of
           the guards whispers to another.  Kell cocks his ears
           hoping to hear but does not with the din of business
           at the gate area.

             Arawn cocks his own head and tries to also listen
           in as well and after a few seconds turns back to watch
           the folks entering the gate.

           [Ticasi Vault]
           [Time: 6:02 pm]

             The party stores their gear inside the small stone
           rented vault.  But Z'leyra keeps her staff.  This is
           noticed by the bored guard.   He approaches.

             "That too ma'am.  It is a weapon indeed."

             Z'leyra re-explains it is a tool not a weapon.  But
           the guard stares at the staff where a very dry tiny blotch
           of goblin blood is seen.  "You will not be allowed into
           the city unless you release the staff.  You may leave the
           city and sleep outside.  But you will have to get permission
           for any exception by the Council.  Your option can leave
           it or leave the city."

             Kell perks up, "wands are not weapons you would agree?"

             The guard turns to Kell, "in most cases from what I have
           seen or heard no.  One could probably take out a eye
           but probably not be fatal as that."  He points to the hard
           staff.  "We don't make the rules here the Council does.
           All wizards are under the rules as well.  Exceptions
           mostly apply for students  You would get that said exception
           from your professor."

             The guard bored by this places a hand on his sword
           hilt and waits for Z'leyra.  The boy who works here
           backs away not wanting to be in the crossfire.

             Kell continues, "if this is a weapon less society
           why do guards have weapons?"

             The second guard stares at Kell.  "Seriously?"

             The first guard speaks without taking his eyes off
           Z'leyra.  "We are peace keepers not the National Guard.
           Now we could search your bags on your horses as we have
           that right to do so and confiscate any weapons or items
           deemed as weapons.  You would remain here as we did
           so.  But I'm sure things will be settled here."

             The guard in his 30s stares at Z'leyra with that
           subtle threat.  Z'leyra looks to the others who pleads
           with their eyes not wanting things to be search or
           taken.  It could damage and mess up things including her
           own items.

             Z'leyra hopes she can get a exception and sighs.  She
           places the staff in the vault.

             Fremea cringes at the possible heated moment until Z'leyra
           relents.  She 'forgot' her dagger in her bag and would not
           want it searched.

           [Ticasi street[
           [Time: 6:05 pm]

             Fuming Z'leyra exits the vault and glares at the
           guards as she mounts up.  Minutes in the city and she
           is already shown bias.  Nothing in this city seems to
           have changed in two years.  Maybe Arawn or Kell should've
           been the one to lead the group to show their more civilized
           manner.  But she vows to show folks she has changed and
           is far better than many in this city.

             Kell watches the angry healer and rides close, "I'm sure
           we can get that exception.  Even so maybe a "donation"
           could be given to get that exception.  Even in this so called
           center of class and education coin may rule out."

             Arawn hears about the exceptions on the ribbons on the
           guards and while at the garrison asks the clerk.

             "What sort of exceptions?," Arawn asked, referring to
           the ribbons given out at the Mendev Road garrison.

             The bored clerk in his 20s looks up and sighs.  "We have
           two classes.  Citizens and Visitors.  Visitors are limited
           to short term ribbons.  These include traders, dignitaries,
           farmers and tourists for example.  Those ribbons like the ones
           you have give limited access.  Mostly school classes and
           schools themselves are restricted.  We don't want the students
           to be distracted.  Merchants and Farmers who are on a constant
           basis of travel to and from here get medium term ribbons
           that are months at a time.  Ship crews get shorter ones
           due to the fights they tend to get in.  Even our citizens
           are limited from some schools for security and safety.  Some
           schools could be dangerous to be around."

             The clerk then pulls out a book and unfolds it to list all
           of the situations and various ribbons.  There some 112 exceptions
           and situations it seems on the books.  The guard shows the
           book and assumes the Alfar can read especially since the city
           has 90% of the population that can read.

             Arawn scans the various lists and smiles at the guard.  It
           seems the Master Scholar is the only one who does not need
           ribbons at all.  Must be nice to be powerful.

           [Guard Garrison]
           [Time: 6:13 pm]

             As the party obtains their short term ribbons, Z'leyra
           ask the captain on duty about her staff.

             The Captain in his 50s shrugs, "Council grants that
           permission.  It is actually rare for wizards to bring
           staves inside the city.  Some on the Council believe
           all of Ticasi not just the city should have the same
           rules.  But we are a bit more lenient on the rules
           outside the city.  Smuggling is a big issue but otherwise
           students don't need weapons."

             Z'leyra turns away crossing her arms.  She reads the
           wall of bulletins on wanted criminals hoping to cool
           down.  She sees the Sea Star underground is still mostly
           wanted from Salaqara.  She does notice some documents
           on the wall talking about a group freeing slaves but no
           information is gained.  There is no mention of Roerick
           and his group which is great but now the group may be
           on their watch list.  Looks like there have been arrests
           though Donara wide according to the wanted pictures
           even some nobles who have been tied to criminal activity.
           She wonders if Roerick and his group was involved there.

           [Horse Ranch]
           [Time: 6:25 pm]

             Z'leyra checks her new horse.  She had to replace the
           old one which was just burnt out and exhausted.  This
           one seems in good shape.  She talks to him so he will
           not be concerned.  She should see him in a couple of
           days if all goes well.

           [Full Moon Inn]
           [Time: 6:36 pm]

             Z'leyra asks where she might can get her best dress

             The clerk looks up from his bag.  "Many places in town.
           When do you need it?"

             Z'leyra tells her the day after for a lunch.  The clerk
           rubs his flabby chin.  "Well tell  you what.  My aunt
           does cleaning here with our sheets and such.  I can get
           the dress and cleaned tonight."  He glances at the window
           to judge time.  "I could have it done by the morning."

             The clerk continues, "we are trying to add a small house
           to clean clothing in the rear but right now we need good
           chain of supplies.  Before we build it.  So this would be
           a good way to test things out."

             Z'leyra asks if a boy can feed her Eagle a fish a day
           for the next couple days.

             The clerk looks a bit taken aback.  He looks around then
           realizes the bird must be outside.  "I don't know.  The
           bird could harm the lad."

             Z'leyra explains he is quite tame and friendly.  The
           boy might even be allowed to pet the bird.  Once he
           alerts Corona that is.

             Finally the clerk nods, "I will ask my son to do so.
           He likes those filthy ferrets things so a bird might
           be fun for him.  I can add the fish to your final bill.
           It would be very little and cheap.  Any particular
           type of fish?"

             Z'leyra explains he likes sea bass but normal fish
           should be fine.

             Kell perks up hearing about the ferret.  If only he
           had Squirt to show the boy.

             Z'leyra asks the clerk if he knows where she can reserve
           a lunch room for a gathering in 2 days.

             The clerk considers the date.  This time of year there is
           usually a convention or two.  But it is winter and should
           be fine for rooms and space.  "The Hard Oyster is a good
           place.  It is 4 blocks form here to the north.  I can send
           a boy to reserve it for 2 days.  Say between 11 and 1 or
           so.  It is mostly a oyster bar but they do some fine steaks
           imported from Xian.  They have a rich cake that will fatten
           up a person in seconds."  He smiles and pats his above
           average stomach.

           [Dinner at Full Moon Inn Small Tavern]
           [Time: 7:02 pm]

             Z'leyra goes over her plans for the next two days.  Some
           are unsure if they have been invited to this lunch or not.
           It is clear that she wants her best dress cleaned so as to
           show others who she might be.

             Kell looks over to Z'leyra, "a person is not what they
           wear or have.  It lo their spirit, their personality
           and their skills.  Their being.   You should not have to
           prove yourself to these people.  In the last two years
           you not them have saved the world from a Climan threat
           of flying ships and danger to their own diplomats.  You
           have helped take out a threat to the entire middle world
           by taking on the Vong.  Who is who and what they have done
           or will do is not important.  I know you would love to
           rub their nose in what you have done.  But a true hero does
           not gloat or exaggerate."  Kell notices Arawn smiling at the
           half-Elf.  "A trader uses his skills to sell things but he
           also sells himself.  A merchant could show his wealth by
           gold rings and necklaces but sell junk.   Just something to
           think about."

             Arawn can't help but nod at Kell's comments.  Then turns to
           Z'leyra. "It would be both and honor and a pleasure," Arawn
           said, enthusiastically accepting Z'leyra's offer to join her
           for lunch.

             Arawn finds this whole experience fascinating.  Not only
           to study Z'leyra here in her home territory but to study
           the so called center of learning.  Some have said Fomoria
           has the better Navigator schools while some say Katai has
           the better of history and culture schools.  Even in Cerulean
           they say they have the best military schools.  But here
           around the Sea of Tears this place is considered the heart
           of education.   Even in the Upper World it is known to send
           out great scholars and people around the world.

             Fremea asks Z, "So, are Fea accepted here, or do I need to
           make sure I am hiding the whole time?" Hoping she can remove
           her disguise and fly around.

             Z'leyra considers the question.  In Donara clearly they
           are not welcome.  A dead Fae would just be stepped over
           in the street and ignored.  But superstitious folks are
           that way.  Here folks are more learned and so accept even
           the weirdest things.  Even the so called scandal of the
           botanist and the tree was weird but eventually forgotten.
           She did meet Varange at times here but he was outside the
           city in the light woods that serve as a forest.  She recalls
           that even friends of the Sidh were shunnned but not driven
           out of town by hate.  Course Varange was an official diplomat
           for his people who his status was beyond approach.  In many
           circles he was just ignored and laughed at.  But some schools
           including military, history, metal crafting and even magic
           seemed to accept him.  If only for what the Sidh could give
           them like ore from the Dwarves.  But for Fremea?  She would
           probably be stared at but would not be threatened openly.

             In response to Fremea, Z'leyra says, "Here is where I met and
           studied Sidh magics with Varange and others. While a curiosity
           the fae are not hunted here like in Donara, though I wouldn't
           suggest showing up at the Donaran Resident's manor, at least
           without both an invitation and sufficient friends to guard
           against any 'misunderstandings'. There is a small wood west
           of town where the Sidh meet."

             Kiet drinks his wine and looks forward to his long bath once
           this dinner is over.  He saw the one who gives massage and
           she is very well endowed in body and skills it seems.  But
           Kiet wonders how obvious one can be to enter a city where he
           might even be wanted.  What if they think she killed her
           dad?  A wrong accusation could be dangerous.  Going to a lunch
           with folks who could turn sour is not fun.  While he would want
           to protect the Healer he does have some plans of his own.

             Kiet puts his wine glass down, "Z'leyra, meaning no
           disrespect, but I don't really feel up to parties and such.  I
           don't have any of my fine clothes with me, just travel gear.
           And, truthfully, I don't care for the styles here.  I think
           I shall pass.  I do have some business of my own I would like
           to pursue anyway.  Thank you, however, for the kind invitation.
           I do intend to be done with my business well before dinner and
           I should be back for that."

             Kell shrugs, "the lunch is in 2 days not tomorrow.  You could
           not get your things done by then?"  A slight grin comes to his
           face as he sees Kiet squirm.  "So that's in 2 days I guess
           you can join us tomorrow!"

           [Inn Tavern after Dinner]
           [Time: 8:12 pm]

             Arawn sees the Bard finish his singing and speeches.  He
           stands and goes to join him.  He offers the man a meal
           and drinks.

             "The tavern gives me that already for the work."  The
           Bard cleans his neck from some sweat with a rag.

             Arawn offers to sit and talk.  Bards are used to folks
           wanting to talk.  They like bartenders get the most of
           all talkers.  Give a Bard a few drinks and he would be
           nothing but a bartender at times.  The Bard agrees and
           then heads to a table to get his food.

             Arawn and the Bard begin to speak in a tongue that none
           in the party knows.

           [Time: 9:25 pm]

             With dinner well over folks begin to spread out or go
           to rooms.  Fremea asks if Kell would help her find a
           wand tomorrow.

             Kell nods, "I'm sure we can.  We will do stuff with
           Z'leyra tomorrow and then the next day before the big
           lunch find you a wand."

           Actions?  Comments?

           Next Update.....Next Email!

           GM: We are already at 500 lines.  So I'll divide this up
               into two updates for ease of reading.  So this will
               be the night stuff.  Next update the first day.

           GM: City Expenses

                Ranch - Horse feed per day -     8 BB per horse
                Ranch - Open Corral per day-     1 CC per horse
                Ranch - Warm Barn per day  -     2 CC per horse
                Vault - Initial Storage    -     1 SC Donaran
                Vault - Storage per day    -     5 CC Donaran per day
                Inn   - Room - Common      -     2 SC Donaran per night
                Inn   - Room - Private     -     4 SC Donaran per night
                Inn   - Meals              -     2 CC Donaran per meal
                Inn   - Spa/Bath           -     1 CC per session

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