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   HT Aliaver/Player    DS    Character Name    Type    Status/N;;tes  Sex
   -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
   R1.John Haight.......HY..Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar .. Ma
   --.Tobie Bonahoom....YY..Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry.. Fe
   R3.Mark Murtha.......HN..Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human....Ma
W2R2.David Sanders.....HN..Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  ..Ma
   R4.Wout Broere.......YY..Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  ..Fe
   R3 Panthera..............Pyandalgor........Hunter..Normal/Human....Ma
W3R4.Alex Koponen......YY..Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  ..Fe
      Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra

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       Game Update #38 sequence (file #274)

       Admin Notes: None.

         From Pyan: [Re: Actions]
           Pyan will buy himself 38 days worth of Travel Rations when
           we stop at a town.
         GM: Ack. Will do.  Don't forget you have more coin now.  If want
             to buy other stuff.  Also don't be afraid to interact with
             others - role play!  At this point in Ticasi it might get
              a bit boring for all but Z'leyra but there is plenty of
              chances before and during. :)  No one, including me, know
              much about Pyan at this point.   Nothing is stupd in this
              game so don't fear saying the wrong thing.

         From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
           Being familiar with Ticasi, Z'leyra will show the party the
           ropes for dealing with the guards, storing weapons, (she will
           offer to put a Ward on the weapon lockers we rent that will
           inform her if the weapons are removed), getting the horses
           stabled cheaply at a long term horse ranch and getting everyone
           to a good inn that everyone can have rooms at.

           Talking with the guards, stableboys and innkeeper she will find
           out what political and other changes have occurred in Ticasi
           since she left. In particular who is new on the council and who
           is no longer on the council. Also she wants the latest gossip on
           the family of metalsmiths that she suspects may have had a hand
           in sabotaging her father's attempts to get on the council.

           The next day she plans to approach any family friends or allies
           of her father and grandfather, request that they arrange for
           neutral witnesses who are competent magic casters and respected
           by the council and have them meet the next day at the inn. She
           will treat them to lunch, explain what she wishes to do and
           take them to the site where her father's workshop burnt down.
           There she plans to cast the spells necessary for an Akasha
           spell to show (thru a tied in illusion spell established by a
           Ward) what happened that night.

           Ticasi background she explains to the party: The city has a bit
           less than 20,000 folks. The countryside another 50+ thousand. It
           was a city taken from the Kingdom of Ced by the Kingdom of
           Salaq and upon urging by the king's sage was made into a
           tax-exempt scholastic center. The Sage Armanthar was put in
           charge and he established the Council of Scholars to rule after
           his death. During a great plague the Council passed the Edict of
           Respite, establishing a firm code of cleanliness and order,
           banned wearing personal weapons in public, established curfews
           and created the constabulary.

           When Donara conquered Salaq, Ticasi accepted a Donaran resident
           and began paying a yearly tribute. Donarans still being subject
           to Ticasi law. Shortly thereafter a national Guard and Coastal
           Patrol were also established. Outside of thee city the farms
           tend to be large and well organized. TGicasi also has a large
           fleet of fishing vessels. All faiths are tolerated unless they
           practice 'dirty' rites. Avoid doing necromancy. Minor crimes
           may carry a sentence of public service (cleaning the sewers and
           such) or imprisonment, but major crimes carry a death sentence
           that must be ratified by the Council (or it is changed to life
           imprisonment). Note that carrying a concealed weapon IS a major
           crime. Trials are very slow and strung out taking months or even

           Z'leyra explains that her grandfather and father had both been
           metalcrafters of such skill that they had vied for and sometimes
           won the metalcrafter's seat on the Council of Scholars though a
           rival family of metalcrafters was most often in that seat. She
           suspected that the theft of one masterwork and later the burning
           down of her father's workshop with him in it might be traced to
           their handy work. She intends to use the Akasha spell to find out.
         GM: Ack.  Good info.

         From Kiet: [Re: Actions]
           Kiet sees the prisoner die and grunts, thinking to himself that
           said prisoner was lucky.  He wasn't planning on being gentle.

           Much later, Kiet looks at Z'leyra after her informational talk.
           There was a great deal spoken of her intent and the situation
           here in Ticasi, but not much else.

           "What about the rest of us?  Do you have needs or help from...

           Kiet will turn over his javelins, swords (even the two magic
           ones), and daggers, along with his shield and armor.  He
           suspects they will be unnecessary here.  He will also take a
           look at all of the horses to determine which are in need of
           replacing.  He will inform the owner of that horse as to their

           I'll have more after think about actions.
         GM: Ack.  Yeah the prisoner was doomed once he hit the ground.
             Using this Fringeworthy chart (great game and great set
             of very realistic charts) on trauma I rolled the effects
             and it was the whole rib into heart thing.  No need to leave
             armor/shield.  Just weapons.  But it will be fine to leave
             but if change mind let me know by next update.  Will assume
             leave in locker.  As to horses Kell replaced his in Eured
             with a new one.  Z'leyra never did or at least I've not
             seen it so it might've died form Shiben to Ticasi. :<

         From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
           Z'leyra introduces herself to the guards at the gate speaking
           Salaqi "Hello, I am Z'leyra. I don't know if you remember...

           When talking with the guards at the gate and putting her
           various obvious weaponry into a large locker Z'leyra shows the
           guards her healing kit and asks with a smile about whether
           the knife in it is allowed or must be locked up. Also, is there
           places to store armor aside from leaving it in one's room at
           the inn? Then she asks about her staff mentioning that it is a
           tool she uses for casting magic spells. Is it allowed, like
           most objects it could be used as a weapon but it has a primary
           purpose that is not that of being a weapon?

           First asking permission of the guards she will cast (through
           her staff) a Sidh Ward Pact EL0 with Sending EL0 to warn her
           if the party's items are disturbed...The ward pact to dissolve
           when all the items are gone.

           Z'leyra asks that the party stay near at least until she has
           determined if her suspicions about her family's rivals are
           false or the situation has been dealt with. If correct they
           would have incentive to shut her up and her safety would not
           rank high in their priorities. Having tough, seasoned
           adventurers around would do a lot to reduce the chance of
           their trying something or of their succeeding against her if
           they did try.
         GM: Ack.  You've still not let me know on the exhausted horse
             thing covered a couple updates ago.  :<

         From Kiet: [Re: Actions]
           Kiet is happy to have finally reached the destination, and see
           that it is, indeed, a civilized place to stay.  The inn looks
           quite comfortable, and he looks forward to some of that
           comfort.  He orders the finest warm meal they might have.

           When Kiet retires for the evening, he will go then his many
           things and sort out what he wishes to carry for the next few
           days.  He feels almost naked without his armor and weapons, but
           knows full well he has other resources.  He wasn't going to
           announce to the world his magic, or the magic items he holds,
           like Z'leyra did... nothing subtle about that girl!

           As Kiet arranges things, he thinks about his next steps.  He
           wonders how much trouble Z might be in after foolishly a
           nnouncing to the guards her identity.  Sure, she might have
           garnered good will a few years ago, but news of her arrival
           almost certainly guarantees that her enemies, real or imaginary,
           will be ready for her...and likely us too.  So Kiet decides to
           make his mana expenditures somewhat minimal.  Using his silver
           wand, Kiet quietly casts a maximum EL Purification for the
           Knowledge spell, then casts Knowledge in order to improve his
           understanding of the Delude Sight spell.  Kiet would have loved
           to cast some Sky Knowledge as well, but thinks it might be
           wise to maintain a mana reserve for the coming days.  He would
           have liked to also have improved another spell he's been trying
           to learn, but it wouldn't help until the return trip...at best.
           Even this might not, but the chane is at least there.  Also,
           Kiet decides to use as much mana from his bracer as will be
           practical for this casting.  He reminds himself once again
           that it will soon be time to improve its capacity and

           Speaking of the trip, Kiet wonders what is next and if all
           his companions (not to mention himself) will be returning.
           Also, by what route.  He doubts that they will decide to travel
           that far and long again, but Kiet still hopes they all do.
           Much was gained this way. Pyandalgor should be thrilled with
           the results.

         GM: Ack.  Ticasi is a place where Magic is accepted after
             all a school is there for it.  I assume cast in the private
             room you probably want for Inn.  With old points and current
             you learned the spell and now EL1.  As to future travel who
             knows that is a few months at least away.  (our time)

       [New Stuff]

           [Hills near Ticasi]
           [Decalis 23rd, 1634TH]

           [Time: 6:12 am]

             Kell listens to Z'leyra explain a bit more about Ticasi
           and her plans in the city.

             Kiet wonders about what to do himself.  "What about the rest
           of us?  Do you have needs or help from us for any of this, or
           are we essentially on our own?"

             Z'leyra reminds that she will need protecting if this metal
           clan goes after her.  Maybe the first day in town the others
           can divide and explore but the second day at her old home
           she may need folks there as witnesses as well.

             Kell asks about this Akasha spell.  "Seems interesting
           how it works.  But will your witnesses honor it or the
           people in charge if you find out who killed him?"

             The party finishes breakfast and mounts up ready to travel
           the rest of the way to the city.

           [Ticasi City]
           [Time: 5:40 pm]

             Finally at the gate, Z'leyra looks at the guards.  It has
           been a couple years but their uniform is slightly different.
           The usual colorful gray tunic with purple striping  and lapels
           are the same.  But the pants are now black instead of tan.
           Maybe it is a winter uniform for the Constables.  She
           has known the Resident to make these changes on a whim if
           bored like one year forcing Constables to wear ugly hats
           with feathers.   That did not go over well so it was soon
           changed with great happiness from the guards.

             These guards are holding polearms but have swords at
           their their hips dressed in under clothing with a small
           set of chainmail.

             Kell is curious and asks, "if we remove our weapons why
           do you guys have weapons?"

             The second guard to the guard leaning against the wall
           shrugs, "to protect the peace."

             Z'leyra introduces herself to the guards at the gate speaking
           Salaqi "Hello, I am Z'leyra. I don't know if you remember me. I
           was a journeyman healer at the school and at the temple. I
           helped heal a number of guards during my years of studies here.
           These are my friends and companions that accompanied me from
           Sivas in Marentia. It has been a long ride and we look forward
           to getting to an inn and resting. Is the Quarter Moon Inn
           still a fine place for a fair price?"

             The four guards listen to Z'leyra but show little emotion.
           Then the 3rd guard besides the leader whispers to one of the
           guards.  That guard nods but says nothing.  Z'leyra figures
           if she is known maybe it is the old prejudice coming back
           as they can clearly see her drum a symbol of at most times

             The lead guard nods, "it is.  But it has been renamed and
           is still on Ecker street.  Curfew starts at 11 unless you
           have the ribbons of citizenship.  Once inside the guard you
           can store you weapons at the building on the right.  The
           closest stables are on Menares Drive but if want it by the
           Inn then 2 blocks west of the Inn are some stables though
           they charge a bit more."

             Z'leyra asks about her knife in the satchel opening it
           to one of the guards.

             The guards shakes his head, "for that purpose we do not
           take a Healing knife.  We only take obvious weapons and
           we do not search bags unless so ordered or we suspect
           trouble."  He glances at the horses and the bags.  "Smuggling
           is rarely done for weapons but for books.  That is leaving
           the city not entering.  Random checks may be needed on
           leaving the city to prevent theft."

             Z'leyra asks about her armor.

             "Armor is not needed in fact the storage facility is
           tight as it is.  Armor will cost a few extra bits more.
           We suggest taking armor to the inn.  You will be obvious
           though as majority of folks except for us do not wear armor.
           Since this is a place of learning no armor is needed."

             Z'leyra asks about her staff showing it to the men
           in her hand.

             "That is a weapon.  Wands are common but Staves are
           subject to the rules.  Exceptions are allowed by
           the Councilman Ariestorn's office or one of the Magic
           Department Professors.  Usually for students who
           need to work on them in school."

             Z'leyra nods this is how it was and at the time she
           had permission with her dad on the council.  But now
           it might be more difficult to obtain.  When she left she
           did not have her staff but she did adhere to the rules
           on weapons even though some weapons for her learning was
           allowed due to her dad.

             As Z'leyra speaks, Arawn reads the wall which is full
           of various things from tenants of the schools to major
           historical times like the plaque.  The writing in
           Salaqi is well made as if by scribes than boys wanting
           to deface a wall.  It looks like from one wall section
           that this is the year 1102 and looks like this culture
           uses a lunar calendar.  The Alfar does not understand
           why each culture has their own systems of dating and
           styles.  In Marentia it is 1634 based on the Thaliban

             Z'leyra done speaking enters the gate with not much
           notice from the guards.

             Inside a guard directs the group to a large 4 story
           building.  Another rare thing for some cities is this
           tall structure only a castle or government site might
           be this tall in Sivas.  Outside there are half a dozen
           guards watching and waiting for shift changes.  The
           group ties up the horses and figures with this much
           guards and Corona on the roof the horses and their
           gear will be fine.

             A boy comes out with a wagon and allows the party to
           pile the weapons on the small sledge.

             Arawn places his bow, quiver and sword on the wagon.
           He places his elf shot arrows in his bag as they would
           be best there not damaged.

             Fremea places her own bow, dagger and swords.  She
           considers leaving a dagger under her dress.  But the
           guards watch wondering why this girl has a bow and

             Kell unloads his daggers, swords, spears, and tulwar
           onto the wagon which makes the boy stare wondering
           what group this is to have one man using so many weapons.

             Kiet places his javelin and daggers on the wagon and
           smiles knowing that a man can be a weapon on his own.
           Especially since his rings are still on his hands.

             Pyan seems unsure of this whole thing but removes his
           slings, bow, spears and dagger.  He forgets to mention
           he still has a sling in his bag.

             Z'leyra places her great sword in sheath, swords, daggers,
           slings and short sword on the wagon.  She holds her staff
           and will release it inside.

             The last to disarm is Unali who stares at the others.
           She begins to place dagger 1...2...3..4..5 on the wagon
           making the boy wonder how many daggers this one has.
           He quietly starts to count.  Dagger 6, 7 and 8.  Then
           she places her sling on the wagon.  She feels her belt
           and feels naked at this event.  This is not normal!
           But she does seem to recall a dagger or two might be
           in her bags and forgets to mention it.

             Two guards come over to help the boy haul the wagon
           through the large round entryway.  Inside a man in
           his 30s starts to take inventory of each item.  Making
           notes and taking names of ownership.

             "This amount of weapons will need a caravan vault.
           Third floor section D.  Each vault will cost..." He
           makes some mental math notes in his head after he
           figures the total items.  5 copper per day.  Since
           you say you may be here a week or less  can reserve
           for that time.  If you leave you may remove weapons
           at any time.  Since it is night you will need to pay
           for today and tomorrow at the least.  So at least 1
           Silver Donaran."  He waves a boy over and he reaches
           in a bag and pulls out a ribbon.  "This is for a week's
           rental.  On a small bits of papers he makes 5 copies
           of the storage location given to the boy and the
           owners, party leader and expenses.

           [Time: 6:02 pm]

             The guards and boy takes the wagon to the third floor
           using a very rare thing called a lift-room.  It is
           a room that is magically lifted up and down.  The magic
           made must be great.

             The guards stuff the weapons in the vault which is about
           10 feet thick 5 feet tall (it is the top vault above
           another) and 5 feet wide.  The guards secure the
           vault and take the wagon away.  The boy gives Z'leyra
           the key.  "The Vault master has the only other key."
           Then he leaves.

             The Sidh look up and down the warehouse sized room
           with side passages of other rooms.  There must be
           200-300 such vaults just on this floor.  With all the
           guards outside this is a pretty secure place.  But
           the Sidh do notice at least 2 magical locks or at
           least wards of possible nature out of at least 85-90
           easily seen. This encourages Z'leyra to cast her Ward

             The party heads for the lift-room which is in use based
           on a glowing magical orb.  So the party decides to head
           down by the stairs.

           [Time: 6:05 pm]

             Outside the party mounts up but Kell steps up to a guard.
           "Why this curfew?"

             "In order to maintain peace and order a night curfew
           is in place.  Exceptions do exist for students and
           others.  The Garrison on Mendev Road can furnish you
           with ribbons to give those exceptions.  Some will need
           to be approved. If you are student you already have
           a gold ribbon for some exceptions like at the labs
           or libraries.  But generally visitors will need to
           be inside off the street by 11.  In the summer it
           maybe extended to midnight in some places."

             "Do these ribbons cost?"

             "Just a few bits for material."

             "Why can't a person just get the material and make
           their own?"

             The guard reaches into his pocket to reveal a red
           ribbon about the length of a quill.  "they could but
           we have ways to tell if they are real and current.
           Fakes are rare and dealt with."

             Arawn and Fremea eye the ribbon and see it gleam a bit
           of magical energy.  Probably not magical but probably
           a short term material that can be detected.  A clever
           way to keep them in order.  Maybe after a certain point
           of time they dissolve?

             Z'leyra watches Kell and already knows the answers
           to these things but it is good to let the others
           know.  She herself had a gold and tan ribbon as
           a student and citizen.  She only had to replace
           them every 3 months but she knows visitor ribbons
           dissolve after only a week.

           [Time: 6:09 pm]

             As the party rides the people feel depleted not for the
           long trip but for missing weapons and exposed.  Their
           bags and horses are even lighter.  But some did forget
           to mention weapons just in case.

             Kell looks to Z'leyra, "for such a progressive city
           and learning place why the curfew?  I could see it
           in Salaq but they didn't have one when we were there.
           Those rebels all around.  But why not a sunset curfew
           if that.  This Resident guy must be paranoid."

           [Time: 6:13 pm]

             The first stop is the garrison where ribbons are
           obtained.  Since the party are just visitors there
           will be only given Gray Ribbons for 3 days.  After
           that they will need to get new ones.  Gray ribbons
           will allow school visits but not in given full access
           to many places.  Each college can furnish ribbons
           for in-depth meetings.

             Z'leyra pays the 12 Brass Bits for the ribbons.
           Clearly the city is not making profits off this

             The bored female clerk reminds, "should wear the
           ribbons or have easy access to them if questioned
           to show them.  Failure to do so may result in arrest
           for investigation."

           [Time: 6:25 pm]

             The party finds the stables but a passer by mentions
           a ranch that is 5 streets north of there and it is cheaper.
           So the party heads there.  The ranch says is open corral
           for 1 copper per horse per day.  The barn room is smaller
           but warmer and that's 2 copper per horse.  It will include
           a free grooming each day.  Feed will be 8 Brass Bits per
           horse per day.

             "We have students working here from the Husbandry school
           that gives me interns while they study the horses.  It
           makes things a bit cheaper here.  Every three days a
           Husbander Master will drop by to check horses and judge
           how the kids are doing."  The ranch steward speaks to
           the group.

           [Time: 6:36 pm]

             Tired the party walks to the Inn and realizes they are
           hungry.  Some figure a tavern is in order but should
           drop bags at the Inn first.

             The street is reached and Z'leyra becomes confused.  The
           Inn is not here.  No.  Wait it is but its much bigger.
           A sign above the door which was a quarter moon now shows
           a bright white orb like a full moon.

             Inside the clerk waves them forward, "welcome!  Sign in
           and please show ribbons."  Z'leyra asks about the Inn.
           "Yes we grew a bit.  We bought the four shops to the
           west of us and made more Inn rooms and expanded.  Now
           we are the Full Moon Inn."  He Winks and watches as
           people sign in.  "Great.  Yes we now have a tavern just
           take that corridor there and to the right out back.  It
           is mostly used by Inn residents so not used by the
           common person for the most part."

             Rooms are found on the second floor on the east side
           of the building which means sunrise will be brighter
           here but darker at night.  Bags are stored inside and
           keys obtained.  Z'leyra tips the boys who carried the
           bags and notices one boy eyeing Unali.  She smiles and
           figures the boy is just curious about her bumps that
           is on her empty belt holsters.

           [Time: 7:02 pm]

             The party sits down to a nice dinner.  The cook explains
           the chef is just graduated the cooking school 2nd best
           in the class!  Seafood and steaks are served as the
           main course but the non-meat eaters like the salads which
           come with a unique mushroom and spinach mix.  Together
           with soups it is a nice warm meal.

           [Time: 8:12 pm]

             Soon a Bard comes into the small tavern and sings some
           songs on history and tales of adventure.  The audience seems
           to enjoy it as they get stuffed and drunk.  The atmosphere
           in this place is very subdued - some might even say civilized
           than a normal bar.

           [Time: 9:25 pm]

             By now the tavern has gotten quiet and most other patrons
           head to rooms, the small spa or the baths.  Kell enjoys
           a nice glass of Ba'ru Kondi Wine.  "So day after tomorrow
           we'll try to solve this murder.  Rather I guess you will.
           I'm sure we'll all be there.  Do you need any of us to
           join you tomorrow as you search for witnesses and gossip?"

           Actions?  Comments?

           Next Update.....Friday...

           GM: A good place to stop with 500 lines enough for now.
               These next updates will be slower and smaller as we
               move not as fast.  Here is my plan this week I'll
               cover the night above.  Next we'll I'll cover the
               next day for witnesses and such.  The week after
               I'll cover the things at the homestead to solve the
               murder.  This should give time for reactions and get
               things done in the meantime.  Course if there are
               side trips ad such that may stall things longer
               and I'm up for it.  At this point there is no direction
               or fast pace it is just going point to point.

               I will assume all join Z'leyra at her home Dec 25.
               But for Dec 24 I suppose you can join her or do whatever
               you want as I'm not sure.  If you want to explore
               let me know.  I've given a general outline above
               of time.

           GM: Let me know if you keep any particular weapons on
               you.  If you want to leave armor let me know else
               I will assume you keep it  on and with you.  If
               you did not specifically say to put weapons in
               the vault I'll assume things were 'forgotten'
               for bag items.  So if you are very lawful then
               you can include those as well but let me know
               if you put THOSE items in the vault otherwise
               I'll assume in your bags/probably on your person

           GM: Z'leyra - For Dec 24 Day finding witnesses, council
                 folks, etc.  If you want to outline as much as
                 you want to do that day let me know.  Visiting
                 friend of family, allies.  Anything I may have
                 missed in  this paragraph.  Include dialogues
                 for possible generics if needed.

           GM: City Expenses

                Ranch - Horse feed per day -     8 BB per horse
                Ranch - Open Corral per day-     1 CC per horse
                Ranch - Warm Barn per day  -     2 CC per horse
                Vault - Initial Storage    -     1 SC Donaran
                Vault - Storage per day    -     5 CC Donaran per day
                Inn   - Room - Common      -     2 SC Donaran per night
                Inn   - Room - Private     -     4 SC Donaran per night
                Inn   - Meals              -     2 CC Donaran per meal
                Inn   - Spa/Bath           -     1 CC per session

               Let me know if you want to pay your own expenses and
               if anything in particular.  If any shopping is done
               let me know as well.  Who pays for what?  If prefer
               something better than above like better stables let
               me know.

           GM: I will be recycling the Mana report (Experience to blank it
               out), advtime (food/notes.  To clear and make both
               reports better to read so if you need to see any
               of that do so in next couple weeks.  Once we start
               the homestead stuff I'll do it.

          GM: Believe it not we are only 25% done with the adventure.
              Travel was a quarter.  Once leave Ticasi it might be
              half over If things go bad.  Who knows might be 100%
              by time end in the city.  But I know most of the
              time it will be a Z thing but I want to include
              all other players who I'm open to working with folks
              if you have ideas just let me know.  I mean in terms
              of action ideas you want to do.  I suspect Dec 24
              can be a explore day but Dec 25 may be a interesting
              day in the end. :)

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