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Kiet is happy to have finally reached the destination, and see that it is, indeed, a civilized place to stay.  The inn looks quite comfortable, and he looks forward to some of that comfort.  He orders the finest warm meal they might have.

When Kiet retires for the evening, he will go then his many things and sort out what he wishes to carry for the next few days.  He feels almost naked without his armor and weapons, but knows full well he has other resources.  He wasn't going to announce to the world his magic, or the magic items he holds, like Z'leyra did...nothing subtle about that girl!

As Kiet arranges things, he thinks about his next steps.  He wonders how much trouble Z might be in after foolishly announcing to the guards her identity.  Sure, she might have garnered good will a few years ago, but news of her arrival almost certainly guarantees that her enemies, real or imaginary, will be ready for her...and likely us too.  So Kiet decides to make his mana expenditures somewhat minimal.  Using his silver wand, Kiet quietly casts a maximum EL Purification for the Knowledge spell, then casts Knowledge in order to improve his understanding of the Delude Sight spell.  Kiet would have loved to cast some Sky Knowledge as well, but thinks it might be wise to maintain a mana reserve for the coming days.  He would have liked to also have improved another spell he's been trying to learn, but it wouldn't help until the return trip...at best.  Even this might not, but the chane is at least there.  Also, Kiet decides to use as much mana from his bracer as will be practical for this casting.  He reminds himself once again that it will soon be time to improve its capacity and capabilities.

Speaking of the trip, Kiet wonders what is next and if all his companions (not to mention himself) will be returning. Also, by what route.  He doubts that they will decide to travel that far and long again, but Kiet still hopes they all do.  Much was gained this way.  Pyandalgor should be thrilled with the results.

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