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Alex Koponen akoponen at mosquitonet.com
Fri Jan 8 20:42:39 CET 2016

Z'leyra introduces herself to the guards at the gate speaking Salaqi 
"Hello, I am Z'leyra. I don't know if you remember me. I was a 
journeyman healer at the school and at the temple. I helped heal a 
number of guards during my years of studies here. These are my friends 
and companions that accompanied me from Sivas in Marentia. It has been a 
long ride and we look forward to getting to an inn and resting. Is the 
Quarter Moon Inn still a fine place for a fair price?"

When talking with the guards at the gate and putting her various obvious 
weaponry into a large locker Z'leyra shows the guards her healing kit 
and asks with a smile about whether the knife in it is allowed or must 
be locked up. Also, is there places to store armor aside from leaving it 
in one's room at the inn? Then she asks about her staff mentioning that 
it is a tool she uses for casting magic spells. Is it allowed, like most 
objects it could be used as a weapon but it has a primary purpose that 
is not that of being a weapon?

First asking permission of the guards she will cast (through her staff) 
a Sidh Ward Pact EL0 with Sending EL0 to warn her if the party's items 
are disturbed...The ward pact to dissolve when all the items are gone.

Z'leyra asks that the party stay near at least until she has determined 
if her suspicions about her family's rivals are false or the situation 
has been dealt with. If correct they would have incentive to shut her up 
and her safety would not rank high in their priorities. Having tough, 
seasoned adventurers around would do a lot to reduce the chance of their 
trying something or of their succeeding against her if they did try.

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