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Kiet will not follow the escapee.  Instead he casually moves to recover his tossed javelin, noting to himself the effectiveness of the tactic.  He smiles to himself as he is quite satisfied.  Then it's time to discontinue the boot's magic and walk over to the fallen bowman.

Kiet gathers the mans things he lost in the fall then sets aside his javelins.  He takes out a dagger, and says to Arawn "I think I will take charge of this one for now."  He then sets about removing anything of value from the man, searching him quite thoroughly.

Kiet doesn't have his ropes with him (they are on the horse Fremea was borrowing) but is quite certain he can handle the wounded captive.

He offers to question the captive and, when the captive awakes, Kiet will cast Tongues at max EL and at 5x cost so that he might learn the man's language.  If the spell fails, when Z'leyra returns, Kiet will ask her "Might I use the language rope?  Just to learn, not to strangle him with.  I promise...for now."

I will question the man:

What is your name?
What is your tribe?
Who are these others?
Which one was the leader?
Why did you choose to attack us?
Where do you come from?
Why should I not just kill you here and now and leave your body to rot, and feed the vultures?

Kiet will use his skills as an executioner, to the point of hurting the man by striking his wounds, to get his answers.

If any of his weapons are exceptional, Kiet considers keeping one.

"We should also check their horses for anything of value such as bridles or exceptional saddles.  Also any saddlebags."

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