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Kiet changes his mind and decides to store his armor, helm and shield in his room.  He chooses a private room for this stay.  Kiet does still plan to perform the magic he previously submitted.

When Kiet hears of Z'leyras plans for the day, Kiet isn't real excited.  Here we have a new place to explore, and we get invited to a lunch with a bunch of people we don't even know.  Kiet thinks of a clever way out of this.

"Z'leyra, meaning no disrespect, but I don't really feel up to parties and such.  I don't have any of my fine clothes with me, just travel gear.  And, truthfully, I don't care for the styles here.  I think I shall pass.  I do have some business of my own I would like to pursue anyway.  Thank you, however, for the kind invitation.  I do intend to be done with my business well before dinner and I should be back for that."

Kiet wakes up well rested after sleeping in a place made for sleeping.  He stretches out and lounges a bit, all the while thinking about the day before him.  He decides on a course of action, then dresses and heads downstairs to break the fast.  After his meal, Kiet inquires about getting one set of travel clothes cleaned while he is away...the dirtier set.  He makes arrangements for that, then asks Z'leyra and the proprietor for their suggestions on how to approach an expert on ancient civilizations.  Assuming they can help him, he follows that direction.

Before Kiet leaves, he asks where he might find some parchment and writing instruments.  He purchases three sheets of parchment and quickly sketches out the flag he has back in storage, as well as anything he can remember about the uniforms.  Perhaps he shall be lucky and his items might be worth something to these scholars.

Fortunately Kiet already has some Donaran coinage on him, but he still tries to speak Salaqi as best he can.  

Kiet will go into town, and the place of learning, and see if he can find someone that recognizes either the flag or the uniforms.  He will only take the items normally on his person...his bags of stuff, and his backpack remain at the inn.  Kiet suspects the flag sketch might be most likely to invite interest, if any truly exists.

He also asks around to see if there are any shops around that might sell jewels or gemstones.  He is interested in each.  Should there be a shop for jewels and jewelry, he asks about where he might get tools, and looks to buy gems to later practice his skills.  The quality matters little, just the experience.

Other than that, Kiet plans to be back in time for dinner...

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