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   Arawn gave Fremea a nod, accepting her offer to join on the hunt for the Moon-Gort.

   "You're probably the best choice for a companion for this and an appreciated one," he replied. "Lightweight, quick and able to scour the land from the skies with ease."

   OOC: When the time comes for the two to depart he'll allow Fremea to conserve her energy by riding on the horse as she's likely light enough to not slow down the steed.

   "As to the mage, after we've secured the plant I'll spend my time focusing on trying to locate the man."


   If we ditch the wagon will everyone be able to adequately ride a horse that will move faster than if we had kept the wagon?

   Arawn was planning on studying it as well. Scott, please assume Arawn informs the party as to the items powers if and when he discovers them.


   Arawn gave his fellow healer a smile followed by a warm "Thank you." Choosing to focus on the shaman's mysterious ailment he saved use of the necklace for afterwards.
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