[pnpgm] Well....

pnpgm pnpgm at comcast.net
Sat Feb 21 01:46:42 CET 2015

I was hoping to get update out right now.  But i need more input.

The Flower thing still need details on how it will be done - Up to 
Arawn but set in stone as to when on schedule whlie others camp and wait.

But I still need the major info on mage hunt.  John posts now its up 
to you guys which delays htings even more.  So I need to know if its 
done or not.  Basically up to mostly Arawn/Fremea.  If so I need 
details by Arawn since its his plan.  as much info as possible.

Till then I'm stick on how to continue.
I have random encounters already done but no clue on when this will 
happen and all those details.

Once that is done I can do the 2 side trips. first big encounter and move on.
Till then...I'm stuck.
But I'm 90% done with update now.  Just cant finish it with the delays now.

I styaed home today to recover energy which is rare..probably only 
Friday this entire year.

I guess I'll try to work on it tomorrow afternoon once work is done
around 5pm EST.

if nothng by 8pm or so will delay it till Monday night.

BTW Tobie whatever happened ot that Malic guy?  He never got back to 
me on joining..


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